The Chronicles of A Secretary – Part 2

Namita, fully naked, still standing near the table, resting her head on the table. Pritam was too completely naked. The new employee, Vidya, was tasked with erecting Pritam’s dick without touching it.

Now the story continues.

I wasn’t getting any idea how to make his dick erect without touching him. In the meantime, JD was setting his stopwatch.

JD: Alright, Vidya, your time starts now.

He put his phone on the table and sat in a chair near Namita. I took my phone and played ‘Naughty Girl’ by Beyonce. I stood in front of Pritam and started to sway my ass seductively to the song’s rhythm. I lifted my top slightly, exposing my flat stomach and navel to him.

I put my hands on my stomach and inserted my finger into my navel. I moaned as if the finger had been inserted into my pussy. While fingering my navel with one hand, I moved one hand slowly upwards and held my right boob.

I slowly slid the top further up and kept fondling my boob with my other hand inside the top. I constantly made some horny moaning sounds. In the meantime, I made sure my boobs were also exposed. I raised a top furthermore. A large part of my one boob was open now.

The one held in hand was completely open. A little hardness was visible in his dick. But to avoid further erection, that bastard deliberately avoided looking at me. Now that was the real challenge for me. If he doesn’t look at me, how can I make his dick hard without touching him?

Then I remembered something my ex-bf used to say.

Me (in a naughty voice): Aww. My sweet baby is angry with me. Ok, baby. See, your momma is getting naked just for you, my dear baby.

I took off the top and threw it on him. The top fell right on his chest, so he looked in that direction reflexively. His eyes caught sight of my big boobs. His eyes were glued to the boobs for a few seconds. Seeing that, I pulled my leggings down almost up to where the bush started.

In fact, a few hairs of the bush were visible. A sizable stiffening of the dick was visible. So he immediately closed his eyes tightly. I took the cane from the table. I glanced at JD. He looked a little surprised.

Me (in a tone as if in pain): Oh, baby, see, your boss is going to spank your mama’s ass. Please, help her baccha.

I spanked Namita’s ass hard with the cane. She almost screamed in pain. I spanked her again. But this time, she didn’t utter any sound from her mouth. So I screamed loud as if I was being spanked hard. I did it a few times.

Me (as if pleading JD): Oh, No, JD, please spare my ass. My sweet son has the right to spank it that hard. Please don’t squeeze my boobs and spill the milk on your chest. Oh, no.

This time I sat on JD’s lap in a reverse cowboy position and put his hand on my boob. He instantly put another hand on the other boob and squeezed them roughly. Now this time, I was moaning hard. I was sitting right on top of his dick. I could sense a big bulge in his pants.

His dick was poking right into my pussy opening. I was getting dripping wet. I was not wearing any underwear inside the leggings. The leggings had a big wet patch. I got up from the chair, and JD quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. As he pulled his underwear down, his erect cock sprang out.

Though his cock was not as big as Pritam, long enough and quite thick. He started to pull down my leggings.

Me: Ohh. No. See, baby. Your mama is getting naked. Your boss is undressing your mama. Now JD, please don’t fuck me. I don’t want your average-sized dick. I want my baby’s monster cock in this soft and tender pussy.

While saying this, I looked into JD’s eyes and winked, and JD smiled back. JD lifted me and put me right on top of his dick. His hard dick was in direct touch with my already wet pussy. As the tip of his dick touched my pussy, I screamed loud.

As I was moving up and down, my big boobs were bouncing up and down. I was moaning loudly. As the moans became louder, Pritam couldn’t resist and tried to catch a glimpse of what was happening. I caught him.

Me: C’mon baccha, join us and let’s have an unforgettable threesome.

With some seductive looks, I gestured to him to come near me with my middle finger. Then while keeping the movement, I held one boob and lifted it upwards. Then with my tongue, I started to lick my nipple. Pritam couldn’t resist, and now he was stroking his cock.

Then I sprang from JD’s lap and shouted.

Me: Yes. I have done it.

JD looked at Pritam. His cock was hard and erect. It was at least 10-12 inches long and quite thick. JD clapped gently.

JD: Good job, darling. But what about this? (And he looked at his erect dick)

Me: Yeah, and this too.

