Priya and Sripriya – Part 5

I slept like a log after a busy sex day. I had cummed thrice, twice in Sripriya’s pussy and once in her mouth. My lips were aching. I sucked both the mom and daughter’s pussies till they orgasmed in my mouth and savoured their juices.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I felt my bedsheet being pulled away and soft hands trying to pull my cock out from my briefs. I opened my eyes and found the room dark. I noticed somebody sitting on the bed near my hips. My cock was pulled out from the briefs in a flash.

It was soon engulfed in a warm mouth. I was scared and shouted, “Who is this?”

“Sshh, Chetta, do you want to wake my husband sleeping below in our house? It is me, Sripriya darling,” I heard Sripriya’s soft voice.

“What are you doing here in the middle of the night, Sripriya?” I asked her in a low tone.

“It’s not night but dawn. It was 5 am, and I couldn’t sleep as your cock was flashing in my mind the whole night. So I came here to see your little brother again and couldn’t resist sucking it. Is it ok if I suck you now, Chetta?” Sripriya spoke in a low voice.

“How did you enter the house? I had locked the main door last night,” I asked her, trying to see her face in the darkness.

“Have you forgotten that I am the Landlady of this house? We have a spare key for this house. I came in using the spare key. Do you want me to leave, Chetta?” Sripriya said with a voice almost in tears.

“No, no, I didn’t mean like that. You are welcome anytime, dear. I was just shocked. Come on, suck my cock nicely, Sripriya. You will taste our juices from my cock. I didn’t wash after fucking you in your kitchen,” I said, trying to push her head down to my already hard cock.

“What? You didn’t wash it last night? You are a bad boy. Ok, I will clean it myself using my tongue. You got hard the moment I touched you. Are you hard always and ready to fuck Chetta,” Sripriya said, jerking my cock gently.

“I am not impotent not to get hard when a sexy lady like you touches me. Just seeing your voluptuous body gets me horny. Your husband is a lucky bastard to have you 24/7 to warm his bed,” I said. I inserted my right hand inside her saree from the bottom. Sripriya spread her legs wide.

She gave my hand free access inside her saree and petticoat. She said, “But what is the use, dear? He gets hard rarely. Even if he gets his small cock hard, he cums before I reach my first orgasm and sprays his cum over my pussy. I was yearning for a man like you who can stay hard even after cumming.”

As she was speaking, my hand moved up, feeling her fleshy thighs. I stopped when it came between her thighs junction. Pressing my palm on her trimmed pussy and thumb, locating her clit began to flicker it.

“Amma, you have magic in your mouth and hands, Chetta. Please fuck me with your fingers while I give a nice morning blowjob,” Sripriya said, moaning loudly.

“Do you want my fingers to fuck you, not my cock, dear,” I said, thrusting my middle finger inside her wet pussy. My thumb was got busy with her clit.

“Aah, slowly, Chetta. I want your cock, too, but not now, as I have to cook breakfast. I will please your cock with my mouth, and you please me with your fingers,” Sripriya said, bending her head down to take my cock inside her mouth.

“Then suck my cock nicely like a bitch,” saying I pushed her head down with my free left hand. Sripriya jerking my cock a bit faster, said, “I love when you call me names like bitch, slut and whore. Please use dirty language when we are alone like this, but not in front of my daughter or husband.”

“Ok, my fucking whore, suck my cock and make me cum, slut,” I said, pushing my finger deep into her. Sripriya took my cock inside her mouth in a jiffy. It hit the back of her throat, choking her. I knew she was horny and had come early in the morning to please.

Showing her no mercy, I pushed her head down onto my cock. Saliva was dripping out of the corner of her lips, wetting my pubic hair. My finger was busy fucking her and triggering her clit, getting her more aroused. I made her choke on my hard cock for a few seconds and took my hand off her head.

Sripriya took my cock off her mouth, taking deep breaths began hitting on my chest. I switched on the light, and the room was flooded with light. I saw Sripriya’s face was smeared with her saliva and tears dripping down her eyes. I felt pity for her.

