Trophy – Part 2 (The Sex Game Heats Up)

Hello everyone. Here I am with the next part of the story, ‘Trophy.’ For a quick recap, Simi – the leading lady of our story, is narrating the story. Her father-in-law offered her to his friends as a trophy for their card game session.

Two games were over and Simi was asked to remove her blouse and skirt by the winner of the second game. Now, let’s move ahead with the proceedings.

I went back and stood in front of Mr. Sharma. He and all the others looked at me with mixed feelings of appreciation and awe. “Exactly the way I wanted,” said Mr. Sharma and patted my hand. “I’m glad that you liked it,” I replied. I went to fetch the bottle to replenish their drinks and then took my seat again.

They carried on with their game. I wished Arif would win this time. He was looking at me with hungry eyes. I smiled mischievously whenever our eyes met. Then, a sigh released from everyone’s mouth as my FIL declared that he had won the game.

“Come on honey, come to daddy. Let me show these guys how to make the most of the opportunity when you win the game.” I went to where my FIL was seated. He stretched his hand out. Taking the cue, I also stretched my hand. He held my hand and pulled me towards him hard.

I almost fell in his lap. He made me sit on his right thigh. “What a beautiful bahu I have got. Don’t you think, guys?” he said. Everyone agreed. Then he grabbed my hair with his hand and pushed my mouth onto his. In no time, we were engaged in a deep mouth-to-mouth kiss.

Our tongues wrestled with each other. I was really turned on by being kissed by my FIL in front of his friends. His hand caressed my left thigh over the layer of my saree. My one hand was busy caressing his head while my other hand was moving on his back.

Then, without breaking the kiss, he brought his hand up and slid down the pallu of my saree from my shoulder. Then, he also slid down the strap of my bra from the shoulder. I took my hand out of the strap, resulting in the cup of the bra falling off. My full left breast was on display for everyone.

Everyone could see my light brown nipple, which had become hard and long like a pistol bullet. Without wasting time, my FIL cupped the breast with his hand and squeezed it. Ah, I moaned aloud to let everyone know how horny I was. Then my FIL broke the kiss and moved his mouth to my nipple.

He started sucking it. I gently nursed him by moving my hand in his hair while moaning harder. “O yes, Daddy, it’s feeling so good,” I said. All the other 4 guys were enjoying the show. I’m sure each one of them was planning what he was going to do when his turn came.

Just imagining how they would be planning to use me was making me hornier. My pussy juices were flowing. A big wet patch had already formed at the crotch of my panties. I’m sure that everyone would have noticed it by then. After sucking my breast for a full 5 minutes, my FIL released it.

He told me to go back to my position. “See, this is how you use a whore,” my FIL said. He knew that being cussed with words like whore, slut, bitch etc was a big turn-on for me. He was doing everything that would drive me wild, and all sexed up.

“It has become quite hot, isn’t it?” saying this, my FIL removed his clothes, leaving only his underwear on his body. He suggested all the guys to do the same. So, all of them removed their clothes, barring their undies. They carried on with the next game.

And here I was, sitting with a body burning hot with the fire of passion. I waited in anticipation of who it would be and what I would be asked for this time. To my heart’s delight, it was Arif who ended up as the winner of the game no. 4. I controlled my emotions and restrained myself from expressing my happiness.

After all I was just a trophy for the winner and was not supposed to have my wishes on that night. “Come here, sweetheart,” Arif called me near him. I walked to his seat and looked at him inquiringly. “My cock been dying to feel your lips around it since I entered the house, baby,” he said.

He pushed his seat back to show the tent that had formed in his underwear. I sat on my knees and stretched my hands out to reach his underwear. “No…no…not like that,” he said. “Get under the table and get on with the job while we carry on with the next game,” he said.

So I crawled under the table and he got his chair again in its original position, cramping me for the space. With some difficulty, I settled between his two legs on my knees. I caressed both his thighs softly, moving my hands over them. I started feeling his cock with my hand over his underwear.

It throbbed as I felt its girth over the layer of the thin fabric. It was quite thick. My pussy released even more juices in anticipation of getting this cock to ram it hard at some point tonight. Then I reached out to the waistband and pulled the front portion down to free his cock.

It sprang up like a cobra, and there it was. One of the most attractive cocks I had ever seen in my life. It looked like a 3 inches diameter hose pipe and was not less than 8 inches long. Its circumcised pink head shone brightly, and I could see some drop of precum formed at the tip.

