Chennai Husband And His Erections – Part 11 (Final)

After Subbu fingered her real nice, I asked my wife Gayathri –

Krishna: Dear, you want more? I leave it up to you.

Gayathri: Yeah, let’s stop for a minute. I don’t really know I want more. You tell me.

Krishna: Good girl. Why don’t you touch him a little bit?

While we were talking, my friend Subbu again pressed her right breast really hard. “Ahhh” was her moan with her index finger in her mouth laughing.

Krishna: You want to stand up, maybe.

She stood up adjusting her panty back to where it was. Then I gave her a lip kiss pressing her ass cheeks. She asked me if I liked it.

Krishna: Can you feel how hard I am now? It’s big, dear. How hard are you, dude?

Subbu: Wow, don’t even ask.

Krishna: Dear, just feel how hard he is. Just feel it.

Gayathri: You want me to touch him and tell you how hard he is? No.

Krishna: Just feel it once.

Gayathri: No, I am not doing that.

Krishna: You just gonna say no to that. I mean he just fingered you.

Gayathri: So? I am not doing that. I don’t want to touch his dick.

Krishna: Lol. Dude, you want her to touch you?

Subbu: Yeah, if it is ok with her.

Me and Gayathri laughed seeing how desperate he was for getting touched.

Krishna: Just feel it, dear.

Then Gayathri touched his dick with one finger real quick.

Krishna: Is it hard?

Gayathri: Lol, yes.

Then I burst into laughter again, all of us actually. She touched it to feel it with her whole palm once again.

Krishna: There you go just grab it. We are good here. I am good with you touching him. Come on, dear.

Gayathri now held his penis over his underwear and got the real feel of his groin. She was smiling with shyness.

Krishna: Get it out of the underwear.

Gayathri: What! Are you crazy?

Krishna: Take off your underwear, dude. Let her see how hard are you for her.

Gayathri closed her eyes and tried to run away. I stopped her from escaping the scene and told her to take a look.

Krishna: Touch on the underwear does not count as an actual touch. It is not fair. He touched your pussy directly to feel the warmth, right? So, you touch him directly.

While Subbu got rid of his underwear, Gayathri now was looking at his thick cock, saying –

Gayathri: OMG, what’s happening here? Oops! It’s so big.

Then we all laughed.

Krishna: Now touch it, dear.

I gently pushed her near him.

Gayathri: Hmm, no. Do you want me to touch his bare dick?

Krishna: I do want you to. But you don’t have to if you didn’t like it even after seeing it.

Gayathri was moving her shoulder side to side with her hands running through her hair and inquiring me if I really wanted it. I nodded yes.

Gayathri now touched his dick and said, “OMG! I am sorry to admit this Krish, it’s bigger than yours.

Subbu: Wow, that feels nice. I can’t believe all this is happening.

Krishna: Guys, I will step back a bit. Carry on.

Gayathri now stopped whatever she was doing and just kept her palm down under his balls and looked at me and asked where I was going stay there.

Krishna: Relax, I am just giving you guys a bit of room. I will stand here and enjoy the act.

My wife quickly continued what she was doing earlier not taking her eyes away from his cock.

Subbu: I am not going to lie. I jacked off a few times for her. But, this is on a different level. Never even though she would hold my dick in my wildest dreams.

Gayathri: Huh ha. Did you jerk thinking about me? I thought you are a good boy.

Subbu: I mean you are such a beautiful lady. No one can resist admiring you. Krishna is lucky. And I thought you are a good girl.

Krishna: She is a good girl, but sometimes, a naughty girl just for me. Are you getting turned on dear touching him? Say you are a bad girl.

Gayathri: I am not answering that. And I am good.

Subbu: She is a good girl. She just won’t admit she likes mine, don’t you?

Gayathri: You too now, Subbu. I am not answering that either.

Krishna: Alright, can you do one last thing for me?

Gayathri: What?

Krishna: Just put his dick in your mouth for a second.

Gayathri: OMG! You have gone crazy. You definitely don’t want me to do this dear.

Krishna: I want you to. Please.

She looked into Subbu’s eyes and then mine and enquired me that did I really wanted her to do that.

Krishna: I do, I really do. I think you will like it. Give it a try. Dude, plead with her.

Subbu: I am not in my senses now from what I heard. I mean see..umm yeah hmm hmm.. I would really love her lips touching mine.