Pulling her towards me and kissing her lips for a few seconds, tasting her saliva. I saw her eyes asking me to stop kissing. I removed my lips and asked, “Sorry I was a bit harsh on you. Didn’t you like my kiss, dear?” My fingers were still inside her pussy.

Wiping her lips with the back of her hand, Sripriya said, “I know you didn’t mean any harm. Now I want you to kiss my lower lips just like you kissed my upper lips.”

I saw her blushing as she was asking me to suck her pussy and satisfy her orally. So my Landlady had come to get her pussy eaten. What was wrong with this Nair Ladies, both mom and daughter wanted their pussy to be sucked and eaten.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy, got up and stood on the floor. Sripriya, looking at me with confusion, asked,” Did I say anything wrong, Chetta?” Instead of answering her, holding her legs, I pulled Sripriya to the edge of the bed and ripped her saree from her body.

Her ass was on the edge, with her feet dangling down and almost touching the floor. Bending over her, I gripped her blouse from the top and looked at her.

“Do you to fuck me now, Chetta? I don’t mind. Let my hubby and his daughter wait for their breakfast. But don’t take too long. Priya may come up searching for me, as she was awake when I came up. Make it a quickie like you did last night in my kitchen,” Sripriya said.

She lifted her petticoat, spreading her legs and opening her pussy which was slick with her cum. Gripping her blouse top, I ripped it. The hooks gave away, and her big breasts tumbled out in the open.

“How can I go down with this torn blouse, Chetta? If you asked me, I would have removed the blouse myself. You are impossible to understand. Do whatever you want to do with me. But I have to go down in 10 minutes,” Sripriya said.

Opening her legs wide, she looked at me with sex written all over her face. Kneeling on the floor, I brought my face between her thighs and nuzzled her mound. My nose, cheeks and chin got smeared with her juices. I clamped my lips on her dripping pussy.

My hands moved up to take possession of her prized twin treasures. My lips latched on her pussy lips while my nose was grazing her clit.

“Amma! This is what I like about you, Chetta. You always do the unexcepted. Come on, suck me and have your morning juice. Dig your tongue deep inside and see how your whore is leaking for you,” Sripriya was screaming while I sucked her juicy pussy nonstop.

Her mammoth breasts were getting crushed in my palms. Her nipples were being pulled, testing their elasticity. Sripriya had another orgasm while I was eating her, flooding my mouth with her cum. I sucked all her juices, digging my tongue inside her honey pot.

I was tormenting her fleshy breasts as I wanted. I was digging my nails into her soft spongy boobs. I was pressing them mercilessly, and she never complained a bit like a good submissive slut. Her moaning was getting louder while I sucked her cum out of her dripping pussy.

“Yes, Chetta. Suck me, it’s all yours. God, I am cumming again,” Sripriya shouted, gripping my hair tightly. Another gush of cum flooded my mouth. By now, my face was totally smeared with her sticky cum. I lost track of time. I came to my senses when my mobile buzzed and saw a message flashing.

Leaving her boobs, I picked up the mobile and saw a message from Priya. Wondering why she was messaging me at this time. I opened the message.

It read, “I know my slut stepmom is in your house. Stop eating that bitch’s pussy and send her down. My dad is awake and is asking for her. If you are not satisfied with that bitch, you can eat my fresh young pussy.” So Priya knew that her mom was with me and getting her pussy eaten.

I didn’t want her or, worse, her dad to come up in search of Sripriya. I got up and, giving her saree, said, “It’s getting late for you, Sripriya. We will complete what we started in the afternoon. Now go home and, as a good wife, prepare breakfast for your family.”

Sripriya got up wearing a saree and said, looking down at my still-hard cock, “But Chetta, you are not yet satisfied. How can I leave you like this?”

“So you will leave after satisfying me, Sripriya?” I said, staring at her breasts and pussy.

“Yes, Chetta. My husband will think that I have gone to bring milk. But I am worried about Priya. She may have seen me coming up as she was awake. Fuck me as fast as you can, like last night. I will come leisurely in the afternoon when I bring lunch. We can fuck me for a long time as you wish,” Sripriya said.