“Oh,” a moan left simultaneously from both our mouths. I held it for the first time. I pulled his underwear down with both my hands. He had to raise his ass off his seat to help me. I pulled it out of his ankle and kept it aside. Then I went back to my job.

I held his cock with my hand and moved my hand up and down slowly. I was licking his thighs all the way from his knees to the bottom of his sack. I’m sure it must have been quite difficult for him to concentrate on his cards. I sniffed around his nicely trimmed pubic hair.

I love to nuzzle my face into the pubic forests of men. A very strong aroma was emanating from his cock. It aroused me further. Then I started licking his sack and also took both his balls in my mouth. I was shagging his cock continuously, and a lot of precum had come out, making his cock a little slippery.

I increased that lubrication with my tongue. I traced the length of his cock all the way from its base to the tip and back. I repeated the act at least 4 times before stopping at the top on the sixth time. I rolled my tongue all over his circumcised dick and savoured the moment that I had been waiting for so long.

Finally, I got to taste a Muslim cock. Then I kissed the tip of his cock and also brought out a little saliva making it wet. Then I opened my lips and wrapped them around the pink head. I slid them over so that the head went inside my mouth and then stopped.

My god! What a wonderful feeling it was to feel that monster cock inside my mouth. My tongue welcomed this beast of a cock and showered its love all over it by flickering everywhere.

Arif’s hand came over my head and started caressing my hair. He was moaning involuntarily, and it seemed that they had stopped the game for a while. He pulled his chair a little back, pulling me along. I did not let his cock go out of my mouth. Now my manoeuvring of his cock was on display for everyone.

Everyone else left his seat, and they gathered around Arif’s chair and stood there in awe. I looked up straight into Arif’s eyes. My eyes, filled with lust, met his eyes burning with passion. I pulled a little back. Just enough to have the tip of his cock on my lips, and then I went back down.

This time letting the half of his cock slide through my lips and along my tongue deep into my mouth. I held the base of his cock with my hand while taking support with my hand on his left thigh. Once more, I pulled back a little to keep just the head in my mouth and then pushed my head onto his cock again.

This time I went all the way till my lips touched the base of his cock. His cockhead hit the back of my throat. I stayed there for a few seconds, accommodating my favourite piece of meat well inside and cherishing the sensation. More juices flowed out of my pussy.

A loud moan escaped Arif’s mouth as he closed his eyes to hold onto that sensation. I’m damn sure that he had never come across a cock-hungry bitch like me in his life. One who could work up magic through a deadly combination of her tongue and lips over his cock.

I started moving my head up and down, gradually building up the tempo. I looked at my FIL to find out whether there was any trace of jealousy. He looked mesmerized as he unblinkingly watched her daughter-in-law. His whore was blowing another guy with even more vigour than she blew him.

“Look here, look into my eyes, you slut,” Arif pulled my hair rough and slapped my face lightly. He bent forward and stretched his hand to give a squeeze to my naked left breast. He squeezed it hard before rolling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

He pressed it hard, making me moan aloud. A strange sound came as my mouth was already filled with his cock. He was literally pushing me onto his cock and then pulling it back, holding my hair hard. Not even 3 minutes have passed, and it felt like an eternity when I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth.

I knew he was close, so I increased the pressure of my lips on his cock. Then I stopped at the head of his cock and sucked it really hard. I also rolled my tongue all over it. I could see the effort he put in to hold on but to no avail. His cock erupted like a volcano.

A loud grunt came out of his mouth as his cock shot spurt after spurt of sperm. The first shot came like a bullet and stuck on my forehead. The next one hit my right eye. I adjusted my mouth and could catch the next one in my open mouth. I kept squeezing his cock hard with my hand.

A few more spurts came out, filling my mouth before his orgasm subsided. I gulped most of his cum as all the other three guys watched like they were in a trance. They had never seen a woman act so slutty in their life, it seemed. I got up once his cock stopped shooting semen and started losing its hardness.

I sat on his left thigh and kissed him full on his mouth. I transferred the residuals of his cum in my mouth into his and made him taste his cum.

I need to stop here. Please keep watching this space for more action. As always, I’ll be waiting for your feedback in my mailbox, [email protected]. Or you can leave the comments in the comments section of the story page.