Erotic chat with writer to awesome memories – Part 1

Hello readers, this is the chat between myself and a writer. I am going to post our conversation on ISS. Myself Praveen, and the writer is Naughty Babe. Names have been changed due to privacy concerns. My age is 28 and she is 33. I am unmarried, she is married.

You: Hi, Divya.

Naughty Babe: Hi, how are you?

You: Fine, and you?

Naughty Babe: Am good, what’s up?

You: Have to say…

Naughty Babe: ?

You: Something.

Naughty Babe: What can I say? I’m confused. You don’t have to say something, then what can I say?

You: What do you like the most?

Naughty Babe: In which sense?

You: In sex.

Naughty Babe: Passion, long duration, mix of softness and aggression. And you?

You: Favorite position?

Naughty Babe: It varies with what the partner would be comfortable in. What about you?

You: Cowgirl and reverse.

Naughty Babe: Ok, so what are you wearing now?

You: Just underwear. You?

Naughty Babe: Short nighty, nothing inside. So, you’re showing your hardness by making a mark on your undie.

You: Yeah, I am wet down there.

Naughty Babe: Yeah.

You: Haa, your fantasy? You suggest how you wanna get banged?

Naughty Babe: You suggest na.

You: I wanna bang you in doggy and reverse cowgirl.

Naughty Babe: Ohh, where?

You: Want to eat your horizontal lips?

Naughty Babe: Ah yes.

You: On the open terrace.

Naughty Babe: Seems you have an open terrace at your home.

You: Yeah, by the way, what’s your body color?

Naughty Babe: Whitish, between whitish and dusky.

You: Nice.

Naughty Babe: Yours?

You: Same, and the color of your nipples?

Naughty Babe: Mix of brown and pink. How hard are you?

You: Are those plump? And I can’t explain.

Naughty Babe: ?

You: It may come out of my undi anytime.

Naughty Babe: Ohhh, then you should let go of your undie.

You: Yes.

Naughty Babe: Yes.

You: Jiggling if so treat to watch.

Naughty Babe: Only ‘watch’?

You: And to eat and suck like.

Naughty Babe: Hehehe, I love that.

You: How wet are you?

Naughty Babe: If you enter me, you will slide through, that wet.

You: Ho, waiting to enter. I love to drink your juice.

Naughty Babe: So, are you taking me to your terrace?

You: Yeah, what made you explore dicks?

Naughty Babe: Like you explored pussies.

You: Haa, wanna eat your inner thighs with ice cream?

Naughty Babe: Ohh, so chilly.

You: Haa, what were you doing?

Naughty Babe: Feeling a bit, are you naked?

You: What bit? Yes, what about you?

Naughty Babe: Yes, took off nighty.

You: Feeling sleepy.

Naughty Babe: No, so are you totally hard?

You: Yes, already dripping!

Naughty Babe: Ohh, so take me to your terrace.

You: Can you suck it?

Naughty Babe: Let’s do it under the stars. You just stand, I’ll hug you naked and my arms will go around your neck and my legs around your waist, and I’ll kiss you hard.

You: Waiting for the day to come in this chill weather. I wanna suck your lips and taste your saliva.

Naughty Babe: I’ll move my tongue into your mouth, and feel your tongue. I can feel your dick knocking at the entrance of my pussy.

You: Want to suck your tongue so badly. It’s wet and going inside a bit.

Naughty Babe: You push me against your bedroom wall, and slowly move it in.

You: Pushing it inside, and feeling your wetness.

Naughty Babe: Ah, I let out a moan as I feel it sliding.

You: It’s a water slide that you are so wet.

Naughty Babe: And I bite your neck, and in that pleasure, my right fingernails crush into our shoulders.

You: I am pushing to and fro and you are moaning holding my neck and kissing. You are scratching my back with your nails. Right away, I need you beside me on my bed.

Naughty Babe: I also need you. You carry me to your bed, make me lay, and get on me. I kiss your nipples and suck them.

You: Want to suck and lick every inch of your feet.

Naughty Babe: As you enter back on me in.

You: I am carrying you in my arms to my bed while kissing. And start sucking your titties with honey, massaging them with honey, kissing with honey.

Naughty Babe: Ooh, I love it! How wet is your dick with precum?

You: Quite sliding, my hand would eat your horizontal lips with honey and drink your juice.

Naughty Babe: Aha.

You: How are you feeling now?

Naughty Babe: I’m horny for you.

You: Me too here. Do you smoke or drink?

Naughty Babe: I drink, you?

You: Both I do.

Naughty Babe: Ok.

You: Do you visit pubs?

Naughty Babe: I don’t like smoking and the smell of it.

Yes, I do visit pubs.

You: Which one do you visit regularly?

Naughty Babe: Toit, windmills, 7 Rivers, and a lot more, you?

You: House of Commons. Have you visited Oia Jetlag, Central jail?

Naughty Babe: Oia I have. Jetlag is way too far for me.

You: Ok.

Naughty Babe: Why did you ask?

You: If possible, can we chill at Oia or somewhere?

Naughty Babe: You are asking me out on a date?

You: Curiosity, Yes.

Naughty Babe: Where after that? Because you won’t stop there.

You: So, you’re ok.

Naughty Babe: Ok for?

You: Date.

Naughty Babe: I don’t know yet. But you remember I’m married.

You: Yeah.

Naughty Babe: Where after it?

You: Everything is onto you. Even I don’t know.

Naughty Babe: I’m pretty sure you’re looking for some action. And you would be looking for a cozy corner to sit in during the date where we can be on a couch instead of independent seats.

You: Your safety is my concern. You shouldn’t get insecure.

Naughty Babe: Hahaha.

You: And need some privacy.

Naughty Babe: Because your hands would either be around me or on me, indicating she is mine.

You: Exactly.

Naughty Babe: And what would you like to see me wearing on a date?

You: Blue one-piece and a backless.

Naughty Babe: Any pic to give an idea?

You: If it’s up to things, it’s fine.

Naughty Babe: And how short?

You: This is ok.

Naughty Babe: Your hands are going to be on my thighs for sure then (caressing them slowly).

You (I sent her a pic which I wanted): It is my wish to see you.

Naughty Babe: What do you drive?

You: And everything is up to you. What do you want me to drive?


Now, I am signing off with part 1 and will be containing the further conversation in the next part based on your response. You can mail me or reach me on Google chat my email ID is [email protected]

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