Stranger at the Wedding Reception – Part 4

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“Sneha,” Rakesh waves, inviting me to them. I watch the handsome stranger. With every step, my heart was beating faster and faster. I was inching closer to this dangerous addiction, Rocky. Rocky stood with calm confidence.

I literally bit my lower lips between my teeth in anxiety and excitement. Rocky was too collected. He welcomed with a wide smile and a sturdy handshake, “Hello, madam.” How can he do this? His strong hand firmly holds me. His deep stare creates turbulence inside my body.

His touch excited me with goosebumps. I was nearly senseless with anxiety. My cheek widened to an awkward smile. He boldly leaves a comment, ignoring the presence of my husband, “You look very beautiful, madam.” He winks at me, a lightning-quick wink that neither my husband nor the broker caught.

My heart stops for a moment as I detach my hand from the stranger’s clasp and quickly watch my husband. My expression was like a college girl, and my just shaved pussy was wet. Fuck! Rocky, What magic do you do?

I was too focused on watching every word spoken by this stranger. My heart was begging for his lips to be all over my body. I was unable to read his intentions. I tried to hold a serious face, but I couldn’t. Every time I watch his lips, my lips tend to widen into a blush or smile.

Even though the conversation was around 15 minutes, I felt it ended fast in a glimpse of an eye. “OK, there are some more properties we will intimate you,” was the last statement from Rocky. We bid bye. My eyes were locked infinitely with the stranger and my feet refused again to step away.

Like a magnet, there was some force dragging me to him. I forcefully turned away and walked slowly all the way, controlling the urge to turn my gaze to watch him. My hunger awoken this morning reached its peak. My mind suddenly went into fantasy.

The stranger’s lips and tongue are inside my mouth, kissing me wildly at a corner of one of the under-construction flats. Fuck I am going crazy for him. His strong arms are lifting me like a toy. His fit torso.

My thoughts ran unguarded, thinking about the ways his thick cock would be piercing my pussy. His lips hungrily, savaging every inch of my body. I was leaking juices like never before, and my panty was drenched. Losing my self-control, I tilted my head to watch this hunter.

Damn, his eyes were transfixed, and he caught my eyes. I felt delighted that he had not lost interest in me, and he, too, wanted me. I want him. I need him. I want him to bang me as his pet. I turn again, and watching his eyes, I tell myself, “This shaved pussy is yours, handsome Stranger.”

I don’t know what to do. As we reach the car, I take my mobile and walk slightly away. Fuck! I am acting. What the hell am I doing? There was no call. I was acting as if talking to someone. I am doing all this like a keyed toy.

I return to my husband and shamelessly lie on his face, “Hey Raki, You go home. I got a call from the office. I have to go to the office.” He says, “No problem. Thanks for coming, honey. It’s my mistake. I will drop you at the office.”

Shit, Why the fuck he remains so loyal to me? I don’t feel a hint of guilt. I want the stranger’s lips all over my body. I convinced him, “His (the broker’s) vehicle is near our home, right? You carry on. I shared the location with the driver. He will pick me up.”

Rakesh, “It’s OK. Once the car arrives, I will leave.” I did not expect that Rakesh would wait. I wanted him gone. I suddenly go harsh, speaking in a louder tone, “Hey Raki, Why do you want him to wait? Don’t act. Please go. I am perfectly OK.”

Raki says OK and leaves. Once the car was out of my sight, I turned my gaze around to watch the stranger. He was standing with his eyes continuing to stay on me. I don’t want to watch his magnetically seductive eyes. I lower my head, watching the floor and walk to the base of the stairs.

At the base, I tremble when I lift my head to watch him. A momentary gaze exchanges lots of unspoken messages between us. I start climbing the concrete stairs. I have no idea, What the hell I was doing. After climbing one floor, I peep between the rails confirming that the stranger is indeed following me.

I was so desperate that if he hadn’t followed, I would have shamelessly asked him to follow. With each click of my heels, my mind chanted mistake, mistake mistake. But my heart, for once, wouldn’t listen. I entered the flat that the broker had shown earlier on the fourth floor.

I stood facing the empty void with my back to the main door. “Hey, beautiful” damn the same word. The same manly tone which he had in the function hall on our first meet. I need this. I turn to face him.

I lose my composure seeing him and mumble, “I am waiting for a car from my office. I thought to check out the flat until the car arrived.” He grinned, and I could make out that he knew very well that I was lying. We both knew why we were there, and we both needed each other.

“Come, follow me,” saying this, he walks. I follow him without asking any questions. I climbed the stairs, watching his nervy thigh and stiff back. We climbed to the seventh floor, which had two massive-sized flats. He stood near the door of one flat and showed his hand, ordering me to enter.