Lying on the bed and lifting her saree as she was like a few minutes before. Taking my mobile, I typed a message to Priya saying,  “I am going to fuck your mom now. So keep your dad busy so he won’t notice his wife’s absence for another 10 minutes.”

Holding my cock in my right hand, bending a bit down, moved my cock up and down Sripriya’s pussy lips. It got it lubricated with her dripping juices. Then pointing at her pussy door gave a hard push. Her pussy swallowed all of my 8 inches effortlessly.

“Slowly,” Sripriya cried out loudly. Without bothering to hear her screams, I pulled my cock to the head. I dived in her again and started fucking her in long strokes. Sripriya’s plump, fleshy body was creaking my cot as I humped her relentlessly.

She was trying to lift her ass, trying to fuck me back but was not able to. I was hammering her, lowering my hips and pushing my cock deep in her. After 2 minutes, I heard a ping on my mobile. Turned and saw it was from Priya. Pushing my deep into her, lying still, I picked up the mobile.

It read, “Motherfucker, using my slut mom for early morning fuck. 5 minutes up and another 5 minutes only, bastard.” I typed a reply, “Give me 15 minutes, Priya.” I kept the mobile down and started to fuck Sripriya again.

“Who is messaging you so early in the morning, Chetta?” Sripriya asked, breathing hard and caressing my chest, wiping the sweat. “It’s a friend, dear,” Saying I concentrated on fucking her, trying to cum early and to send her back home.

Sripriya, holding my taut nipples and twisting them with her fingers, asked, “Is it a girlfriend or boyfriend, Chetta?”

Before I could answer her, there was another ping. I knew it was from Priya. It read, “I can make you cum in a minute with my tight pussy. Why are you fucking that cunt. Shall I come, fucker?”

I wondered at the young girl’s guts, challenging me. So I typed, “Come over, I will fuck both mom and daughter simultaneously on my bed.” Sripriya, pinching my nipples, said,” I asked you who is messaging you.”

Grabbing her breasts in both hands for support, I was lazily moving my cock in and out of her pussy. I said, “It’s my partner from Bangalore asking me to send a quotation for a project. Why are you torturing my sensitive nipples? Why don’t you suck them and show how much you love me, dear?”

Sripriya, lifting her head off the bed, licked both my nipples with her tongue stretched out. Looking into my eyes, she said, “Is this much love sufficient, Chetta? Or do you want me to suck like you suck mine?” Grabbing the pillow and placing it under her neck, I said,” Suck it as I suck yours.”

“But Chetta, your nipples are so small. How can I take it in my mouth and suck,” Saying Sripriya took my right nipple in her mouth and tried to suck as much as possible. My whole body shivered when she sucked, and her teeth tried to bite my nipple.

Taking my left hand from her breast, holding her head and pressing her face to my chest, I said,” Yes, yes, like a baby. Don’t hesitate to bite it. It’s not as soft as ladies. But bite it gently, Sripriya.” Sripriya nodded her head, holding her nipple bit it with her teeth softly.

I had stopped fucking her and was enjoying the sensations of my nipple being sucked and bitten. Sripriya was lifting her ass and indicating to me to start fucking her. Gripping her left breast and holding her head in my left hand, I began fucking her in slow strokes.

Then I heard my mobile ping. It was a message from Priya again, and it read, “You have only 5 minutes to send my mom back, dear.” I was surprised to see Priya messaging me Dear instead of the usual Bastard. Sripriya was sucking my left nipple now, with her arms wrapped around my neck for support.

She was sucking and biting my hard nipple, trying to please me, knowing that I liked her sucking. Taking my hands off her, resting my elbows on the bed, I picked up my mobile. I

I typed, “Give me another 15 minutes, dear. Your mom is sucking my nipple and getting fucked nicely. Her pussy came twice on my cock, and it’s gripping me tightly, not allowing me to pull my cock out from it. Come up and join us. We can have a threesome with your mom. I will suck your fresh pussy and make you cum while I fuck your mother. If you allow me, I will fuck you, too, and you can suck your mom. Want to join us, baby?”

