Vandana’s sexual discovery – Part 2

The next day Vandana was curious about how they would fuck in the storeroom today. (If you haven’t read Part -1, please read it).

As usual, she followed Sneha and started to watch what would happen today from the open window. As Sneha entered the room, she started to stretch her hands and legs and sat on the chair.

Rishi came after some time and asked her what had happened. Sneha informed him how she was thrown out of the class by one of our professors. Rishi smiled and said not to worry. He made a call which was not audible to Vandana.

Then he came near Sneha and started to rub his hands on her face in a way that aroused Sneha. And he started to squeeze her boobs in between. Vandana understood every girl has one weak spot, and Sneha’s weak spot was her boobs.

Rishi started to open her shirt buttons one after the other, showing her red bra. It was the correct fit for her firm boobs and a contrast for her milky white skin.

Seeing how Rishi was mauling Sneha’s boobs, Vandana’s legs started to shiver. She felt an itch between her legs. She wore jeans that day. She started to rub her pussy over her pants. She wore a semi-transparent panty that day, causing the roughness of the jeans to touch her pussy lips.

She felt new happiness watching her best friend getting mauled by their senior. Witnessing it live is a new experience for Vandana, as she cannot control herself. She continued to watch them.

She noticed the door getting open. The professor who asked her to leave the class walked in. He is one of the most handsome college professors in his mid-’30s and married.

He came to Sneha with a cunning smile and said, “At last, the beauty has agreed?” Rishi informed him that he convinced her to share her beauty with him. In exchange, he should pass Rishi in upcoming exams and make Sneha the class topper.

As soon as the professor agreed to the deal, Sneha got up from the chair and smooched the professor. While their tongues were playing with each other, Rishi came behind her. He pulled her half-removed pant downwards and started to spank her ass.

He was pressing her ass cheeks and spreading them wide. Rishi pushed his forefinger into her ass hole, making her moan loudly, stopping the kiss in between.

The professor pulled her head towards him. He caught her rosy lips with his teeth and pulled them towards him. He pushed his tongue into her, making her moan while sucking his tongue.

Sneha moaned, grabbing the head of the professor and moving her hip according to how Rishi was fingering her. The professor pulled her shirt down and tore her bra open, exposing her well-shaped boobs.

He started to press them hard. He took out his tongue and licked her nipples. Making her go crazy watching how Sneha responded to the professor’s acts. Vandana was unable to stand her ground.

The intense building between her legs became more and more. She pushed 2 of her fingers into her pussy and moved them vigorously. She started to reach orgasm. She squeezed her pussy lips and tried to push her fingers deep into her pussy. She reached her orgasm, which also wet her panty and jeans.

She felt a huge relief as she had her orgasm. While she recovered and opened her eyes, she found Sneha on her knees with two of their dicks in her mouth. It was the first time Vandana was watching fully erected dicks in real.

Sneha was rolling her tongue over the dicks and licking them, and sucking their ball sacks. It was amazing and mouth-watering for Vandana. Her eyes were wide open, watching her friend sucking their dicks.

They pulled their dicks out and started to slap their dicks on her face making it red. Vandana wished someone to slap their hard dick over her face. Imagining it, she started to press her boobs over her t-shirt.

She noticed her nipples had erected with the sexual tension built, watching her use Sneha as they wished. Then she saw Sneha getting up. The professor made her completely nude and lifted her.

He made her sit on her dick. Inserting his huge long fat dick into her wet dripping pussy. She moaned in pleasure. He started to fuck her in a standing position lifting her.

Vandana can hear the grunting sounds from the professor and the moaning of Sneha in pleasure. He started to fuck her hard. Now Rishi, standing behind her, went closer to her. He started to insert his dick into her ass hole.

It was a view to watch as two dicks penetrated her friend, the sexiest girl in the college. This makes Vandana aroused more, and she also wishes to get fucked like Sneha. But her thoughts were broken hearing the scream of Sneha.

Two dicks were tearing her two holes apart, and she noticed tears in Sneha’s eyes. Vandana started to feel sorry for her friend. But that didn’t last long, as Sneha started to enjoy it.

She started to move on to two dicks in a rhythm as she kissed them one after the other. She was enjoying their fuck and moaning louder. They tried to stop her loud moans by constantly kissing her and fucking.

They fucked Sneha for a good 20 minutes in that position and made her stand on her legs. As one lifted her leg, they changed their positions. Now the professor started to fuck her ass hole. He was moaning loudly as her tight ass caught hold of his dick.

Rishi fucking her pussy with long strokes, kissing her boobs and pulling them with her teeth. After a good amount of fucking they made Sneha kneel before them, and they cum on her face at once.

Wow, their cum started to drip from her face to her boobs. Sneha took it with her hands and licked it happily. Watching all of this, Vandana can no longer control her sexual desires. She would also like to join them and want to get banged hard like Sneha.

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