Holi Fever – The Secret Player – Part 2

As you read in the previous part, I played Holi with Mrs Sharma, and we ended up having sex. As we were naked on the bed following the sex, we heard a voice coming from the living room.

“What do we have here?”

It was Mrs Sharma’s sister-in-law. To our horror and disbelief, she had recorded us on the phone. She was grinning mischievously. Mrs Sharma tried to convince her sister-in-law.

Mrs Sharma: What are you doing here, Priya? (Her sister-in-law)

Priya: Don’t worry about that. Tell me what you’re doing with Akash.

Mrs Sharma: Nothing, we were playing Holi.

Priya: Yeah right, You were playing Holi with Akash in your bedroom naked. Do I look like a fool to you?

Mrs Sharma: No, Priya, It’s not what it looks like.

Priya: Okay, I’ll show this video to your husband. Let him decide what it looks like.

Mrs Sharma: Please don’t do that. He’ll kill us both. Please, Priya, there must be something we can do to make this right.

Priya: I suppose I could keep this between us if you follow all of my orders.

Mrs Sharma: Of course, I’ll do whatever you ask.

Priya: Alright, That’s more like it. Go to my place and clean it first. With all the colours of Holi, it’s really dirty. And when everybody is asleep at night, the two of you meet me on your balcony.

Saying this, Priya left. Mrs Sharma felt a little more at ease now that Priya had agreed to keep it a secret. She got dressed, said she had to clean Priya’s house, and requested me to go. She asked me to return at 1:00 AM. Her husband was sleeping at that time, according to our arrangement with Priya.

The door was open when I arrived at her residence at 1:00 AM. I could see her husband sleeping from the living room as her bedroom door was open. I moved silently to her balcony and saw Priya and Mrs Sharma there.

Once on the balcony, Priya asked me and Mrs Sharma to undress. We were shocked to hear this as the balcony’s glass railing was entirely transparent, allowing anyone to see everything from their apartments if they were to look at us.

Also, Mrs Sharma’s husband was sleeping just a few feet away in the bedroom. Unfortunately for us, there was plenty of light because it was a full moon night.

Mrs Sharma pleaded with Priya to do this inside the home in the morning after Mr Sharma leaves for work rather than on the balcony. But Priya did not listen to her and said.

Priya: No, Bhabhi (Sister-in-law), We are doing it now.

Mrs Sharma: No, what if we’re spotted by someone from their apartment? The balcony is wide open, or worse, what if my hubby catches us?

Priya: Don’t worry, Bhabhi. Everyone is tired after playing Holi in the morning. It’s midnight. All the neighbours are asleep. And your hubby is snoring like a pig, so don’t worry about him either.

Mrs Sharma: But …

Priya: No, but, you said you will obey my every command. I can show your hubby the footage from this morning if that’s what you would like.

Upon hearing this, Mrs Sharma stared at me and asked that I undress. We both were frightened. We undressed together. Then Priya told me to lie on my back on the ground, and I did what she said.

After that, Priya told Mrs Sharma to sit on my crotch. Mrs Sharma hesitated but did as she was told. Priya then positioned herself between my knees and sat behind Mrs Sharma’s back. She pushed Mrs Sharma forward, causing her to fall on me.

Mrs Sharma and I found ourselves in the cowgirl position. Priya urged me to suck on Mrs Sharma’s boobs, and I gladly obliged. Priya then began to lick my dick. My dick and Mrs Sharma’s pussy were so near that Priya occasionally slurped both of them.

This went on for a few minutes. Then suddenly, Priya pushed my dick inside Mrs Sharma’s pussy and ordered me to fuck her. I started thrusting into Mrs Sharma’s pussy, just like she instructed. I was now fucking Mrs Sharma in her balcony in cowgirl position. Mrs Sharma started moaning softly.

I could feel the cool night air on my naked skin. I thrust into Mrs Sharma’s wet, welcoming pussy. The full moon cast a glow over her body, illuminating her beautiful curves and the way she moved with each of my thrusts. Her moans grew louder, mixing with the sounds of our bodies slapping together.

I lost myself in the pleasure of fucking my hot neighbour. I glanced over at Priya, who was positioned behind Mrs Sharma. She had a mischievous smile on her face as she watched us, and I wondered what she had in store next.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any hotter, Priya reached over to a nearby table and grabbed a strap-on dildo. My eyes widened with surprise as I realized what she had planned. She looked at me and winked before turning her attention back to Mrs Sharma.

Priya teased Mrs Sharma’s ass with the tip of the dildo, causing her to gasp in anticipation. Then, slowly but surely, she began to push it inside. Mrs Sharma moaned loudly as the dildo filled her tight hole, adding another layer of stimulation to our already intense threesome.

I continued to thrust into Mrs Sharma’s pussy while Priya worked the dildo in and out of her ass. The balcony was filled with the sounds of our combined moans and the wet squelching noises of our fucking.

Feeling adventurous under the moonlight, I decided to take things up a notch. With one hand on Mrs Sharma’s hip to steady her, I reached forward and grabbed one of her nipples between my fingers.

Twisting and pulling on it gently at first, I increased the pressure until she let out a loud cry of pleasure. Her body shuddered against mine as she succumbed to an intense orgasm brought on by our combined efforts.

Not wanting to be left out, Priya also brought herself to the edge. She leaned forward, bracing herself on the railing of the balcony, and began to fuck Mrs Sharma’s ass with the strap-on at a faster pace.

Each thrust sent waves of pleasure coursing through Priya’s body, and I could tell she was close to climax. Her moans filled the night air as she gave in to the overwhelming sensation of fucking her Bhabhi from behind.

Unable to hold back any longer, I felt my orgasm building. With one final deep thrust, I emptied myself into Mrs Sharma’s pussy, filling her with my hot cum. The feeling of my release, combined with Priya’s continued thrusts on the strap-on, brought Mrs Sharma over the edge once again.

Her whole body trembled as she rode out her orgasm, overwhelmed by the dual sensations of being fucked in both holes. We all collapsed in a sweaty, satisfied heap on the balcony floor, panting heavily as we came down from our highs.

As we caught our breath, I couldn’t help but feel like this was a dream come true. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I’d be having a threesome with my sexy neighbour and her sister-in-law on a moonlit balcony.

But here we were, covered in sweat and cum, basking in the afterglow of an incredible sexual experience. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of my naughty sex adventures with Mrs Sharma and Priya.