Sexy Indian Girl Hot Armpit Licked In Parlor

Hello readers, I am very excited to share my story with you all and hope you will enjoy it. I am Shraddha, 26, with fair skin, 5.4 height, and figure 32-23-33.

I and my boyfriend used to have sex often, but later he moved to a different city, and I moved to Bangalore for work. So, it became a long-distance relationship.

I usually go to the parlor near my PG, but for some reason, it closed permanently. So I went to a new parlor, where I met Faiz. When I saw him for the first time, my eyes were stuck on him; he was fair, had an amazing physique, and was very attractive. He came near me, and I felt butterflies tickling inside my tummy.

Faiz: Welcome mam, I am Faiz (with a cute smile), what you like to do today?

I planned to have eyebrows, but I wanted to spend more time with him.

Shraddha (blushing): Mmm, I like to set my hair and eyebrows.

Faiz: Sure, mam.

And he showed me the way. The parlor was just awesome; there were 2 rooms, and as one was full, he guided us to the next room.

He did my hair and eyebrows; I was just looking at him all the time, and when he touched me, I felt a current flowing in me.

Faiz: Mam, you are done. Anything else I can do for you?

Shraddha: Mmm. Call me ‘Shraddha’. Don’t call me ‘Mam’.

Faiz: Ok, Shraddha.

It was cute to hear my name from his mouth.

Shraddha: Any suggestions for what else I can do today?

Faiz: Waxing??

But I had already done waxing on my legs and hands.

Shraddha: Can you do waxing on my armpit?

I hadn’t shaved my armpit for a week, so I had little hair on my armpit. When I said ‘armpit waxing’, he was happy.

Faiz: Sure, Shraddha, but you are wearing a half-sleeve dress. You will have to remove your t-shirt. Are you okay with that, or else I will arrange a female colleague for you?

Shraddha: I don’t have any issues, but since this is an open place, I am not comfortable.

Faiz: Don’t worry, Shraddha; we do waxing in a room separated by screens.

It sounded crazy to me; I thought to seduce him that day.

I said, “Okay, no issue.”

Faiz was happy, and I could see his happiness in his actions.

We went to the waxing room, and he closed the screen. My heart was jumping like a monkey.

Faiz: Shraddha, please remove your shirt.

I removed my t-shirt; his eyes were exploring my milky skin. He was starting at my navel.

I was wearing a slip bra; I guess he was disappointed that he couldn’t get to see me in a bra. But he didn’t show his disappointment on his face. He asked me to raise my arm; it was a little hairy.

Faiz: It seems you have not taken care of your armpit.

Shraddha: Yes, I didn’t get time to shave; I was a bit busy.

He dropped his waxing spatula near me and bent forward to pick it up while he was just inches away from my armpit. He smelled my armpit for 5–6 seconds, thinking I wouldn’t notice.

When he was standing right in front of me, I noticed a bulge in his pants. Of course, he is a man; he can’t control it, I know.

He touched my armpit first, and, oh my god, I just closed my eyes.

Faiz: What happened, Shraddha?

Shraddha: Nothing, nothing. You carry on. (with a smile)

Faiz got the hint that I was loving what was happening here. He applied wax and started to clean my armpit.

Shraddha: You won’t feel uncomfortable cleaning my armpits?

Faiz: No, not at all, Shraddha. Actually, I love this (and blinked his eyes).

Shraddha: What? What you love means?

Faiz: I mean, I love my job. (with a naughty smile, it was looking cute on him.)

But I understood what he meant.

Shraddha: Oh, I see. Also, you will get to see so many semi-naked girls here, won’t you?

Faiz: Yes, of course, but you are much prettier and have a beautiful skin complexion.

Shraddha: Oh, really? Thank you.

Faiz now started getting comfortable with me and started flirting with me.

Faiz completed my waxing.

Faiz: Your armpit looks sexy now.

Shraddha: Sexy?? Thank you.

Faiz: Let me clean with a wet cloth.

Shraddha: Okay.

He wiped and cleaned my armpit and just ran his fingers over it.

Shraddha: What you are doing? (I asked with a naughty tone.)

Faiz: I am just feeling the smoothness of your armpit.

Shraddha: Okay, you’ve finished feeling my smoothness. Can I put back my t-shirt?

Faiz: I want to feel your meaty armpit more, but you want to run from me. (with a sad face)

Shraddha: Okay, what do you want to do now?

Even I was waiting for the moment. I wanted to suck his cock. It had been a long time since my boyfriend was also away from me, and I was hungry for cock.

Faiz took my arm and lifted it and placed a beautiful kiss. This was the first time someone kissed my armpit. Later, he started licking my armpit. My god! He just licked my armpit like ice cream. I just loved the way he licked it. Even my boyfriend never did this to me. Faiz just worshipped my armpit.

Suddenly, he put his hand inside my slip and started pressing my boobies. He removed my slip bra; my pinky nipples were erect, and I was staring at Faiz.

Faiz: Your boobs are amazing. You have got beautiful pinky nipples, Shraddha. and started playing with my nipples.

Later, he started sucking my boobies.

This was intense; we were just getting hot.

I grabbed his tool, and wow, it was fully erected.

He removed my pants, and he started eating my pussy. I was breathing heavily and controlling my moans, as I didn’t want others to know what was happening here.

He put his dick out of his pants; it looked so yummy to me. I just started giving him a blowjob. He suddenly started giving mouth fuck; his dick aroma was just driving me crazy; he cummed inside my mouth. Wow, that hot ghee! I just swallowed it and licked his dick completely.

Later, we both dressed properly, as if nothing had happened.

And we exchanged our numbers. He told me, “From now onward, you don’t have to clean your armpits and pussy yourself. Come here, and I will clean both with pleasure.”

I said, “Yes, sure.”

From then on, I used to wear sleeveless dresses, and I used to show my armpit to men. I loved the way men stared at my armpits.

I hope you guys liked my sensual armpit-licking story.

If you guys are interested in knowing how I and Faiz had sex in his place, let me know in the comments.

Thank you, armpit lovers.