My Sali, My Dream Girl – Part 1

Hi everyone, this is Avi again. I am from Mumbai. My age is 35. Let me give a little brief. My Sali, Anki and I had sex for the first time when I had gone to Delhi, my sasural 2 -3 months back. We had such a great time with each other.

After I returned to Mumbai, we tried to be with each other over the phone, WhatsApp, or skype. We had phone sex and sex chats, and we were like a couple. We both were missing the physical intimacy with each other.

Finally, the time came when I had to go back to Delhi for work. I couldn’t wait for the day, and the day finally arrived. I flew to Delhi. My flight was at 8 pm after office. I was going to go to the airport directly from the office. I bid my goodbyes to my wife and kid in the morning.

When I landed, I had a message from Anki that she would pick me up. She had planned this the whole time and wanted to surprise me. I was so happy to see the message. She was waiting for me at the exit. I ran towards her and hugged her tightly. It must have been only 30 seconds, but it felt like an eternity.

I could smell her lovely perfume. Her boobs were crushed between our bodies. She was so happy to see me. I was also so happy. She was in a one-piece red top. It was till her thighs. She looked so sexy. It was like an off-shoulder one, exposing her neck and shoulders. She looked so beautiful.

I kissed her on her cheeks, and we went to the parking. She asked me to close my eyes when we came to the car. I asked her why but she said it was a surprise. “Please close, na, jiju.” I obliged. I could hear the car door opening and then closing. She asked me to open my eyes.

When I did, I was happy to see it. She had got me a bouquet of red roses in a heart shape. And also got a cake. I was so happy. I said thanks and hugged her again. And kissed her on her lips. I was so happy to see her. We got in the car. She asked me about dinner. I said I had something on the flight.

She said she talked with her parents and we would have dinner outside. It will be a little late, and they have agreed. I also agreed, and we went off to the restaurant. We reached the restaurant. It was a 5-star hotel and the in-house restaurant in the hotels.

She had booked a secluded table for us with candlelight. I was flattered. I couldn’t stop smiling. We went towards the table, hand in hand, like a couple in love. I asked, “When did you plan all this?” She said it took her all day to plan all this. “I wanted our reunion to be special.”

We ordered food and champagne. We wanted to celebrate our reunion in the best possible way. While waiting, we were chatting, but we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other. I took off my shoes and started caressing her legs below the table. She had a twinkle in her eye.

She was all smiles, and in between, she would lick or bite her lips. My legs were going up from her calf to her knees. The food came. I whispered to her, “I want to eat something else too.” She said to wait for it. “You will get that as dessert at the house.”

We were enjoying each other’s company. That has always been the case since my marriage. We completed our food and champagne and left for the house.

She had got the keys. My in-laws sleep early. They were usually in their beds by 10:30 pm, and it was midnight when we reached the house. They have a lift, so we went directly to the second floor. As soon as we left the lift, I pushed her inside and started kissing her.

I didn’t want to wait for 1 second extra. I was kissing her like a desperate man. Her hands were in my hair and back, urging me to go harder on her. She was kissing like a woman in heat. We have both been waiting for this moment for the last 2.5 months.

She took her tongue out, and I took it in my mouth, sucking it and vice versa. It was an amazing feeling. I got my hands in the front and started cupping her boobs. I was pressing them mercilessly. While kissing, we got into her room. My luggage, bouquet and cake were still outside.

We didn’t have a care in the world. We were kissing each other. I locked the room and made her lie on the bed. I took off my tees and pants and got on top of her. I started kissing her on her neck and biting lightly. She was moaning a lot. Her hands were in my hair.

She was making all the noises a man wanted to hear while making love. I took her dress off her shoulders. She was wearing a red bra without the straps. Her boobs were looking so inviting. My lips went on her breasts. I was kissing them, biting her boobs. My hand was on the other breast.

I took down her bra, and her nipples were open. Her breast size was 34 C, and her nipples were light pink. I took her nipples and started sucking on them like a small child. I would use my tongue to lick them and then again take them in my mouth. At the same time, my other hand would play with her other nipple.

I know her nipples are her soft spot. She gets a lot of pleasure when I play with her nipples for a long time. She had her first orgasm with me while I was playing with her nipples. This went on for 10 minutes, and she was super turned on. Then she made me lie on the bed and came over to me.

She removed my briefs, and she started kissing me. She started from my face to my lips to my neck and then my chest. She started sucking on my nipples. It was a brilliant feeling. Then she removed my boxers, and my cock sprang out. While sucking my nipples, she took my cock and started stroking it.

I was feeling such delight. Then she came down to my navel and then to my cock. In one stroke, she took my whole cock in her mouth. She gagged a bit. She took a little of my cock out and stroked it with her hands. My cock head was in her mouth.

She was stroking the base part of my cock with her palms and licking my head with her tongue. Then she would take a little part of my cock in her mouth while her hands were still stroking the base part of my cock. Then she took the whole of my cock in her mouth. She cupped my balls with her hands.

