Modest intern girl showcases boobs to stranger

Hello guys, this is another episode with a fan intern who had joined my office. If you haven’t read the first one, here it is – Using ISS To Fuck An Intern Girl.

Now that the sexual tension has gone between us, we used to sext and share pics and videos casually. She used to sit at her desk and send me deep cleavage shots when I would be talking to my clients to tease me. In time, I learned about her wishes and fantasies. Driving topless was one of her favorites. I searched for a perfect video and sent her the link, with a question, “When are we doing it?” And she replied, “I’m scared. But we can try.”

On a fine Sunday morning, we took my car and went for a long drive. The intern girl was wearing a black bra and a thin white t-shirt was barely covering it. The t-shirt was just up to her waist and she was wearing a blue skirt to go with it. Looking at her dress, I was sure that she wanted to try topless. The dress was so perfect to remove and wear again In a jiffy. I had a hard-on, thinking she was gonna be out of these in the broad daylight! I started kissing her and fondling her boobs over her shirt. She was slowly turning on.

I told her to remove her t-shirt and sit in the bra. But she was too scared to do it. Then we had an idea. I told her to remove the bra and wear only the t-shirt so that people wouldn’t notice immediately. She hesitated, but it seemed like a good idea to her as well.

It was a beautiful scene looking at her undressing. The office intern girl just stopped a minute before wearing her t-shirt and gave me a deep kiss. The t-shirt was so thin to cover her dark nipples. Anyone with a second look can see that she was naked inside that t-shirt. Since we were driving on a highway, there was no one to see, so she was relaxed.

I had my one hand inside her t-shirt and was playing with her boobs while she was stroking my dick. We were slowly driving on the slow lane with not much traffic. And we were approaching a tollgate. I told her to sit simply and promised no one from outside could see inside. But people can actually see that my car had no tints on.

The toll was an unmanned one and we just crossed with not much fun. And we felt some kick was missing. I told her it would have been more fun if there was someone. And she had a cunning smile. I thought she might like to show off a bit. So I made a plan.

Now that she was comfortable, I told her to remove her t-shirt and go topless. She had no hesitation at all. It was so nice to have her completely topless. With every move, her 34C boobs would bounce and it was so wonderful. I asked her how would she feel if someone saw her from outside. She told me, “It’ll be awesome, nah?” But she didn’t actually mean it. But I convinced her otherwise. I told her it was safe as we were in the car and it was a completely different town and no one could find us. She was just having a cunning smile. I took that as a yes.

Our first attempt was a biker driving slowly on the left. Though he saw us inside the car, I don’t think he noticed a topless girl in the passenger seat. The first attempt wasn’t successful. But our second try was two guys, who seemed to be in their late 20s on a bike. They were slowly riding. So I crossed them slowly to ensure they got a good view. Even though the guy riding the bike missed noticing, the pillion noticed. And I guess he told the rider.

I drove past them to check their reaction. To our luck, the guys were coming faster to take a second look. I told her to look at me and don’t react. The guys came on the left, leveled with the car and had a clear view of her boobs and giggled. I gave them briefly some time and then cruised fast.

This was the first time her boobs were on public display and someone noticed it. She was so turned on by this and started dripping. She told me she wanted more of it. So we thought of giving it another try. This time, we just parked on an empty road and had the glasses down. A college guy was passing us on our left and was busy with his phone. We thought he might have missed it. But he just walked past us and turned back to get a good look. We were sure that he noticed.

I asked her, “Can we ask him to touch it?”

She was like, “What if we get into trouble?”

I assured her nothing would happen. I just signaled the guy to come. He was confused, yet he came close to our car. She just covered her boobs with her hand. I asked him, “Do you like what you saw?” He started blushing and was like, “I am sorry.”

I told him, “Don’t worry. We are doing this for our pleasure. If you want, you can touch it.” And I looked at her. The intern girl just smiled and took her hands away to let the stranger touch her. He started slowly, touching one boob and started touching the other with both hands and started squeezing them. I guess he never had much experience as he was very fast. She couldn’t control and orgasmed soon! We told him that was enough and took the car and disappeared.

It was good to see someone folding her boobs right in front of me. She told me later that it was so horny – being topless in front of two people at the same time.

She told me that her pussy was literally dripping and she can’t go back without a good fucking session. We parked our car on the sideways, stripped naked and started fucking each other like mad dogs. We were not even considering the vehicles passing by.

After a couple of rounds, we were drained and wrapped up the whole experience.

She was so horny that she didn’t want to wear back her panties. Now that she had someone touch her boobs in front of me, our next fantasy only got better. And we wanted pure outdoor fun, and she wanted someone to see her completely nude. That is in my next story.

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