Double fun with Manager and a Stranger

Hi, Radhika is back again with another sexual encounter of mine. You all remember how my manager fucked me in my home and his car in the cellar, right. If not, let me introduce myself.

I am Radhika, and I work in the corporate sector. I am 26 years old and have a figure of 32-28-38. Yep, my ass will make the dicks hard with how it swings when I walk.

So one day, my manager called me for a meeting at his cabin. He asked me, “Radhika, it’s been many days. Why don’t we have a private catch-up, please.” Listening to him ask me that way turned me on as well. I replied, “Anytime for that dick of yours. Where can we meet?”

Even I was missing some action. So I agreed immediately. He was so happy and overjoyed. He said, “Why don’t we fuck in my new car? I want your juices all over my car. It’s brand new and must be checked to see whether it can come for the long run.”

I was excited as he said those words. I started to leak and asked him, “Plan as fast as you can, as my juices are getting wasted in my panty.” He understood and said let’s go then.

I stopped him and said, “I am telling you now that I am not clean below.” He said, “I wanted that dirty bitch, even though my boy is not clean and smelly.” I was more excited and said, “I would love to clean him then.” We moved to the parking lot, and we entered the car.

I was so aroused by his words. I removed his shirt, and two buttons started to kiss his chest and even bite it. He moaned, “Hmm, the bitch is horny.” He pushed his hand inside my pant, and his fingers felt the hair on pussy. “The bitch has a bush here.”

I moaned and replied, “Why don’t you shove your face into the bush?” It’s a Mercedes Benz, and we have a lot of leg space inside. He pulled my jeans and panties at once and placed his face on the hair, and started to smell my pussy. It gave me goosebumps.

I started to moan, “Aah, yes, lick this bitch.” He started to bite my pussy lips and started to lick my pussy playing with my clitoris. It was an awesome feeling. I reached for his dick, opened his zip and pulled it out. It was all hair and a urine smell hit my face as I opened it.

He lay down on the seat, and I came over to him in the 69 position and started to suck as he licked me. There was a horn, and another car came by. Even people started to come. We were startled and adjusted ourselves. I was horny as hell, and he said he would go and check. He got down and went to check.

I wore my panties eagerly waiting. He came after 5 minutes along with someone. They opened the door immediately and entered. I didn’t have time to wear my pants.

He informed me they were doing fire drills and everyone would be here in a few minutes. When I asked what to do, he said let’s go somewhere else. The one who came was a cab driver who was close to him. He asked him to start driving. He pulled me and kissed me again.

He whispered, “Don’t worry, he will not tell anyone.” I started to enjoy the kiss. As we kissed, his hands reached my pussy. He started to rub my pussy over my panty. I caught his dick, pulled it out and started to stroke. He started kissing me on the neck.

When I looked at the driver, he looked at us from the mirror over his head. I smiled a naughty smile and enjoyed my manager playing with my pussy. He was fingering me while plucking the hair in between. I was enjoying the way he was playing with my pussy. I was squeezing his balls in between.

My manager then asked me for a blowjob. So I got up from the seat and kneeled. He pulled my top up, and I lifted my hands to remove it. I was only in a bra when I started to suck his dirty dick, which was completely hairy. I felt a hand on my ass while my manager was moaning.

“Aah, Radhika, you are a true slut who pleases men.” I turned a little to see the driver had placed his left hand over my ass and pressed them. I ignored him and continued to suck my manager, who cum in my mouth. I sat on the seat and pushed his head over my pussy which he obeyed and started to lick my pussy.

The bitch in me was completely awake. I removed my bra and pressed my boobs while he licked my pussy. I started to moan as he started to finger my pussy. “Yes, fuck, aah,” those were the sounds I was making. I watched the driver a few times and seductively pressed my boobs.

It’s a teasing that I was doing. With my moans, my manager’s dick was hard again. He shouted to go somewhere where he could fuck me hard. The driver replied he knew of a vacant construction site. We could go there, and my manager shouted to take the car.

We were there within ten minutes, and he didn’t stop licking me all over the way. Once we reached there, my manager opened the door the moment the car stopped. He got out, removed his clothes and threw them on the car top. He caught me by my legs and pulled me out.

My legs are out, and my upper body is still on the seat. He entered me in one single, hard, rough stroke. I shouted, “Aah, you fucker go slow.” But he didn’t stop, and I started to enjoy his hard fucking. He has a fat dick, so it hurt me for the initial 2 minutes.

But then my pussy adjusted, and I started to move my hips in rhythm with his strokes. He was fucking and grunting and calling me names. “You’re a filthy slut. You tease all the men in the office like a slut. I will arrange a gangbang for you and make everyone in the team fuck you in the office.”

I moaned, “Yes, fuck all my holes at once, you fucker, fuck me hard.” He started to hit my boobs while fucking. He pulled me out of the car and took me to the bonnet. He made me lie on the car’s bonnet and came over to me. He started to fuck me hard.

I was moaning at the top of my voice. He was so rough and hard. He again changed the position and made me bend. He pushed his dick into my pussy from behind and hit hard on my ass, and fucked me. I was moaning like a cheap slut, sweating a lot.

As we watched, we saw our driver pull his dick out and stroke his dick. Even he had a dirty hairy dick. My manager asked him, “Do you wish to fuck this bitch?” The driver nodded yes. My manager turned to him and choked me, and asked, “What bitch? You want your holes to get filled, right? Let me fill it.”

Saying this, he lifted my left leg and entered me again and asked the driver to lick my ass hole. The driver came behind, knelt, and licked my ass hole. Soon he made sure that his finger was into it. I was moaning like a slut and moving my ass in rhythm.

The driver got up and said it was ready. The manager again made me bend forward and started to insert his fat dick into my asshole. It was painful, and I was screaming. He signalled to the driver, who shoved his dick into my mouth.

I was gagging over his dick while the manager succeeded in entering my ass hole and started to fuck. I started to suck hard as he fucked me hard. I became a cheap slut for my manager. He then cum deep in my ass hole. I stood to get some breath.

The driver pushed me on the ground and started to fuck me. I let him use my body and fuck me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. He suddenly made me come on top of him. The manager started to insert his dick again in my ass hole. He soon succeeded, and I got double penetrated after many years.

I was loved as I started to cum on the driver’s dick. They changed positions and fucked me for half an hour. They cum in my mouth one after the other. Of course, I drank it all. They licked my pussy, too, one after the other. Then we got dressed and reached the office.

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