Anita and Deepa’s Incest Treasures – Part 4

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This series is a sequel to ‘Anita’s Family Incest Treasures.’ In this series, Deepa’s husband’s cousin Anita seduces Deepa’s brother Rohit and plans Deepa and Rohit’s fucking.

Pratyusha enjoyed feeding both young men while they sucked her tits. They fiddled her cunt and playing with their cocks and sucking them when they were feeding her.

When they slept, she slept between them. She told Rohit, “If you have the urge to fuck at night, don’t hesitate. Suck my tits and bite my nipple lightly. I will become wet instantly. You can fuck. I can sleep also while being fucked. I got used to it.”

On Sunday evening, Pratyusha put her foot down and told her hubby,” Enough is enough. Deepa’s brother must be missing her. You leave Deepa to Rahul and Rohit, you fuck me.”

On Sunday night, Rohit and Rahul fucked Deepa. Rohit asked Deepa,” Akka, I thought you would not be able to walk after the way mama fucked you.”

Deepa smiled, “Yes, initially I was scared, but Atte taught me how to handle him and how to take pounding.”

On Monday morning, when giving send-off, Pratyusha hugged, kissed Rohit and told him, “Remember, the doors of this house and my cunt are always open for you. Anytime, walk in, don’t hesitate.”

Rohit thanked her and her hubby and took their leave. Deepa said, “Bro, keep up your promise. Your studies, ranks should not be affected by fucking.” Rohit promised her and left for his hostel.

Rohit kept his word. His lecturers and his friends were surprised by the sudden transformation in Rohit. He became so focused he was not having fun. Not going to movies, hanging out with friends or playing sports.

On Saturday, Rahul picked him up from the hostel. Deepa and Anita were also there. Rohit sat between them, and he played and sucked their tits. They sucked him during the drive to the city. This time, they stopped at Anita’s house, and only Anita got down.

Rohit asked, surprised and asked Deepa, “Akka, you and Bhava are not coming?”

Deepa said, “No, Sachin will spend the weekend with his cousin Divya. We will also be there, have fun.”

Rohit thought Anita, and he would be alone. He was shocked when Anita’s mom, Rekha, opened the door and invited him. Anita’s dad, Arun, also welcomed him warmly.

Rekha and Arun were a handsome couple. Rekha was beautiful and sexy and had an erect posture like a queen and thrust out her boobs, not intentionally. Her posture made it appear like she was pushing her tits in men’s faces and daring them to conquer those mountains.

Like Pratyusha, her sister, Rekha, also maintained her figure quite well. She had curves in the right places but covered them well. Arun was quite handsome, with a few grey strands of hair maintained himself well and was in good shape. Both aged gracefully.

Rekha hugged him warmly and asked him about his studies and his parents.
Rohit was disappointed. This weekend is going to be dull and action-free. He was jolted when Rekha asked him when giving him coffee, “Anita told me that you read all Anita’s story parts?”

He almost spilled the hot coffee. He stammered, “Y…yes, aunty.” Rekha went into the kitchen to keep the coffee cups. Anita laughed and sat in her dad’s lap and kissed him as he squeezed her tits.

Anita said, “My mom appeared in the first part. First, I seduced my mom, took her permission to fuck dad. Later, she was fucked by Rahul and all others. Do you remember?”

Rohit nodded dumbly. Anita and Arun went into the room, still hugging and kissing. Rekha came with snacks, sweets and milk in a tray and asked, “Where is my horny daughter and hubby?” Rohit told her they went into the bedroom.

Rekha sighed and said, exasperated, “Anita will never change, always in a hurry to fuck. I told her to take snacks and sweets. They need energy. Rohit, can you give them? Meanwhile, I will prepare snacks for us.”

Rohit entered the bedroom with the tray and almost dropped the tray when he saw the scene. Anita and her dad were in the 69 position. Anita stopped sucking and said, “Bro, thank you, Mom told me to take these, but I forgot. Keep them on the table.”

Arun said, “Rohit, aunty is a skilled and gifted masseur. You can ask her to teach you how to give a good massage. I am giving you a tip.” and then resumed licking. His cheeks, chin and mouth were dripping with his daughter’s juices.
When he returned, Rekha already put plates with snacks on the dining table.