While saying this, I spread my legs and showed him my dripping wet pussy. I went near him and pulled off his pants completely. I once again sat on his dick. This time I held his dick in my hand and guided it deep into my pussy, and started up and down.

Barely in 4-5 minutes, JD released a big cum load into my pussy. But I was super excited now and far from any satisfaction. This has served as a starter. And usually, I am very dominating in such a situation. I just forgot that it was my only first day in this office.

I met Pritam and Namita just a few hours back, and my boss JD, whom I met yesterday. I got up from his lap. As I got up, the cum ran down my pussy onto my thighs. I looked at Pritam. He was still standing there with his erect dick and stroking it slowly.

Me (looking at Pritam sternly): Hey, you bastard, what are you looking at? Come and clean this.

Pritam took a tissue paper from the table and came towards me.

Me: Use your tongue, you idiot.

Pritam obediently sat down on the floor near my feet and started to lick JD’s cum on my thighs. He cleaned my thighs, pussy and bush with his tongue. I spread my pussy lips and showed my clit to him.

Me: Good Job. Now here’s your reward. Come and lick that too.

As Pritam moved further to lick my clit, I stepped back 5-6 steps.

Me: Come down to your mama kneeling like a kid.

Pritam came kneeling towards me. As he came close to me, I again moved a little bit. After playing with him for some time and making him kneel all over JD’s cabin, I finally let him catch me and start licking my cunt. After licking my cunt for 5-6 minutes, I reached an orgasm and released a big squirt on his face.

Then I asked him to lie on the floor in the puddle of my squirt. I sat in a squat position with my pussy near his face and peed directly into his mouth. Then I stood up while peeing and pissed all over his body. After I was done, I sat on his face and ordered him to clean my pussy again.

I got up, went near the table, and sat on the table with my legs spread apart. I gestured to JD with my middle finger to come near me. JD, watching all this in utter disbelief, just got up and came near me. Namita, standing up now, was shocked to see me dominating Pritam and making JD dance on my fingers.

Namita: Wow. I have seen many sluts in this office. But haven’t seen any bitch like you before. JD doesn’t even touch a hairy pussy, and you got yourself screwed by JD despite such a bush? And by the way, what do you think of yourself? I am sure both JD and Pritam will make you pay for all this in the worst manner you can imagine. Here only JD dominates, or he decides who will be a dom and a sub.

I was in no mood to listen to what Namita was saying.

Me: Pritam, my baccha, why don’t you stuff your dick in this bitch’s mouth. She is blabbering way too much. Make sure her mouth is preoccupied till I am done with my darling.

Pritam quite gleefully held Namita by her hair and pulled her head down. Namita resisted.

Namita: Pritam, you know very well here only one person gives orders. How the fuck do you even dare to touch me on the order of someone who is my junior?

JD, a silent spectator all this time, joined the conversation.

JD: Namita, there’s a correction. From now onwards, you will be working under her. She will be the First assistant secretary, and you will be her subordinate, the Second assistant secretary.

Namita (Completely shocked and agitated): What the fuck? How can you do this to me, JD? And what is my fault? How can you make me her subordinate after screwing me for almost 3 years?

Pritam (Calmly): I think Vidya is right. This bitch is blabbering too much. I think she forgot what JD said a little while back. I can have her anytime, anywhere.

Namita’s protest disappeared, and she quietly sat down on her knees. While sitting down, she stared into my eyes revengefully. She was trying to say that she would avenge this someday. She took Pritam’s dick into her mouth and started sucking it.

JD opened a cabinet and brought out a beard trimmer. With that trimmer, he cleared my bush sizably in a few minutes. Now my pussy lips were visible. He put the trimmer away and started licking my pussy. He gently spread my pussy lips and exposed my clit, and started teasing my clit with his tongue.

With each touch to the clit I was moaning. With his tongue on my clit, he inserted his middle finger deep into my pussy and bent it. He touched my G-spot. He stretched his hand upwards, grabbed my boob, and pinched my nipple simultaneously. All my sensitive parts were attacked at the same time.

It was just too much for me. My pussy was so wet. With his middle finger movement in and out of pussy, the sound of the fluids was audible. I was reaching my climax. My body started to stiffen before the final burst, and JD stopped. He looked at me and smiled wickedly.

