The Mature Women Affairs – Part 2

Hi friends, thanks for your overwhelming response to my last story. I talked a lot with men and women who read ‘The Mature Women Affairs – Part 1.’ It was naughty and fun! Of late, I have met with many sexual encounters with mature females, so I am sharing my experience with you all. I hope you all like them.

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Shilpa Mami and I had super fun on those 2 days. On the 3rd day of the wedding, a nice curvy, mature lady handed me her number. She asked me to call her once I was done banging Shilpa mami. I was confused about who is she.

Later I inquired. She was Mithila, the bride’s chachi (aunt). She is 5.7″, with broad dark brown hair, a wheatish complexion, a 36d-34-36 stats, and a charming persona. I was falling for these mature women. I couldn’t resist and called her.

A very sweet voice said hello. My eyes started searching for her in the lawn area where all the guests were chatting. I couldn’t find her, “You don’t have to find me. I am in your heart. Slow down. I can hear your heartbeats”. I started laughing, as she was very charming.

We started talking on the phone, and I asked her to meet me. She asked me to meet her at the outgate of the resort. Walking towards the outgate, I received a call from Shilpa mami. She wanted to go to the beach for water sports and, before that, a nice fuck session.

She was very horny. I could listen to her moans while she was fingering her pussy. I was in a soup, whom to attend first. Then I called Mithila and said, “Shilpa wants to go for water sports. I will meet you in the afternoon.”

I met Shilpa. We had a super steamy short, wild fucking session under the shower and did water sports. Around 3.30 pm, I returned to the resort and called Mithila. She asked to meet on the terrace as everyone would be in their rooms. Mithila was a sexy woman wearing a nice casual white floral one-piece.

She had short black hair, stood with a warm smile, and hugged me nicely. Oh my god, her perfume was super amazing. We looked into each other’s eyes for a while and then giggled.

Me: So, Miss Mithila, you are spying on me?

Mithila: Naah, but all I could see was a charming young man paying his duties to her mami, keeping her happy. So why not ask the charming man to share his love with me? (Giggling)

Me: Oh, I would be more than happy to do that.

Mithila directly pulled me closer and kissed me. Within no time, our lips were locked, and tongues entangled. My hands squeezed her butt cheeks, and her fingers pulled my hair. We had a nice lip lock of approximately 3-4 minutes. We separated our mouths to gather some breath.

Within seconds, she pulled me again, and we had a nice lip lock for the same duration. I ate all her lipstick, and my hair was fully tangled. We smiled at each other. I asked her if we should go to a hotel nearby and have fun. She happily said yes; her eyes sparkled, and I was excited.

It was my first time in such a situation, being approached by a mature with such amazing talent. I booked a deluxe room in a nearby hotel, and we started kissing deeply the moment we entered. We both were super hot and horny and were kissing like magnets.

Our lips were locked. I put my fingers under her panty and started playing with her clean-shaven super-soft pussy, which was already moist. She unbuttoned my shorts and held my hard dick in her warm, soft palms. We were in a moment of absence. We did not know what was happening. Just going with the flow.

I was softly playing with her clit and brushing her vaginal walls between my fingers. She was moaning softly, rubbing her ass on my groin and softly stroking my hot erection while we stood at the wall. I was licking and biting her ear lobes, neck and nape.

She was definitely in heaven. Then she came and loud moaned, “Aah fuck, you are very good at what you do. I love you.” After a few seconds, she turned towards me, kissed me, and went on her knees. She started blowing me slowly to my dick’s full length. I am sure she was a pro at giving blowjobs.

Her tongue was rolling on my red dick head and foreskin. It was a wonderful experience. I was enjoying this top-class blowjob and playing with her hair while she was enjoying eating my pre cum. It was a super amazing foreplay. We both were high on pleasure.

I pushed her onto the bed and started eating her erect light brown nipples. Oh my god, there were super soft. Imagining them now, I have an erection, out of the world. I was licking her nipples and squeezing her white cotton feel boobs. She was pushing my head on her nipples and moaning.

Giving me a hint that she loved my act. She was stroking my erect dick with her right hand. Turn by turn, I was eating both her nipples and rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her moans went louder. There she had a huge, huge orgasm. Her whole body shivered with juices flowing through her pussy.

I kept fingering her. We both were drenched in sweat, and our bodies were warm as fuck. After a few seconds, she came to her senses and gave me a small blowjob. She came over to me and guided my thick hot red dick in her pussy, and started riding me slowly.

“Oh, fuck baby, yes, I love it. You are so good. I was squeezing her yummy boobs and playing with her nipples, which made her moans even louder. After a few minutes, we changed position and started doggy style. I could see her white boobs and big erect nipples swaying back and forth.

I banged her wonderful pussy. I spat on her ass hole and put my thumb in it. She screamed, “Fuck baby, I knew she licked both her being fucked, which went on for quite some time. Neither was she tired, nor was I. We switched to a missionary position.

I rammed her pussy faster and kissed her yummy lips, which were bleeding due to my bites. I was eating her nipples as well. We moaned, “Yes, babe, oh, fuck, fuck.”

Mithila: Babe, comes in me. I want your huge hot load in me, please. It’s been long since I have been fucked like this. Please, babe.

And in some time, we both came together, and our bodies shivered, and we hugged each other. After some time, we laughed, kissed, and hugged on the bed. We got ready and reached the wedding resort.

She asked me that she would postpone her flight tickets, stay back and let her mother and father-in-law leave for their home town. Even I postponed my flight tickets. And another 3 days, we were together only fucking at the private beach villa we booked.

Sometimes on the beach, sometimes in a sun bed, pool, jacuzzi, bed, shower, almost everywhere. We had super fun and planned to meet this monsoon in Goa, the same villa again.

Do revert with your views. Thank you, keep fucking. God bless you.