I stepped into the villa-styled flat with the stranger so close. My nipples were so hard that they poked out of my dress, craving for the stranger’s lips and tongue. He showed me around the flat. On reaching the spacious balcony, I occupied one corner and stood holding the rail. He stood at the other corner.

He asks, “How long have you been married?”

Me: Three years.

His next question was straight like an arrow, as if he knew me so well, “During this time, Have you ever had an extramarital affair?”

I should have kept a serious face, but I couldn’t as I smiled, answering, “That’s private. I should slap you for even asking.”

He smiles with his eyes right into me, taking a few steps closer, “So slap me. Then answer the question.”

He stood just a few feet away from me, watching my response. I swallowed. The longer he waited, the warmer the space between us grew. I licked my drying lips. I spoke, watching his lips, “No, I’ve never cheated on my husband.”

The sudden urge to see what he’d taste like to put his mouth on mine. He continues, “Ever been tempted.”

Me: No. I love him. I did not even fantasize about another man.

Hiding the fact that I have been endlessly fantasizing about him from the moment I saw him.  My face warmed. I hadn’t misunderstood his intentions. He’d practically asked me to have an affair.

Me: Sorry to disappoint you. I am not that kind of person. I’m not going to sleep with you.

He: I don’t believe you. I’m not disappointed by your reply. I won’t sleep with you either. Not tonight.

I couldn’t voice my attraction to him. My eyes were showing it to him. He understood by the way he flicked his tongue over his bottom lips with a satisfied half smile that followed.

“Not any night?” I corrected his last statement. My voice faltered as my reply sounded more like a question. He inched closer. The railing dug into my back. He had me cornered. Trapped, I could not set myself free even if I wanted.

I couldn’t resist my infuriating urge with him this close to be in his arms if he commanded me.

He: After that night, I never wanted to see you again. Because I can’t control the temptation you leave behind.

Me: Why didn’t you follow me?

My voice was very romantic. Damn, What am I doing? The intensity between us grew thicker with every moment. Waiting for his response, my eyes lingered on his hard muscles too big for his shirt. My fingers curled into fists, and my cheeks burned. He was so goddamn beautiful.

I could keep my married status aside, run and leap into his arms cover his face with kisses. Press my willing self against his hard body. He spoke confidently, “Do you realize you are flirting with me just as you flirted at the wedding with only eyes? But today, with words.”

I blinked, forcing myself out of the fantasy. I closed my eyes and heaved a deep sigh, Get it under control. He continued, “After the insult at our last meeting. You got to ask for it?”

My throat dried I swallowed. (I want you. At this moment, I will not just ask. I am ready to beg). I controlled speaking these words aloud.

“Sneha, I am growing tired of pretending. I want to eat you. I want to cherish every bit of you. I want to fuck you. Fuck you here and now. You are so tempting.” His words enchanted my body. I found my phone dinging and read a text from my husband, “Did you reach the office?”

I ignored the text. I didn’t want Rocky to know about the text, but my phone started ringing. I silenced my husband’s call and tucked it inside my bag.

I ask again, “Why did you not follow me?”

He replied, “I would have followed you since I wanted you madly on the wedding night, but I didn’t.”

Me: Yeah, I remember the way you ogled all over my body.

He: I moved out on your repeated telling that you were married. I backed out since I felt sad about not creating the same lust as was in me. I want something I find a way to get it. You belong to someone else.

A deep breath filled my nostrils with the smell of perfume from Rocky. His stare followed me as I moved. “No more waiting, Beautiful.” In one slow, measured movement, he wrapped his strong arm around my waist and pulled me to him.

His other hand rose and raked through my hair, tilting my mouth upward. My eyes fluttered shut as his lips met mine, and everything else fell away. Warmth pulsed through me as he tested the new territory with a purposeful and tender kiss.

My mouth parted, and he answered by opening it farther with his lips. An ache blossomed between my legs. My head swam with the hot breath and heady taste of another man after so many years. He cupped my face and backed me against the wall as the kiss became wilder and needier.

His hands moved down my neck and over my collarbone. They covered my shoulders, pressing me into the wall. That throbbing between my thighs grew eager for relief. I took his cheeks in my hands, his skin smooth over the sharp jaw and moaned on his tongue.

He suddenly stepped away, breaking the kiss. He started to walk away. It intoxicated me that he could read my thoughts, fears, and desires. I didn’t want to be so vulnerable to anyone, not even to my husband.

As he walked away, I desperately and beggingly shouted, “Hey stranger, I want you. I want to be kissed. I want to be eaten. I want to be banged. These are your lips. I want you inside me. Please don’t go. Sorry about the wedding day.”

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