Rekha did not ask him what they were doing. Rohit sat and tasted the snack.

He said, “Wow, aunty. Quite tasty. Only my grandma could make it like this.”

Rekha beamed and said, “Thanks, cooking is my hobby and passion.”

Rohit said, “It looks like massage is also a skill you have.”

Rekha smiled, “Oh, hubby told you?”

Rohit said, “I also read in the story you gave Anita Akka a massage. Can you teach me?”

Rekha said sure, took his hand, and led him to a guest room on the first floor. It had a massage table and a few oils, towels and some other items. She asked him to lie down.

Rohit lay on his back, and Rekha started massaging his head, temples, brow, cheeks and neck. Rekha’s boobs were swaying just above his face. Rohit resisted an impulse to grab them. Rohit felt wonderful, her soft, smooth fingers and hands were relaxing and excited him.

After a few minutes, she moved to his neck muscles and shoulders. Rekha asked him to take out his T-shirt, and he obliged. Rekha said, “Now, take out shorts and underwear also.”

He removed his shorts and hesitated to remove underwear. His cock was straining at full height. Rekha smiled and said, “If it makes you comfortable, I will remove my saree and petticoat and carefully remove and arrange them on the hangers.”

Rohit’s jaw dropped when his eyes feasted on the beauty in her innerwear. Her transparent bra and panty were the type of sexy lingerie that he saw Deepa and Anita wear. Rekha smiled and said, “I don’t want to spoil my saree with oil stains, now remove underwear.”

Rohit discarded his underwear and lay on his back, naked. Rekha took oil in her hand and rubbed it on his chest and abdomen and started massaging, rubbing, patting, and kneading. She ignored his jumping, hungry cock.

Rohit asked, “Aunty, where did you learn this art?”

Rekha said, “After I gave Anita a massage that day, we went to a massage parlour. While they were giving a massage, I observed how they were doing. I practised with Rahul, Pratyusha, Sunil and others. Everyone went crazy after a hard fucking session. Everyone wants me to give a massage.”

After she was done with his chest, Rohit hoped she would massage his cock. But she avoided and went to thighs, calves and feet. Rekha smiled at his jumping cock and said, “OK, now I think we can go to the main course.” She took oil liberally and started a cock massage that he would never forget.

With one hand, she was massaging the balls and the base of cock. While with the other hand, she was giving circulatory motions on the cock. Rohit was going mad with pleasure and excitement and started moaning loudly. Rekha teased and tormented him.

When she sensed he might cum, she moved down to thighs for a few minutes. After playing with his cock, she told him to turn on his back. Rekha gave a good massage to his neck, back, buttocks and legs.

She whispered in his ear, “Now that you have seen how massage is done, would you like to return the favour?”

He jumped like a spring from the table, said, “Aunty, I would love it,” and made her lie on her back, removed her bra and panty and took oil, and straightaway attacked her boobs. Rekha laughed and said, “That is not the way to do it.”

Rohit said, “Aunty, you tormented me a lot. I won’t do that. I will quickly complete the massage, and we will take a bath. I will learn massage art later.”
He squeezed, pulled and patted and massaged her cunt mound.

He spread her thighs and looked at her juicy cunt, and said,” Aunty, can I drink juice? If I massage, I can’t taste.”

Rekha moaned and clutched his head, and pressed to her crotch in answer. After he lapped up her juices, she said, “Wipe oil from my body with a towel,” and she also did the same to him. Then, they took a hot shower, and he fucked her in the shower.

The massage excited him so much that he overcame shyness and hesitation. He did not even ask her permission. He bent her, spread her ass cheeks and rammed cock in.

After the session, they towelled each other dry and went to the bedroom and lay naked, kissing. Rohit said, “Aunty, I am sorry for what happened. I could not control it. I should have asked your permission.”

Rekha kissed him back and said, “Why are you sorry? It was very enjoyable. I gave you a green signal when you licked.”

Anita came in and pulled them, “Amma, we are very hungry. Come for lunch.”
Anita got up from her dad’s lap and said, “Amma, you must be tired. I will arrange dinner,” and went to the kitchen. Arun pulled Rekha and kissed her. She sat in her hubby’s lap and gave her tit to him.

