Newlywed Indian Wife On Cruise – Part 10

Hello dear readers, we are back to take you all down the memory lane of our cruise. We are about to reach Lakshadweep which was the 4th day of the cruise. Still, 2 nights are yet to go and a lot has already happened with Rahul and Anju. Continue reading the parts for more kinky stuff. We will get back to the story now.

The position of the couples were – Abhi holding Anju’s boobs and sleeping, followed by Rahul in the middle and then at the edge was Neha. Neha had her boobs and half body on Rahul’s chest and was sleeping. At around 5 am, Rahul woke up to pee. He slowly moved Neha’s hand first which was around him and then shifted her on the bed. This woke Neha up. She looked at him and held her head.

Neha: What the fuck happened? (she said slowly covering her boobs with her hands)

There was no blanket or any extra bedsheets to cover herself. She then looked around to see Abhi holding Anju’s boobs and sleeping on the other side. She then turned to Rahul and said –

Neha: Shit! We had a foursome?!

Rahul: Yes, Neha. And it was an awesome foursome.

Neha (smiling): I like your wicked smile. It was your plan, right?

Rahul: No, nothing was planned. It all just happened. Hey, do you mind, I need to pee?

Neha: So do I.

They both get down from bed slowly so that they didn’t wake up the other two. First, Neha went in the washroom and peed. She washed her pussy with the shower jet and came out. Then Rahul went inside to pee. By the time he came out, Neha wrapped herself in a towel and was in front of the mirror washing her face. The towel was just below her bums. From behind, it was looking like the towel was trying to hide the bums but was failing. When she lifted her hand to tie up her hair which was long enough to reach her bums, the view gave an erection to Rahul’s dick.

The towel was just at the edge of her boobs and her cleavage was clearly visible in the mirror. Her clean armpit was attracting Rahul to lick it. He then remembered the first time he saw Neha naked in the same way in front of a mirror in her room. Those imaginations and she in front of him in real, within no time, got his dick in full salute mode.

Neha when looked into the mirror after washing her face, she saw Rahul through the mirror. She immediately turned around and looked at the 7 inches saluting her beauty. Then she with her shy face and low voice said-

Neha: Rahul, do you mind going to bed?

Rahul: I do mind leaving this beauty alone here!

Neha: Oh, really? Then what are your intentions? (Saying this, she turned herself towards Rahul) Are you not done with what happened last night that you want something in the morning also?

Rahul: Even after having milk in the night, we all have tea early in the morning .

Neha: Oh, really? So, am I your tea?

She moved toward Rahul in a slutty way and reached him and held his dick in her hand. She started to slowly stroke it and in no time, she opened her towel and dropped it down. Her 36B-sized boobs were right in front of him. And now there were no drinks which were making this happen. She was in her full sense.

She looked at Rahul in his eyes and started to sit on the floor opening her legs wide. She kept looking at Rahul and took his dick inside her mouth and started to give him a blowjob. Neha pushed his foreskin inside and started to stroke it vigorously while licking and sucking it. She got so engrossed in sucking his dick that her saliva was falling from the side. But she continued to suck. Neha then started to rub her pussy along with sucking Rahul’s dick.

After a good blowjob session of 3-4 minutes, she fell down with a loud moan in her first orgasm of the day. Rahul was not done yet, and Neha had initiated the wild mode of him early in the morning. Rahul then held her up and then with his arms around Neha. He picked her up in his arms and took her to the balcony.

It was still a bit dark in the sky and there was a cold breeze touching the nude bodies of Rahul and Neha. He put her down on the floor of the balcony and they looked at each other. It was the husband of Anju laying naked on the Girlfriend of Abhi.

Rahul kissed her lips and started to go down kissing. He reached her boobs and sucked those 36″ sized mangoes. He sucked her nipples and bit them on the top. Neha took out a soft moan and held Rahul’s head. She pinched her other nipple simultaneously while Rahul bit her nipple.

Rahul moved to kissing her navel. It was a deep navel which was so erotic that he was loving it. He put his tongue inside her navel and then moved his tongue around it. While doing this, he kept on pinching her nipples and Neha also held his hand which was around her boobs. Rahul then moved further down to the wheatish pussy of Neha.

It was clean-shaven and her pussy lips were already crying with so much fluid. It wanted Rahul’s dick so badly! Rahul put his warm tongue on her wet pussy in the cold weather. It gave Neha a chill and she moaned more.

Rahul started to lick Neha’s pussy. He suckled her clits, put his tongue inside her love hole, and also to excite more, he in-between bit her clits. He played with her pussy for the next 5 minutes. Neha was going mad and was playing with her hair and sometimes,pressing her boobs by pinching her own nipples. She moaned out loud and got her second orgasm. She muffled her sound by putting her fist in her mouth so that Abhi and Anju didn’t wake up.

Neha: Fuck me, Rahul. My pussy wants it like hell. It’s burning inside. Put your hard ice dick inside and make it cool down.