He knew I was annoyed by the denial of the orgasm. But just then, I bent down a little and pinned him to the floor, holding his shoulders. When completely down on his back, I stretched his legs and sat down on his dick. I started to ride his dick.

He held my boobs tightly, kneading them like chapati dough while I was riding his dick. After riding his dick for 5 minutes, I held it and rubbed it on my clit. In a few minutes, I again started to ride his dick. This time, I was rubbing my clit vigorously. Then finally, he released another cumload into my pussy.

But still, I wasn’t satisfied, so I continued to ride his dick. But his dick became limp now, and it slipped out. He almost pushed me aside. I sat down on the floor beside him.  Pritam quickly approached me, and now he pinned me to the floor. With some good licking by Namita, his cock was hard like a rod.

He held my legs and spread them. I lost my balance and almost fell on the floor. In no time, he put his dick deep into my pussy. For the first time, I was taking such a monstrous cock into my pussy. I held my mouth with my hands tightly to control the scream that would have come out of my mouth.

His almost 12 inches cock had gone deep into my pussy, tearing it apart. I reached my climax and squirted again while my dick was still inside me. My body was shivering, and I was panting. Now I was fully done. But in that puddle of the squirt, he continued to screw me hard.

After screwing me in the missionary position for almost 10 minutes, he asked me to turn around and stand on my four. He started to screw me from behind. While he was screwing me from behind, JD came before me and stuffed his half-erect dick into my mouth.

Then Pritam stopped and rushed towards my mouth. I guess he wanted to cum in my mouth. JD stepped back, and Pritam inserted his cock into my mouth. His cock almost went up to my throat. I was choking and coughing. But without caring anything about that, he continued to fuck my mouth.

In the meantime, JD has taken over by the side. He has inserted his dick from the back. Finally, Pritam released his cum into my throat. I had no choice but to gulp it down. Then JD released his cum into my pussy for the third time in the day. He left me.

I was lying on the floor, shivering and breathing heavily. Then after a few minutes, I got back to my senses. I rushed to the washroom. Freshened up and cleaned me. When I came out, the two men had properly dressed up again while Namita was dressing up.

I, too, dressed up, of course, without my innerwear. Abruptly, all the horniness of JD, Pritam and Namita had disappeared. They started to discuss work as if nothing had happened. JD personally explained my work, and I got to work.

Once I got back to my desk, I checked my phone. I was added to a WhatsApp group called ‘JD’s Sluts & Bulls.’ I found that it was a group of some 20+ members. As per the group description, it was a group of women JD had fucked!

From the profile pics, it appeared the group had females of different ages. Some looked very young, and some looked in their 40s. So I was the newest addition to the club. Most of the group members were from the office.  As expected, JD was the admin, and there was one more admin Myra.

I hadn’t met her since this morning. JD first posted a welcome message for me. And then he posted different pics and short video clips of whatever happened in JD’s cabin earlier. That included pics from our first foreplay, me spanking Namita’s ass with a cane, and JD screwing me in different positions.

The final threesome with JD and Pritam. I felt very shy as it was for the first time my naked pics and vids were so circulated. But soon started to love the attention that I was getting. Most members liked or appreciated those pics and videos. A few male members expressed their desire to fuck me.

But JD warned them not even to touch me till he allowed it. As JD’s secretary was on leave for a few weeks, Namita worked as his secretary. Now, I was made his personal secretary in place of Namita.

My role was to look after his appointments, correspondence, and emails to collect information regarding any meetings. Most importantly, accompany him wherever he goes.

JD explained all the work and what he expects from me as his secretary. After the work orientation, I was about to leave. JD asked me to stop. He stared at me from top to bottom.

JD: Don’t you think your outfit is inappropriate for JD’s secretary?

I was puzzled. I couldn’t understand exactly how to react to him.

Me: Let me know how you wish to see your new secretary, and I’ll dress accordingly from tomorrow.

JD called Namita to check his schedule for the rest of the day. He was free after 8.30.

JD (to me): Alright, inform your family you will be working till late evening. Your boss will take care of transporting you to your home in the evening. We are going shopping after 8.30. Don’t worry about money. I’ll take care of that.

