Sex Adventure on the high seas ?

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The adventures of Pirate Captain Richard Griffin and Jane continue in this part after ‘The Night at Tortuga.’

After the night at Tortuga, the pirate Captain and Jane sailed on the Tiercel (the ship’s name). An incident happened which shook Jane, and she was very upset.

Niels, the ally of Captain Copper Hog, was the staunch enemy of Captain Griffin. He was killed by Jane when he tried to attack Griffin. That was the first murder ever committed by Jane.

After many nights, Captain Richard tried to console Jane so she might be cheerful.

“What about Captain Copper Hog? Will he try to attack us since we attacked his ally?”

“Yes. He might. Maybe he’ll kill us all. So, it is necessary for us to find the cursed, indestructible ship.”

She felt that her throat developed a lump. She pressed her mouth deep towards the pillow so he couldn’t hear her sniffles.

“It’s alright, Jennifer, it’s alright.” Richard ran his fingers through her hair. “You’ve killed an imbecile animal from hurting me. You’ve saved my life. No woman ever did that for me. I wished I had kissed you at that moment.”

Jane turned towards the Captain. “Did you really mean that?” She struggled to force the words out of her mouth. Her throat felt constricted by the lump of her emotions.


Jane bent downwards, her heart racing, but she was unsure why. Her emotions conflicted with each other. On the one hand, she accused herself of being a murderer. She had already committed a sin, an act of piracy. On the other hand, she felt calmed and comforted by the gentle and amiable tone of her Captain.

Without realizing it, she had been longing for his approval. Deep inside, she felt ecstatic that he was with her that night. Jane raised her head and moved her face towards his. She brushed her lips lightly against his and looked at him. Staring at each other for a few seconds, he gently removed a few strands of hair from her cheek.

She got back the same electrifying feeling from his touch. Richard parted his lips just enough to taste Jane’s breath. He got the intoxicating flavour of the white wine she had drunk. Jane kissed lying on the bed while the boat rocked and went straight ahead with the winds.

Jane realized she was being manoeuvred as Richard tried to roll and shift his weight on top of her. This time she didn’t submit herself. She placed her hand on his shoulder, wandering on her bare chest.

“Today, I’ll be on top,” she whispered. The Captain was taken aback for a moment. But then he rolled back and let Jane on top of him. Jane wasted no time climbing on top of him.

As soon as she raised her body, the sheets covering her fell, revealing her bare breasts and torso. She wasn’t wearing anything except her panties and stockings. She raised her ass off his groin. So he may unbuckle his belt and lower his trousers, and she could also remove the last piece of fabric from her body.

She leaned in to kiss Richard while her fingers struggled to get a complete grip on his semi-erect member. That night, the pirate lord accepts the lead of Jane. She stroked his cock a few times until it throbbed under her press. Then she broke her kiss, straightened her back and slowly rubbed the head against her slit.

Within seconds, moisture was seeping from her hungry channel. She rubbed the head in the gap between her ‘lips.’ She slid the glistening head inside her tight opening and lowered her weight onto the Captain’s cock. The head stretched her walls as it slid into her tunnel. She gasped and breathed hard as she placed her hands on Richard’s chest.

She pushed up and down several times. With each descent, another inch of his thick shaft went inside her body. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as her body impaled with his mighty member.

Once she had taken it entirely, she lowered her body to his chest. Her nipples pressed against his hard skin as her mouth searched for his lips. Jane kissed his chin, cheeks, and nose and pressed her lips against his. He returned the kiss passionately.

Jane felt a ripple run down her torso while they both were engaged in a kiss full of passion. She squeezed her thighs a little to feel his throbbing cock inside her pussy. Quite by accident, she discovered her clit was pressed against his pubic area.

The slightest backward and forward motion caused a wave of pleasure from her nether region to her brain. Every time she moved, she felt the jolts inside her brain. The Captain’s groan indicated that he, too, was enjoying the experience. Jane continued to move, but maintaining her concentration was difficult.