Rahul: You and your pussy are so damn hot that my ice-cold dick will melt inside. But won’t be able to cool down your pussy.

Saying this, Rahul got in missionary position and placed the tip of his dick on her pussy lips. He still teased her by just rubbing it around the lips of her pussy.

Neha screamed in a muffled voice: Put that fucking dick inside. I’m dying! Fuck me, you bastard!

Rahul then finished his tease and put his 7 inches inside her in one go.

Neha: Oh Fuck! Shit man, it’s so fucking BIGGG. It’s going so fucking DEEEEP.

They fucked in that position for the next 8-10 minutes and then change their position to doggy style which was Rahul’s favorite position. He was a pro at fucking in that position. He started to fuck her in the doggy style. He placed a cushion from the chair nearby on the balcony on her tummy below and continued to fuck her. He held her long hair like he was riding a horse and fucked her in full thrust. Neha with so much inside her got her 3rd orgasm of the morning. Then they both lay down on the floor of the balcony, tired.

Neha: You didn’t cum yet?

Rahul: Nope. I can still go on if you say.

Neha: No. But I want your cum on me.

Neha started to stroke Rahul’s dick. Rahul kissed her forehead and took over to masturbate. Neha placed her boobs on Rahul’s tummy and started to suck Rahul’s nipples while playing with the other nipple. Rahul kept on stroking and masturbating with all the feel of Neha’s boobs over him and Neha’s lips sucked his nipples.

Soon, he was about to release his load. So they changed position and Rahul released his cum all over her boobs. She then licked his dick clean and got up. She went to the washroom and washed her body. Rahul also did the same and they both come back to bed.

It was about 6 am. After approximately 1 hour of fuck, they both lied down on the bed in the same position and go off to sleep. At around 9:30 am, Abhi woke Rahul up. Rahul from the middle of both Anju and Neha woke up and got off the bed.

Abhi: Rahul, what we did last night? Neha is gonna kill me when she wakes up. What should we do? And what about Anju? Will she be fine?

Rahul: Just relax, Abhi. Whatever has happened can’t be changed. It was fun last night and we all did enjoy it. And so do I think our partners also did. So, let’s wake them up. It’s time for breakfast and also we are about to reach Lakshadweep.

With a heavy heart, Abhi went to wake up Neha and Rahul went to wake up Anju. Both the girls woke up and looked at each other. They both covered themselves and took their clothes and went into the washroom together. No one said a word.

They both came out dressed from the bathroom. Both were looking all normal like nothing wrong had happened. Then Neha went to Abhi and kissed him on his cheeks and said something in his ears. Anju came and kissed Rahul the same way and hugged him and stood beside Rahul and looked towards Abhi and Neha.

Anju: It was fun last night. Thanks for joining us for drinks.

Neha: Pleasure is all ours. Abhi, let’s go and get fresh, and then go for breakfast.

Anju: Yes, and we are about to reach Lakshadweep also.

Abhi looked at Rahul and smiled and they both leave the room. Anju then jumped on Rahul and said, “What a honeymoon, babe! So, what have you planned today? I am so happy and fresh.”

Rahul: I am glad you are. But now, go and get fresh and get changed.

Anju then got down and they both got fresh and got ready for the beach. Anju was waiting to wear the bikini she bought specially for the beach on Island. She wore her silicon cups and then over that she wore her black bikini which was to be tied from the back. It gave a good view of the shape of her boobs. Then she wore her matching panty which was also tied on the sides. Nothing was underneath that and being tight, it was giving out the shape of her pussy.

She turned toward her husband Rahul and showed herself in different poses. Rahul clicked multiple photos of her in a bikini at various locations inside the cabin – in the bathroom, on the bed, on the sofa, and on the balcony, and then moved out to the lobby and clicked some pics there too. Anju flaunted her shape and white glowing body in the lobby in a black bikini.

They then came inside and she wore a translucent white color cover over her bikini and denim shorts beneath. This she wore for the time being for having breakfast and till the time they reached the beach. They both had their breakfast and stood in line to go out of the ship on a shore excursion to Island.

The ship was halted in between the sea and by ferry they were to be taken to the beach. Anju and Rahul both waited in line to go out. Rahul carried a bag with some items like power back and all inside it. Then they both reach the island.

It was a beautiful view with clear water. Anju started to dance with the tribal people showing some dance at the beach. They both explored the beach for the next one hour and then Anju wanted to hit the water.

Rahul was already in his beachwear. Anju had to strip to get in her bikinis. They both found a suitable place where there were not many people and Anju stripped into her bikini. Her sexy stripping moves were recorded by Rahul on his phone.

They both then enjoyed being in the water clicked a lot of photos and did many activities planned in the shore excursion. Rahul could see many people who were local as well as from the cruise clicking her wife’s photos in bikini. But now, he didn’t mind.