She was playing with my balls while sucking my cock. My hands were on her head, stroking her hair. I was in ecstasy. She sucked me for 10 minutes like this. I could feel my sperm rising. It wouldn’t be long before I would come in her mouth. Seeing my face, she realized I was close. She increased her speed.

She was playing with my balls with her right hand, and with her left, she had held my cock from the base. All the while, she was sucking on my cock. She would take the whole cock and then remove it to the head. And then she would again repeat. I was so very close to cumming.

I grabbed her head and started moving my hips up and down. And I came. And I came in huge quantities. It was like a never-ending spurt of sperm flowing out of my cock. She couldn’t take all of it in her mouth. Some landed in her mouth. But a lot of spurts landed on her hair, nose, head, or cheeks.

It was a sight to remember. Her face was full of my sperm. I relaxed down a bit. She licked all the sperm which had fallen on my stomach. And she cleaned her face of my sperm with her finger and put that finger in her mouth. It was so sexy. She didn’t want to waste a single drop of my sperm.

She got up and went to the washroom to get cleaned up. I was lying on the bed, thinking I was lucky to get a saali like Anki. She knows how to give a head. I sat up and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. She came and sat on my lap. I kissed her lips and started smooching her.

Afterwards, I told her this was the best blowjob I had ever received. I am so happy. She just smiled and said, “I love you, Jiju.” I started kissing her. She had put her dress back while she went to the bathroom. I again took the dress down, and the bra wasn’t there. I started sucking and playing with her boobs again.

I made her stand up while I sat and pulled down her dress. She was just in her red panties. I started kissing her navel while my hands were on her back and ass. I was pressing her ass and playing with her body. I removed her panties. she had shaved her pussy as last time.

Her pussy was all wet. It was glistening with her pussy juices. I took my fingers and started playing with her pussy. All the while, my mouth was on her boobs. I was sucking on her nipples while my fingers played with her clit. Her eyes were closed while she was standing up.

She had arched her head back and enjoyed what I was doing with her body. I made her lie on the bed and came in between her legs. Slowly I started sucking on her pussy. The salty taste of her pussy was delicious. Her pussy smell was intoxicating. I started sucking on her clit.

She was moving like a snake on the bed. Moving her head back and forth or side to side. She was moaning loudly. I inserted one finger into her pussy. She arched up. And drew out a loud moan. I asked her to be quiet a little. Her parents may wake up hearing the sound.

I started fucking her pussy with my finger. It was all wet. And my lips were on her clit, sucking it. Sometimes I would take my tongue between her ass and pussy and drink all her juices. And she was secreting a lot of pussy juices. She was also close to cumming.

From my experience, I knew she used to orgasm quite fast. I started fingering her very fast and was using my tongue on her clit in a fast manner. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face into her pussy. I knew she was going to orgasm. And she came. And it was like a dam had overflowed.

She kept her hands in my hair, constantly pushing my face in her. Her body was trembling. Her face was shaking. And her pussy was secreting a lot of fluids. I tried to take all of it in. I had stopped my fingering, but my tongue was continuing to move on her pussy.

Then she relaxed, and all the tension was released from her body, and she fell like a corpse. I came beside her and put my hands around her stomach. She had a big smile. I whispered in her ear, “I love you, my love.” She said, “Don’t whisper. Say it loudly.” She said, “I love you, my jaan.”

I, too, said, “I love you,” and hugged her. We laid down for about 10 minutes, getting our breath back. I told her, “I missed you so much, my love. I love this feeling that we are experiencing right now. I love the way your body reacts when you orgasm. I love the way you push my head in your pussy while cumming. It is an amazing experience.”

She said, “I have been missing this for 3 months. I don’t want to waste one second more. Fuck me.” She took my cock in her hands. It was flaccid. I had just cum 20 minutes back. She started stroking it and kissing me. I took her boobs in my hand and started playing with them.

Her nipples were pointed. I loved taking them between my fingers and giving them a light pinch. She would moan whenever I did it, and I loved the sound of her moaning. My cock started getting stiff again. She went down and took it in her mouth. She started sucking it.

Giving my balls a lick in between and sometimes licking the head of my cock. She would sometimes try and probe my piss hole with her tongue. It was an amazing feeling. My cock was hard now. I got up and took out a condom from my wallet. I asked her to put it on. She had never put on a condom.

We had fucked last time without a condom because she was in her safe period. Now, she was on her unsafe time. So, we had to use a condom this time around. She said she didn’t know how to do it. I put the condom on my cock. She was watching it fascinatingly.

I laid down and asked her to come over to me. She came over and took my cock in her hand. Then she positioned herself over my cock, all the while holding my cock. And then she sat on my cock. Her pussy was wet with anticipation, and she felt no pain. She put the whole cock inside her pussy.

She just sat over it, savouring the whole moment. Then she put her hands on the bed behind her and arched her back. She started fucking me. She started going up and down on my cock. My hands were on her thighs, just massaging them. Her pace was slow but stable. Not once did my cock come out of her pussy.

