Young Son Tricks Mother To Fuck Her Forever – Part 5

It has been one full year since Karan and Radha had their marriage. They were now proud parents of a 3-month-old daughter. They had to shift to a new location as they couldn’t stay there. It would have become very difficult to justify the baby for women widowed for three years.

Karan had thought that life after marriage would have 24*7 sex. And it was until their daughter was born. Now Radha was fully concentrated on looking after their daughter. Though Karan was also a hands-on doting father. But he was also a horny son cum husband who wanted to fuck Radha’s holes.

Radha, after pregnancy, had turned into a fully BBW woman with a gigantic ass and tits. Also, her tits were always swollen with milk dripping from the areolas. Though Karan wanted to drink the milk, Radha had stopped him saying it was only for their daughter.

Even though Karan pleaded that there was plenty of milk in her tankers. But Radha wouldn’t budge. The only thing that Karan was allowed to do now was to run his hands on Radha’s boobs, that too occasionally. The Gynecologist had given the go-ahead for the resumption of sexual activities.

But Karan had only received a few quick handjobs from Radha. However, Radha was also desperate for sex. She used to finger herself daily for some time. But all her attention was towards her daughter. In short, motherly love had taken over the bitch wife.

Karan was desperate for sex. From 4 times a day sex, it had reduced to just two handjobs in three months. His hands had already given up from incessant masturbation. He was desperate and horny. Karan knew that he had to do something to fuck Radha. But how?

One night he was fapping. He thought if he could convince Radha that he had a reincarnated soul of his father inside him with a stupid plan. He fucked her, married her, and even impregnated her to bore a kid. Then how come he couldn’t come up with a new plan to make her his sex machine again?

Suddenly, he remembered a news article a week ago about how a man had lost his memory for some time due to electrocution. He started smiling wickedly as he knew how to fuck Radha now. He said to his hands, “Enough brushing my dick. Now it’s time to grab some boobs and ass, boys.”

The next day was Sunday. He knew tomorrow would be the best day to implement his wicked plan. As Sunday morning came, Karan got up early and went to the kitchen. He just slashed the coating of the Mixer plug-point to expose some wire.

But ensuring that no harm will be caused to anyone, even if someone was exposed to it. As usual, Radha woke up in the morning and prepared breakfast in the kitchen. Karan woke up sometime later and saw that their daughter was asleep.

As per the plan, he went to the kitchen on some pretext and greeted Radha.
As Karan was about to implement his plan, Radha quipped, “I know, Swami, that we are not having sex anymore. I know you are horny, and so am I. I hear you masturbating.”

“I swear to this mangalsutra that I want to immediately rush into the bathroom and take your big dick in my mouth and other holes. But I fear our sounds may wake our daughter up, or I may not be there when she needs me.”

She continued,” Just give me some time. I promise I will make up for our lost lovemaking.”

Karan pretended to be the ideal husband, “It’s ok dear. I am your son and your husband. I know what you are going through. I am horny, but now I am also a father.”

Then keeping his hand on Radha’s, he quipped suavely, “I want you to give full attention to our daughter. Sex should be the last thing on our minds. We can have it later, but now full attention to our daughter.”

They both smiled. But unknown to Radha, Karan was about to implement the plan so that she would become his horny wifey bitch again. As planned, he got up on some pretext and approached the mixer. He touched the wire, knowing nothing would happen to him.

Then as per plan, he shouted as if he was in tremendous pain and pretended to fall and be unconscious. Hearing Karans’ scream, Radha rushed to Karan and started checking him. Radha, in trembled voice, “Swami, open your eyes. Please wake up. What has happened to you.”

She started crying and tried to lift Karan to take him to the bedroom for a proper checkup but couldn’t. She was shivering and trembling. She started nudging him hard to get a response but to no avail. All this while, Karan was keeping his eyes shut but also witnessing Radha’s helplessness.

He waited a little longer so that his plan would succeed. Radha, out of her wits, didn’t know what to do. She kept on nudging Karan vigorously to get a response and crying.

After one full minute, Karan opened his eyes and pretended to get up. Radha heaved a sigh of relief and helped him to stand on his feet. She brought a chair and made Karan sit.

She quipped with concern, “Are you all right, Swami? What happened?”

Karan replied lowly, “I am all right but….” and then silence.

Radha, “But what?”

Karan, now putting his plan into action,” My memory is getting hazy. I recognize your voice as someone I know. But cannot recognize your face. Who are you?”

Radha shivered, “I am your… wife, Swami.”

Karan quipped, “Wife?”

Radha, “Yes, Swami. We married a year ago. We have a 3-month-old daughter.”

Karan, “But I don’t remember anything clearly.”

Radha now became nervous. She was facing a problem she never faced before. Her husband cum son was unable to recognize her. She was perplexed by this situation. Suddenly she thought, what if Karan never remembers her or their daughter?

