Sex with my Newly Married Niece – Part 2

I came down to the living room wearing a shirt and lungi. I saw my wife and my sister busy in the kitchen cooking lunch. Saanvi was having breakfast and winked at me. I sat opposite Saanvi and began having my breakfast which was served on the table.

I saw Saanvi getting up, holding her plate. She came and sat on my right-hand side chair. Keeping her head down, she whispered, “Did you take care of your dick, Uncle?” I had to admire this young girl’s guts. Sitting in my house before my wife and her mother, she talked about my erection.

Without answering her, I had my breakfast. Saanvi dropped her free left hand down to my thighs and caressed my crotch on the lungi. My cock, subdued a bit, got hard again to her warm touch. Saanvi’s fingers parting my lungi, went into my brief waistband and caught my cock.

I was horrified at her daring attempt to grab my cock so openly. I whispered, “Please, Saanvi, leave it and have your food. What will Mamata think of me if she sees us like this?”

“Do you think I am a fool? My hand is under the table. My mom or aunty should bend to see what I am doing, which they won’t. My cunt is burning again. Will you please finger me while I play with yours?” Saanvi said with the same sexy horny tone which she used to seduce me in the bedroom.

Not wanting to disappoint her, stretching my left hand, I inserted it in her tracks, and my hand landed on her pussy. Saanvi was still not wearing panties, and I found her pubic hairs moist with her cum. I rubbed her lips, and my thumb was playing with her clit.

Saanvi was moving her hand up and down my cock, her palm getting lubed by my pre-cum. I saw my sister Mamata coming to serve and tried to pull out my hand. But Saanvi closed her thighs, trapping my hand. I wondered at her courage, playing with my dick in front of her mother.

Bending my head, I ate my breakfast silently. After finishing, I looked helplessly at Saanvi, who removed her hand from my briefs and covered it with my lungi. She allowed me to remove my hand from her tracks. Looking at me, she said loudly, “I will be waiting for your call, Mama.”

Her mom asked from the kitchen, “For what, Saanvi.”

“Mama and I have some unfinished business to complete, which we started when you guys went out. I was reminding him, or I can’t sleep the whole night, Amma.” Saanvi said, smiling naughtily at me.

“Are you planning to sleep here today, Sweetie?” Mamata asked her daughter.

“Yes, Amma. Amit will be coming only next week from Mumbai. So I want to spend some time with Mama and Aunty,” Saanvi said, biting her lower lip.

I went to the common bathroom, washed my hand in the basin and had an urge to piss. Without bothering to lock the door, I lifted the seat cover, pulling out my cock from the briefs parting the lungi. Holding my cock I started to pee into the commode.

I felt a body pressing my back, and a soft hand caught hold of my cock. Shocked, I turned and saw Saanvi pressing her breasts against my back and smiling at me. ”What is this, Saanvi? My wife and your mom are nearby, and the door is open too.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle, I have locked the bathroom door. I badly wanted to see your dick again,” Said Saanvi spraying my piss all over the commode like a little girl playing with the Holi gun.

I stood still, dropping my hand while I released my piss. After it reduced to a dribble, Saanvi shook my cock to allow the last few drops of piss to come out as we men do. I wondered what she had learnt of men in such a short duration of marriage.

Saanvi came in front of me and cleaned my cock using the spray gun. My cock had shrunk a bit due to the cold water. Saanvi, bending, took my cock and began sucking it like a lollipop. I tried to push her head away, but she was not ready to leave my cock. She was slurping on my cock, wetting it with her saliva.

Her shirt top had sagged down, showing her hanging boobs. Wanting to teach her a lesson, I inserted my right hand into her shirt from the top and caught her one boob. My left hand dipped into her track waistband and cupped her pussy. I was squeezing her breast and pussy hard.

She was moaning with my cock in her mouth. I pressed her pussy mound instead of fingering her, and I knew it was paining her a lot. Saanvi taking her mouth from my cock, standing, said, “It hurts, Uncle. Do it gently, please.”

“How do you want me to do Saanvi like this?” I said. I removed my hand from her boob and pussy pushed her against the tiled wall. I pulled her tracks down, exposing her hairy pussy. Holding my cock I rubbed my cockhead on her slit, smearing it with her juices.

“Yes…yes….Please fuck me, Mama,” Saanvi said, hugging my neck firmly.

