Virgin Half Wife – Part 3

Amood is Back after a long time with the continuation of the story. Now let’s start the story, without wasting any time.

My office crush Brinda then showed her most precious hidden gem. Her sweet, small, and tiny pink vagina (pussy).

Me: What’s this?

She said: It’s called ‘pussy’, a love tunnel or hole where every man finds peace and satisfaction.

I asked her if she had tried it before. She said no.

After the foreplay and sucking, my colleague wanted to go to the next level. She held my cock and sucked it which would act like a lube. She asked me to come close to her. Then she held my cock near her pussy and started rubbing it slowly on the pussy lips and labia.

Soft moans from both of us started. My cock was hard and I was also feeling high and great. Brinda was holding my cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy hole and whispered –

She: Now, tell me how you are feeling?

I was on cloud 9. I couldn’t say a word and lost in the most pleasurable experience. She started pulling my cock with her hands to enter the pussy. She also advised me to push slowly.

I started following my beautiful colleague’s advice and started moving the cock inside her pussy. It was tight and she started crying in pain. But she told me to continue as the pain will reduce. She told me to apply some oil between the pussy and cock. I used coconut oil and a few drops near her pussy hole as instructed.

Now the cock movements started and she was crying in pain and pleasure. If you have watched ‘Tarzan X Shane’, you will understand how her instructions were.

Then she told me to pour some more oil and I obliged. My cock started entering the tight hole. Wow! What a feeling it was.

My cock tip entered my colleague’s pussy now and her pussy started oozing the virgin blood. The teenager in me was scared and was like, “What the hell!”

I told her about it. She said it happens during first-time copulation. She asked me to continue pushing my cock inside. Now the cock entered half of it and her pain reduced. Her legs were shivering with pleasure. Then she came close and whispered –

She: How are you feeling?

I said: It’s hot and warm.

I could feel her tight pussy lips on my cock and I was feeling out of the world. Now Brinda told me to move everything inside her. I started moving it slowly and steadily as I didn’t want to hurt her. Finally, the cock had entered my office crush’s virgin pussy and it was an amazing feeling. The cock was deep inside her and resting inside her. I whispered –

Me: What are we doing?

She whispered: It’s called ‘virgin love’. Don’t move or shake. I want to remember this feeling forever.

6.5-inch cock for a virgin is painful and also pleasurable. Soon, she was ready and started moving the cock inside and out at a slow pace. We both started enjoying our first sex for a while and I came after 15 minutes. I had to pull it out as I felt some water coming out. Precaution is better than pregnancy.

We both were exhausted and sleeping next to each other to calm ourselves. Then we both kissed and slept naked.

We woke up around 10:30. No sun, the temperature was always low and the weather was cold. I hugged her and kissed her with a ‘good morning’. Her face was glowing like she applied something to her face. However, it was due to on first virgin sex session.

We spend two days in Ooty to visit all the possible places and at night, we had same sex sessions.

What is more important in life? It is to have a partner in crime who can explore the world with never-ending love.

We both started hanging around like married couples. No one suspected. We started moving away from Ooty and headed back home due to an emergency work. After reaching home, we met again for a quick fuck session. I tried anal, oral play, and role play.

(Your partner should be understanding when you are in love with her. She was really crazy about me. She wanted to explore all possible things before marriage.)

We also tried a quick sex session during a long drive inside the car. It was really risky but public sex was fun. We both sucked and masturbated inside the car on the highway.

We were crazily exhausted. The sex drive can make you do anything. When the pussy has its virginity, it is like a lock. The lock cannot stay away for long from the key and vice versa.

Then we started dating each other and the sex part was always there when needed.

Boys must have experienced it when you start dating after fucking a virgin girl. There will be cuteness, long drives, trips, fuck sessions and these things never end until some twist takes place. Once you taste a cock or pussy, you have all kinds of planning in mind about how do we get another time together. You will be all the time on call or text or doing some kinky plays while working. The fun never ends.

I know it’s kind of Gyan, but expressing it so that each one of the readers can go back to memories and feel naughty about how life was and how is life now. It’s never too late or early to date, fuck, and enjoy. We all need to keep the spice of life sparkling with activities.

The next part will be very interesting and will tell you how we dated and explored our bodies. And how we had sex and pleasure with romance.

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