Dropping the mobile and lifting my hips, I started to pound Sripriya. The cot was creaking a lot as I hammered Sripriya’s hapless wet pussy. She hung on to my neck, sucking my nipples as much as she could and receiving my pounding without any complaints.

I fucked Sripriya for another 5 minutes, and my cock showed no signs of cumming. In the morning cold weather, her warm body heat and wet pussy was giving me extreme pleasure. I had said 10 minutes, and it was more than 25 minutes.

I had only 10 minutes more to cum and to send her home. I increased my speed. My balls were banging against her ass cheeks as her buttocks were lifted off the bed a bit up. Her legs were wrapped across my back. I heard my damn mobile ping again. Priya had messaged me again.

Picking up the mobile, I read it, “How could you type such a lengthy message while fucking, Uncle? Dad was screaming for coffee, and I prepared it for him. Please send Sripriya home ASAP. About you fucking me, I will think about it when I come for tuition in the evening, if you have any left after fucking my mom in the afternoon too. See you in the evening, bye, Uncle.”

First, it was bastard, then dear. Now, respectfully, Priya was addressing me, Uncle. I couldn’t understand this girl. I knew this was her last message. I didn’t bother to reply to her back. Lifting my body, took my nipple off Sripriya’s mouth.

Now resting both my hands on her shoulders, I started fucking her in long strokes. Her body shook violently under me. Sripriya began shouting at the top of her voice. I quickly closed her mouth, kissing her to silence her shouting. I didn’t want her husband to come in search of her, hearing his wife’s screams.

Sripriya was crushing her soft lips on mine and kissing me wildly. I ploughed her relentlessly. Her big breasts were swaying all over her chest under me. I knew I had to finish her off quickly. She had come three times when I started banging her, and she also should be tired.

Taking my lips off her, I said, “Suck my nipples dear. I am close.” Like a good, obedient lover, Sripriya quickly latched on to my right nipple and started to chew it. Pushing all my 8 inches cock in her moist tunnel, I stood still. My cock began to shoot cum in her in large jets, and it throbbed as it cum.

Sripriya’s pussy was gripping me tightly as I poured my semen into her unprotected pussy. Sripriya stopped sucking my nipple when she sensed my cock pouring cum in her. Resting her head on the pillow, she smiled at me and said, “You said it would be a quickie, Chetta. Do you always fuck for so long?”

“Depends on the lady, dear,” I said, kissing her chin.

“Hmm, so you find me attractive and sexy. What will you do if you get a young girl?” Sripriya asked, laughing.

“You mean a young girl like Priya. Maybe I will last longer,” I said, giving her a hint.

“Yes, you can take her example. But be careful when you are with Priya. She is not as innocent as she looks. I know she is more beautiful and sexy than me, but she is a wild and naughty girl. I know she doesn’t consider me as her mom, but she is good at heart.”

My cock had mellowed down, and it popped out from Sripriya’s filled-up pussy. I got off her and stood up. Sripriya, too, got of the bed, her saree and petticoat dropping down.

Picking up the pallo from the floor wrapped it across her torn blouse. I picked a tissue paper from the side table and, giving it to her, asked her to wipe her pussy clean.

“No, Chetta, I want to feel you inside me till I take a bath. It gives me satisfaction and confidence that I have a man, too. But I am worried about the blouse. How am I going to my home with a torn blouse?” Sripriya said, showing her blouse.

I searched for a safety pin in the drawer and handed it to her. Sripriya, holding the edge of her pallo with her teeth, hooked her blouse in the centre. Now, her breasts were covered up a bit, and she looked decent. Wrapping her pallo on her shoulders, Sripriya hugged me.

She said,” Thanks for giving me a nice fuck this early in the morning, Chetta. I will come back with your lunch in the afternoon.”

Giving me a light kiss on my lips, Sripriya walked out of the bedroom. My mind was on Priya now.

The story continues.

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