Hearing the word Mama, I stopped rubbing her pussy and said, “It’s too much, Saanvi. Control yourself, or else your married life will be over before it starts if someone comes to know about us. Have patience, Sweetie.”

Saanvi looked at me and, understanding, said, “Yes, you are right, Mama. I got carried away because my husband couldn’t satisfy me like you did with your mouth. I want to have your cock in me. Please don’t say no, Mama.”

“Sorry, Sweetie, we can’t have sex. Maybe I will try to satisfy you orally as I did before. Please don’t ask me for more than that. It will be incest, and I can’t show my face to my Akka (Elder sister in Kannada) if I have sex with you. Hope you understand,” I explained, and she listened.

I saw a tear in her eye, saw her pulling her tracks up and went out without speaking. I felt very bad for her. I came out and went upstairs to my room and started working on my project on my laptop. Two hours passed, and I called for my wife, asking for coffee.

Ten minutes later, I heard the door open and close again. I saw Saanvi holding a cup, wearing a white T-shirt and matching skirt up to her knees. She used to wear jeans and skirts during her college days. Saanvi handed me the coffee cup.

Sipping the coffee, I said, “I asked Nandu (My wife) to bring. Why did you bother to come up, Sweetie.”

“Why, Uncle, shouldn’t I have come?” Saanvi said, almost in tears.

“No, Sweetie, I thought you wanted to sleep and rest in the afternoon,” I said.

“How can I sleep with your dick image roaming in my mind. My cunt is aching for our lips, and my tits want your hands again on them,” Saanvi said, smiling now. “Please go, Sweetie. I have work to finish,” I said.

Saanvi lifting her skirt and pulling the panties down, baring her pussy said, “Please suck me for a few minutes. My cunt is burning like hell. Cool it with your tongue and douse out the fire, Uncle.”

I saw her pubic hair moist and cum dripping. Saanvi gripping my hair pulled my head down to her crotch. Seeing the bedroom door locked, I licked her pussy lips for a few seconds, removed my mouth said, “Now leave, Sweetie.”

Saanvi, almost in tears, said, “I want much more, Mama. I want you to suck my pussy and clit. And I want you to finger me while sucking me. I want you to torture my tits with your hand and mouth.”

“Then I will have to spend the whole day and night with you to do all that,” I said.

“You can do all that leisurely in the night. Now lick and suck my pussy, Mama,” Saanvi begged me. I wondered what she was talking of the night. I knew she wouldn’t leave until she got what she asked for. Keeping the laptop to the side, I pulled her on the bed.

Saanvi fumbled with my lungi, inserted her hand in my briefs and, pulling my flaccid cock began to jerk me. I started to lick her cheeks, nose and chin. My hand moved inside her shirt and squeezed her mangoes on the bra. My lips went to her ears, licked her ears and sucked her earlobes.

Saanvi’s shoulders were moving as I sucked both her earlobes. I moved a bit down and licked her neck. Removing one hand from her boob, I moved her shirt arm up. Lifting her arm. I licked her armpit from bottom to top. She had sparse hairs under her armpit.

“Hhmmm…Mama, you are tickling me. I like it. Please, lick more, uncle,” Saanvi moaned, jerking my cock furiously. It was hard again in her warm hand. I lifted her shirt, tucking it in her bra straps. I pulled the bra cups above her breasts. Saanvi’s twin treasures popped out.

I saw her nipples hard like a pencil tip. Cupping her right breast in my left hand, brought my mouth to her nipple and bit it. My right hand moved down to her pussy, inserted two fingers inside her and started finger fucking her.

Now Saanvi was enjoying herself, moving her pussy towards me to take my fingers deep in her. Holding her nipple between my teeth, I tried to pull it out. It got stretched like rubber.

“It hurts, Uncle. Bite as much as you want. I am cumming,” Saanvi said and sensed her body trembling with her impending orgasm. Her pussy was flooded with her cum wetting my fingers. It was like hot lava coming out of a volcano. Her pussy overflowed, dripped down her ass cheeks and was staining the sheets.

I was trying to take her whole boob into my mouth, which I couldn’t. But my teeth were leaving their marks on her tender boob flesh. I knew I would leave love bites on her tits, but I didn’t care as she asked for it.

