Start of Incest with my mom – Part 3

Hi friends, here I am with the next part of my story. Thanks a ton for showing your support and love for my experience. Straight to the story. Please read the 2nd part for a better view and understanding.

The porn on the pc was going on. I saw the same and just thought of masturbating in front of my mom. My dick was rock hard watching mom’s scene. So I pulled out my dick and started jerking the same way sitting on the chair as mom did it.

She came out of the bathroom and was surprised and shocked to see me jerking off. She shouted and asked what the fuck am I doing. She also asked me to go to my room for the same.

I comforted her, saying she did it in front of me. Now what was there for me to hide was my question. She was a bit calm. I told her I liked her taste in porn. I will be done ASAP, as the porn was so hot. My surprise was that she didn’t move out of the room.

She was also watching me jerking and was surprised to see my dick in my hand.
With that, the situation in the room became very hot. In 15-20 minutes, I was close to the climax and released my load. As soon as I released my load, I peeped to see her reaction.

I saw that her right hand was rubbing her pussy. And she was holding her phone with her left hand, for name’s sake. She was hiding her view from me and asked me to clean up if done and switch off the pc. My mind played a bit, and I got the idea of showing my dick to her.

I got up from the chair without pulling up my shorts. I went straight to the bathroom, holding my semi-hard dick. She was also surprised by that. I cleaned myself and returned the same way, half nude, showing my dick to my mom. I went near the pc and used a tissue to clean the floor without my shorts.

After that, I got my shorts on the floor. Without wearing them, I started to walk toward the door beside where mom was sitting on the bed. She might have fully viewed my dick, balls, and bum. Before leaving the door, I just saw her face. It was not angry but filled with a mixed expression of lust and shame.

I told her thanks for the show and left the room. I went to my room and was happy that I could at least jerk off in front of her that too openly. I slept for some more time and was woken up by mom’s call for breakfast. I got a bit tired by the whole scene and was also hungry.

I got up, did all my daily chores and joined mom for breakfast. As I know she doesn’t like to talk about sex on the dining table, I didn’t take the topic. But she was behaving quite freely even though I was looking at her dress. She is more exposing her cleavage to me, which was very unusual.

She was very careful about her dress in front of me before. She was casually talking and then pulled out the morning topic, seeing I was not going to take it out. She asked me, “Since when are you masturbating?”

I said, “Since my college days.”

So she asked me if I had been regularly masturbating since college, but she never noticed the same. I said I used to do the same at night or in your absence.
She was keener to know about my masturbation, which raised my dick.

She asked me if I had had sex with someone. I was like no, as I like milfs and for which I didn’t get a chance with anyone. She was surprised and asked me what milf was. I explained in detail that it’s short for mother. I love to fuck.
She made her eyes wide open with surprise and asked me why I liked milfs.

The topic is getting hotter and hotter with every question she asks. I said I am an ass lover, and milfs got some huge asses and thighs. Also, they used to be experienced and hot all the time.

She asked me, “Why you showed yours to me this morning?” I was surprised and told her, “I didn’t show you anything. You might have just seen.” She said yes. Now, this was my chance, and I asked her if she liked it.

For my luck, she said, “Yes, and yours is much bigger like some porn stars.”
Now it’s a jackpot for me. I said, “If you want, I can show you mine anytime.
And we can masturbate together, as I told you the other day.”

She was in thought and said, “No, it’s really wrong.” And said she knows she likes it and even I enjoy it, but it’s not right to do it. I said no one was ever going to know this. This will be only our secret, and I requested her that it would make both of us feel great.

She thought and said, “I need time to think about this.” To my luck, she was half ready.

I gave her a suggestion, “Okay, we will not do it at the same time. But I will watch you do it, and you can watch me doing the same. Also, if you are not doing it daily, it will be a great thing to me that I will also not do it daily. I will wait for alternate days to watch you and jerk.”
She said okay half minded, and said that no one should know this. Also, we should not go any further on this. But I know it’s very hard to end once it is started, as she also has her needs.

The situation changed so swiftly that my dick was rock hard. Thinking that my super character mom a few days back is turning into a slut. Agreeing to show her masturbation to her son and to watch her son masturbate.

We had our breakfast and went to our rooms. I could not concentrate on my work that whole day. I was excited to see my mom’s pussy the day after tomorrow. But I’m also sad that I will not watch it tomorrow and will have to wait another day.

I started to concentrate on my work and my deliveries. Lunchtime was quite silent, but I could see the glow on her face of finding a dick. She is getting super free with me, telling jokes and playfully hitting me. We had our lunch. I went back to her and hugged her from behind.

I said I love her so much in her ear. She also said that she loves me so much!
I again joined my work. In the evening, I went out to buy some lingerie for my mom as she was ready to wear those in front of me.

I came back and just kept the pack in my room. I thought of giving the same when she showed me her pussy for the first time. Dinner was finished. She unexpectedly kissed me on my cheeks, saying good night and went to her room.

I was slipped into my dreams seeing her ass jiggling, thinking of fucking her ass one day. I went to my room half melted, thinking of fucking her in all ways. But still, for the next day, I kept the alarm and woke up at the same time. I was really unhappy to see her sleeping.

Today she had said no show. But to my surprise, she was awake and told me, “I already told you that you would get the show tomorrow. So why peeping? Also, you don’t have to peep in now, as there is nothing for us to hide. Anyways go and sleep now.”

She was in her jeans shorts and sleeveless top, and I was so hot seeing her. I went near her and kissed her on the cheeks. I said sorry and went back to bed a bit sad.

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