Work-Life Balance

One of the readers of my story got in touch with me. We met, and whatever happened between us was written by me from her perspective. So this is dedicated to her. It was written because she requested me to write it.

It’s always frustrating when you travel specifically for a meeting that gets cancelled. Well, I was travelling to Hyderabad for 2 client meetings. I wanted to wrap up both on the same day and make my trip a day trip. But unfortunately, I could only get those meetings on two consecutive days and not the same day.

So, I booked a flight and hotel to stay. Just as I landed at Hyderabad airport at 11 AM, my client called to cancel the meeting. Now, I have a whole day and nothing to do. First trip to Hyderabad, no friends, no relatives and a whole day to kill. How boring!

I checked into Trident near the Hi-tech city (Hyderabad) and lay on the bed. I was feeling horny for some reason, so I opened the ISS website and stumbled upon a story, ‘An Irresistible Offer.’

I loved the narration. Before I could realise it, I pinged the author, “Hi, I read your story on ISS and really liked your narration.”

Within a few minutes, “Hi, thank you for taking the time to appreciate me,” he responded.

“You’re welcome,” I said.

“My name is Adi, may I know your name?” he asked.

“I’m Shubhra.”

“Nice name. I’m based in Hyderabad. If you don’t mind, which city are you in?” he asked.

“My city doesn’t matter. But it’ll help you to know that, at the moment, we both are in the same city,” I replied. Although I felt my response was rude, he didn’t seem to mind.

We chatted more. Though he was 20 years older than me, I felt he was non-pushy, trustworthy and decent. He then popped the question, “If you’re free, can we meet before you leave?”

My horniness got the better of me, and I replied, “Ok, but a few conditions.”

“Sure,” he said.

“We’ll meet at my hotel coffee shop for a coffee. If I don’t like you, we’ll part ways. No force.”

“Sure,” he agreed, asking, “What are the other conditions?”

“Will tell you when the time comes,” I said.

“I’ll see you by 5 PM. I’ll come there and message you – you can then tell me how to identify you. I’ll be in jeans and a white t-shirt,” he said, signing off.

I quickly changed into casual attire, and my eagerness made me get to the coffee shop by 4:50 PM.

Around 4:55, I see a slim, tall man wearing jeans and a white tee. I could see him looking around, and I waved at him.

We’ve ordered some tea. While having tea, we were having casual chit-chat. There was an occasional harmless flirt from him. I didn’t find him desperate. He gave me my space. I was waiting for him to make the move, and he wasn’t. At one moment, I moved my back and shoulders with a bit of unease.

“Kya hua (what happened)?” he asked.

“My back, neck and shoulders are a bit sore. Due to the travel, I guess,” I replied.

“Just so you know, I’m good at giving a massage. The best part is I don’t charge. If you’re ok, I can,” he said.

I didn’t want to let go of this opportunity.

I got up and said, “Let’s go then.” He said, “Please wait here for a few minutes. I’ll go and get some oil from a nearby store.”

As he returned after 20 minutes, we began walking towards the elevator. As he walked along with me, I was both nervous and anxious. This is not just the first time I’m doing something like this. But this is my first time in a closed room with a man.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I don’t even know how I trusted someone I just met. But for some reason, I was not scared. Maybe his behaviour has given me that assurance.

As we entered the room, he said, “There are two ways I can give you the massage. First, you’d lift your t-shirt without completely removing it, leave your bra on, and I’ll give you the massage. This isn’t the ideal way because it may not be very effective. Also, your dress may get soiled. The second way is to remove your tee and bra, lie down on your chest, and I will give you a back, neck and shoulder massage. If you’re comfortable with this, I’ll go into the toilet and wait there. Once you’re ready, you can call me.”

He’s absolutely not in a hurry, even though he probably knows he has me.

“That’s not needed, you can just turn around, and I’ll let you know once I’m ready,” I said.

As I became topless and lay down on my chest, he turned around on my signal. He sat on my butt with his legs on either side. Though he sat that way, he ensured he was not putting his weight over me.

“At any point, just let me know if you’re uncomfortable,” he said while pouring oil over my back.


