Search For Perfect Life Partner – Part 2

Hi, this is Riya. I am 32 years old. This is my third story and you will get a lot in the coming days. I am divorced and have had a lot of experience before and after the divorce. This story is about when I started to search for my life partner part 2.

First of all, I am extremely sorry to delay the second part. If you have not read the first part, please go through my first part of the story. Without wasting time, I will start part 2 of the story.

My family and his family agreed to our marriage and we started roaming together almost daily. In between this, we had many sexual funs.

It was the month of December and we had a few weeks remaining for our marriage. My fiance (who is now my ex-husband) planned to get together with his friends. So, we had the plan to visit Anjuna beach and spend some time for the musical night and food and then return home.

My fiance took me to his home, gave me a dress, and said to wear it and be ready, and went out to buy some items. I was happy to see the dress as it was a really lovely black bodycon dress.

Then I wore the dress, it was a bit deep which revealed almost half of my boobs. I found he had also ordered a silicon self-adhesive bra just to hold up my boobs stiffly. The dress was almost ending just after my ass and I was facing difficulty in pulling it down and I was just wearing a thong inside.

After some time, he came and his eyes started glowing. He came and hugged me from the back, squeezed my boobs, and adjusted my boobs. His hands gradually came down and went inside my dress from down and he pulled down my thong and kept it in his pocket.

Me: Will do it at night.

He: Who is going to do it now?

Me: Then why did you remove it?

He: You will come like this only without any kind of innerwear.

Me: Why?

He: I just want to see my friend’s reactions.

After a discussion, both agreed and we proceeded. Then we sat in the car and he started to drive to Anjuna beach. In the car, I began to tease him widening my legs and touching my pussy. In between, he also touched my pussy and rubbed my thighs.

We reached Anjuna beach and started walking towards the beach. I was feeling cold as the dress was very thin and nothing was inside my dress except a silicon cup to cover my hard nipples due to the cold.

My fiance started calling his friends on the phone and we met them. They were 4, and my husband introduced me to them. One guy came and hugged me and his hands touched my hips and greeted me. I saw my fiance and he signaled with his eyes, “No problem”.

I observed the guy who hugged me whispering to his friends and they started staring at my ass. I understood he noticed nothing was inside my dress.

Then we went to a shack (beachside pub and restaurant for those who don’t know about Goa). We ordered some snacks and drinks and started to enjoy music and people dancing over there. I had almost one bottle of beer and ordered one more and a hookah. I was wondering why these guys were desperate to call someone.

Suddenly, I saw the smile on everyone’s faces and a girl came behind me and greeted everyone with a hug and kiss. I was shocked to see her with heavy boobs and nipples visible with a deep white top and black mini skirt. I doubted she wore, panty but luckily when she bent to hug guys who were sitting, her short white pant under her skirt was visible.

My future husband introduced me to her and she came and greeted me with a hug. I observed from near the sweat between her boobs and I understood she might have hardened their dicks. Then those guys asked me –

Those guys: Do you know who she is?

And they looked at my fiance.

My fiance said: I have informed her about my secretary.

Then I remembered what he had said to me before. He had an affair with his secretary. But I never thought a married woman with two children wears such a dress in public.

She sat in between those guys and started drinking. My fiance started touching my thighs while drinking. After some drinks, they went dancing. I and my fiance continued to drink and were watching them.

My future-hubby got horny seeing her dance and her bouncy boobs and called me to the dance floor. I was feeling uncomfortable while dancing as I had to adjust my dress by pulling it down. Then my future hus started to dance with his secretary and I was dancing alone and felt bored and came back to the table.

I was observing my fiance squeezing her ass and dancing with her. After some time, they dispersed and he came near me and sat and started drinking. After some time, we planned to return home. I was unable to walk (the only thing I remember). And near the car, I vomited.

While vomiting, my fiance came and hugged me from back and started squeezing my boobs and turned me around and started kissing me. I also started kissing him and hugged him. He slid his hands into my dress and lifted it and started squeezing my ass. I started feeling the cold air on the highway. I sat down and unzipped him and took his dick out and started sucking the dick.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my ass and pussy. But when I tried to turn back, he caught my face and inserted his dick deep in my mouth and started choking me. I was getting hot as I was sucking dick and another guy was fingering me.

He then lifted me and took me into the car and I sat behind with his friends. I was so horny that I was touching the dicks of his friends and they started squeezing my boobs. After some time, I went to sleep.

When I opened my eyes, I was on the bed and was covered in a blanket and was feeling dick on my ass. As it was cold, I moved toward it and rubbed my ass to the dick thinking it was my fiance’s dick. When I felt rough hands on my boobs, I got up and screamed. I saw my future husband was sleeping nude with that other girl and my father-in-law was sleeping beside me nude! My one hand was on my boobs another on my pussy covering it.

My future husband came running to me and took me to another room. Then we had a lot of arguments for around an hour.

This story is just the beginning. I know there were not many sex scenes, but after this, I had an really erotic experience and I will share it soon.