Gayathri: I don’t know. I don’t know dear this is way beyond what you wanted. Are you sure? He is like your best friend.

Krishna: Yeah, but do you see me complaining?

Gayathri said: Gosh! You never complain I know. But I still don’t think I can do that.

Subbu: Gayathri, I am just as shocked as you are now what he says. Dude, are you comfortable with this? You won’t regret it later, right?

Gayathri: Oh, come on. Nonsense. You say you are shocked too after fingering her. Rubbish.

Subbu: I honestly thought we would just go out or just dance and that is it. But things got slightly out of hand slowly as you insisted.

Gayathri: True, I thought the same too. Now, look at what is happening. I should have not listened to you in the first place. I know Krish, you will be mad at me later. You are telling me to do it now, but you will regret it.

Krishna: Dear, I won’t be mad at you. Actually, I will be mad at you if you don’t do it now. Touch it again, See, it is going down with us just talking. Don’t spoil the mood. Just put it in your mouth once.

Gayathri: Fine fine. I will if that shuts you up and makes you happy.

Krishna: There you are. Be a good wife for me. Just take it in your mouth.

Gayathri was now sucking Subbu’s cock like a Popsicle. That was hot to watch. Subbu was on cloud nine.

Subbu: Oh my goodness. She is really good at it.

Krishna: She takes it real deep in her mouth just pure pleasure dude.

Gayathri now not listening to what we were talking about. She was just enjoying her mouthful of dick. She was slurping in and out with tight suction. Subbu was giving her slight directions to move up and down gently placing weight on her head. He was enjoying it. Then with her mouth dripping with saliva, she said –

Gayathri: Ok, I sucked it. Happy now?

Subbu: Just that little bit? Can I get a bit more of it actually on my tip?

Gayathri: That is all you are getting. You might cum if I do more.

Krishna: Yeah dear, you already sucked it, just do it again do the tip.

Gayathri: You guys are pathetic. Alright, just the tip of it?

Subbu: You do what you want, just don’t stop it. It really would be a big tease for me if you stop it in the middle. I won’t lie.

Krishna: Just suck it for a while as you do it for me dear. Make us happy.

Gayathri: Alright, stop begging. I will do it for a little bit. But not all the way like till finish.

Krishna: Ok-ok. I didn’t say anything about finishing.

I laughed at myself. She continued to suck him hard and I watched her move back and forth on her knees sucking him off. Subbu just leaned back on the couch with his hands under his head enjoying the moment. Gayathri now started to lick his balls one by one and Subbu’s dick became stiff like a rod.

Subbu: Oh my goodness, she is good at this dude.

Krishna: It’s alright. That’s why I like to fuck her on the couch. She is good in this kneeling position giving a blowjob.

Then he touched her hair and she increased her pace. Subbu now controlled her stroke speed by pulling her hair a bit when required.

Krishna: Do you like him touching your hair while you suck him?


Gayathri: Um huh.


That was all she could answer with his cock inside her mouth and her saliva dripping to the sides. It was a slippery slope all over his cock. While the action continued, I went behind her and touched her pussy from the back. Gosh, she was all wet down there. OMG, that was fucking amazing to watch. I continued to touch her pussy. The blowjob became faster and faster with every second.

Subbu: Oh my god, I got to cum soon.

Gayathri: No-no, please don’t. Not in my mouth.

Krishna: Relax, just let him cum. Not a big deal. Make sure you remove it dude at the last moment. She doesn’t like it much.

Subbu started to cum a bit on Gayathri’s lips and soon, he dripped his cum on the floor while she still stocked him. Gayathri went back on her knees a bit further to avoid cum falling on her.

Krishna: See, that’s easy. Now all are happy.

Gayathri: Yuck. That’s a lot of cum you released.

Krishna: Go wash your face up dear. You did an amazing job.

Then she went to wash her face.

Subbu: Aww, that’s a heavenly feeling dude. She is absolutely good at what she does dude. Would love to get it again another time if you may allow it.

Krishna: We will see how she feels going forward. Glad you liked it. I enjoyed watching you guys.

Gayathri heard this conversation leaning over the wall before entering the hall.

Gayathri: All right, no one is getting anything later. It’s a one-time thing because Krish wanted me to do it. I just proved to him how much I love him.

Krishna: Ya he had fun. Did you hear him? Now will you let me have fun?

Gayathri: Anything for you, Krish. Let’s go inside.

Krishna: We can. But did you notice he is already hard again?

