You and Me – Part 3

I am Rahul. This lovemaking is of you and me, reminding ourselves as we have had it. We both are mature and decent and in the mid-age group. We are married and blessed but with little exception, the absence of romance.

All the readers may like to go through our previous posts. Our first meeting was very pleasing and satisfying. But somehow, we lost contact after our first meeting. Anyways, moving ahead, we are meeting again today.

How it happened is like this:

I had to attend a wedding of my business client. I am into the Stock market, Investor, Trader and Portfolio Manager. I handle their portfolio. As it was a formal business invitation, I attended alone, without my wife.

This was his son’s wedding and a destination wedding at Udaipur, Rajasthan. The wedding venue was the Topnotch Hotel in the city.

I had to be here for two days event. The first day is ‘Tilak’ and ‘Sangeet’ in the evening. Followed by a Cocktail and Dinner and the next day’s late noon wedding. I reached post-lunch in the early evening. The hosts warmly greeted me.

Upon the welcome formalities, I was allotted the room and was requested to come soon for the High Tea. I took a small nap, freshened up and reached the venue where High Tea was being organized. I took some snacks along with coffee and settled at a table nearby.

I looked at people here and there to see if someone known was seen but found none. I was least expecting it also. This is when I saw you gazing at me. Our eyes met with each other.

You were looking at me with much astonishment. I was more than happy to see you here. My heart missed a beat. We both exchanged brief smiles. The Tea party was almost over, so I returned to my room.

In the evening, I reached well in time at the function hall. My host welcomed me. I moved forward and settled in a good seat away from the crowd. I noticed you, with a few other ladies, engrossed in the going-on ceremonies.

Eventually, the ceremonies were almost over, and people were gearing up to get into a music and dance mood. I came out from the hall towards the food stalls. My host saw me and took me to the Fresh food counters. I am lucky that you were here alone, getting pasta cooked for yourself.

You have worn a Champagne-coloured gown. You look charming and elegant in this dress. We reached the same counter. My host introduced you to me, saying you are his cousin. I asked him to leave and said that I was more than fine. He should look at other guests.

He left. You and I were left alone now. We wished each other and started talking. I told you of my relationship with the host, which is why I am here. You said my client is your second cousin of your husband, and you are here on a social obligation.

Though it is sort of your family but you don’t know many people here. The relation was not immediate, and the hosts were distantly related. You also have come here alone. Your husband had to attend to some last-minute urgent work, and he could not come. But the wedding had to be attended.

We were almost over with the general conversation and went quiet. You broke the silence and asked me where I had disappeared. I replied, you had not called me, and I kept waiting and missing you. In a miserable tone, you said that I certainly hadn’t missed you or would have surely called you.

You also said that you missed me a lot and kept waiting. I looked surprised and said, “Since you didn’t call, I thought maybe you didn’t want to stay in touch. That is why I had not called.” We both giggled at this and felt sorry for missing so much time.

We moved to the dinner stalls and had dinner. We then moved to the function hall, and you went back to your group. The party was in full swing. The alcohol was being served, and the music and dance were full.

I don’t drink or smoke. As such, it wasn’t late, but there wasn’t any other charm. You also had to be with your people. So I left for my room after a while. Though I hoped we could get together today, I felt bad that we could have talked over this.

Upon reaching my room, I retired for the day. I was changing into my sleep suit. But then changed my mind and got into the sheets, naked, full naked, not even the briefs. I switched on the TV and scrolled the channels. This is when my phone rang. It is you.

I answer, and you ask where I am and that you are looking for me everywhere. I heard the music in the background. You are still at the party. I said I had returned to my room and was done with the party today. You ask my room number.

Upon my reply, you speak cordially that your room is just three rooms away from mine. You then bid goodnight to me in haste, and the call ended. Yet again, I missed the chance to speak to you at the meeting.

I was watching TV and was half asleep. I heard a knock on my door. I wrapped a bath towel around me and opened the door. It is you there. You pushed me back and entered the room hurriedly. Bolt the door and come in. How happy I am to be with you!

We look into each other’s eyes and move forward and hug. We kissed. You moved back and asked me to wait. You must remove your dress first to save the dress from crimples as you have to return to the party. You undress, and I help you take your dress off.

We drape it carefully properly and in the wardrobe there. We touch each other, and we hug. You are in your Bra and Panty, and I am wrapped in a towel. I am moving my hands on your back, your hands on my bare back. My hands are down on your butts.

From your waistline, move up and reach to your bra strap. I unhook your bra. Move my palms all over your back. I bring my hand to touch your breast under the loosened bra. Gently cup it. Fondle the nipple. You get shivers. I also, down there, have started getting erect.

I remove your bra. Bend a little and kiss your nipples, both one by one. You push me back a little and look down on me. My dick is out of the wrapped towel, just the top of it. Like, it is stretching its neck out of the cage. You giggle and love the sight. It turns you on.

You pull my towel away and make me naked. You are in your panty only, and me fully naked. We move to the bed. I pull you up on me. You stretch yourself on me. Your bosom is crushing my chest. Your pussy is perfectly on my dick. I can feel it vividly. I wrap my arms around you. You hold my face and kiss me.

