Bachelor son’s sweet anal obsession – Part 4

As I walked down the stairs, Dev came out of the room. His face was wrought with doubt, guilt, and perplexity.

“I am… I am sorry maa. Are you okay?” he asked.

I looked up at him. If only he knew how my body welcomed his sliding, his grunting, the way he wildly grabbed my boobs, the way his warm cum splashed on my back. I couldn’t tell him. But I couldn’t hide it either.

I slowly scooped his dick from my back with my fingers. Then looking at him seductively, I licked my fingers covered in this thick semen and ate them.

“That answers your question, Deva” I murmured.

“Oh… you kinky tasty woman!” I could see his cock getting erect again.

“But keep your dirty hands from my boobs, okay?” I mock-scolded him.

“Yes, maa.”

“You were the one who asked for my ass so, live with it”, I said, giggling as I went to our room and closed the door.

As I took a bath, I couldn’t but wonder at the lie I had told my son. Not only did I want my son to crush and knead my boobs, but I wanted his hands all over my body. Then I fingered myself thinking about my son’s thick manhood.

I was in heat, but I couldn’t show my son that I was ripe for him. I am a sanskari mother after all! Fated by the Gods to live with a gandhii nitamb and a pervert of a son who had been smelling and enjoying it for the last two days – all for his marriage. But the price to pay was my sanity.

As I came out of the bathroom, I saw Ravi changing his sweaty t-shirt.

“You are back”, he said.

“Oh yes, my patidev”, I hissed as I seductively undraped my towel exposing my naked body to my husband, switching off the lights and putting our dim night lamp on.

Soon his dresses were on the floor and I was straddling him like a wild huntress. I kissed him like a starving bear. After a wild exchange of kisses, he pinned me to the bed, got on top of me, and slid his penis inside my buttery wet pussy.

My hubby thrust in me vigorously for a few seconds and dumped his semen before I could bloom. Unbothered, I quickly took his fingers and plodded it inside my pussy. Although his fingering lacked the intensity of our younger years, I bloomed like a flower cumming like a waterfall of milk when I imagined my son’s finger in there instead of Ravi’s. My white cum oozed through my pussy and thighs, leaking into the bedsheet.

“Don’t you want to taste it, Ravi? Lots of milk in waste” I smirked.

Ravi slowly drank and ate my cum, kissing me. Then we hugged and kissed before dressing up. That night, my body glowed from the orgasm. Both men complimented me as we had dinner. I was flattered as much as I was famished by all the taboos that my son had done. Just as I was about to sleep, I got Dev’s message.

Dev: Good night, you sexy woman. Can’t wait to worship your ass tomorrow.

Although I agreed with him to be there whenever he needed me, I decided to play around a little.

Me: Aren’t you done yet, son?

Dev: Not yet. I am addicted to your musky gandii butthole scent and the soft warm ass cheeks. Just wait for tomorrow.

Shivers went up my spine as I read it. But I couldn’t control my sanskari impulses as well.

Me: Don’t you think you have to take a break tomorrow, just to check if your fetish is gone or not? If you eat me every day, how will you know?

Dev: Although I am pretty sure my fetish is not gone yet; we’ll do as you suggested.

Me: Okay. So, no touching tomorrow. Also, there is Aarti’s birthday party, so come with me in the evening.

Dev: Okay, maa.

My sanskari self had instructed him not to touch me. But my randi self had other ideas.

The next morning, my son came to the kitchen in the early hours. I welcomed him wearing a black tight petticoat and blouse. As he sat on the kitchen slab cutting vegetables, I stood at the other side of the slab and turned towards him.

I was offering a full view of my upper body including my deep cleavage. As he stopped and gasped at my beautiful form, I put my hands on the slab and jutted out my chest in the pretext of stretching.

“What are you looking at?” I winked.

“Your beautiful face, of course.”


I then seductively walked toward him. Placing my hands on the slab on either side of his thighs, I leaned at him, exposing my cleavage further.

“How about now?”

“Ohh… your breasts… it’s… it’s… so sexy, maa”

“Like what you see? Can I wear this blouse in the evening?” I asked.

“ Yeah-yeah maa”, he fumbled.

“Thank you, beta! Now I don’t want to spoil this dress.”

Slowly, I removed my blouse. I watched my son’s lips go dry and cock got erect as I unveiled my buxom full breasts clad in tight black bra. He let down his pajamas and took out his throbbing monster.

Then I walked towards him, allowing him to get the full view of his bra-clad mother. As I seductively squeezed my boobs, he began to stroke his cock. I watched his hands move up and down across his erect pole.

