Teacher’s Forceful Submission!

After my Aunt convinced me to fuck her for making MMSes (please read Chachiji MMS!), I went to my college. I had an important submission. I had not completed it and needed more time to finish. I was thinking about what it would be like fucking my Aunt and possibly Priya.

My teacher caught me daydreaming and asked me about my submission. Unfortunately, I could not complete the assignment and asked the teacher for some more time. She was very angry at me and asked me to meet her personally after the lecture.

Lalita Ma’am was my economics professor. She was a dark-skinned, chubby, curly-haired, somewhat ugly woman in her 40s. Lalita was known to be very strict. I entered her cabin and was welcomed by her angry face.

She said, “I know you were dreaming about sex and looking at your boner, you still are. So I will give you a simple punishment. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Ma’am, please give me some more time. I am ready to do anything.”

“Hmm, my husband never gets down on me. Come under my table and start licking my pussy.”

“But Ma’am…”


I had no other option but to do what she had instructed. Looking at her face, she would have killed me if I had chosen not to. I went under her table and lifted her saree and undie to expose her hairy pussy. I looked at her hairy pussy with some confusion.

It was hairy, flappy, big and wet. I thought this was not a pussy but a ‘bhosda’.

“Beta, need any help finding the place to lick?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Then do fast re, baba…” With a big question mark on my face, I looked up. My teacher had a big smile and gave me a flying kiss.

I hesitated in the beginning but then started making my way through the bushes and sucking her pussy. She was enjoying it a lot. I started licking and sucking her pussy. This was my first time, and probably hers too. On my first lick, I tasted some piss.

But I decided to continue still as a pussy is a pussy. With time, I started liking it, and Lalita Ma’am, too, started moaning louder and louder. I made her cum and drank her love juice. As we finished, she grabbed me and started kissing me.

Her kisses made me forget that Lalita Ma’am was ugly. But it made me want to get deeper into her body. I sat on the chair opposite her’s as we discussed my assignment when a peon entered the cabin.

“Madam, is everything all right? I heard some loud noises!”

“Ghanshyam, everything is alright. We were having some orals. You leave us alone right now!”

“Okay, madam, I’ll leave.”

Lalita smiled at me and said, “Son, we are not safe here. Let me give you extra tuition at my home.”

“But, Ma’am, what about my assignment submission? Can I give it tomorrow?”

“Why tomorrow? I will take it from you when we meet at my home.”

“But, Ma’am, I need some more time, please, Ma’am.”

“Beta, what a chutiya you are! Come to my home at 5 in the evening. I will take your practical exam in my bedroom. I will grow your interest rate and control my inflation. Your economics teacher will teach you biology! And if you don’t come to my home, I will fail you. Now leave. I have some lectures.”

After what Lalita Ma’am had said, I had no option but to visit her home for the ‘sex’ she craved. After finishing the MMS with my Aunt, I straight away headed to Lalita Ma’am’s house. I reached there ten minutes past 5.

She was waiting for me at the door wearing a white nighty. She gave me a seducing look and said, “Beta, you like coming late? I like it. Come inside, and I have made some idlis for you.”

She took me inside and fed me some idlis with her hands. It seemed as if she was feeding me well so that I could perform better in my ‘exams’ that were to happen inside her. We both smiled at each other. She took me to her bedroom like a tigress, taking her hunt to the cave.

With folded hands, I pleaded, “Ma’am, please spare me. You are like my mother. We can’t sleep together.”

“Achha beta, you are like my son, but still, I am gonna fuck you and fuck you really hard. Don’t you want to pass this semester?”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

“Then do as I say and cooperate with me.”

She was very quick in removing her nighty, and had not worn any undies. Her huge boobs were hanging loose. I was shit scared just looking at her. Maybe it was the magic of her angry, strict face that started turning me on.

Lalita looked at my hard dick and said, “Baby, I knew you were as excited to fuck me as I am to fuck you.”

“No, Ma’am, I still beg your mercy.”