It was around 4:30 pm and they had to return to the ship for heading back. Anju was still in her wet bikini. She wanted to change. They both searched for a place for chaining but were not able to find it. After a long walk, Anju found three somewhat big boats which could hide a person behind.

Anju: I think we won’t find any place. I should change behind this only, or else we will get late.

Rahul: I think so you are right. I will be on the lookout. You go and change. Here are your clothes. (Rahul took out her shorts and t-shirt from her bag.)

Anju: Where are my bra and panty? These silicon cups are now itching due to salty water.

Rahul: Shit, I did not bring it. I thought you will continue wearing the cups.

Anju: What to do now? Shall I wear the t-shirt without a bra?

Rahul: We have no option. As soon as we reach the ship, we will go in the room, and then you can change.

Anju: Ok. I will go and change it now. You keep a lookout.

Anju went behind the boat. She reached into the shaded part and was stunned. It was Vihaan. He was naked fucking a girl inside there! They both looked at Anju and the girl hid herself with her hands.

Vihaan: Anju, what are you doing here?!

Anju: I came to change. Who is she?

Vihaan: Daughter of a co-passenger on the cruise. We were just having some fun.

The girl wore her clothes while Vihaan talked to Anju shirtless with his dick out. Anju in some time realized that his dick was out. She pointed out to Vihaan and smiled. Vihaan placed his dick inside his pants. The girls by then had left on to the other side and left the place. It was now Vihaan and Anju in the shaded area of the ship.

Vihaan: I will take a leave. You change.

Anju: Wait, Rahul is outside. If he sees you coming out from here, he might think wrong.

Vihaan: So, what to do now? He might have seen that girl leaving.

Anju: She was a girl. He might not have noticed. But you going out being a guy might catch his attention. You wait inside. I will change and then I will go out. And after we leave, then you can come out and go.

Vihaan was on cloud nine. He was desperately wanting to see Anju naked and what a luck! He got to fuck a girl and was going to witness Anju naked also. Then he went to a corner and stood there.

Anju turned around and pulled her panty down exposing her naked bums to Vihaan. To pick up her panty, she bent down which gave a view of her clean shaved pussy and ass to him.

Vihaan was controlling his hands from not touch her pussy. Anju stood up and took out denim shorts from the bag and wore it. She then put her hand behind her and pulled the knot of her bikini top. She took it out and put it in her bag. For that, again she bent down as the bag was now kept on the sand. This gave Vihaan a look at the shape of her boobs from behind.

Anju while bent only removed her stick on silicon cups exposing her dark brown nipples in the open. She then stood and brushed her boobs for sand and her hair. She got all the hair on to right side in one jerk exposing her full naked bare back to Vihaan. He was fully erect.

Anju turned back in the same posture to look at Vihaan and found him jerking looking at her.

She softly said: Vihaan, shhhh. What are you doing?!

She was holding her boobs with her hand. Vihaan also had around 7 inches dick which was right, not erect in front of Anju. Vihaan looked at Anju. She was looking like a sex goddess. Anju was in the denim tight shorts which just finished below her bums. She had her hair open and onto one side and was naked from the top with her hands hiding her nipples.

Vihaan then walked towards her and removed her hand from her boobs and started to suck her cold nipples. He held her by her bareback and enjoyed the feast he wanted for so long. Anju also started to stroke his dick. In 2 minutes, she realized where she was. She pushed Vihaan aside and said –

Anju: Listen, no time. I have to go out. I need to change. My husband is waiting.

Vihaan: Ok, but just give me a pose so that I can click one odd pic of yours for myself to masturbate to this beauty.

Anju agreed and did a topless pose for him. He made a video and clicked some pics of her. Anju then put her top on without any bra. Her nipples were very hard due to the act and were clearly visible. She took all her stuff and came out.

Rahul and Anju then caught a cab to reach the place where the boats were placed to go to the ship. Anju’s nipples were hard all the way to the ship. Rahul could see everyone looking at her boobs and clicking her pics pretending to click photos of the sea view. Rahul kind of liked that everyone was wanting his wife. He was feeling proud that he fucked the girl everyone there wanted to fuck. He felt like a hero and that this body was owned by him. With these thoughts in his mind, they both reach their room.

Anju hugged Rahul for a wonderful trip to the island and rushed inside the bathroom to have a shower. Her body was all salty due to the seawater. They both then take a shower and head to bed. Anju slept in only her panty and Rahul in underwear. They both hugged each other and slept like the best loving couple ever.

It was 5:30 pm when they slept. Sail Away was at 7 pm again with the same Sail Away Party at Deck 10 near the pool. The 4th day of the cruise was over with a lot of fun for both Anju and Rahul. The 4th night was still awaited.

What will happen next?

They already had a foursome, a couple of swaps, Rahul had fucked Neha alone and Vihaan had the opportunity of his life by playing with Anju’s body. What all was left in the book of the cruise for both of them? To get to know these, keep reading the series.

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