Fucked My Cousin Sister With My Friend’s Help – Part 2

Hi everyone, my name is Rohit (name changed) and I am writing the second part of my real story.

For those who haven’t read my first story, Sonia is my cousin sister with figure 36-26-38 white skin, and Khalid is my online friend who helped me to fuck my cousin sister.

Sonia was totally surprised and shocked and she couldn’t believe her ears listening to these bad words from me.

Sonia: You bastard, how dare you are having bad intentions for your sister?! I am going to call your mom.

I was so scared at this time, but I had to do something to stop her.

Me: Didi, please don’t call mom. I love you, I can’t control my feelings, I have always wanted you since I became an adult. I love you to the dead and I can do anything to have your pussy.

My cousin sister was super angry at this time. She gave me a slap on my face!

Even though she was angry, she was looking super hot! I knew she want me to fuck her, but she wanted to make sure I loved her and would keep it a secret.

I couldn’t control my hard dick anymore. I jumped on my cousin sister. I started to kiss her sexy lips. She pushed me very hard to the back. I fell on my bed while still kissing her sweet and red lips.

My dick was hard like an iron, so when we fell on the bed, it hit her stomach. I kept eating her lips like a hungry and thirsty dog. Sonia knew that she can’t resist anymore and she had to surrender herself to me.

She took her hand off me and I realized that she was not fighting back anymore. I stopped eating her lips and went down to her throat and kept sucking that beautiful and sexy shoulder and cheeks.

Me: I love you a lot, please be my wife tonight. And let me give you the pleasure of your life.

Suddenly, Sonia started kissing my lips. We kept kissing for more than 10 minutes. She was kissing my lips like a hungry slut. She entered her tongue into my mouth and tasted my salvia.

After almost 10 minutes of the unbreakable lip lock, she said:

Sonia: I love you too. I have always known that you wanted to fuck me. I could say that with your full of lust sights to my ass. I wanted to make sure you are not betraying me. Please make me your wife tonight and fuck me like a bitch. My pussy is thirsty for your dick, it has been crying to have your dick for a long time. Please, please, please!!

I couldn’t believe that my cousin sister also wanted me to fuck her thirsty pussy.

Me: Oh my sister, it is an honor for me to fuck that beautiful pink pussy. I will give water to your pussy all night and make it my own.

Sonia took my hand to her pussy. Her panty was all wet and I could feel how badly her pussy wanted my dick.

She touched my dick and was very happy.

Sonia: Your dick is so big and hard, can I please see it?

Me: Yes, it is yours, don’t ask for permission, go and get it.

Sonia went down to my dick and in a second, she undressed my pant. My dick hit her face and she moaned, “Ohhhh.. It is super hot, my new husband’s dick is like hard like iron.”

In no time, she took my dick in her mouth and licked it like a lollipop.

I was very happy and enjoyed it.

“Ohhh, aaah didi..Wow, please suck it harder. Please take my dick deep in your throat. You are my bitch, please have no mercy on my dick. It is all yours. Ohhhh, aaah, ohhhhh, ohhhh..” I was moaning very loudly.

The whole room was surrounded by my moans and the sound of sucking my dick.

Sonia: I will have no mercy on your dick, it is all mine. I will ride it like a thirsty bitch.

I made her stand up and in no time, undressed her. Now we both were naked. Looking at her sexy nude boobs and pussy, I got more aroused, pushed her onto the bed, and went down to lick her sweet pink pussy.

I forgot to tell you guys, her pussy was shaved and clean like the boiled eggs. Since she was not fucked enough by her husband, her pussy was so tight.

I started from her navel, licked her white round navel, and slowly went down to eat her pussy. She was holding my head and making moans.

“Ohhh.. ohhhh.. Ohhh.. Ahhh.. ahhh.. Pleeeeeeaaseeee eat my pussyyyyyyy, ahhh, ahh..”

Sonia: It feels so good. My husband never gave me such a pleasure. It is the first time someone is eating my pussy and feels so good. Ohhhh, aaaah, aaahhhhhh, aaahhh..”

My married cousin sister was breathing very fastly and enjoying every second. In the meantime, I was licking and eating every inch of her pussy. Her pussy lips were so soft and tasty. The whole room was surrounded by nothing but her moans and the sound of licking her pussy.

I had been a virgin by now, but I had watched a lot of porn movies so I knew how to eat a pussy. I wanted to have control all over her pussy. So I held her hands tightly. Her legs were apart from each other and she could only make loud moans. She couldn’t move her hands. I wanted to take full advantage of this.

This was a real scenario and not a porn movie. I didn’t want her to touch my dick or otherwise, I knew I would cum.