She had never experienced something like that before. The temptation to slide up and down was irresistible on his voluminous cock. But the urge to orgasm was unbearable.

About a minute later, Jane couldn’t let it stop anymore. She buried her face in his neck and rode his cock like a true heated-up bitch. Her slender body sliding up and down the thick shaft made her moan louder and longer. She was racing towards her orgasm with infinite acceleration.

Her ass rose up and down, slamming hard onto the Captain’s groin. The meaty cock filled and vacated her dripping cunt over and over. “I’m gonna cum, ohhh!” she exclaimed. Jane screamed when her body crossed the finish line in her race to her orgasm.

Stars and planets appeared before her eyes when she closed her eyes. But she involuntarily raised and dropped her hips. Every movement sent ripples of pleasure through her body. She collapsed on Richard’s chest and continued to breathe heavily. She tried to push up but didn’t have the strength for that.

“Thank you,” she panted. “That was something incredible.”

Richard then looked downwards when Jane looked up at him. In the darkness, they located each other’s lips and went for a kiss. Richard wrapped his arms around her back and then rolled his hips forward, pushing his cock, half out of her wet hole, into her. Jane’s eyes opened at once, and they bulged.

Breaking the kiss, she said, “You, you’re still hard? But didn’t you cum?”

“It would be highly impolite for a man to cum before his lady.”

“Am I your lady now?”

“Last week, in Tortuga, I fucked you like I’d have fucked a whore. Tonight, you’re my lady. Tomorrow who knows.”

Jane leaned over and kissed Richard. She rolled to the side, sliding off his hard shaft. She lay on her side, looking at him. Her eyes gleamed, and a naughty playful grin appeared on her face.

It seemed that she wanted to take much more advantage of the fact that Richard was still hard. She wanted another round of elevated pleasure for both of them.

“I was wondering something,” she hinted.


“I was wondering. How does a girl feel to take it back there?”

Her question puzzled the Captain. He thought about what she was suggesting but quickly took the hint. He was going to explore Jane’s kink and nasty side, which she had probably hidden from herself. A part of Jane was fascinated by the scandalous lifestyle she was leading.

She had only imagined certain scenarios by reading the books when her tutors weren’t around. The last shreds of a proper lady with a decent upbringing settled within her were fading away gradually. She silently rolled to the other side.

The Captain reached out to fetch the liquid container to light up the lamps. The oil would be used for an excellent lube. The odour of it resembled olive oil. He got up to kneel on the bed. His trousers drifted to his knees, pouring the liquid down on her crotch.

He slid his cock up and down along her slit and the crack of her butt. Jane gasped. She got the same feeling that she felt before her night at Tortuga. Those raw emotions resurfaced. Again, his touch and his actions increased the intensity of her arousal.

She felt the urge to submit to the erotic needs of her body completely. He placed the tip against her butthole and purchased. He grabbed her hips and made her kneel while her head still rested on the pillow. Her asshole was tight enough, but the Captain pushed forward to let his head past her sphincter.

A new kind of pain shot through her torso, starting in her rectum and ending in her stomach.


“I’m offering myself to you. All of me,” she moaned, her voice muffled into the pillow. The more he burrowed in, the tighter she clenched her fist. It was visible that she was in sheer discomfort. But as lust and arousal overtook her, she didn’t want to give up. She lifted her head from the pillow.

“Ok. Just give me a second.”

The man waited but didn’t back up, but stopped pushing. Jane took several deep breaths and willed herself to relax. “Yeah,” she said. A burning pain tore through her guts as the Captain resumed pushing in. She felt the fat head push its way into her rectum.

“Ugh! God, that hurts,” Jane cried. Jane felt as if she was being ripped into two. Her ass was on fire while a nauseating sensation was shredding her bowels. She tried to breathe. But the pain was intense enough to shut her bodily functions completely. Finally, Richard stopped pushing.

“The worst is over,” he said. “Now, it’ll be fun.”

