Sex with my Newly Married Niece – Part 1

On Saturday morning, after taking a bath, I came to the room, wiping my body. I wrapped a lungi across without any briefs as it was hot summer. I sat bare-chested on the bed cross-legged and started going through my emails from the mobile.

The bedroom door opened, and Saanvi came in and said, “What is my naughty Mama doing early in the morning.”

Saanvi is my elder sister Mamata’s only daughter, aged around 25, and she recently got married. Her dad passed away when she was 10. I was her guardian for her in all senses.  By the way, I am Rajesh, a 52-year-old man residing in Bangalore and owning a business.

I was surprised to see Saanvi wearing a white saree. Before marriage, she usually wore modern dresses like jeans and skirts during her college days. She had been to Ooty for her honeymoon and got back yesterday. She used to send her honeymoon pics on WhatsApp, and she used to share everything with me.

Smiling, I asked, “How was your honeymoon, sweetie.”

Saanvi jumped on the bed like a little girl, placing her head on my lap and laying on the bed. Looking up at me, she said, “It was dull. Amit was always on the mobile or laptop, always working. There was no honey. I missed you, Mama.”

I was in a fix. I was not wearing briefs under my lungi, and her head was dangerously close to my crotch. Trying to push her head a bit away by caressing her forehead, I said, “Don’t joke, Sweetie. Why did you miss this old man?”

Instead of moving her head away, Saanvi turned towards me and placed it directly on my crotch. Looking at me, she said, “Who said you are an old man? You look like a bull to me. Look at your hairy chest and your manly boobs. Amit has got a flat chest and is a hopeless romantic.”

Saanvi’s saree pallu had moved away from her bosom, revealing her white blouse. I was shocked to see her nipples protruding from the thin blouse material. Her brownish areolas were visible. She might have skipped wearing a bra because of the summer heat.

My cock stirred and was getting hard. The gap between the blouse and saree top was bare. Her flat stomach, along with her navel, was making it worse for me. Surely my little Saanvi had blossomed into a woman from a girl. Marriage and honeymoon had done wonders to her body.

Her breasts were popping out from the top of the blouse. Her B-cup tits were bigger than before. Saanvi had worn a tight blouse. Hooks were struggling to hold up. I saw her cleavage flesh between the four hooks.

My cock was erect now and was poking Saanvi’s left cheek. I was disgusted with myself for getting aroused seeing my daughter like Saanvi’s body. I tried to push her face away. Saanvi looked at me wide-eyed and asked, “Is something wrong, Mama?”

“No, nothing, Saanvi,” I said, embarrassed.

“No, something is wrong. Are you aroused, Mama?” Saanvi asked with the same innocence as she would talk with me. Little did she know that her Uncle was prying on her body and got hard.

I stammering said, “No, no. My legs are getting cramped. Will you please get up?”

“You are lying, Mama. I felt your thing poking in my face, and your face was saying me that you are aroused. What made you get hard?” Saanvi asked with a mischievous smile.

I was at a loss for words and tried to get pushing her away. But Saanvi nuzzled her face on my groin, feeling my hardness and asked, “Can I see it, Uncle?”

“WHAT?” I was horrified at her unusual request.

“I asked if I could see your Ding-Dong, Uncle,” Saanvi said shamelessly. She usually calls me Uncle whenever she wants something from me. She used to bug me for ice cream or chats. But what she was asking now was unimaginable.

“Your Mom (My sister) and Aunty (My wife) should be missing you, Sweetie. Please go,” I said with desperation.

“They both went to market. Will you show me, or should I help myself, Uncle?” Saying Saanvi tried to part my lungi folds. Holding her tiny hands, I said, “Please behave yourself. Do you know what you are asking for, Saanvi? You are married and not a small kid anymore.”

“Yes, I am a woman, not a girl now. I have seen only Amit’s dick and am curious to see what yours looks like. You trained me in everything, be it studies or sports. Why didn’t you teach me about sex and prepare me for marriage life? All I am asking is to see your dick,” Saanvi said.

I wanted to scold Saanvi, but I knew she would start crying, which I didn’t want. Shrugging my shoulders, I said, “What has gotten in you today? You want to see it, right? Ok, see it.”

Saanvi quickly parted my lungi, and my cock popped out. The foreskin was pulled back, revealing a mushroom head dripping pre-cum. Saanvi looked at it with fascination and asked without looking up, still staring at my cock, “Naughty Uncle, you are not wearing underwear. Does it get longer, Uncle?”

“I don’t know,” I said helplessly.

Saanvi: When I saw it last time, it was much bigger.

