The 10 Best Indian Sex Stories of March 2023

Hi Readers, we at ISS have the list of the 10 most popular sex stories of March 2023. We hope you have checked out the audios we have added to the stories.

1) Slut Wife fucks her Brother-In-Law ? ?

By: Swatijaiswal ?

Aditi was a happily married housewife with amazing sex life. She recently became a mom. Then an unexpected guest came into her life, and everything changed.

‘Amit then held me in his arms and took me to the bathroom. We stood under the hot shower, and I pulled down his boxers. I was playing with his hard dick, and he was sucking my nipples while hot water from the shower made our bodies wet.’ Read the entire story here.

2) Story of an Indian Mom and Son – Part 4

By: rohan1806

After having sex with mom for the first time, we continued to explore more. From bathroom sex to teaching her new ways of pleasure, making her cum all day.

‘She asked me, “Why did you spank my ass?” I replied, “I love your ass so much, mom. I want to grab and spank it every time I see it.” She gave me a naughty smile. She said she had so much pain when I fucked her ass last time. While talking about this, my hand was caressing her boobs.’ Read the entire story here.

3) Fucked My Childhood Crush Cum Cousin Sister Swetha

By: aravks

Read about how I got a chance to fuck my cousin sister Swetha in Hyderabad. I always had a crush on her and it intensified after a hot incident at her place.

‘She was sucking my lips and soon, we started exchanging our saliva. I broke the kiss and laid her down on the bed and removed her bra top. Her melons came out. They were huge and I started sucking her nipples. After that, I went down and she opened her legs for me. Then I removed her jeans and a blue color panty.’ Read the entire story here.

4) Hyderabadi brother cums inside married sister

By: mohitsharma32465

The hot incest story of a Hyderabadi guy who unintentionally gets aroused by his married sister who was having a sad sex life & cums inside her pink pussy.

‘I started fondling both her boobs and ramming her pussy hard at the same time. After a couple of minutes, we both came together and I unloaded my huge load inside my sister’s pink juicy pussy. We were completely exhausted and slept off.’ Read the entire story here.

5) Seducing A Married Friend Samruddhi In Mumbai

By: tedericson

I wanted to fuck my friend with benefits from college Samruddhi after she was married. I try to seduce her when her hubby was away. Will she let me or kick me out?

‘I was happy, I kissed her passionately, with love, and pressed the huge boobs on her slender body and huge ass. I slowly lifted her ass and made her sit on the counter, spread her legs and kissed her wet pussy. I tongue fucked my married friend, bit her clit and sucked on it while pressing her boobs. I ate her like I was hungry for ages!’ Read the entire story here.

6) Innocent Virgin Girl Fucked By Manager – Part 1 ?

By: reshu

This story is about how an innocent office girl at verge of losing job was helped by her manager. But in the process, the manager fucks the virgin girl.

‘He then started squeezing my nipples and sucking them, licking my boobs. He was a strong man and he could easily hold my 32 boobs with his hands. Once done with that, he slowly removed my jeans and panties. He then got up and took a look at my completely naked body. I was smiling when he was doing that.’ Read the entire story here.

7) Office Manager Destroyed My Newly Married Pussy – Part 2

By: radhika6cwife

Read how my manager carried me to bed and destroyed my asshole as well as my pussy. He made me his slut with his domination which I enjoyed to the core.

‘I caught his dick and balls with my hands. I could feel his dick getting hard, and in no time, his dick was hard. I started to examine his dick. It was fast, and I could not grip it with my hand. I moved towards his dick. I noticed the veins on the dick, and it was a veiny dick which is my dream dick. I started to rub his dick all over my face after smelling it.’ Read the entire story here.

8) Fucking my officer aunt Neelam in forest

By: beinggujju

I went to my hot aunt Neelam for a trip to the jungle as she was a forest officer. We were got caught in rain & mud and had to sleep inside a checkpost. Find out what happened.

‘Then I shook my boner thinking about her and removed my underwear and became nude. I was waiting near the door in the dark. As my aunt entered the room, she closed the door (it was kept open earlier). That aroused me and I held her both hands in my palms and pushed her onto the wall. She had removed her bra and panty at the terrace. My dick was rubbing my aunt’s inner thighs and her warm wet pussy lips.’ Read the entire story here.

9) Vacation In Goa With Friend’s Single Mom Sonia – Part 1

By: rajraka09 ?

Erotic incident took place in Goa when I met my roommate/friend’s mom Sonia. She was a single mom and was desperate to get laid with me after some drinks.

‘My friend’s mom pulled my top out and started kissing my bare chest on my nipples. I was getting aroused and my cock was hard down. She came near me, and kissed my lips gently and so did I. We kissed for a few minutes erotically and then I was playing with my friend’s drunk mom’s boobs over her top.’ Read the entire story here.

10) Main, Mami Aur Lockdown – Part 2

By: mami_lover

Maine apni mami ko prove kiya, ki mama porn dekhte the. Padhiye kaise main mami ko dekh kar muth maarta, aur fir lockdown ka miracle hua.

‘Raat ko main mami ke boobs dabata raha, aur lund nikaal kar unki gaand par ragadta raha. Ye silsila kuch yu hi 15 din tak chala. Exams ke hone tak zyada kuch nahi hua, bas mami ka cleavage dekha aur hilata raha din raat bas.’ Read the entire story here.

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