The Escape Route

As she disconnected the call, Yasmeen was tense. She was on a call with her hubby, Abrar. He informed her that they had lost the court case. They had lost their ancestral property.

They now have two options – either appeal against the verdict in the higher court or accept this verdict. Having spent all the liquid cash they had on this litigation, they decided to accept the verdict.

Yasmeen is from a very modest background. From her childhood, she was interested in studying and being an independent woman. However, her family background didn’t help.

In exchange for a handsome amount, her parents married her off to Abrar despite him being 20 years older than her. Abrar lives with his aged parents and two divorced sisters. It was only after their marriage that Yasmeen realized that the pomp and splendour were just superficial.

In reality, they were living off the cash that they would get by selling their antique jewellery, artefacts and other possessions. Yasmeen’s inner voice told her that it’s important for her to be independent so she can support the family when needed.

She convinces Abrar that she should study and get her master’s degree. Their entire village would look up to their family, and that would enhance their family’s reputation. She knew that Abrar and her family, though conservative, would agree with anything for false prestige. True to her guess, they agreed.

They live in a remote village in West Bengal. She picked up a private university on the outskirts of Hyderabad as she wanted to stay away from them. She was just a couple of months away from completing her master’s, and she heard this news.

Abrar tells her that the court gave them 1 week to vacate their palatial house. They have a two-bedroom house attached to a 3-acre farmland in the adjacent village. Fortunately for them, this wasn’t part of the litigation. So they’ve decided to move there and do farming.

Abrar also mentioned that they have a few loans that they’re expected to repay. The meagre income from the farm would barely help them sustain But he’s not sure how he would repay the loans.

Given this, Yasmeen decided that she’d work. And simultaneously, she wants to calm down Abrar a bit. So, she calls him up and informs him that she’ll work at the same university that she’s studying. The money she’d earn would help them manage expenses while repaying the loans.

She assures him that in 4-5 years, they will be able to repay. Abrar feels so relieved, agrees to it and asks her, “But is there any job available?”

“My professor asked me a couple of days back if I wanted to take up an open position on the campus and stay back. I’ll now go to him and tell him I’d like to take it.” She lies to make him feel better.

Now, the biggest challenge is – how would she get a job at this university. The reason for her picking up this university was that they’d give her accommodation, food and salary. A major part of her salary can be saved, which can help them.

Just then, she gets a call from Rakesh, her classmate, “Yaz, where are you? We’re all waiting for you.”

“Why?” she asks.

“Forgot? We’ve got to firm up our plans for tomorrow’s event,” Rakesh says with a tinge of irritation.

That’s when she remembers that the final years are hosting a speaker series tomorrow. Along with Rakesh and a few others, she’s part of the organizing committee. They agreed to meet up to discuss the arrangements.

“I’ll be there in 2 minutes,” she paces towards the cafeteria as she’s speaking to him. They spend the new few hours discussing the finer aspects.

The responsibility she’s entrusted with is escorting the Chairman to the auditorium and back to his office. The Chairman, Mr Rao, is one of the well-known educationists in the State. He owns a group of institutions, amongst which this university is the latest one.

He is well-connected in the power circles. He is known to be a no-nonsense man who doesn’t interact much with anyone. The Admin block is a 10 storied building on the University campus. While the auditorium is on the ground floor, the first 5 floors of the building have the university’s admin office.

The 6th floor has the office of the Dean along with the chambers for the professors and other teaching staff. From the 7th floor onwards, it is off-limits for all the students. No one really knows anything about what’s on these floors.

The 10th floor has a sprawling Chairman’s office that has a magnificent three-sided open view. People have only heard of it but have never seen it. Only the Dean has been to it a few times when he had to meet the Chairman.

A visit to the Chairman’s office needs a lot of approvals. It almost takes 3 hours for Yasmeen to get those approvals. The next morning, at the scheduled time, Yasmeen goes to the Chairman’s office and is awestruck by the grandeur of the place. She greets Mr Rao, and they get into the elevator.

The elevator stops at floor 6, where a few professors get in. The elevator gets full. Mr Rao moves to the corner wall of the elevator. Yasmeen is standing in front of him. Yasmeen is wearing western formals and heels that day. She’s in tight, formal black trousers and a light pink coloured tight fitting shirt.

The dress is making her look more alluring. She has a protruding butt which got more prominent due to her trousers and heels. Unknowingly, her butt gently presses Mr Rao’s crotch.

Now, Mr Rao is a single parent in his late 50s. His seriousness towards his profession and his values deprived him of female proximity. This unexpected touch stirs him up. His dick slowly begins to react to the situation. It becomes mildly erect but just enough to greet Yasmeen’s butt cheek.

Yasmeen could feel the hardness, and she couldn’t believe it. She got the widely respected Mr Rao hard. While her instant thought is to move forward, she can’t owing to the man standing in front of her. So, she lets it be, which causes Mr Rao’s dick to harden slightly further.

As they both are grappling with the unexpected turn of events, the lift reaches the ground floor. They step out of the lift. Yasmeen escorts Mr Rao to the auditorium, and the event begins.

During the entire event, she could sense Mr Rao stealing glances at Yasmeen. At the same time, she is trying to figure out a way that can be a win-win for all. As the event ends, Yasmeen gets back to Mr Rao and escorts him back. What Mr Rao doesn’t know is that she has decided for both of them.

On the way to the lift, she engages him in some small talk. She’s holding the big flower basket that is given to Mr Rao in his honour and walking alongside him. As they enter the lift, she wants to make her intentions towards him very obvious.