She got frightened by the thought and was ready to do anything to get Karan’s memory back. She thought of taking Karan to the doctor. But alas, it was Sunday. So no doctor was available. Karan had specifically selected Sunday to take advantage of this situation.

She thought that somehow she would help Karan remember her and his past. She hurriedly went into the bedroom and brought the wedding saree before him.

She said, “You remember this saree. This is what I wore when we got married. This is the saree we used as a blanket on our wedding night as we were too exhausted even to bring a blanket from the cupboard.” By saying this, Radha smiled shyly

Karan replied innocently, “Why, what we did.”

Radha became nervous and quipped, “What we did that night and then night after night is why we are parents to a 3-month-old daughter.” She didn’t bring her daughter in front of him. She believed he might become more nervous and refuse to recognize her.

Karan asked again innocently, “What did we do night after night? I don’t remember anything. The only thing I am perplexed about is that whenever I look at you, especially your low-cut blouse exposing your breast, I get a hard-on. I don’t know why.”

Radha used to wear low-cut blouses to make breastfeeding easy for their daughter. Radha thought probably sex is what would help Karan to gain his memory back. This is what Karan wanted to hear.

He continued, “I faintly remember a nude woman sitting down and sucking something. Then I see that she has her back turned to me. I am holding her breast and moving forward and backwards. I can’t fathom what we are doing, but it is making my dick go mad.”

Radha realized that was it. Sex is what is going to bring Karan’s memory back. Karan knew Radha was naïve and was fully taking advantage of it.

“Don’t worry, Swami. I will show you what we were doing.” Saying this, she once glanced at her daughter in the bedroom. She was sleeping peacefully. She quipped to her, ” Don’t worry, dear. I am going to get Daddy back to you.”

Saying this, she went near Karan and fully undressed herself. Radha was now a fully matured BBW woman. Her breast and ass had gotten bigger and fuller. She looked like a goddess who could even give a dead man a boner. Her thighs had become more muscular.

It would have been every man’s dream to see Radha sit in their face and never get up to get a lovely death. They would have willingly given their everything just to see, sniff and lick her pussy and ass as the last sight before death. Her boobs dripped milk, inviting the whole planet to suck from them.

Karan was looking at this beauty for the first time in three months. He wanted to fuck Radha all day without mercy. He wanted to teach her a lesson for preventing him from enjoying her body and keeping all of it with herself. But better sense prevailed, and he stopped.

He pretended to close his eyes and stammered, “What are you doing.”

Radha now it intensity in her voice, “Helping my husband to get his memory back.” Saying this, she went down and dropped Karan’s pants to expose his big 8 inches.

Even Radha was excited to see his dick after 3 full months. She wanted to suck it till eternity. But she was also nervous about the situation and decided to proceed accordingly. She knew she had to suck dick and then get fucked doggy style.

But she was also concerned. Whenever she gave a blowjob to Karan, he always ejaculated within 10 minutes. But as he was a horny stud, he could continue for multiple rounds. But now Karan, with his memory gone, what if he ejaculates quickly and then doesn’t have a hard-on?

With these thoughts, she got up. Karan thought that maybe Radha had changed her mind. He became disappointed. He thought that Radha might repeatedly show albums and other stuff to bring his memory back. Radha turned back and went to the bedroom.

As she was walking, her ass jiggled. That was one sight to see. Karan felt that he would ejaculate right now. She came back within no time with a bottle in her hand. It was Shilajit, an Indian Viagra that boosts stamina. As she walked towards Karan, her boobs bounced, making it a sight to die for.

She handed him a glass of water and told him to take it. Karan knew what it was and quipped innocently, “Will it help to regain my memory?”

Radha gave a horny smile and said sheepishly, “Yes, my Swami.” Saying this, she went down and took his dick in her hands and said, “It’s time to get my Swami back.” Saying this, she took his dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a pro.

It was three months, but there was no drop in the intensity. She sucked it like a pro and licked it like a girl licking a lollypop. A shiver and thrill went through Karan’s spine as he got his dick sucked and slurped. His plan was working.
As Radha continued to give blowjobs, Karan couldn’t control his emotions.

He held his emotions for a while. He didn’t want to give Radha a feeling that his memory had never gone away. All this was a trick to fuck her. But the continuous sucking and seeing Radha fingering herself was too much for him.

He moaned, “Suck it, Radha, like the old times. Oh, I missed this for long. Keep sucking it as if it was the last time you were sucking something.”

He kept moaning in his low voice, “Keep going, Radha. Don’t you dare stop!”

In this process, he slowly pushed his dick deeper into Radha’s mouth and started facing fucking her. Fortunately for him, Radha was too engrossed to suck her husband’s dick after a long time. She didn’t pay much attention to her husband’s moans.

She was horny and kept fingering her clit to moisten it further to welcome her husband’s dick after a long time.

Fifteen minutes had gone by, and then Radha suddenly stopped. Karan also came to his senses by the sudden action and looked at Radha quizzically.