“No way! I am fucking you by hook or by crook.”

Lalita quickly removed my clothes and threw them on the floor. After a few slaps, she started kissing me. Her soft kisses started making my dick harder and bigger. I don’t know why, but I could not control it no matter what I tried. She lay on the bed and asked to fuck her from the top.

But I was still adamant about not fucking her. After a lot of back and forth between me and Lalita Ma’am, she slapped me really hard. It made me unconscious for a few seconds. In those few seconds, she managed to tie me down on her bed.

I decided to enjoy every bit of sex I had with my teacher without complaining.

“I am ready, Lalita Ma’am. Do whatever you want and show me the best moments of my life.”

“Now that’s my boy. I promise you will enjoy it, too.”

Lalita came and sat on me. She bent over gently and started kissing me. Our kisses grew more intense. My eyes went to her boobs which were hanging and touching my neck. With my hands tied, I had to move my lips to get a touch of her boobs.

“Oh, you naughty boy!” She put her boob in my mouth and let me suck whatever was left of it. It might be an old woman’s boob, but it was pleasant sucking on it. It was also my first time putting a woman’s boob in my mouth (Not considering my mother’s, lol!).

I got a little impatient and said, “Lalita Ma’am, please fuck me already!”

“Yes, baba, on it.” Lalita stood up and adjusted herself on me, and she gradually slid her pussy on my dick. Aah, up and down, she went on me. As time went by, she started riding my dick more rigorously. Both of us were enjoying it and moaning loudly. Aah, and finally, I cum inside her.

“You fucker, you did not make me cum. You cum inside me!”

“Lalita Ma’am, if you untie me, I will make you cum.”

“Okay baby, fuck me hard, fuck me doggy style.”

She came closer to me and started kissing me. I was feeling ashamed of actually enjoying being physical with my ugly teacher. She finally untied me setting me free to fuck her anyhow I wanted. I hugged my teacher hard for letting me get closer to her.

She, too, reciprocated the same feelings. As Lalita bent over, I started to insert my hard dick into my teacher’s ass. It felt much tighter than earlier. “It’s the wrong hole, teacher fucker!” she shouted.

“Can I try that hole, Ma’am?”

“Not today, baby! Complete your assignment before my husband comes.”

I fingered her pussy and slid my dick into it. I started pulling her braided hair and rode my teacher like she was my bitch. I knew I had not to cum this time and give my teacher a happy ending.

Controlling my urge to cum, I stroked my dick in and out of my teacher.  Her moans started getting louder and louder until she finally cum. I, too, pulled out and came on her ass.

With a big smile on her face, she said, “That was a happy ending. You pass your economics exams. But look at the mess you have made. My husband will be here anytime, let’s have a shower together before you leave.”

Lalita took me to her bathroom and we started having a shower together. “Beta, please don’t talk about what happened between us.”

“Sure, Ma’am, you too don’t tell anyone.”

“Thank you for obeying me. I tried getting a few guys from college for fuck, but only you were successful.”

“Maybe because we meant to be the perfect teacher-student couple.”

“Your sexy talks are making me horny. Let’s do a quickie.”

As Lalita Ma’am came closer and hugged me, I lifted her using my arm strength. I inserted my hard dick into her while she held me tightly. With increasing thrust, our love grew, and so did our moans.

I made my teacher cum again. We washed ourselves and dried off each other. Lalita wore her nighty, and I wore my clothes.

“Oh, shit, baby! My husband can come anytime now. You will have to leave now!”

“Sure, It was my pleasure being fucked by you, Lalita Ma’am.”

“Nikal lavde, my husband is very strict. He will beat the shit out of you.”

I grabbed my stuff and ran out of her apartment. On my way downstairs, I saw her husband, a 6 ft tall, muscular man. He would have definitely beat the shit out of me if he caught me fucking his wife.

Later at night, I get a message from Lalita Ma’am, thanking me for giving her a pleasant time. I slept thinking about how the feeling for a person changes after seeing them naked and fucking them.