As they enter the lift, she realizes that it is just the two of them. Yet she stands in front of him. As the lift starts, all she does is deliberately push her butt into his groin. Her butt takes care of the rest. Though there’s a fabric between their naked skins, the situation makes “it” hard for Mr Rao.

His dick gets harder than before. As the lift reaches the last floor and the door opens, Mr Rao looks at Yasmeen. He thanks her and extends his hand to take the flower basket from her.

“It’s ok, sir – I’ll help you to keep it in your room,” she politely says and walks with him into the room.

As they enter his room, the door closes behind them and Mr Rao again thanks Yasmeen. She puts the flower basket down and turns towards him. She unbuttons the top three buttons of her shirt while looking into his eyes. The situation is making her breathe heavily.

Her 36C bust is trying to break free from her bra. Her chest is heaving up and down with her heavy breaths. He can’t believe what’s happening. Just as he’s about to say something, Yasmeen puts her finger on his lips and gently presses his lips. That kills the words that were about to come out.

She then holds his wrist, lifts it and places it on her left boob. Though covered by the shirt and bra, he could still feel the firmness, warmth and softness of her breasts. He wants to move his hand away from her breast.

But without his knowledge, involuntarily, his hand slightly firms up the grip and ever so gently squeezes her boob. Yasmeen figures out that she now has him. She moves closer to him. So close that their faces could feel the warmth of each other’s breath.

She places a kiss on his lips. Just as she does it, her hand goes down to caress his manhood over his trousers. His dick responds to her touch and begins to grow. She walks him to his chair and makes him sit. Yasmeen kneels, then proceeds to spread his legs, unzip his trousers and insert her hand inside.

“Impressive,” is all she says as she holds his dick over his underwear. Her hand makes its way into the underwear. For the first time, her naked skin touches his manhood. His dick pulsates by the touch. Yasmeen looks into his eyes and coyly smiles, fully aware of what he’s going through.

She then slowly and carefully pulls it out. It’s black, thick and semi-erect. She feels it’s a bit uncomfortable dealing with it like this. So she unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his trouser, and just pulls the elastic band of his underwear below his cock.

She brings his cock out fully, along with his balls. She opens it up so she gets some space to work through. She carefully begins to stroke his cock, trying to bring it to full glory. Her efforts yield results in no time. His fully erect manhood is black, thick and glistening with the oozing precum.

“You’re thick,” is all she says, and that makes Mr Rao feel proud. She lovingly looks at it, bites her lower lip, and takes out her tongue. She uses her hand to pull the head of his cock out of the foreskin. She lovingly places a kiss on the pink head of his cock.

A chill runs up his spine and he has goosebumps all over. Although he had sex before, this is the first time he’s experiencing it. For him, he was just focused on his professional life, and sex was just another chore for him. He lost his wife 6 years after their marriage.

Since then, he never had sex, although he occasionally masturbates. She then kisses his balls and proceeds to lick along the length of his fully erect shaft. The feeling is so overwhelming that the muscles in his cock tighten further.

She looks at him again, smiles and then proceeds to engulf his manhood with her mouth. The warmth, moistness and the gentle scraping of her teeth over his cock makes him quiver, and he lets out a loud gasp. “Aah,” is all he could say.

His hand goes behind her head in an effort to push her further. He doesn’t want this moment to end. Holding the base of his cock, she engulfs it all and begins to suck it. This gets unbearable for him. It’s been a while since he last emptied his balls.

He’s on the edge and can explode anytime. He tries to pull her head away from his cock as he doesn’t want to empty himself in her mouth. She understands what he’s trying to do, and then she does something that he never expected. She digs her mouth further and increases her speed.

He can no longer hold himself and cums in her mouth with a loud groan. His entire body is throbbing as his cock spurts the sperm in her mouth. She lovingly takes it all in and waits for him to settle down. As he settles down, she licks the tip of his cock for the last few drops and licks it dry.

Mr Rao can still not believe what happened. A sexy girl who is old enough to be his daughter gave him a blowjob. She gets up and smiles at him as he begins to buckle up. She buttons up her shirt and then surprises him with something. She removes her heels and removes her trouser.

Mr Rao is in awe of her sexy legs – especially her thighs. She then turns away from him, slowly pulls down her panty while jiggling her ass. He begins to get hard again, seeing her naked butt. The shapely butt and her smooth and fair skin adds to the growing restlessness in him.

She turns around, exposing her clean-shaven pussy to him. He could see some moistness around her pussy lips. He thinks that she’s loving whatever is happening here. She picks up her panty, drops it in his lap and says, “A small souvenir from me.”

She then proceeds to pull up her trousers. As she’s dressing up, she says, “Sir, I’ll be completely yours. But I need help from you. I’m in financial trouble, and I need help.” As she pauses, he thinks that she’s trying to take money from him for sex. He instantly starts to think lowly of her.

“I’m not asking you for any money. Please give me a job. I’ll work hard and sincerely like any other employee. And as a mark of gratitude for giving me the job, I’ll totally surrender myself to you. Not just for once. I’ll be fully yours for as long as I’m here.”

She pauses and then proceeds, “Please think it over, sir and let me know. But one thing sir, I really like you and admire you. I’m willing to surrender to you out of love and respect but not for money. Other than the salary and perks that you give to all your employees, I expect nothing else from you.”

She writes down her number on a piece of paper, says, “If you wish to consider me, here’s my number,” and leaves his room.

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