I was shocked to hear her. I ask, “When did you see me nude?” As she said, it was true. My cock was only half erect to 6 inches.

Saanvi looking into my eyes, said, “When you were pumping Nandini aunty in your bedroom a few months back. You went on and on for one hour. I was fingering myself the whole time peeping through your door.”

“What? You watched me and your aunty having sex. I should talk to your mother about you. Now you have seen it, leave now,” I said, getting angry.

“No, I am not leaving until it gets fully hard. Shall I hold and make it hard, Uncle?” Saanvi said with a naughty smile.

Before I could answer, Saanvi sat on her knees between my stretched legs and caught my cock at the base firmly. My cock throbbed, feeling her soft, warm hand, and I got fully erect, dripping copious amounts of pre-cum. The cum dripped down to her palm wetting her fingers.

“OMG! Now it is fully hard. Isn’t it, Uncle? Saanvi asked, looking at her cum stained hand. I nodded helplessly.

Saanvi slid her hand up and down my cock. Because of lubrication, her hand glided on my sensitive skin effortlessly. As she was kneeling, her saree pallu was lying on the bed like an orphan showing her cleavage to my hungry eyes.

The blouse had sagged due to her breasts’ weight, and her young tits were trying to pop out from the blouse’s confines. Unmindful of me staring at her breasts, Saanvi was slowly jerking my cock, and her breasts were jiggling due to her hand movements.

I felt like inserting my hands into her blouse and feeling her young breasts, but I restrained myself.

I came to my senses when I heard Saanvi saying,” You are leaking too much. Are you too horny, Uncle? Shall I help you relieve?” I tried to push her holding her shoulders, but she resisted and held my cock more firmly.

When she moved to make room for herself, my hand slipped from her shoulders and landed on her boobs. My big palms gripped her breasts and found them very firm. The Uncle in me was telling me to remove my hands, but the horny devil in my mind was saying otherwise.

Unknowingly I pressed both her boobs and heard Saanvi moaning, looking at me. Saanvi wiping the pre-cum from the tip using her thumb, said,” How long I waited for this Uncle. Please press them harder.”

My hands squeezed Saanvi’s rock-hard boobs, my thumb searching for the nipple. After finding it, my thumb rolled her nipples and sensed her getting hard. Saanvi was jerking my cock furiously, which was fully drenched with my cum making her palm slippery.

Looking at me with sweat running down, Saanvi asked, “Don’t you want to see my tits, Uncle?” Lust had taken over my brain. I inserted my hands in her blouse and caught her nude breasts in my palm. My thumb started fiddling with her nipples which were sharp and pointy.

Saanvi was biting her lower lip, trying to control her emotions. I closed my eyes, enjoying feeling her breasts’ flesh warmth and my cock being jerked by a warm young hand. I felt my cock sucked and opened my eyes. I saw Saanvi sucking my head. I felt like I was in heaven.

Gripping her boobs firmly, I pressed them harder, and her blouse hooks gave away. One by one, blouse hooks were torn, and blouse flaps fell apart, exposing Saanvi’s twin mangoes. Cupping her breasts freely in my palm, I pressed them as I wished.

Saanvi was moving her mouth up and down my cock making it wet with her saliva and juices. For five minutes, neither of us spoke and were busy feeling and enjoying each other treasures.

I saw Saanvi removing her mouth from my cock, and fell on my tummy with her back on the bed. My hands were still pressing and feeling her boobs. Rolling her eyes up at me, Saanvi said, “Amit would have cum by now. I am very much horny like you. Please do something, Uncle.”

Saanvi took my right hand and slid it down to her navel, where her saree knot was tucked under her petticoat. I understood her intention and pulled the saree folds from her tummy. The saree was lying like an orphan in disarray. I found the petticoat cord. Untying it, I pushed it down her thighs.

Saanvi pussy was nude before me, as she was not wearing panties. I saw triangular bushy hair covering her womanhood which was moist by her juices. Saanvi placed my hand on her mound and pressed it. My middle finger was dipped in her moist slit feeling her wetness.

Saanvi spread her legs wide, opening up her pussy. My finger slid into her pussy which was burning hot. Her inners tried to grip my finger, not letting me pull out. She was thrashing her legs in ecstasy. Pushing my finger to three knots, I found her cunt tight for my finger.

I wondered if she could take my thick cock inside her if she allowed me. I felt bad about myself thinking about that. What we did till now and doing now was bad enough. But I couldn’t control myself, pushed my other finger inside her started finger fucking her.