Arun asked Rohit, “Did you enjoy a massage?” and started sucking it. Rohit said,” It was amazing, uncle. Aunty is an expert in everything: cooking, massage.” Arun laughed and said, “And fucking also. Yes, I am lucky.”

Anita came from the kitchen with food items and saw them, and said with a smile, “Amma soole (whore, slut), the moment I turn my back, you steal my hubby.”

Rohit was shocked. He expected Rekha to slap Anita and Anita’s dad to shout at her. He was shocked further when Rekha got up from her hubby’s lap and said, “OK, dear. He is all yours. Happy?” Rekha sat in Rohit’s lap and kissed him.

Rohit asked, “Aunty, why are you not angry or upset? She called you ‘Soole’?”

Arun said, “Anita is our only child, and we pampered her a lot. But, don’t worry, after a few minutes, she will hug her mom and say ‘I love you’. We are used to it.”

Anita said, while her dad was sucking her tit, “Rohit, I love my dad so much. It hurts me when I think that mom has been fucking my dad for so many years and when I see her with him.”

Rohit burst out laughing and said, “Akka, you wouldn’t be here and fucking your dad if your mom and dad didn’t fuck.”

Anita smiled and said, “True, my mom is an angel. Sorry, Amma.”

They had lunch, each feeding the partner and went to their bedrooms. Rohit and Rekha kissed, hugged and played around for a while. As he was sucking her boob, his cock became rigid.

Rekha said,” Hmm, that is the privilege of you teenagers. Always ready. You are a good fucker, very good fucker, But I want to make you a great fucker.”
Rohit said, “Sure, Aunty. Teach me.”

Rekha said, “Start licking me and listen. Fucking means not just sucking, licking and fuck and cum. You should sense what the woman wants. Sometimes, a woman wants a romantic, gentle and loving fuck. At other times, she craves hard pounding, merciless thumping with slaps on her buttocks. Moods vary. You have to sense and change gears.”

Rohit listened while licking her juices and pinching her nipples. Rohit asked, “Aunty, how can I know if women don’t tell?”

Rekha said, “Women will drop hints, and you should understand. When they are not in the mood, they will say they have a headache and not to disturb. Anyway, you should learn what her erotic zones are. All women’s tits, nipples, cunt, and clit are sensitive. But for some women, ear lobes, nape of the neck, side of the waist and even toes. They will go crazy with lust if you identify and lick and suck those parts.”

Rohit asked, “Aunty, I will kiss and lick all the parts you told me about and see what the zone is. I wanted to ask, why didn’t you get angry when Akka called you soole?”

Rekha orgasmed, moaned, pulled him up, kissed him, lapping her juices from his mouth and lips and said, “Shall I tell you what turns me on? You close your eyes and suck my tit as I tell. I am hesitating to tell you what you will think about me?”

Rohit assured her, “Don’t worry, Aunty. You are my Guru, and I will always respect and worship you.”

Rekha said, “When Rahul started fucking me, he would call me Doddamma (mom’s elder sister). One day, he asked me, can I call you Amma? It seems Raj asked him if he lusted for his mom, like he did for me. That triggered it in him. I said OK, and my god, how he fucked me, he kept saying Amma, I love you, like a parrot and pounded my cunt to a pulp. I couldn’t walk properly for a few hours later.”

Rohit’s cock was hard, like a stone, as he imagined. He asked.”Aunty, then you stopped him from calling you Amma? Rekha laughed and said, “No, I enjoyed it a lot. In fact, now Atul, my son-in-law, and Ravi, Atul’s sister’s hubby, call me Amma while fucking.”

Rohit could not control himself any longer, moved up and kissed Rekha. She held his face in both hands and kissed and licked her juices from his mouth and lips, chin and cheeks. Rohit whispered in her ear while biting her ear lobe, “Amma, now I will fuck you.”
With one stroke, he buried his steaming hot cock in her wet, welcoming cunt and started fucking hard. With each stroke, he kept saying, “Amma, I love you.”
Rekha was moaning loudly and giving back thrusts with force. Rohit increased speed and power.