“Chee! You pervert, masturbating to your mother?”

“Yeah, maa”.

“To her boobs?”

“Yeah, maa…”.

“Is it big for you, do you want to suck them? Do you want to smell them? Do you want to see my nipples from which you drank your milk?” I encouraged.

“Oh yes… yes mother…”, he moaned stimulating his dick with speed and force.

“Oh… my pervert beta, lusting over his own mother’s breasts…, you bekari son, you dirty little brat, rub your cock for mummy, good boy. I’ll feed my boobs to your waiting warm mouth. I’ll let them cover in your sweet saliva, I’ll let you suck and eat my soft flesh, I’ll let you press them, knead them and eat them…”

“Ohhhh uffff maaaaaa”, he grunted as his cock exploded thick streams of warm semen which landed on my breasts and black bra.

“Looks like you got a new fetish”, I smirked.

“Seems you like my new fetish…”, he smirked back.

Then I cleaned his cum from his sleeping cock and tasted it. I tied back the knot of his pajamas.

“See you in the evening. Remember, no touching, no smelling, and from now on, no masturbation. ”


Then I sent him to his room, quickly completed the chores, and fed breakfast to my soldiers before bidding them goodbye. In the evening, I presented to the party wearing a black chiffon saree and the black blouse that I seduced my son with the morning. Dev also made it to the function on time. The birthday girl was a student of mine and her friends who were also my students were present at the party.

After the cake-cutting ceremony, my son gave me a small piece of cake on a paper plate with a note that read.

“Dear maa…. you look so beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off you, and I wish I was born as your panty so I could smell you every time. I wish I was born as your bra so I can savor your breasts every time, I wish I could be born as your sandals so I can feel your sexy feet, I wish for so much more but tonight, I wish that you place this little piece of cake in your ass crack”.

The letter was too gratifying to reject. Then I looked at my sweet son lovingly, blew him a flying kiss, and then nodded in affirmation. I went to the toilet and carefully wedged the cake in my anal crevice before meticulously covering it with my panty.

As I came out, my son suggested that the teacher and the students do a dance performance. Everyone agreed before I could do anything. I looked at my son pleadingly praying that cake did not ooze out of my ass.

The chiffon saree was pretty transparent and I could see my son ogling at my fertile flaring hips and deep navel. Now, I had to tie my saree in such a way that it exposed my fleshy hips and the contours of my breasts. Then I lifted the lower part of the saree to ease the movement of my legs which meant that my shapely ass was even more accentuated by the saree.

As the dance began, we first moved showing our front to the audience and then our backs. I was pretty sure that my full plushy tight breasts on the front and my buxom fertile hips and ass were moved in the maximum seductive stance. Amidst the dance, I glanced lustily and teasingly at my son who watched the assets of his mother.

After the dance was over, everyone came to congratulate us. But there was no sign of Dev anywhere. By this time, I could feel sweat mixed with cake filled up in my ass crack. I thought I would put away some cake from my ass otherwise the contents would spill over.

The toilet was inside the room. As I walked into the dimly lit room, someone caught my body and closed my mouth before closing and locking the door. It was none other than my son. Before I could say anything, he forcefully grabbed and pinched my ass cheeks as I helplessly gasped. Then he bent me over the bed and lifted the petticoat and saree exposing my panty-covered ass. In a jiffy, I felt my panties being removed which landed next to my face. In no time, my son began eating and licking the cake from my ass.

I breathed heavily thinking about the dirty risky forbidden taboo erotic thing my son was doing in a semi-public function, eating his mother’s sweaty ass crack laden with yummy creamy cake. I was helpless to his warm hungry slurps and I helplessly surrendered to his depravity. He kept eating and smelling and tongue fucking my butthole till someone began to knock on the door.

As the knock got louder, my son let me loose and restored my saree. He took my panty and stuffed it in his pocket. Before I could protest, he pushed me into the bathroom. Then I heard him opening the door and telling the outsiders that I had a small sprain which he helped with and now I was in the bathroom. He called me. I came out of the bathroom relaxed with a sigh of relief.

Geez! I wanted to go to the toilet to get rid of some portion of the cake. But my naughty son got rid of the entire cake, my ass sweat. And my panties too.

I joined the crowd, panty-less with nothing to absorb my precum oozing through my cunt. A few feet apart, I saw the eater of my ass talking with guests unaware that the particles of cake that he ate from my stinky ass were still around his mouth.

On our way back, I pretended to admonish my son for his excesses while wiping off the cake from his silly face. But in truth, the whole session felt phenomenally raunchy. The oozing river of precum wetting my thighs and staining my petticoat stood as a demonstration of that.