Gayathri: What? Hard already, stop doing that? Get yourself dressed, Subbu.

Subbu: Ok, let me get dressed and go inside. Thanks, Gayathri, and thanks, dude. I am not sure whether I can thank you guys, but it’s the least I could do now.

Krishna: Dude, just stay, you just sit there like that and watch us having fun. I hope you will like that too.

Subbu: I get to watch too? Wow, that’s interesting.

Gayathri: Krish, what’s happening? Let us go inside. Don’t be stupid.

Krishna: Let me remove my underwear too. I and Subbu are even now. Now, remove yours. At least, remove your panty so that I can fuck you.

Gayathri: OMG. You can have it inside. Why do you want to do it here? I can’t let him watch us doing sex.

Krishna: Why not? Haven’t you seen him naked? Now it’s his turn and I am only asking to get rid of the panty.

Gayathri: Why do you want him to watch us?

Krishna: Because it makes me hard enough to fuck your brains out you know.

Gayathri laughed and thought she might get a good fuck after all this excitement. Finally, she gave in.

Gayathri: You want to take my panties off? I don’t know. That’s like totally different.

Krishna: We all know we are having fun. Dude, do you want to see her without panties?

Subbu: Yes, I do. I want to see what I touched. After what I got from her, I am ready to have whatever she can provide.

Krishna: Let’s see that pussy. Remove it, dear. Show it to my friend.

Gayathri: Fine, if you insist. I can’t believe I am doing this.

Then Gayathri removed her panty and covered her pussy with her hands and sat on the sofa blushing hard.

Krishna: That’s not going to help. Remove your hands and let us have a good look at it.

Subbu: I am waiting.

Gayathri: I don’t know I can show my pussy to your friend.

Krishna: He has seen it already from a distance. It’s just he is close now. Give him a view of your good shaved bush.

Gayathri: Stop it. I will show you.

Krishna: Come on, you shaved it right after the incident hoping he didn’t see your jungle, right? Now it’s time to show him what trim you made.

Gayathri: OMG, stop. I shaved it because I want to. Not because for others to enjoy.

Krishna: Whatever, just show it. Remove your hands and spread your legs.

Reluctantly, Gayathri showed us her shaved pussy.

Subbu: Oh wow. That’s a beautiful pussy there.

Krishna: Yes, she is great in maintaining her hygiene there.

Subbu: I see it. Just see how hard I am again just looking at her pussy.

Woh ho ho. That was bigger than before it seems.

Gayathri: What? How? You just cummed five minutes back.

Subbu: I have never seen such a hot pussy before.

Krishna: True. Dear, see how much he likes you already.

Gayathri: What the fuck! It’s really big. You also seem very hard.

Krishna: Dear, what do you want? Tell me, you have two options him or me.

Gayathri: I don’t know. Maybe start with licking mine. Honestly, two dicks making me feel hornier now.

Krishna: Alright! To keep things simple. Subbu lick her pussy to orgasm and I will give her a fuck next.

Gayathri: Dear, are you sure you want him to lick mine?

Krishna: Sorry. Do you want him to fuck you?

Gayathri: No-no. I am asking if you can do both and he can just watch if he wants to.

Krishna: Just see how good he is with his tongue first. OK?

Gayathri smiled and leaned back on the sofa spreading her legs. I told Subbu to go ahead. He straight went on to insert his dick in her. Soon, she moved away saying –

Gayathri: Hey Subbu, you can’t fuck me. You are only supposed to lick it. I can’t take the risk of getting pregnant by you.

Krishna: Yeah dude, are you nuts? Just lick, not fuck.

Subbu: Sorry. I couldn’t control it. Okay, just licking.

Then Subbu started licking my wife pussy like an ice cream. I was watching her from her top into her eyes while she moaned and begged him to stop it because it was too much pleasure.

Gayathri: Ahh.. huh.. omg omg.. I am close to getting my orgasm. Ahh.. ooh fuck.. this is insane. I am done. I am done, stop it, stop it. That feels nice.

Krishna: Dude, move, now let me fuck her.

Subbu: Ok-ok, please go ahead. It’s so wet down there. Enjoy.

I started to fuck her in the same position and she was enjoying my thuds like she had never felt. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make her cum a second time because I was too horny to fuck her long enough. Then I cummed inside her.

Gayathri: Krish, I need more, please do something, don’t stop. Fuck me please harder.