He could sense Rekha’s orgasm. She whispered in his ear, “Darling son, now take me in doggy style.” While fucking Rekha in the doggy, her swinging and shaking boobs and buttocks drove him crazy. The room was reverberating with their shouts, moans and fuck sounds.

Finally, he was about to cum. When she was riding him, Rekha quickly dismounted and took the cum in her mouth. She almost gagged as he unloaded a large quantity of cum, but she managed to swallow.

She licked his cum and her juices on his cock and said, “Wow. What they say is true. Teenager boy’s cum tastes different. It is yummy.” They took a few hours nap. Arun took them shopping, movie and then to dinner.

Anita chose a flop movie, and there were hardly two dozen viewers. They sat in the last row, and women gave blowjobs. Men licked cunts and sucked boobs after the lights were out and when the screen light was dark, like in night scenes.

Rohit was surprised by Anita’s horniness. She was always in the mood for action, and her mood was infectious. Others also became horny. In the hotel, Anita was playing with cocks under the tablecloth and encouraged Rohit to rub his toe in Rekha’s cunt.

Rekha shot an angry glance at Anita but lifted the saree spread legs and gave her access to Rohit’s big toe. Rohit was excited and surprised by how wet her cunt was.

When they were returning, Rekha whispered in Rohit’s ear, “I overheard them in the theatre. They are planning mom, daughter fuck on the same bed. Be careful; don’t call me Amma. That is our secret.”

After they returned, Arun had whisky, and the women sipped wine. Rohit had fruit juice and talked about general things for a while.

Rekha got up and pulled Rohit. “Come, let us go.”

Arun said, “Rohit, why don’t you also sleep in our bed? It is quite big; we can share mom and daughter.”

Rekha feigned anger and disgust and said, “Arun, how can you be so depraved? What will Rohit think of us?”

Anita asked,” Rohit, what do you think of us? Our family?”

Rohit smiled and said, “Akka, you are all amazing, fun-loving and happy family. I love you all.”

Arun said, “See? Rohit loves to fuck you both on the same bed. Let us all go to our bedroom.”

Rohit said, in panic, “Uncle, I didn’t mean that.”

Anita demanded angrily. “Why? Why don’t you want to fuck us both? You are hooked to my soole Amma’s cunt, and you don’t want Akka?”

Rohit gulped. He didn’t know what to say. He began to stammer. Rekha laughed, hugged and kissed him and said, “Anita, poor boy. Don’t torment him. Come, darling, you can fuck us both.”

That was an amazing experience for Rohit. Fucking mom and daughter on the same bed, alternately. Arun and Rohit changed cunts after a few minutes. Both cunts were delicious. Rekha’s was not much used (until Rahul fucked her, Rekha was fucked only by hubby).

Anita was fucked countless times, and her cunt lips jutted out. Rohit could pull them with teeth, bite, suck and chew. Though Rekha’s cunt was a little loose, she compensated by excellent cunt muscle control and massaged cocks well.

Rohit said when fucking Rekha, “Uncle, Aunty is an expert, not only massaging with hands, she gives mind-blowing cock massage with cunt also.”

Anita laughed and said, “Yes, she daily spends hours in yoga and exercise.”

Rekha smiled and said, “Thanks, darling. There are some yoga asanas and exercises that make cunts tighter and supple. Anita is so lazy. I tried from her childhood to make her practice yoga.”

Anita complained to her dad, who was fucking her,” Dad, see. Your soole wife is complaining about me.”

Arun said, “Rohit, punish aunty, fuck her so hard that she will beg for mercy. Honey, now OK?”

Anita said yes when she saw Rohit fucking daylights out of Rekha. She started moaning and shouting wildly, she laughed and clapped happily. Arun and Anita boosted Ronit to fuck Rekha harder, change positions, slap her buttocks when fucking in doggy.

Later, they slept exhausted. Rohit slept between the two women, and Arun slept next to Anita on the other side. The next day morning, Rohit sucked both women once more and boarded the bus to the town in his hostel. Rohit found hard to concentrate on his studies.