Saanvi lifted her buttocks off the bed, trying to take my fingers deep inside her. As I was bending a bit, my chest was above her face. Saanvi kissed my hairy chest, found my nipple, and started sucking it. My whole body was on fire as she sucked my nipple tenderly.

My fingers moved in and out of her pussy, making a sound. Both my nipples were being sucked by the naïve horny Saanvi. I lost my senses when she was licking and sucking my nipples like a baby. Saanvi was murmuring as she sucked me. My earth came shattering down as I heard her calling me Mama.

Being a responsible Uncle, I should have rejected her advances. Instead, I was using and abusing her. Pulling my fingers from her cunt, I pushed her head away from my chest. Saanvi sitting on her heels, looking confused, said, “What happened, Mama? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, Sweetie. Sorry, I got carried away seeing your body. We should stop right now. Please go and see if your mom has returned from the market,” I said, covering my shrinking cock with my lungi.

Saanvi looking heartbroken, got up. Standing before me, and said, “Look what you have done to me, Uncle. You ignited the fire in me and are deserting me. Look at my cunt. See how it is throbbing for your mouth and dick. Please do something, or else I will go mad?”

Saanvi brought her crotch close to my face. Saanvi’s feminine fragrance emitting from her pussy was blowing into my nose. Her bottom lips were dangerously close to my lips. Saanvi pushed her slit to my mouth. I couldn’t resist.

I licked her slit from bottom to top, tasting her juice from her pussy lips and found it intoxicating. Wanting to taste more of her, stretching my tongue, I licked her outer labia. Saanvi’s body shivered when I did that. Holding my head and pressing my face to her pussy.

She said,” Lick it, suck it, Uncle. See how your Sweetie’s cunt is pouring her sweet juice for you. Cool my pussy fire, and I will blow you till you cum. I won’t bug you to fuck me. We can enjoy oral sex.”

Without answering her, spreading her lips with my fingers, I was sucking and lapping up her juices, flowing freely as she had an orgasm just now. I tongue fucked her for a few minutes inserting my tongue into her love hole. Saanvi’s legs trembled as I did that, so I grabbed her right ass cheek to hold her steady.

I saw her clit waiting for me at the top of her lips, moved my mouth up and began tonguing it. Saanvi’s clit was like a small bud, and she screamed when I sucked her clit like I sucked the nipple. Luckily I had not yet opened window shutters for our neighbours to hear her screams.

Clutching her ass tightly in my right hand, I started fingering her pussy with my right hand middle finger. Juices were gushing out of her pussy when I finger fucked her pussy and dripping down her thighs. I sensed her body shivering again. I knew she had had another orgasm due to my finger fuck.

Saanvi had griped my hair to balance herself from falling. I let her enjoy her orgasm while I enjoyed lapping her juices. My face was smeared with her cum, and it was sticky. Saanvi regained herself and heard her saying, “That was awesome, Uncle. I had three orgasms in a row. It’s my turn to please you now.”

Saanvi sat down, taking my lips off her pussy. Holding my face, she kissed me on my cheeks, tasting her cum.  Cleaning my face of her juices, she crushed her lips on mine and began kissing me. She pushed her tongue into my mouth. I couldn’t help sucking her tender tongue.

Saanvi’s saliva was very sweet to me. We exchanged our saliva, making our cheeks wet again. I was sucking her tongue and soft lips, which turned red due to my sucking. We kissed each other like two horny dogs in heat. After a few minutes, I heard my wife calling Saanvi’s name.

I was frightened hearing my wife’s voice and thought that she and my sister must be back. I pushed Saanvi and asked her to get dressed. Saanvi, who was still drowsy, looked blindly at me. She just had a torn blouse on her body and was naked down.

“You can’t wear a saree without a blouse. Take my T-shirt and track pants from the cupboard and go down,” I said worriedly.

Saanvi looking down at my cock said,” But Uncle, you are still hard. How can I leave you in this state?”

“I will take care of that, Sweetie. You leave now,” I said, wiping the sweat off her face.

Saanvi went to the cabinet, took out my shirt and tracks, and wore them. I saw her breasts jiggling inside the shirt due to the bra’s absence and sharp nipples trying to poke out, showing its presence. Saanvi came near me, bending down and licked my cock head, pulling her tongue out.

I saw her hanging boobs swaying inside the shirt. I felt like groping them but restrained myself. Holding my cock at the base, Saanvi licked my cock and got up and said,” I owe you one, Uncle. You can call me anytime, and I will come running to please you.” Saying she walked out of my room wriggling her ass.

I slumped on the bed, thinking about my past hour with my newly married niece.

Continued in the next part.

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