My early 20’s – Part 2 (Intimate Experiences)

Hi guys, let’s get into the story.

It was morning, and I turned off the alarm which rang at 6 am. My dick is hard because of my morning boner, as usual. I’m naked under the sheets as usual. I took my erect penis in my right hand. I slowly stroked it, thinking about the random girls in my life and fantasising about them.

Today Rena got to my mind. She’s one of my classmates who has a huge crush on me. She’s also part of our college friends group, and our friends like to tease her. We went on a date without their knowledge and hooked up in the night. Fortunately, none of my roommates was in town.

About Rena, she’s 5.6 tall with a slim body. Her body measures 33-28-30. I liked her petite body. I took her to my room. She dresses in black jeans and a black top, showing her cleavage.

We are both in my bed, talking and flirting. By now, my dick is hard knowing a girl is in my room and on my bed. I asked her for a hug. She asked me to stand up, and we were on our knees, hugging on the bed. Her chest pressed to mine, and she could feel my hard-on while hugging me.

We both fell back on the bed, laying on our backs. I rest my head on her shoulder, closer to her chest. She started playing with my hair, and my right hand was on her navel. She started talking about her feelings, and I ignored her words.

I shifted my right hand to her left boob. I cupped her left boob, and she immediately took my hand off her chest. I placed my hand back there again. She resisted again and asked me to stop. I lifted my head, looked into her eyes, and kissed her lips.

She, too, responded to the kiss with her left hand. She held my head and kept her tongue inside. Her left hand was busy holding my head. I took the opportunity and grabbed her right boob with my right hand and started pressing it gently. I then took my hand inside her dress.

I can now feel her erect nipple over her sports bra. I pinched her nipple over her bra and stopped kissing her. I requested to remove her top. She denied it as usual. I stopped kissing her lips and shifted to her navel. I kept both hands on her boobs, kissing her navel and slowly undoing her top.

She kept resisting, but eventually, she gave up. I slowly undid her top and her bra. She was now half naked, and she quickly hid in the blanket. I entered her blanket from the side, and my gaze shifted to her tender tits. She quickly grabbed my head and started kissing me.

I broke the kiss after a minute and focused on her tits. Her 32-size cute boobs were very tempting. I didn’t waste a second. I took her left tit and started sucking her breasts while playing with her nipple with my tongue. She kept giving soft moans.

I kept this play for another 10 minutes. She kept moving and releasing soft moans. Now I shifted aside and laid on my back. I asked her if she liked to touch my dick. She said no immediately. I took her hand and placed it on her pants. Her hand landed straight on my hard-on, and she could feel it.

She gave a little squeeze and removed her hand from there. I asked her to hold my dick and inserted her hand into my pants. She grabbed my penis gently, and I started kissing her. She started slightly pressing my cock while we were kissing. She said it was the first time she had ever felt a cock.

I asked her if she wanted to see it, and she replied no. I said, “I’ll show you anyways.” I took my pants off, and my hard cock stood before her. I took her hand and kept on it. She grabbed it and slowly stroked it, feeling it in her hand. I shifted my hands slowly into her pants.

She resisted and asked me, please don’t go there. Now I shifted to her boobs while she was stroking my cock. I couldn’t feel any pressure applied by her hand on my cock. I shifted on top of her. Now I was on top of her, and I slowly started to dry hump her pussy, looking into her eyes.

She left a soft moan which I couldn’t resist, and slowly started biting her lips while dry humping her. I again tried to remove her pants. But she resisted and pleaded not to go there. I adjusted to the front and started hitting her boobs with my dick. I kept my dick between her boobs and started to fuck them.

I asked if she would like to suck my dick. She looked me in the eyes and turned her head a little, stating no. I asked her to please try it. She took my dick into her left hand. There was some precum dripping at the end of my dick. She rubbed my precum on her left boob.

The way she did it was so lustful. I told her I would cum on her boobs at the end. She gave a small smile. She took my dick into her mouth, just the tip and tasted it. She took it out immediately while looking at me. She tried again and took it up to my dick head. She started sucking my dick head.

She took it out in under a minute. I asked her if she liked something about it. She nodded yes. I quickly grabbed a Nutella from my bed stand, opened the cup, and she took some with two fingers and started applying it to my dick. Once she applied it to my dick, she licked her fingers.

Showing her fingers, she asked if I would like to lick them. I took both her fingers and started sucking them. I cleaned her fingers with my tongue. Now it was her turn to lick my cock. She firmly held my cock at the start and started slowly sucking my dick. It’s so good getting sucked by her.

In two minutes, she sucked my dick head. I then kissed her. Slowly in her ear, I said I wanted to cum on her boobs. She then kissed me back and said okay in a soft tone. I adjusted myself in front of her boobs. She, with both hands, pressed her boobs closer.

I kept my dick between her boobs and started fucking them. My dick was releasing precum. It was helping me with the friction. In a few minutes, I took my dick to my hand and started stroking it. After a few strokes, I cum on her boobs. I rub my dick on her boobs, spreading my cum around her tits.

I lay next to her after finishing. We both hugged and slept after a few minutes. I kept slowly stroking my morning erection, thinking about the night. My Mom now knocked on the door. She was going to get groceries and asked me to take the trash out.

It’s almost 8 am now. I then stopped my thing and woke up. I got into my pyjamas and took the trash from my room. My Mom’s room was adjacent to mine. So I entered her room and picked up her trash. She’s snacking a lot lately. I took the trash from the kitchen and left it in the backdoor near the dumpster.

I got a message from Mom.

Mom: Please do the laundry today. Pick your used clothes and mine. Keep the timer.