Luckily, his project work was almost complete, and revision of the completed subjects was in progress. He was masturbating twice a day, memories of fucking Rekha, calling her Amma, was triggering the hard-on. When masturbating, he could not stop thinking about his mom, Renu.

On Friday, Renu called him and blasted him, “Have you forgotten us? You didn’t come home for over two months. I told you you should not disturb Deepa and her hubby. They are a newly married couple. Why are you going there?”

Rohit said, “Sorry, Amma, last semester. There is project work, so I was busy.”

Subbu supported his son, “Poor boy, what can he do? Deepa and Rahul are picking him up at the hostel and taking him. Renu, we should be happy that Rohit is liked and accepted by Deepa’s hubby and in-laws.”

Renu said, “Hmm. True, still, I fired Deepa also. She should not forget her parents once she gets married. I told Rahul also, he promised to bring Deepa tomorrow.”

Renu felt a sudden change after both kids left home. Until they were there, her life felt like a non-stop run-on treadmill. Schools, colleges, lunch boxes, cooking, laundry and cleaning. There was no respite. Her aching body yearned for the luxury of lazing in the bed and getting up when she wanted.

Now, she had all the leisure and free time in the world. After Subbu went to work and returned, she was alone, feeling bored. She tried to kill time by watching TV serials and movies. They fucked 2-3 times in a week. Thanks to WhatsApp, Renu was able to talk to kids daily.

Renu found it puzzling that Deepa was always busy. She would text that she would call later. Renu didn’t know that when Renu called, Deepa would be in the middle of hot fucking sessions.

On Saturday, Deepa and Rahul picked up Rahul from his hostel. Rahul asked, “How was the session with Anita and her mom?” Rohit kissed Deepa and said, “It was amazing. Akka, I am very horny. Amma wants us to come home.”

Deepa opened her blouse and gave boobs to Rohit and said, “Rahul, divert to a quiet, deserted place. Let the poor boy have a quick fuck.” Now, they learned all the tricks and how to have fun in the car. The person driving will alert the people in the back seat if the car is approaching a busy area and when there is no traffic.

Women covered their boobs with pallu. Men covered cocks with a hand towel.
Rahul drove on a dirt road, until he found a safe place and stopped. He spread a thick blanket on a rock, which was like a double bed. Rohit fucked Deepa while Rahul kept a watch.

After fucking, Rahul drove to Deepa’s parents’ house. Renu and Subbu were jubilant when they received their kids and son-in-law. They were delighted to see their daughter, and their son-in-law was very happy. Renu smiled when she saw Deepa’s boobs and buttocks were well-developed and rounded.

Deepa was slim and beautiful. Now, she was stunningly sexy. Her smile, walk, and posture were sensual and sexy. Renu thought that Rahul must have worked hard on Deepa’s body to sculpt it like this. Little did she know that six men’s hands and mouths worked on her daughter’s body.

Subbu marvelled at the transformation of his son. Rohit was no longer a shy and introverted teenager. Now, he was quite confident, even his talk and walk were quite mature. Subbu was grateful to Rahul. He knew he must have moulded Rohit.

Rohit and Rahul were quite close, joking and laughing like childhood friends.
Renu made all the favourite dishes of her children, and they had a sumptuous lunch. Rahul took them out shopping, to a movie and dinner. Renu protested, but he didn’t listen.

Deepa and Rahul slept in a bedroom. Renu told Subbu she wanted to talk to Rohit, but she didn’t have time. So Subbu went to another bedroom and slept.
Rohit told Renu about his college, studies, friends and the fun he had at the hostel, and they slept late.

Renu got up after a few hours to go to the bathroom. The light was on, and the door was ajar. She pushed the door and was shocked to see her son masturbating in her bra cup. Renu quietly came out and lay on bed.

After ten minutes, Rohit came and slept beside her. She got up, told him she was going to hubby’s room and went. Renu had difficulty falling asleep again. Subbu also had a disturbed sleep.

Not only Renu, he also noticed the changes in Deepa’s anatomy when her pallu slipped a few times, exposing the beauty of her boobs in a low-neck blouse.

The next morning, they left after breakfast. Renu and Subbu tried to make them stay for a few days more. Rahul promised they would spend three days after a few weeks.