The rest of the day was pretty hectic. JD had a lot of meetings scheduled one after another. Finally, the last meeting ended at 8.30, and we immediately left the office. We went to a boutique in an uptown area. I was tense to see the boutique as it was owned by my cousin, Bhavesh.

My family has been in the tailoring business for generations now. Bhavesh took started his boutique with his fashion designer wife, Kriti. But as we got out of the car, we found that the shop was closed.

JD called someone on the phone, and Bhavesh came out of the shop, opening it from inside. He looked shocked to see me there with JD. Then when he looked at me carefully, his eyes popped out to see me wearing a see-through top without anything inside.

Quite shamelessly, he stared at my boobs visible through the top. While we were going inside, JD got a call and again went outside to receive the call. Now only me and Bhavesh were left there.

Bhavesh: When did my sweet little sister become a whore?

I was shocked to hear my cousin calling me a whore.

Me: What do you mean?

Bhavesh: Well, I guess you know very well what kind of person JD is. So if he comes with a young girl for shopping, she gives him what he wants.

Before I could say anything, Kriti came out wearing denim pants and a shirt. She was slim, a little skinny and had average-sized boobs, probably 32B. She, too, looked surprised to see me there. Then she, too, was stunned to see my see-through dress.

Kriti: So you are JD’s new personal slut, personal secretary. That’s cool. So, Bhavesh darling, your long-time desire to screw your sexy sister will finally be fulfilled today!

In one sentence, Kriti gave me two shocks! First, my cousin wants to screw me for a long time? And how is that going to happen tonight? Why would JD let him screw me?

Kriti: Don’t worry, dear, there are a few more shocks for you.

Just then, JD came, and he went straightaway to Kriti. In no time, their lips were locked to each other. While their lips were still locked, somehow, they entered the shop. Bhavesh closed the door again.

Now, JD was squeezing her boobs over the shirt. He was trying to search for the buttons. But somehow, he couldn’t open them.

JD (Sounding a little annoyed): Why the fuck you are wearing something like this. I told you that I was coming at 8.30.

Kriti couldn’t control her laugh. But that made JD even more annoyed. He held her shirt by its collar, almost tearing it apart. The last couple of buttons were still intact. So, with another jerk, he tore apart her shirt and threw it on the floor.

She immediately got rid of her bra. JD was playing with her boobs freely. I couldn’t believe my sister-in-law was doing all that in front of her husband. I looked at Bhavesh. He just got up from his seat and went inside.
I was still wondering about what Kriti had said about Bhavesh’s wish. My cousin brother wants to fuck me, and his wife knows about it? I couldn’t believe what was going on.

Just then, I heard a spank. I glanced back at Kriti and JD, Kriti’s pants and underwear were pulled down to her knees. JD was fingering her with one hand and spanking her with another. JD looked at me.

JD: Alright, first, let’s do the job we are here for. I’ll take care of this bitch later.

Kriti started to pull up her pants. But JD held her hand, and she got one more hard spank on her ass. Her white asscheek became red. JD pulled her pants down, this time below her knees. She removed her pants and panties and threw them on a table. Now she was roaming completely naked freely in the shop.

Just then, Bhavesh came up with a few shirts and skirts.

JD: Bhavesh, how could you bring dresses for her without taking her measurements?

Bhavesh: Well, she had been here very recently. So I know her measurements well.

JD: Bastard, then why the fuck do you undress Myra every time she comes here?

Bhavesh just smiled and winked his eyes. But my heart skipped a bit on knowing that he strips Myra naked every time she goes there. Bhavesh handed me a white shirt and a blue miniskirt. I took them and started walking towards the changing room.

JD: Hey, Vidya, why are you wasting time in that congested changing room? Just do it here. Since you have been here before, I am sure this bastard must have seen you naked already.

Vidya: No. He hasn’t…

JD (Cutting my sentence): Alright, he will see today.

Now I was very nervous about getting naked in front of my cousin.  Somehow I was completely frozen.

JD: Hey, Bhavesh, why don’t you help her remove her clothes?

And Bhavesh walked gleefully towards me with a big wicked smile.

To be continued. What happens at Bhavesh’s shop later? Is Vidya fucked by her cousin, or is there any new twist to the story? Keep reading. For feedback, [email protected]