Me: Sure, Mom!

I grabbed my used clothes and went to my Mom’s bedroom. I see clothes all over the place. I immediately called her. She guided me to some of her clothes on her bed and some in the laundry basket. There were some panties on the bed. I asked Mom whether those were used, and she said yes.

Mom: Why can’t you smell them and know which is fresh instead of calling me? I’m busy here picking up groceries.

Me: Ewww, Mom, I don’t want to smell your underwear.

Mom: I smell yours.

Me: Mom, why do you smell my underpants?

Mom: Because you always leave your clothes everywhere and are disorganised. I can’t call you every time to check.

Me: Looks like my habits are inherent.

Mom: Okay, I need to go bye.

I think I got her angry, but I don’t mind. It won’t last more than a minute. She’s more expressive naturally. I took her advice and smelled some of her used panties. It wasn’t that bad. This was the first time I smelled a woman’s panties. Even though I don’t have any fetish-smelling panties, I like what I’m doing.

I took those and kept them in the machine and left to my room to take a bath. Meanwhile, Mom came back and made breakfast. She completed eating her then she called me to have mine. I had mine and returned to my room to attend my virtual class. This routine continued for days.

Daily, Mom goes for a walk early. I do some chores in the house, like picking up the laundry. After a few days, on Sunday afternoon, my Mom texted me.

Mom: Son, your clothes are washed and dried up. You can pick them up from the couch.

Me: Thanks, Mom. Love you!

Mom: It’s okay, sweetie. Also looks like you now know the difference between used and fresh clothes. Are you using the trick I told you to do?

Me: Yes, Mom, I’m sniffing your panties to know the difference.

Mom: You got brave telling your Mom that you are sniffing her panties.

Me: What do you want me to do, ma? I’m doing what you suggested.

Mom: Okay, fine. Don’t get any kinky ideas smelling my panties. Some of them are costly.

Me: What are you talking about, Mom? What kinky stuff I’m going to do with your underwear?
Mom: The usual stuff young adults like you do. Masturbate with them, which is fine. I can only blame hormones. I’m only concerned about my expensive lingerie.

Me: Mom, please, I don’t have any fetish to masturbate on your panties. Can’t we be like normal mothers and sons?

Mom: You’re saying this isn’t normal?

Me: Yes, Mom, I feel like that.

Mom: What is normal then?

Me: We pretend or ignore private parts and respect each other privacy.

Mom: You bathed with me until you hit puberty. Now don’t talk like a responsible adult. I’ve never seen you take responsibility, even for your stuff.

Me: Cool, Mom, it’s okay. I just feel uncomfortable sometimes with the stuff we talk about.

Mom: Okay, son, I won’t bring up things that make you uncomfortable.

Me: Thanks, Mom. Now if you may, I would like to play my game.

Mom: Carry on.

While days went by, and it’s been many days since I’ve masturbated. I got an evil thought while smelling one of my Mom’s used panties. I slipped that garment into my pocket. After breakfast, I went to my room and smelled that panty. The fabric is so soft to the touch.

I got an instant hard-on and started rubbing my dick. I started feeling the fabric with my left hand and jerking off with the other. I placed her panties on my dick and jerked along with it. The soft fabric gives so much pleasure. It also helped to deal with friction with no need to use lube.

Then I nutted out on her panties in a few minutes, and some fell on the floor. I cleaned later and washed the fabric with my hands. I placed it back in my Mom’s room layer without her knowing. The next time I masturbate, it’s not the same pleasure. I badly wanted her panties to jerk off.

The next day I tried looking for one in my sister’s room. She is not here. She might not know it’s gone missing. To my luck, I haven’t found it as soft as I used it earlier. After 2 days, I decided to ask my Mom for some of her panties.

The next day I texted my Mom.

Me: Hi, Mom. I don’t know when this pandemic will get over. I’m totally bored by now.

Mom: Sweetie, everyone feels the same. I hope this will end soon. I stopped looking at the as it’s depressing to hear people dying.

Me: Good thing, Mom. And I need to confess something to Mom.

Mom: What is it, sweetie?

Me: A couple of days, I used your panties to masturbate. I made them dirty. I then washed it and kept it back in your room.

Mom: I’m not surprised, but you confessed what you did. That is such a mature thing to do.

Me: Thanks, Mom. I liked it, masturbating with your panties. The softness of the fabric touching my penis gave me more pleasure than my hand.

Mom: Too much information, sweetie. See, you always overshare things. And when I do, you ask me to turn it down.

Me: Sorry, Mom, I feel bad about that now.

Mom: It’s okay, son. Now how can I help?

Me: If you don’t mind, can I have one of your panties to jerk off?

Mom: Sweetie, is it you that asking? I couldn’t believe it. What got into you suddenly?

Me: I like the feel of soft fabric on my penis.

Mom: Sure, son, you can have my panties tomorrow. But on the condition that you need to wash them with your hands immediately after you finish. I don’t want your cream-making stains.

Me: Sure, Mom agreed. Can I have one now?

Mom: Now? Why? You can have it in the morning.

Me: Mom, I’m pretty much bored now and don’t know what to do this would help me to relax.

Mom: Okay, son, please come to my room. I’ll give you one which I’m wearing.

I went to my Mom’s bedroom door and knocked. She opened the and handed me her panties. I took it to my room and saw it a little wet in the front. Did my talk with my Mom make her wet?

I have a hard-on for asking my Mom to give her panties for masturbating. Without any delay, I started jerking off with it and finished. Once done, I texted my Mom thanks with love emoji. She replied with kiss emoji.

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