Jane felt like she had been penetrated in the most private hole by a jagged metal. Her pain was still burning, but the blazing torture inside her gut had settled down. It seemed to be gone. She took several deep breaths and waited for the next part.

Richard resumed pushing. His cock went into her hole inch by inch. When it was halfway, he pulled back. He poured some more oil on his shaft and pushed again, pushing the oil container aside. A fresh wave of pain washed all over her. But this time, it was less intense.

After several times, his thick manhood occupying and vacating her tight asshole, she became partly accustomed. The penetration was slow but powerful. Finally, she felt his balls slapping against her pussy lips.

“Are you alright?” the Captain asked.

“Ah, yeah! I’m coping,” she replied.

The Captain started pumping in and out of her itty-bitty asshole. With every thrust, he increased the force. His balls slapped the opening where she was ravaged a while ago.

“I want you to fuck me the way you like. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to destroy my ass,” she said in pain.

Hearing this, Richard settled into a slower rhythm. He pulled out his cock almost to the point of complete withdrawal and then pushed it back slowly. When completely buried in, he waited momentarily and then pushed again.

“That’s better,” Jane moaned. Jane reached between her legs and flicked her clit. The fire in her butt was never completely doused. But she thought of rubbing herself to orgasm while her ass was penetrated. It was an overwhelming sensation that became manageable.

“Ugh! Yeah, just like that,” she moaned. “Richard, pinch my nipples, pinch’em now.”

Richard wrapped his arms around Jane’s torso. His hands sought out her nipples. His strong fingers closed around each of her nubs, pulling and stretching them away from her breasts. “Ungh!” she grunted. The Captain’s groans accompanied her pleasurable moans and grunts.

Richard leaned over and pushed the hair from her shoulders with his nose. He then lowered his mouth to the back of her neck. He kissed and sucked, the salty sweat covering his skin. He opened his mouth and pressed his teeth into the tender flesh above her shoulder, behind her neck.

Richard knew every possible trick to turn on Jane even more. His touch, his caressing, his kiss and perhaps his cock, all had mesmerizing effects on the young lady.

“Again,” she moaned.

Richard closed his mouth. He felt her body squirm and gyrate. He bit her neck, pinched her nipples and drove his rod right into her ass, all at the same time.

“More!” she screamed.

He was confused about whether she wanted more pleasure from the bite to her neck. Or more force on the squeezing of her nipples. Or more power on the thrusting of her ass. The deliberate pace he was maintaining in her butt was becoming impossible.

His body finally abandoned any restraint, and he started pumping her feeble hole like a wild bull. His balls were ready to explode, but he wanted that pleasure to last longer. His grunts and groans were in unison with her moans. He began biting and pinching even harder.

Jane could feel that the pain was now distant. She rubbed her clit and savoured every bit of the electric jolts she was feeling. Her wild night was now becoming violent. She felt that her pleasure screams would attract all the crew members. They can swarm outside the Captain’s cabin as bees swarm near their hives.

With each passing moment, she neared a violent orgasm. But that orgasm would be different. That orgasm would come from the arousal of her other organs. Her pussy had been left alone in that encounter. As she contemplated Captain Richard’s art in arousing her, it happened to her.

Jane again planted her face in the pillow just before she started to scream. A powerful orgasm ripped through her. Her hips still bounced in the air while her entire body sank to the bed. Her pussy spasmed and clamped down on her fingers, but she managed to shove them deeper.

Jane came harder than she expected. She felt her nipples, erect and hard, rubbing against the bedsheet. She could feel the sweat soak the pillow as she fought to pull her fingers free from the grip of her pussy. As she slid them free, she felt a hot gush of wetness drip down and pour out of her like honey.

“Ugh! I did come twice, honey,” she addressed him.

As the words hit him, Richard’s last smidge of self-control dissolved. He pulled out and thrust the entire length of his cock into Jane’s ass with the full force he could generate. His crotch slammed a dozen times before his explosion.

The cum shot straight from his balls through his shaft and deposited in her ass, layers of thick cream. A few seconds later, he slid it out, followed by a stream of raw semen.