November 2023: The 10 Best Indian Sex Stories

Dear Readers, get ready to get your dicks hard and pussies wet with the 10 best sex stories of November 2023!

1)Married sister-in-law wants to get pregnant

By: crazy_dragon

My wife’s sister was desperate to get pregnant natural way. She asked her sister for help. Learn how I ‘pushed’ to fuck my sister-in-law and cum inside her.

‘My sister-in-law turned me on my back and started riding me again. I reached out and grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples, moved my hand to her mouth and she sucked my fingers. I put her on her back and started licking her wet pussy, kissing her pussy lips and mounted her again.’ Read the entire story here.

2) Caretaker for disabled bhabhi – Part 2

By: decent_larka

It was the day when bhabhi was discharged from the hospital. Find out the conditions I had to accept in order to get my bhabhi to live with me.

‘Your bhabhi is lactating, she is producing milk. Her child is not with her so she can’t express the milk using her own hands or even operate a breast pump with her hands. That’s why I had to keep coming in and helping her relieve the pressure. This is something she will need help with from now on amongst other things.’ Read the entire story here.

3) No Way Out – Part 2 (The ‘Sex’ Solution)

By: adultstories

My son was in pain and the only solution was to make him fuck a woman. Then how did I let him fuck me to cure his pain, find out in this story.

‘Rohit was puzzled because he never expected this kind of thing. But he was a brave boy and he did as my husband said. However, he failed at his first attempt, his dick was too big for my little cunt. So, I helped him, grabbed his dick, and set it on my vagina. Then he gave the first stroke.’ Read the entire story here.

4) Satisfied my sexy elder sister-in-law to the core – Part 2

By: dguram36

I was with my sister-in-law drinking and chatting. Find out how I seduced my wife’s sister by discussing sexual topics & ended up fucking her thirsty pussy.

‘I love sucking boobs and I am sure that most of the men do like it. But I can actually take a lady to orgasm by sucking her boobs! I have done it with my wife, I have done it with my girlfriends. It is altogether a different experience for them and me also.’ Read the entire story here.

5) Motherly Lust – Part 1

By: daddyriccio

A son’s feeling toward mom Reshma changes after an accident. Unable to control lust, he tries to masturbate. Find out what happens when his mom walks in!

‘Reshma slowly started to stroke her son’s cock back and forth. Rohan was hard all day and his dick was covered in the precum. Now his face was all flushed red. His mom was stroking his dick. Her tits were slightly shaking due to her hand thrusts.’ Read the entire story here.

6) Consoling my heartbroken brother lead to sex!

By: Hotindu

My brother was betrayed by his gf and wanted to end his life. Learn how I came to know about his situation and got fucked by him to save his life.

‘Chethan was lying on the sofa wearing only a pair of boxers while Bindu was on him sucking his lips! Pranav felt like he was stabbed by the two most trusted people in his life. He hardly spoke and returned home and was crying.’ Read the entire story here.

7) Helping village women turned to benefits

By: viraj35

I went to a village to drop my friend. There I help 2 women and took them to my home. Find out what made me sexually involve with one of this village maids.

‘Then I lost control and hugged tightly and started licking her neck. Madhavi was making small sounds and she hugged me more tightly. I lifted her head and kissed her forehead, moved to her lips, and started kissing her most beautiful lips.’ Read the entire story here.

8) Banging my hot housewife mom – Part 1

By: whydoineedusername

Real story of how I accidentally saw my hot housewife mom naked while bathing and how that led to many more unimaginable things in my life.

‘When she was in the kitchen, she bent down to take something from the fridge and I could literally see her boobs hanging. She didn’t wear her bra! I was hooked. She might have forgotten to wear it in a hurry when I ran into the bathroom.’ Read the entire story here.

9) Bhabhi and the exercise – Part 1

By: thesecretadmirer6271

After seeing my hot bhabhi first time in bra, I started getting sexually attracted toward her. Then we exercise together and slowly, I try to seduce her. Read on.

‘She was wearing tight leggings with a white t-shirt. I could see her boobs, they looked pretty solid, lol. Then we started with a brisk walk and as I looked toward bhabhi’s breasts, they were going up and down, which was quite turning me on!’ Read the entire story here.

10) Sibling’s Secret

By: 2023e16

This is a story between me and my sister. My family gave me a surprise on my birthday as I had moved to Hyderabad. But Diya had a special surprise as well.

‘We exchanged our tongues and saliva and made love. She slid her hands into my shorts while our lips were still in contact. Diya started stroking my dick slowly. Man, it was so good. I fucking loved this moment.’ Read the entire story here.

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