The Devil In Me- Part 5

Arjun and I were once again petrified by what we saw and were completely speechless. We were looking at the live stream. Dad and Mom started to walk towards the camera. They waved at us and said, “Why don’t you two come down to our room and join us?”

We both hurried to the ground floor, halting directly in front of the room. We exchanged glances, silently debating who would be the one to knock. After about 10 minutes of mustering the courage, we decided to resolve the stalemate with a game of rock, paper, scissors.

I emerged victorious, and Arjun reluctantly knocked. There was no response, so I urged him to knock a bit harder. Annoyed, he stepped away from the door and gestured for me to do it. I whispered “Fucking Pussy” in his ear and turned the doorknob.

To our surprise, the door was unlocked. I cautiously called out, “Mom? Dad? Are you there?” but received no response. The faint scent of sex still lingered in the air as we peered into the darkened room. I was aware that either Mom or Dad might be lurking behind the door, ready to grab me or frighten me.

Yet this knowledge did little to quell my unease. I withdrew my head from the room and suggested to Arjun that we enter together. Arjun pushed the door open forcefully, half-expecting Mom or Dad to be standing there, blocking our path and bringing an end to this childish game.

To our astonishment, there was nobody there. We flipped the switch, illuminating the empty room. Both of us turned our attention to the slightly ajar bathroom door and approached it. I instructed Arjun to remain by the door as I cautiously entered the bathroom.

The glass partition door was closed, and the mist shower was running. The glass slider and the vanity mirror were fogged up from the steam, and soft moans could be heard echoing from the bath. As I stood there, grappling with the paradox of choice, Arjun barged in and exclaimed loudly, “Wow!”

The shower and moans ceased, causing my heart to skip a beat. I glared at Arjun, questioning whether there was anyone else on Earth as foolish as him. Mom slid the bath partition. She stood there looking like a Greek goddess with that sublime, welcoming smile.

My knees gave out as my brain stopped functioning. Arjun immediately responded to Mom’s smile with, “Can I join you guys?” to which Mom replied, “Of course, son!” I wanted to follow Arjun, but my legs were not in sync with my heart and mind. Mom then looked at me and invited me to join them.

I don’t know how to explain what I was going through. I wanted to join the three of them. But just a few hours ago, Arjun and Paul had ravaged my holes. I could still sense the lingering smell of my shit and piss on me. My body was exhausted, and the drinks at Paul’s place started to do their job.

With the steam from the hot water and the suffocating feeling in the bathroom with four people, my mind felt sleepy. This overwhelming desire to have sex with family was the final nail in the coffin. What I experienced was nothing short of nirvana.

I took my first step and entered the bath area. Dad was sitting on the ledge of the bathtub, and Mom was on his lap. Arjun was standing on the stool right in front of Mom as she sucked his dick savagely. It was surreal. The only space I could find was in the bathtub.

I undressed and quietly settled in the bubbly water. It was probably filled with Dad’s cum and Mom’s piss. Moments later, I saw Dad standing with his thick Cock. I immediately got onto the Indian style and first sniffed his Cock. It smelled of Mom’s pussy.

I held his dick and started to lick his balls. Dad had begun to show restlessness. He grabbed my hair and pushed my face towards his dick. I deep-throated Daddy’s dick. It was suffocating me. I patted his legs to release me. Snot came out of my nose as I tried to breathe.

Mom interjected and pulled Dad back, asking if I was doing okay. Tears rolled down my eyes. Not because I was upset with him being rough but because I was disappointed with myself. It was a mixed feeling. Watching a role-play and doing the real thing were two different things.

I thought I was mentally prepared, but I was not! Mom wanted to check if I was still in the game. She licked my tears, and the watery snot and French kissed me. This felt so natural. When I was enjoying this, she asked me to sit on the bed outside.

I saw Arjun wrapping his hands around Mom’s boobs from behind. I was leaving the bath. I silently wrapped myself in the bedsheet and lay on my parents’ bed. I could hear the moans coming from the bath. I imagined Mom sucking Dad and being fucked by Arjun.

I was disappointed with my behaviour. I did not live up to the occasion when it mattered the most. My head was messed up, and I was upset with myself. I started feeling jealous that stupid Arjun was enjoying himself, and I, the Great Priya, was reduced to a crying girl.

I tucked myself inside the blanket. It was around 3 in the morning, and without thinking, I called Simran.

Simran: Ki ho I a , kuṛi teri sabha ṭhika hai? (What happened? Is everything okay with you, girl?)

And I just cried without uttering a word. Simran continued to ask. But words were not coming out of my mouth. All I did was cry.

Simran: Mein aari hu tere ghar abhi! (On my way to your house!) Call disconnects.

The three of them came out of the bath. Dad sat next to me, running his hand on my head like he used to when I was a kid. Mom and Arjun started making out on the bed beside me.

Dad: I’m sorry, beta! I didn’t mean to hurt you. This was a mistake. You should go back to your room now.

