Sex with an older woman, Lata

Hi, this is Madhav, and I am back with another story. I am a budding erotic writer.

The story goes back to my college life back in 2011. I was young and at the peak of my lust. Orkut, Netlog, and Yahoo Messenger were good sources of connecting with strangers in your city. I was in Pune – the city of education.

I was 24 and almost single/confused, not sure as most youngsters. I met Lata, a 34-year-old, never married, single, happy-go-lucky working woman on a chatting website.

We chatted for a while and decided to meet over a cup of tea. Lata was more of a desi simple girl in her mid-thirties. She had been single for quite some time. I, on the other hand, was in my mid-twenties, wild. I was always full of lust and wanted to explore my sexual desires as much as I could.

We met and had a lovely evening. We sealed the evening with a warm hug promising to meet again. One fine day, I invited Lata for a movie date to my flat. I bunked college and was alone at my flat. She arrived at my flat wearing a light yellow kurta and a white salwar.

We chatted for a while before watching the movie. I had already made a perfect movie date setup. We sat close to each other, and we held hands. I was caressing her hands, giving them a soft massage. I took her in my arms and held her tight. It was an intense moment.

She was breathing heavily. I just planted a small kiss on her cheeks. She gripped my hand tight but did not resist. I kissed her lips sidewise. She closed her eyes. I turned her towards me and planted a deep lip-to-lip kiss. Then, I pushed her to the wall, climbed over her, and our lips met again.

I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and aggressively kissed her. My hands were now squeezing her 34-sized breasts above her suit. I sucked her ear lobes one at a time. She felt the sensation within and pushed me away. We both looked at each other. There was no going back from here.

She removed her kurta, giving me a sneak peek at the most amazing pair of boobs I had ever seen. I removed my shirt and hugged her tight, only to suck every inch of her face. My hands were quick to open her bra.

I was now staring at her half-naked body. Brown erect nipples over wheatish mango-shaped breasts and a small bulge over the navel. The lust in her big deep eyes could make any man go weak on his knees. She pushed me to her chest.

I grabbed one boob and took the other in my mouth. I sucked the left one like there was no tomorrow and played with the right nipple. I switched from the right to the left and then left to the right.

She moaned in pleasure. Someone had touched her after almost 2 and a half years. With her eyes closed, she was pushing my head deep and deeper. My lust bite was visible on the upper right side bulge of the left fruit. I went back to the nipples one at a time, crushing them between my teeth.

We departed only to get in our birthday suit, and she looked at my little companion, waiting to be loved. I could feel her tongue licking me from the bottom of balls to the tip of my hard dick in no time.

My dick was inside her mouth. She moved her tongue inside, sucking and licking me from tip to root. I start moving my ass to fu¢k her mouth. She stopped and moved her head to take me to the seventh heaven.

I took my mouth to her clean-shaven, already wet pussy. A current went through her entire body when my tongue sipped the dripping nectar from her honey pot. We got into 69 position to taste each other. I was crazily sucking her as my tongue reached the deepest corners of her pussy.

She was rubbing her tongue on my dickhole, driving me nuts. I could feel the pressure inside me building and knew I would release the load any time now. She took me deep inside her mouth and sucked me vigorously. Our mouths were pleasuring each other in sync.

I released my love juice deep in her mouth with a loud moan. She pulled me in her arms, and we kissed only to taste each other. We were sweating heavily and breathing hard but were not done yet. Our lust knew no boundaries. We wanted it to be endless.

Her desires had waited enough to be accomplished and needed the best out of me. I wanted to make this the best she had in her life. With that thought, I guided my semi-erect member into her wet pussy. I held her breasts and started giving her a deep thrust.

The sound of my balls hitting her pussy walls was echoing throughout the entire room. I kissed her, taking her tongue in my mouth and biting it hard. She was holding me from behind, pushing me deeper and deeper. I was drilling her as fast as I could. We both were moaning hard.

She grabbed me hard and closed her eyes. I knew she was about to release my favourite drink. I kept the pace, and she emptied herself on me with a huge moan. I slowed down and took my dick out. I pointed it to my favourite fruits of mine. I gave a few jerks and marked her body with my lust.

I collapsed in her arms. We remained like that for a while. No words were spoken. Our two tired but satisfied bodies were resting hands in hands, perfectly complimenting each other.

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