My Homely Sex-Crazy Mom Sangeetha – Part 2

Hi friends, thank you for your amazing response to my story. I will tell you other revelations I have found about my mom. My mom’s name was Sangeetha. She was 38 years old and from Andhra Pradesh. She had a perfect figure of 34-30-36 and a sexy body. I always wondered how sexy she was and how lucky my dad was.

I was still wondering how my friends managed to fuck my mom. I have got many more doubts. So what I did was I had a friend who was studying in Bangalore, and I shared everything with him. I told him what was happening in my home about my mom.

I also informed him that I wanted to know more about her and what she did when I was not home. So when he came for holidays, he brought 3 spy cams. He got it very cheap in Bangalore, and it has a memory card. All I had to do was charge the cam, insert the memory card and place it silently hidden.

So when my mom went to the market, I placed one in the hall, one in my parent’s bedroom and one in my room. I was waiting to watch my mom’s affairs.

After waiting for one week, I took the memory cards and started to check at night. While I started to play the video recording, there was nothing till Thursday. But on Thursday, after my father left to work at 10 AM.

Someone rang the doorbell, and my mom got ready in a transparent silk saree with a sleeveless blouse. I have never seen her wearing such blouses at home) and opened the door. The person who came in was our house owner.

He is the sub-inspector of our area. This is the reason why my dad agreed to stay for rent. It gives us additional security. But my dad didn’t know that the SI was looting his private property.

I was excited to watch what would happen next. He came in. My mom closed the door. He sat on the sofa and started to look at my mom from top to bottom and then said, “The saree suits you well. Why don’t you begin, my bitch.”

Hearing that, my mom smiled. He stood up, unbuckled his pant, and my mom pulled it along with his brief. My mom sat on her knees and started to roll her hands over his ball sack and press his balls.

Our owner started to moan, “Ahh, Sangeetha, em sukham istunave na pellam lanja na madda asalu pattukonu kuda pattukode abbaa.” (Ah, Sangeetha, you are giving me such a high. My slut wife doesn’t even touch my dick.)

My mom started rolling her tongue over his balls and saying, “You have huge balls, sir. And you always keep them clean. My hubby has small balls, and they are so hairy. This is why I like licking your balls.”

Both moaned as my mom licked his balls and rubbed his dick over her face. She said, “You have a huge dick, and I am lucky that you show interest in fucking me. I wish to get fucked before my husband to teach him how to fuck me.”

The SI caught mom’s neck, pulled her up and started kissing her. He said, “Not only me, everyone in our locality wishes to fuck you. You are such a bitch who teases everyone who comes to your home.” He pushed her onto the sofa and thrust his dick into her mouth.

My mom was unable to take his dick completely. After a few seconds, she pushed him and said, “Slowly, sir, you have a big dick, and my mouth is so small for your trunk.” She winked at him. He was so furious that she pushed him.

He caught her by her hair and took her to the bedroom. By that time, I started to stroke my dick. I was eager to know what happened next. I changed the memory card to the bedroom cam and started to watch interestingly.

He pushed my mom onto the bed. He pulled her head out of bed, which was hanging out of bed. He inserted his cock into her mouth. It reached her throat. I could see the shape of the dick in her throat and started to fuck her wildly. He pulled my mom’s saree away and removed her petticoat.

He tore her panty in one go. What a scene it was looking at my mom being handled so wildly by someone else! He started to slap my mom’s pussy. My mom could not moan or make any sound as his long dick was in her mouth.

He continued this for 20 minutes, rubbing her pussy with his palm and slapping it again. He took his dick out and cum all over her face and asked her to go and wash.

Meanwhile, he started to smoke. Once she was back, he called her near and asked her to stand on the bed. As she stood, he started to blow the smoke into her pussy. He was asking her to stand, opening her pussy with her hands. My mom started to moan as the hot air touched her pussy.

He then made her come between his legs again. This time he tore her sleeveless blouse and brought the cigarette to her nipple. So close that I think she felt the heat and shouted.  He caught my mom’s hair and pulled her between his legs. He pushed her face to his balls which, again, my mom started to lick.

Once he finished his cigarette, he caught his dick with his hand. He raised it along with his balls and asked her to lick. He slapped my mom’s face as she reached near his balls. It happened twice. I didn’t understand why now my mom gave a shy smile and went a little below.

God! Now I get it. He asked her to lick his ass hole, and my mom is doing it happily. He now turned my mom around and came over to her. He slowly inserted his dick into my mom’s pussy. It was shining by then with her pussy juices.

She moaned loud as he started to fuck her with a lot of force and hard. Both of them started to grunt. He started to scold my dad, “What an ass hole to not fuck some bitch like you. I want to fuck you before your sissy husband and make him a cuckold.”

My mom moaned and replied, “I will get fucked by your big dick in front of anyone, not only my husband. Aah, fuck me, fuck your bitch.” Meanwhile, he took the photo of our parents in the photo frame and kept it on the bed.

He then turned my mom into a doggy position and kept that pic in front of her eyes. He started to fuck her from behind, saying, “Look, son of a bitch, how I made your wife my slut. This is how you should fuck your wife, watch and learn.”

He was cursing my father and fucking my mom. My mom was moving her ass in rhythm to his fucking and enjoying his curses at my father. He increased his speed and started slapping my mom’s ass. Both of them continued to moan as they were reaching orgasm.

He caught my mom’s hip and cum deep into her pussy. My mom cum as well, and she fell on the bed. He got up, washed, dressed, took the torn saree, and said, “Be ready next week. I will send a dress in which you should be ready.”

Now I understand that he fucks her once a week in the way he wants her to dress. My mom lay there for some time. Then she took the cum out of her pussy and spread it all over her boobs.

I cum again, watching her rubbing the cum all over her boobs and moaning like a slut. I thought, as my mom is a slut to all, why can’t I fuck her and make her my slut. So I planned to fuck her along with my friends.

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