You roll over by my side and get on your back. You pull me over you. Instead, I move my palm on your bare breast. Squeeze it gently. Move my palm all over it. You pull me to hug, skin to skin. You move your palm all over my hips. You push me and make me go on my back.

Go on your knees, move in between my legs. You move your palm on my dick. Then bend down and move your lips and then cheek on the dick. It has grown more and is hard. You hold me, my cock. Gently stroke it. I am stark naked, but you are still in your panties.

I ask you to take it off. You are about to slide it down, but I change my mind and ask you to stop and that I will take it off. I get up and lay you on the bed. I get in between your legs and free your pussy from the panty. How beautiful this sight is, your naked body, naked clean and sexy pussy.

Tempting it is. I am moving my fingers over it, moving my palm all over it, from top to bottom and bottom to top. I bend down and kiss briefly as we kiss on the face and cheeks. I stretch myself and lay down in between your legs. My face up to your pussy and legs further down.

I kiss your pussy. Move my finger in between your pussy lips. It is moist. In fact more than just moist. It is wet.  I flick my tongue tip on your pussy. Top to bottom and up again. I have your wetness on my tongue. I taste it and gulp it down my throat.

I slide further down and land on the floor, my feet on the floor. I stand up and pull you to me. Your waist is around feet or two away from the edge.  I am standing on the floor at the edge of the bed. I go down on my knees and bend on your pussy. Kiss it and start licking your pussy lips.

You open your legs wider, allowing me to stuff my head further. You fold your knees and put your hands on my head, pulling me more onto your pussy.  I move my thumb in your pussy lips, opening it. As my thumb goes in, your pussy opens and wraps around my thumb, giving me the feeling of your grip.

I start having your pussy vigorously, slurping your juices, gulping all. Not leaving a drop of your cum getaway. I am out of breath, so I move my head up to breathe.  I now tilt my head sideways and go for a smooch with your pussy lips. I have a wild smooch there.

That is, I have one side of pussy lip in between my lips in my mouth and my upper lip in between your pussy lips. While in this posture, I suck your that one pussy lip as I am sucking your facial lips.  Sucking and gently chewing. In the same manner, have the other one also.

All this while you are writhing from here to there. But I am not letting you go off. I am putting considerable pressure on your waist to keep you pinned. I do not wish to leave sucking your pussy, but you pull me up.

I crawl over you. We both shift up and get up to the headboard. You hug me tightly and kiss me deep and strong with so much pressure that I wonder about your strength. I, then, rise to get in you. I settle between your legs on my knees, shifting close to your love entry.

You move your hands on my hips, pulling me close to you and looking forward to me touching your pussy. I place my tip on your pussy lips. You move forward to take it in. I move on and start getting in you. Push my dick slowly in your pussy. Your pussy is so soft and wet. It is inviting to get deep in.

Your pussy starts engulfing me. I am moving deeper, slow and steady. Your pussy walls are rubbing on my dick. It is so nice, and we both are so fit for each other. As much as my dick is going in you, your pussy is inviting and giving me room to get in more. I am whole of me in you now.

It is reaching to the end of your pussy inside. You murmur in my ears that you are feeling great, and it is so deep that it has reached your navel. We stay like that for a while, without moving, relishing the feel of a dick in your pussy. I start slow movements now.

Slow, soft, and very small moves, just an inch out and in. You start pulling and pushing my waist, asking for more moves. Gradually move starts more in action. It goes deep in and comes out up to the pussy lips. When I move in again, I go in with a jerk and much deeper.

Now the moves get into a rhythm, like a piston in its casing, in a set pace and path. Moving in and out is so satisfying and pleasurable to both of us. We both are leaving hot breaths. And our faces are so relaxed and happy. This keeps on going on and on.

None of us wish to stop or slow down or speed up. This rhythm is so wonderful. So much heat it has generated that we get charged up. We start faster and wilder moves. Me pushing and hitting deep in, you pulling me more, pulling and pushing my waist.

You murmur, asking me to tear apart your pussy, to hit it hard, to ram it harder. We both have long and very long, lusty moves. You start oozing more and more. You are done, and ask me to stop now. I go very slowly, reducing the movements and finally ending it.

I come out of you. You hug me and make me stretch close to you. We both relax and catch up our breath. We take a very short nap. We wake up after a while. We are so happy and contended.

You now have to dress up, and I help you to get dressed. You are ready to leave. We hug and have a long kiss again. You ask me to peep out of the room and check if the corridor is clear, and you are good to go.

It’s a green light. You move out and join back in the party. No one has any clue that you were not there. All is good.

The next day, we met again at the function. We had a brief chit-chat. I told you that I am leaving by night flight. We could have spent more time together. But my flight was booked. Also, I had urgent work lined up already.

I took leave from my host and left for the Airport. While I was waiting for boarding, you called me. We decided we would stay in touch and also that we would make our next move soon. To my surprise, you also said you would take the initiative in our next lovemaking.

Love you, my love. In the next write-up, I will write on your behalf. That will be the narration of our lovemaking in your words and feelings.

Till then, your [email protected]