I told Dad that I was alright and just needed some time. I got off the bed and sat on the recliner in the room. Mom was in the centre, and Arjun was on one side. Dad was on the other, sucking on Mum’s tits. Arjun had his finger in Mom’s ass, and Dad was rubbing her clit.

Mom was looking at me with a lusty smile. Arjun then fucked Mom in missionary position while Dad had his dick in her mouth, they both exchanged positions and tried for a double penetration, but Dad’s dick failed him, and he came and sat next to me.

An hour passed, and the doorbell rang. All three of them had confused faces, wondering who would come at 4:00 am. With the ring of the bell, a shiver ran down my spine. I recalled my call to Simran. I told everyone that I was upset and had called Simran as soon as I came out of the bath.

The expressions of lust on their faces transformed into expressions of concern, worry, and fear. I told them to lock the door and turn off the lights while I went to send Simran off. Wrapping the bedsheet around me, I verified that the lights were off and the door was closed.

I opened the main door, and there she was with a Baseball bat, huffing and puffing.

Simran: Who is it that made you cry? Was it Arjun? Maiṁ usa di’aṁ gendāṁ nū toṛangi (I will bust his balls)

Me: Tu jaa Simi, kuch nai hua, Bus aise hi call kiye maine. (You go home, Simran, I just had a moment and called you, nothing happened)

Simran Barges in and shouts out loud, “Oye Arjuna, Neechay aa Bhaiṇa-bharā.” (Hey Arjun, come down, you sister fucker)

I kept signalling to Simran to keep her voice down and leave. But she started getting more worked up and went to the first floor to search for Arjun. When she did not find him, she came back down and got comfortable on the couch.

Simran: Bastard must have gone to Paul’s place. Let me call Paul.

I snatched her phone and said, “Simran, Tu thodi der chup reh aur meri baat sun yaar.” (Bitch, shut the fuck up and listen to me for a minute)

Simran: Bol Ki Hoia (Say what happened?)

Then I narrated to Simran the events of the day, including the sex with Paul, and explained the current situation. I thought Simran would be mad that I had sex with Paul, but she smiled and said, “It’s okay, I understand. Let’s focus on the present.”

Simran: You fucked Paul. Now, how do you intend to compensate for this betrayal?

Me: With Arjun?

Simran: Fuck you! Not that sissy bastard.

Me: Then what?

Simran: Your dad wants a daughter. Let me fulfil your role tonight, and let’s call that even.

Me: Pagal ho gayi hai tu? (Have you gone mental!)

Simran stood up. Despite my attempts to stop her, she blazed towards the room on the ground floor, with me following closely behind. All three of them were tucked inside a comforter with their heads poking out as we switched on the lights (Yes! they kept the door open!).

Dad: Kaisi ho, Simran beta?

Mom: Suno beta, we are not like this…

Amidst the confusion and intensity of the moment, my foolish brother Arjun chose to pretend he was asleep. It was quite amusing, given that he had always been intimidated by Simran. I’m certain that her screams only added to his fear.

Simran ignored my parents’ greetings and justifications and started to undress. She pulled the comforter, exposing all three of them. Even after that, Arjun was so terrified that he covered his dick with one hand and continued pretending to sleep.

Simran grabbed his dick tightly and squeezed it, sitting down immediately. Even though we were in a compromised situation, my mom did not like how Arjun was being treated. She asked Simran to stop teasing him.

Mom: Simran mat sata usko, please. (Don’t tease him, please)

Simran: Kaun Simran? Mummy mein Priya hoon! (Who Simran? I’m Priya.)

She looked at Dad and said, “Papa kya aap apni randi beti ko nahi pehchante” (Daddy, don’t you recognize your slutty daughter?)

My eyes popped out with how she managed the awkwardness and took control of the situation.

Dad: Ah Priya, teri mummy ki aankh theek nahi. Tu aaja apne papa ke goad mein. (Your mum is getting old, ignore her and sit on daddy’s lap)

By this time, my body had processed all the alcohol and guilt, and the only lingering emotion was envy. Seeing how Simran took my place, I dropped the bedsheet that I was wrapping. I got comfortable on the recliner with my legs wide open and fingers in my mouth.

Simran: Papa, please meri gand chodo, mujhe aapka lund andar tak chahiiye. (Dad, take my ass tonight, I want it deep inside)

Dad: Oh Priya! My sweet little whore (Looking at me while inserting the dick in Simran’ ass)

Simran: Ahhh! Papa aur andar (Ah! Daddy deeper!)

Meanwhile, Mom, who was right next to Simran, inserted her fingers deep in her pussy and rubbed her pussy fluids on her tits, then looked at Arjun and said:

Mom: Arjun beta aao mummy ke chuchay chooso (Son, come here, suck my tits.)

Arjun: Mumma aapke boobs best hein, Lekin mujhe aapki gand chaatna hai please (I love your boobs mom, can I lick your ass too?)