“Also, let me know if you want me to reduce or increase the pressure,” he continued while rubbing the oil into my skin using his palms. I just nodded while enjoying the warmth of his palms.

Everything today is going to be a first for me. Letting a stranger into my room. Allowing him to see my bare back or maybe my whole body. Letting him touch me, God knows how many more firsts will happen today.

He made me put both hands on either side of my head and began using his fingers around my neck. As he was running my fingers around my neck and shoulders, my body began relaxing. What I knew was that my body was relaxing.

But unknown to me, my body had other plans. It began completely surrendering to him. He continued to work on my shoulders and back. In between, he kept checking if he was applying too much pressure. I found that very caring and liked it.

At times, his fingers brushed the sides of my boobs, sending tingling sensations in my body.

As his fingers ran over my spine, without my knowledge, I let out a soft moan, “Aah!” Those moans continued as his hands were working on my back. I was fully aroused.

I could sense his weight on my butt had increased a bit. He lied over my back and kissed the back of my neck. The soft kiss and his warm breath made me let out a loud moan. Taking this as a cue, I could feel his fingers go between the bed and my chest.

I made it easy for him by gently lifting myself, giving him the space to get his arms to where he wanted. His palms grabbed my boobs, caressed them and gently pinched the nipples. This was unbearable for me, and a very loud moan escaped my mouth.

Though I didn’t know the connection, his hands on my boobs made my pussy wet. I was dripping wet. “Fuck me,” I pleaded. He turned me around, looked into my eyes and said, “Not so soon, baby.”

What else is left? I was wondering. He unbuttoned my types of denim and pulled them down along with my panty. I helped him by lifting my butt. He spread my legs, sat between them on his knees and began running his fingers over my pussy lips.

He then gently spread my pussy and ran the tip of his finger over my clit. He began flicking it vigorously and placed his other palm over my lower ab. He firmly pressed it into the bed, preventing me from lifting my butt.

I grasped the wrist of his hand that was pinning me down as he continued to toy around with my clit. In no time, an earth-shattering orgasm hit me. The first one of my life with the help of a man. It was something that I never had before, and I was growling.

I expected him to stop. My body was getting back to normalcy after that surreal experience. To my utter shock, he bent down and began using his tongue on my pussy. Now, this was even better. My whole body was experiencing sensations that were impossible to describe.

He spread my legs apart using his hands while his tongue was busy tasting my pussy. In no time, I could feel my body exploding with pleasing sensations. I kept growling. The fact that my voice could be heard out no longer bothered me. I didn’t want him to stop.

He bent down to kiss me; that was our first kiss. I must say that though I have been kissed before, he’s given me the best kiss ever. I looked at him and said, “I want you inside me, NOW.”

He got up, undressed, took a condom and knelt between my legs. As he was about to enter, I said, “Be gentle, please. This is my first time.” He nodded. He inserted his fingers to prepare me for the eventuality.

I began getting wet again. He stopped fingering, put the tip of his cock at the entrance and gently pushed it in.

“Aaah, slow,” I shouted, unable to take the pain.

I could relax as he removed it. He again inserted his tip, but this time it went deeper but not fully in. I let out a loud gasp. He paused there momentarily, held my face and began kissing me. I loved the feeling.

My face was held tightly by him, deep and wet kisses and my pussy stretched a bit while his entire body weight was on me. As I was busy experiencing these sensations, without any warning, he suddenly thrust his entire dick inside me in one strong push.

I experienced shooting pain. I dug my nails into his back to control while his mouth thwarted my attempt to shout out loud. My shriek only ended in his mouth.

He just laid over me till I settled down, and my pussy got used to this new foreign object inside it. As I calmed down, he began fucking me slowly, and then his speed increased.

The sensations that each push gave were unexplainable and were transporting me into a different world altogether. Without my knowledge, my body began stiffening, and my pussy walls began tightening, engulfing his manhood. In no time, I began cumming.

“I’m cumming, too,” he announced.

I never knew this could be such an exhilarating experience. I cuddled with him and rested for a while, allowing the lifetime memory to sink in.

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