Krishna: Sorry dear, I came already. I might not satisfy you more. I can provide him with a condom if you allow him to fuck you. See how hard he is.

Subbu: Don’t worry, I got one ready with me.

Gayathri: Sorry Krish. I want some dick now. Can you help me?

Krishna: Subbu, go get it man. You got your green signal. Come on fuck my wife, touch her as you lusted. Make her happy.

Subbu ran to his room and came back with a condom on and started licking her again for a while and started to insert his big dick inside.

Gayathri moaned really hard because the big dick penetrated inside her pussy pushing her pussy edges to the sides making her feel every bit of his cock inside her.

Subbu: Omg, it is so good. Do you like it, Gayathri?

Krishna: She won’t answer. Sure she does like it.

Gayathri just moaned loudly and she rubbed her hands on her boobs and circled her nipples while she dragged her bra down making us look at her hard pokies. I volunteered to unhook her bra and removed it completely.

Then I started kissing her while he fucked and soon my dick started to gain traction again looking at her red face glowing with pleasure. They rocked back and forth and moans were high-pitched with every stroke.

Subbu wanted a different position and turned her in the doggy style and started to pound her pussy real hard. She was enjoying it every bit while he caressed her boobs down under.

I was standing close to her face with my semi-hard dick sitting next to her. Then I started to masturbate while they fucked. The funny thing was, I came again before Subbu finished his second and I saw he was not stopping any time soon. He was a real bull. I was happy that Gayathri’s first stranger dick inside her was not a disappointment.

Krishna: Dude, you can use my bedroom if you want. Try a missionary position. She likes it more.

Gayathri: OMG, Stop giving the tips on what I like Krish. You are making him crazy. Especially while he is drilling me hard. Ughh ugh..

I told them I would make the bed ready for them while they continued their fun. Then I placed my hidden cam to make memories. I told Subbu that the bed was ready.

Then Subbu lifted her with his hands making her face and hug bare chested with their nipples touching each other while his dick was still inside and took her to the bedroom. I followed them with a foldable chair where I could sit and watch them comfortably masturbating if possible. Then they started in a missionary position.

Krishna: Yes, fuck her, dude. Give her the pleasure of your big dick. Make her beg for the same every time you visit her.

Gayathri: Krish, stop it, hmm. He is getting more.. ohhh.. oh… ugh.. aggressive with your encouragement. Honestly.. ahhh ahh.. shit.. oh fuck.. I like it. But it’s too much at the same time.. ugh.. I am not sure I can take it much longer.. errrr auh.. Please cum, Subbu. Do what you want with me.. ugh.. make sure you cum fast.

Subbu told her to lay down and from the top now he inserted his dick again without thinking further he said. He loved her side boobs from her blouse on our marriage day. He saw her ass sway beautifully from a distance whenever she walked and told her he was lucky to have her like this even after she was married.

Saying that, he started to suck her nipples and bit them once in a while he fucked her from the top. He motorboated her soft melons. It was true bliss to watch Gayathri getting fucked by my best friend. Gayathri moaned with every stroke and loud thud sounds increased more and more as the sweat layered on their thighs from the burnout.

He was now french kissing her which she was not resisting and she lifted her above her head giving him a view of her shaved armpits. Subbu took advantage of licking her armpits. Little did he know it would make her feel more horny and sensual during the fuck sessions with me. Both were enjoying the night like never before and soon he cummed while kissing her. Meanwhile, I cummed again watching them.

Gayathri: Holy shit! What just happened? It all feels like a dream. God, he is good at the bed. I feel a bit of pain, but at the same time, pleasure too. This is unreal.

Krishna: I knew you would like it.

Gayathri: Well, how are you feeling, Krish? Are you satisfied that your wife fucked hard by a friend? I almost went into a coma for you.

Krishna: It feels so good, I can’t explain it in words. Glad you also enjoyed it.

Gayathri: Yes, I did. Hope your friend liked it too.

Subbu: I am tired as hell of making sure you like it. Thanks, both for letting me have fun. Thanks to you Gayathri especially. You are a true beauty to be just enjoyed only by Krish. Glad you let me have you upon his request.

Krishna: Guys, I only know this will be real someday, and wanted to give it a try for a long time. See, now all of us liked it. You never know until we try.

I kissed Gayathri passionately telling her how much I enjoyed it. We all were now too tired to get up and clean ourselves so we slept naked on the same bed with Gayathri in the middle. We slept tight.


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