Mom: Beta, Aaj mummy nahi bulana, Aaj mein tumari randi hoon. (Sure, son, I’m not your mom tonight. I’m you whore)

Mom got on her fours as Arjun started sniffing her ass and trash-talked her. Simran changed her position to get under Mom’s boobs to suck on them while Dad lifted her legs and fucked her ass.

My envy had reached its limit, and the exclusion from the events bothered me too much. I got up and joined the group. I went behind Arjun and wrapped my hands around his chest, squeezing my boobs on his back while pinching his nipples.

I then guided his dick in Mom’s pussy and licked his neck while he fucked Mom. He started buckling and came in minutes. Arjun’s cum was oozing out of Mom’s pussy along with her juices. I sucked and licked Mom clean and swallowed half of what was in my mouth.

Dad then took his dick out of Simran. Mom, Simran and I swapped the Jizz from each other’s mouths spitting some on our boobs.

Mom: Simran beta, Aunty ko apni choot aur gand nahi taste karwaogi? (Simran, won’t you allow your aunty to taste your pussy and ass?)

Simran: Sure, Aunty!

And Simran did her classic face sit on Mom, rubbing her pussy and asshole, suffocating her, but Mom seemed to enjoy it a lot and kept pulling Simran towards her.

I sat next to Dad and said, “Dad, let me fix this. I want you to treat me like a real whore. I want you to be strict and be punished for how I behaved.”

Dad: Are you sure, kiddo?

Me: Yes, Daddy.

Dad then pulled my hair and slapped me hard. I looked at Dad and said, “You slap like a Pussy.”

Dad: Kutiya! Chinar! Chal aaj mein tuje dikhata hoon (Bitch, Whore, let me show you today)

He ordered me to get on my fours and spread my ass. Daddy spanked me and spat on my asshole. With no warning, he inserted his middle finger and started to push it deep inside, twisting it around. He then slid another finger up my tight hole and slapped my ass hard.

When he saw the look on my face and that I was enjoying this, he removed his fingers and made me suck them. He then flipped me over and started to suck on my tits real roughly, occasionally giving small, sharp bites now and then. Dad then ordered Arjun to put his dick in my mouth.

Simran and Mom sucked my tits while Dad fucked my pussy real hard. His dick slipped out of my pussy. This time, he aimed at my ass. Arjun now became Simran’s toy, Mom was exhausted, and Dad continued to fuck my ass slapping and pinching my boobs until they turned red.

Daddy choked me as he fucked my holes. Arjun came into my mouth. Daddy unloaded his Jizz in my ass. I shot a huge orgasm rubbing my clit all at the same time. As morning approached, I struggled to make my way back to my room. Every muscle in my body ached.

But I managed to collapse onto the bed, completely exhausted. I have no recollection of what happened next. Simran later informed me that Arjun had revealed everything that took place at Paul’s. The four of them had attempted to replicate some of our experiences with Simran taking on my role.

I slept like a cow for 11 hours and woke up at 5 pm. I came down to the living room and saw my parents sitting and watching TV like a happy, normal family. I asked Mom what was for lunch. She replied that they ordered pizza, and mine was in the fridge.

I didn’t like reheated pizza, so I opened a cup of noodles and squeezed myself between Mom and Dad. They both started fondling my boobs, and then Dad guided me to his room again.

Mom sat on the bed and spread her legs. Dad undressed and asked me to get on my fours and suck Mom’s pussy. He got his face close to my ass and put his nose, and just kept sniffing. Then he licked me over and over from my asshole up to my pussy.

We shifted our positions. Mom decided to sit at the corner of the bed and finger herself. Dad got on his knees over my face and directed his cock in my mouth. I sucked it like a slut. He pulled his cock out and got by my side. He slowly stuck his finger in my pussy and pulled it out.

But put his finger in my mouth as I sucked it. He then stuck his finger in my ass and stuck it in my mouth; he did this over and over and finally sucked his finger after he pulled it out of my ass. Then Dad stood up and guided his cock in my asshole. He pushed very slowly until it went all the way in.

He fucked my ass really slowly, pulling his cock almost all the way out before he buried it all the way in again. I was moaning loudly, and Daddy was rubbing my clit as he kept pumping his dick in and out of my ass.

Dad then pulled the dick out of my ass and shoved it in my pussy. Over the next several minutes, he would very slowly stick his cock deep in my pussy. Then pull it out and put it in my ass. Back and forth over and over, my ass, then my pussy.

He then deep fucked my ass and held his dick there for a minute without moving. I smiled with my eyes closed as he slowly pulled it out. Mom then stood behind Dad and watched as he pulled my cheeks apart, and my asshole opened wide.

Mom stared at my gaping asshole. He stuck his tongue in my open hole and circled it tasting the walls of his little whore daughter’s asshole. Daddy then pushed his cock in my ass again. It made a farting sound. He started fucking my hole real fast.

Finally, Daddy removed his dick and shot his cum on my asshole. Mom was smiling at my cum filled gaping asshole. Then she got on her knees and put her mouth on my asshole and sucked all of Daddy’s cum out. Then she came towards me smiling and kissed me, letting all his Daddy’s cum drip into my mouth.

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