I started licking my cousin’s pussy clitoris slowly and she was turning crazy.

Sonia: Please fuck me, please I need your dick. My pussy can’t wait anymore. Please let your dick park in my pussy.

I didn’t hear her because my plan was to give her an oral orgasm. She kept shouting and begging for my dick, but I didn’t listen to her. I took my tongue inside her little pussy, and she was moaning louder.

“Ohhh, haaa, please.. pleaaasse ffuccck me, please.. Aaah aaah..”

I kept sucking her clitoris and then bit her pussy lips, and then again took her whole pussy in my mouth. She kept begging and shouting at me to fuck her but I was still eating her pussy.

Sonia: Ohhhh.. Aaaaaaahhh.. Aaaaahhhh, ohh my pussy, please pleaase, aaaaaah aaaaah aaah aaah oooh..I am cumming.

She released her load and cummed on my tongue. She was still enjoying it. I released her hands and legs. She was relaxed and put my head on her pussy.

I had not finished yet. To have another wonderful session, I gave her a break of ten minutes. During the break, she slept and I was relaxing on the top of her pussy.
My dick was teasing me and I realized that I had to start again.

I went up to her boobs and start licking it. I kept sucking her nipples and within a minute, my cousin sister released a moan, “Aaah…” and then opened her eyes. Sonia saw me sucking her nipples. She took my head up and start kissing my lips. We kissed each other for almost five minutes. Sonia put me on my back and jumped over me.

Sonia: It is my time now. Let me show you how to fuck a bitch. Your dick is so hard and it needs a pussy. But you don’t listen to your dick. Now, it is my dick, I will do whatever I want, and you can’t say anything about my dick.

She recently had an orgasm and she was still wet. She took my dick and put it on her pussy. My cousin married sister had a very tight pussy and my dick was also thick. She was riding on top of me and trying to get my dick to the end of her pussy. She was moaning, “Ha ah haa haa aaah aah..”

Sonia: Your dick is so hard and big. I had never seen a big dick like yours. Please give me the honor to fuck it, get it inside my pussy, and rip it off. You mother fucker, please fuck me until I am conscious.

I helped her a little from the bottom and gave a thrust from the bottom.

Sonia: Ohhhhh, you are killing me. Your dick is so big. Please, slowly. Aaaaanhhhh aaaahhhhh, ohhh Maaa..please slowly.

I kept fucking her and she was riding my dick.

Me: Ohhhh ohh..What a tight pussy! I can’t believe I am fucking my own cousin sister. What a tight pussy you have. Ohhh aaah.. I like to fuck this pussy whole night.

I kept fucking her slowly because I didn’t want to finish soon. She kept riding my dick like she was riding a horse. I took her boobs in my mouth and started sucking her nipples. I was busy fucking her pussy and sucking her nipples. She was turning a complete horse and making loud moans.

“Ooohhh, ooohhh.. please fuck me harder..”

I stopped sucking her nipples and took her head down and started giving her a french kiss. I was biting her lips, fucking her pink pussy and at the same time, holding her ass. What a beautiful waist and ass she had!

Now, I was almost about to release my load in her pussy. I increased the speed of fucking her pussy and gave harder thrusts. Sonia broke the kiss and started shouting.

Sonia: Please you mother fucker.. Fuck me. Harder.. Fuck my pussy..Ooooh aaah aaaah ohhh aaaah, pppleaaase please fuck me harder. Give me a baby, please I need a baby from you. Please fuck me harder. Ohhhh ohhh, haa haaarrder haarder..”

I was also making loud moans and fucking her harder.

Me: Oooh you bitch, what a tight pussy! Oooh ooh, I am loving fucking this tight pussy. It looks like, you haven’t taken a dick for a long time. I am ripping off your pussy.. Oooh ooooh oooh ooooh, faster, faster..

Sonia was jumping harder over my dick, it was almost 3 minutes that I was fucking her pussy.

Me: Oooh bitch, fuck my dick faster. I am coming. Ooooh ooooh, oooooohhhhhhhhh haaaaaa haaaa oah..

I released my whole load inside her pussy. She was still horny and she was not finished yet.

Sonia: Ooh my sweet brother, I am not yet done. I want to fuck your dick more, please let me cum too.

She was humping and jumping over my dick.

Sonia: I am coming, I am coming.. Please please aaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah..

And she released a huge load of cum.

She turned around and started sucking my dick. My dick was still hard and she was enjoying it so much. I could see my sperm dripping from her pussy. It was my first time fucking a lady for real. We both enjoyed it a lot. She hugged me very tightly and said:

Sonia: Thank you, brother.

In the next episode, I will tell you all about how I fucked her when Khalid was watching her live.

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