Radha quipped, “Shilajit or not. If my husband’s memory had been intact, he would have filled my belly with warm semen and quenched my thirst. But I must take it to the next level to get my Swami back.”

Saying this, she turned backwards and leaned towards to kitchen table, exposing her swollen wet pussy to Karan. She moaned in a horny tone, ” Come dear and fulfil your vision. Come and be one with me again. Let the yoni and the ling be together again so that the conscious mind is alive.”

Karan knew his plan had succeeded. He hadn’t cum as he already masturbated once in the morning and had also taken a shilajit beforehand. That is why it was a double booster when Radha gave him a shilajit. He tore apart the pussy his wife was continuously fingering and pointing towards him.

A rich smell of vaginal fluid had already spread in the kitchen. Karan held his dick and was about to enter the pussy when his prying eyes were well on the asshole. As Radha had stretched her legs to give a better glimpse of pussy to her husband, her asshole had also stretched a bit.

Karan knew that it was to be her ass first that was to be penetrated and then her pussy. Taking advantage of his memory loss, he slid his dick inside her asshole. Radha jerked with this sudden entry of Swami’s dick in the wrong hole and nearly screamed.

She looked back at him with a shock on her face and her mouth and eyes wide open. She never expected it, and it was not lubricated as well.

Karan innocently quipped, “I have to enter here, right? Did I do anything wrong as you screamed? Should I take it out?”

Radha came to her senses and took it in the ass like a loving wife. Her ass was also hungry for dick, and she wouldn’t mind getting her cherry drilled first. Atleast she thought that Karan might get his memory back as it was he who had taken her anal virginity.

She quipped, “No, Swami. It is the right hole. Don’t you take it out?”

Then Karan quipped innocently, “Now what?”

Radha replied, “Now move your dick inside my ass by going forward and backwards. Don’t take it out completely, but bury your balls as deeply as possible. Start slowly and then increase your pace. I will moan loudly but don’t worry. It’s my happiness to get you inside me again.”

Karan nodded as if he didn’t know what to do. He was enjoying the game and proceeded as told by his wife. He started slowly and then gently increased the pace. Through this, he was also able to delay his orgasm.

Karan then quipped, “I remember I keep my hands near your breast. Can I do now as well?” Radha, who was moaning continuously, became happy as she believed her husband was gaining his memory. She said, “Of course, dear, you can.”

This was all that Karan wanted to hear. He immediately kept his hands on those massive melons. He pressed them and kneaded them hard. He pinched the nipples and kept on squeezing those massive melons. Radha’s boobs had become so big that he had to use both hands to press her one boob.

She moaned further, “You can do whatever you want. You don’t have to take permission. I am yours, and you are mine. This body is for you to devour. I am sorry I kept it away from you for so long.”

By saying this, she screamed massively, “Oh god, Swami, I am cumming. With this, massive amounts of fluids started rushing out with force from her pussy. She came like a jet spray and so much that it could fill a water bottle.

Karan got scared. Her scream might not only wake their baby but also have the neighbours knocking on the door. Fortunately, nothing of this happened, but Radha was exhausted. She had a big wide smile on her face. In this process, she might have even forgotten that there was a baby in the house.

She smiled naughtily and giggled, “Why did you stop, dear? Carry on. This bitch can take more.” Karan knew he had once again awakened the bitch inside her mother cum wife. Things will change for the better as he continues to pound the asshole.

Radha, on the other hand, kept on egging her husband to drill her ass. She even arched backwards and kissed him. Their tongues rolled with each other, and salivas exchanged. They kept playing with each other’s tongues and lips for some time. As time went by, Karan couldn’t control his orgasm replied.

But he wanted to play this game for some time more. He moaned, “I feel something. I can’t describe it.” Radha knew that her husband was close. She took the dick in her hand, bent down, and took it in her mouth. That was too much for Karan, and he moaned.

Karan cum like a piston. Radha closed her eyes to experience the feeling of warm cum spraying inside her mouth. She took it all in her mouth and then slowly gulped down. She had a wide smile and a sense of satisfaction. She realized that she wanted it badly, not realizing that all this was a plan of Karan.

Karan replied by breathing heavily, “I remember now that you are my wife, and we married in a temple. I also remember our wedding night. But I also know that we are mother and son. Then how did we end up marrying.”

Radha got up excitedly. She thanked god as her husband had got some of his memory back. She wrapped her hands around Karan’s neck and said, “Don’t worry. You will get that memory back as well. You take rest. Let me feed our daughter, and then we will try other positions to regain your memory fully.”

As Radha tried to get dressed, Karan replied, ” Can you be undressed today, if possible? Probably I will get my memory back quickly.”

Radha nodded naughtily. She replied teasingly, ” Irrespective of whether my husband gets my memory back, I will have to stay undressed for a long time.” Saying this, she went on feed her daughter. As her ass jiggled, and she smiled, Karan knew this week would be fuck fiesta.

He waited for Radha to complete her motherly duties until another naughty plan stuck in his head.

To be continued.