She would go up till my head was in her pussy and then push down again. The pace was steady. I enjoyed every part of it. After some time, she moved forward, folded her legs on my side and put her hands around my chest. Her boobs were hanging over my face.

I put my hands on her hips, supporting her. She started moving up and down at a faster pace now. This was a much more comfortable position for her. My hand massaged her hips and ass or her back. It was a sensual fuck. She got tired after 10 minutes.

I made her lie on my chest. Her boobs came crashing down on my chest. I took hold of her ass and started moving her body up and down on my cock. I would lie down while she lay on me with her legs spread around my body. And I would keep my hands on her ass, making her move a little.

Only a small part of my cock comes out and goes inside. But the intimacy of this position is unparalleled. After some time, I would start arching my hips up and down while holding her ass into 1 position. My cock would start coming out fully and go inside again, up to the hilt.

She was enjoying herself a lot. She liked this position a lot. It was now 15 minutes since we were fucking. I made her lie on her back and came on top of her. I positioned my cock on her pussy and pushed it in. I was sucking her boobs while fucking her.

She moved her ass up and down below me, matching my every stroke. The cock was going fully inside, and it was the best fuck we had had. She was close to cumming, and I increased my speed. Puch puch sounds were coming thick and fast. She pussy was secreting a lot of juices.

Sometimes my cock would slip out. When I would put it inside again, she would moan loudly. The continuous, “Fuck me, fuck me hard. I love it, jiju,” spurred me on. After a few strokes, she had an orgasm. She was shaking in the same way. While she was cumming, I stopped fucking her.

I started kissing her and sucking her nipples. As soon as she relaxed, I started fucking her again. This time the ‘puch puch’ sound was louder, with her pussy juices flowing after her orgasm.

I was whispering, “I love you, Anki. Your pussy is so silky and soft. Look how my cock in fitting your pussy so nicely. Listen to the sound it is making when I am entering you. Just feel the cock in your pussy.” I would suck her nipples in between or play with her nipples in between. It was just so amazing.

Then I asked her to put her legs on my shoulders. I positioned my cock on her pussy and started fucking her. my hands were playing with her boobs. I could feel my orgasm coming. I knew I wont last more than 5 minutes. I was anyways fucking her for the last 20 minutes.

I took her legs on my shoulders and came over to her. Her legs were touching her boobs, and I positioned myself straight on her. My cock was moving in and out fast. It took me more than 5 minutes, and I orgasmed. It was beautiful.

She was nowhere to orgasm again. But I couldn’t have waited for more. And I came in the condom. I stopped moving after a minute and released her legs. She also relaxed a bit, and I laid down on her. We were feeling each other heartbeats. She had a big smile on her face.

I kissed her. I took her lips between mine and kept kissing her, all the while my flaccid cock was in her pussy. We were both fully satisfied and didn’t have any energy to move. My cock came out of her pussy, and I came and slept beside her.

We lay like that for 30 minutes. Kissing each other or playing with her boobs or my cock. It was amazing and out of this world. Then I got up and took off the condom. I opened the bedroom door, and naked went out and got my luggage, bouquet and cake in.

I wanted to give her the presents which I had got for her. I removed the baby doll nightie, the dildo and the vibrator. She was amazed to see all that. I had purchased her a nice set of bra and panties from the airport.

It was light pink with lace. It was transparent in between. I gave her the presents. She was so happy looking at the nightie and the lingerie set. She thanked me and then took the dildo and the vibrator in her hands.

I said, “This is when I am not here with you. I know they can’t replace me and the actual sex. But they would help you masturbate when we have phone sex. Or you can think of this dildo as my cock and fuck yourself.”  She was very happy.

She put everything aside and said, “Right now, for the next 3 days, I don’t need these dildos or vibrators. I have you and your cock.” I also smiled and said, “Indeed. I am at your service for the next 3 nights.” We hugged each other. Then I asked her to cut the cake.

She opened the parcel, and there was a wooden knife in it. We both took it in our hands and cut the cake. We made each other eat it. It was 1 am now. We both had office the next day. But we didn’t want to be apart.

We decided we would sleep together and put an alarm for 4:30 am.  Then I will move to my room in the morning. We just slept hugging each other. Our legs were intertwined. My knees were poking at her pussy while she slept off with my cock in her hand. My hands were on her back, and I slept off too.

We woke up at 4 30 am with the alarm. My in-laws would wake up at 5 am. We had half an hour. First, I asked her to put all the gifts in the wardrobe, and I put my luggage in my room. Then I entered her room, and we made love to each other again.

I fucked her in the doggy position. I kissed her goodbye and went into my room. As soon as I was going to enter my room, I heard my in-laws’ room opening. I smiled and went off to bed and slept off.

This was the first night of my trip to Delhi. We had wonderful 2 more nights together. I will write about it in the coming parts.

I like this detailed style of storytelling. I read many stories on this website. The ones I enjoy most are the ones which give full details of what is happening. You feel that you are a part of that story.

I hope you enjoyed this part. Many more parts to come. Please leave your feedback at [email protected] Your comments and feedback are much appreciated. Thank you. See you in the next part.