Unexpectedly Caught By Girlfriend’s Sister – Part 2

Hi everyone. For those who don’t know me, I am Prudhvi. I have an athletic body and girls say I am cute. I love to have sex with cute and hot girls as well sex chat. This story is the 2nd part of the story.

When I entered the bedroom, my girlfriend’s sister Shruti was inside the bedroom completely naked and searching for something. On hearing the noise, she turned toward me to find me completely nude. She was shocked to see me nude in her bedroom, and I was totally terrified.

She was completely wet and naked from head to toe with water dripping from her wet hair to her body. She was too shocked to even cover her modesty. Her entire body was on full display for me and it was a feast for my eyes.

On watching my girlfriend’s sister naked, my dick started responding and was slowly erecting. On looking at my erecting dick, Shruti gained her senses and covered her boobs with one hand and pussy with the other hand. With a very angry look on her face, she shouted, “What the fuck are you doing in my room, Prudhvi?! And why the fuck are you naked!”

I regained my senses and covered my dick with both hands. I was terrified about what was going to happen next.

I was not sure how I can explain the entire situation to my girlfriend’s sister. She was shouting at me and asked me how much time I have been here. I replied hesitantly, “I have been here even before you came back from the market.”

She said very angrily, “Oh God.. This is what my sister has been doing all the time! She said she was writing assignments but she was fucking you in our own house. How can she do that before marriage? And all this time, where have you been hiding?”

I said with a lot of embarrassment, “Under the bed.”

Now she was fuming with so much anger she didn’t even realize that she had been naked all the time. Shruti took out the hand from her pussy and pointing at me, she said, “So, you were under the bed when I was taking off my clothes? You were watching me getting naked? How can you do that to your girlfriend’s sister?! You could have stopped me from removing my clothes. I am going to tell all this to my sister. Your relationship is over.”

She was shouting at me with anger but all the while, I was looking at her uncovered pussy like a real pervert. She realized what I was doing and shouted at me, “Prudhvi!! What the fuck are you looking at? You pervert! I am going to call my sister,” and shouted, “Where the fuck is my towel?”

She searched here and there for some time but couldn’t find it. She took the mobile from the bed and started calling Nikita. I got really terrified. My girlfriend Nikita would kill me if she knew about all this.

I went near Shruti and begged her not to do this to me. I said, “I really love your sister and I don’t want to break up with her. Please don’t call her.” But she was not in the mood to listen to me at all. She already called her and Nikita’s mobile was ringing.

Now I got more scared and was trying to take the mobile from her. But she was resisting me strongly. She was holding the mobile very tightly and when I was about to take the mobile from her, my girlfriend’s sister moved back to the wall and kept the mobile well above and tried her best to make it not reachable to me.

I just pinned her to the wall and tried to take the mobile from her. All this time, both of us didn’t realize that we were touching each other’s naked bodies! My chest was pressing her boobs and my still erect dick was touching her pussy.

We both were sweating badly because of the fight and finally, I was able to get the mobile from her since she was shorter than me. Just before I disconnected the call, Nikita picked up the call and said, “Hello.”

Shruti replied with a loud hello but it was already too late as I had disconnected the call.

She was looking angrily at me and then realized that our naked bodies were hugging each other! She tried to push me away but I didn’t move an inch. I just held her both hands and pinned them to the wall and in the process, both our bodies were touching very intimately.

I got completely aroused by the intimacy and as I was stopped in the middle of fucking her sister, I was no longer able to resist Shruti’s beauty. Without thinking about the consequences, I kissed her lips. I was tasting her juicy lips while she was standing there shocked.

I held her one hand to the wall and slowly pulled her other hand toward my cock. My GF’s sister realized what I was going to do. I made her touch my dick and wrapped her finger around it and made her stroke my half-erect cock while I was kissing her cherry lips. She didn’t push me this time and was successful in making my dick hard.

After a few strokes, I realized that my girlfriend’s sister was actually liking it. So I took off my hand on her hand and waited to know what she will do. She didn’t stop stroking it. She never touched a dick before and this was a very nice feeling for her. She was giving me a handjob like a pro now. Now I knew that I was going to fuck my girlfriend’s sexy young sister.

I released her other hand and pressed her perfect-sized boobs with both my hands. She gave me a nice handjob for about 5 minutes and then kneeled before me and took my fully erect cock in her mouth. She was licking my cock and tasting my precum like it was honey. My cock completely vanished in her mouth. I was throat fucking my lover’s sis and she was giving me the best blowjob of my life.

Nikita didn’t like to give blowjobs and I had to beg her a lot to get a blowjob from her. But Shruthi was eating my cock like chocolate and there was no stopping her! I was so aroused and couldn’t control it anymore. I wanted to cum in her mouth.

I told her that I was going to cum but she told me to stop and said, “I want your cock in my pussy. Don’t cum yet.”

So I controlled the urge to cum and took her in my arms and bent her over the bed and entered her pussy without a condom from behind. Her pussy was so tight and it took some time to completely insert my cock inside her wet pussy. Then I started doggy-fucking my girlfriend’s sister like a beast. She was completely enjoying the cock of her sister’s boyfriend. She was moaning with every thrust and asking me to fuck harder.

After some time, she pushed me to the bed and sat on my legs. Shruti took my hands and guided them to press her perfect-sized boobs. She bent over and started kissing me. Then she turned back and kept her pussy on my head and took my cock again in her mouth and started eating it. I understood her intent and licked her pussy. Her juices were flowing into my mouth.

We were licking and sucking each other for 10 minutes and finally, she came to the cowgirl position and inserted my cock inside her. She was riding my cock and enjoying every bit of it. She kept her hands around her hair and closed her eyes. I had also started pushing my cock deep inside her from the bottom and we both were in heaven.

Suddenly, we heard a huge shout from the door! My girlfriend was standing there bewildered by the fact that her sister was fucking her boyfriend! But Shruti was on the edge of climax and was in no mind to listen to her sister. She continued riding me for another 15 seconds and she finally cummed! I was no longer in control and cummed inside my girlfriend’s sister!

Nikita was completely in tears after seeing both of us like that and was continuously crying. I was very terrified about the consequences and tried to console her. Shruti was also scared of her sister’s anger and seeing her crying.

Nikita was cursing both of us, sitting naked next to each other. She came to me, slapped me very hard and started beating her sister. Shruti lost her control after taking the beatings from her sister continuously and shouted back at her.

“You have brought your boyfriend to fuck and left me with him completely naked. It is your fault that all this happened and if you lay another finger on me, I will tell mom about your planned sex with your boyfriend in our house and how he took advantage and fucked me.”

Both of us were shocked to hear this and were looking at each other’s faces. Nikita slapped me once more and said that she was breaking up with me. I couldn’t utter a single word and was ready to leave.

Then Shruti said, “If you are breaking up with him, can I assume that you won’t have a problem if I fuck him again?”

Nikita was so furious with her sister but she realized she can’t do anything since her sister was blackmailing her. She slapped Shruti and said, “You can fuck him a thousand times. I don’t care,” and asked me to get out.

I and Nikita broke up and I became the fuck buddy of her sister. We started fucking whenever their parents were not home. Even though Nikita would be at home, it didn’t stop us from fucking. She used to be in a different room while her ex-boyfriend was fucking her sister.

But one night, I and Shruti took it to the next level. Shruti asked me to come to her home after her parents’ sleep and she smuggled me into their room where Nikita was also sleeping. Nikita was shocked to see me at that time in their room and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Before I replied to her, her sister kissed me in front of Nikita and started removing my clothes.


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