“Yes, bite, eat my tits, Uncle. They are for you. Enjoy them and give me the pleasure which Amit couldn’t give me on our honeymoon,” Saanvi was almost screaming. Luckily she had closed the door, or else my wife or her mother would have come up.

My fingers were fucking her pussy nonstop, making a sloshy sound. Seeing her right tit flesh red with my bites, I moved to her left breast and sucked it gently like a baby.

Saanvi, who had regained from her orgasm, asked, “Why are you so gentle now? Please do whatever you want, use and abuse them. But don’t say NO again, Mama.” And her hand was still jerking my cock idly.

“If you are satisfied, please go. Your mom will wonder what you have been doing in my room for so long. I don’t want her to come up and see us like this, Sweetie,” I said, taking my mouth off her boob. My fingers were also out of her pussy.

Saanvi looking down at her cunt said, “You haven’t yet sucked me, Uncle.”

“This is what I don’t like. If I give one, you ask for another,” I said.

“Please, Uncle, please. Suck me for a few minutes, and I will go,” Saanvi begged me.

I looked at her and pushed her on the bed. Pulling her panties from her knees, I made her lie on her right hand. I lay beside her in the opposite direction. My face was close to her mound, and my groin was near her mouth. I was lying on my left hand.

I wanted to suck her and get my cock sucked in the 69 position lying on top of her. I knew she would have trouble taking my thick cock inside her mouth. This way, at least should have control and take me as much as she wanted. I raised her left leg and made her rest her feet on the bed.

Her lips opened up, and my mouth dived into her pussy folds. Pushing my cockhead to her lips indicated to her what I wanted. Saanvi, understanding, took my cockhead in her mouth and started sucking it. My mouth was gorging all her juices which she had released a few minutes earlier.

I was getting addicted to her juice. I found it sweet compared to other ladies, maybe because of her young age or hormones. I sucked all her juices from her hot tunnel, and my mouth moved to her clitoris. I sucked that little bud flesh for a few minutes.

I didn’t finger her as I wanted her out immediately. I sensed Saanvi biting my cock, and I knew she would have another orgasm. I moved my lips to her burning love hole and began sipping her cum as she released.

This time her orgasm was much more than the last time, smearing my mouth and cheeks with her warm cum. After licking her clean, pulled my cock from her mouth and got up. I looked at Saanvi, who had closed her eyes and enjoyed the aftermath of her orgasm.

“Now leave. You got what you asked,” I pulled her up, holding her hand.

Saanvi got up, pulled the bra cup back on her treasures, and pulled her shirt down. She straightened her skirt, not bothering to wear panties and looked at me.

“What do you want now, Sweetie?” I asked.

Saanvi came closer and, holding my cock in her fist, said, “You gave me pleasure, but I didn’t give you any. Shall I suck till you cum, Uncle?”

“No worries, baby. I will take care of that,” I said, trying to get her hand off my cock. Gripping my cock firmly, Saanvi showing my cock said, “I know how your fingers fucks. I want to see how this fucks, Uncle.”

“Are you out of your mind? I already said that I wouldn’t have sex with you,” I said harshly.

“Are you afraid of your sister? I mean my mom. I am offering my body, and you are saying no. Maybe you are afraid of your wife or my mom,” Saanvi said.

I looked at her for a few seconds, deciding I said, “You want to get fucked right. Ok, I will fuck in front of your mom and my wife in the evening. Now leave.”

Saanvi looking shocked, said, “WHAT? Are you going to fuck me in front of Mom and Aunty? What are you planning, Mama? Foursome or orgy with me, your wife and your Akka?”

“I am not that desperate to have sex with my sister. And my wife will kill me if she comes to know of this. Now go. I got to work,” I said, pulling my cock from her hand.

“So you will take me in front of them without their knowing. I am already curious to know how you plan to do it,” Saanvi said in her girlish tone.

Pressing her tit and other hand cupping her mound, I said, “Leave that to me. You want to get fucked. I will fuck you. Wear the same dress, don’t wear a bra and panties and I will see you in the living room by 8 pm. Now GO.”

Saanvi picked up the coffee cup, walked to the door, looked back, opened the door and went out. My head was spinning on the events in the last few hours. Opening the laptop started working again, and my cock begged for release. I consoled it thinking of Saanvi’s tight young pussy waiting for me.

The story continues in part-3

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