Gay Action at the Gas Station

I am 25 with an average build and 5’5”. I am originally from Mumbai and moved to Canada for education about 3 years ago. I’ve had some anal sex in my curious beginning years. But recently, I restricted myself to oral fun and fucking others.

Most of my encounters were through apps. I needed an organic and natural fun and sexy gay time. I have worked night shifts at a gas station for the last two years. I had gotten comfortable here. I knew which hours were slow and could fulfil my perverted fantasies.

This one night, I was wearing a jockstrap at work because my ass being open and touching the jeans gave me boners. It was 1 am on a Sunday. I was done with my work, and customers had stopped coming. I got horny and decided to do something about it.

I had masturbated in the backroom a few times, which had gotten boring. So, I went to the washroom and pulled my jockstrap forward, so my dick was hanging out. Then I buttoned my pant up but left the dick hanging out through the open zip.

Then covered it up with my t-shirt and went out. The dick was barely covered and would be exposed if I took a deep breath. A few customers came after that. I served them while my dick was barely covered.

It would make me horny, especially in front of women. My dick would try to escape its hiding, but I managed to hide it somehow. Then walked in this cute fair desi guy with circular glasses, curly hair, and a cute smile.

I saw his dick print in his grey sweatpants. I started getting so aroused that I forgot about my situation. He asked for something from the upper shelf behind the counter, and I, like a dumbass, reached to get it.

Then I realized that my erect dick was out in the air. But I covered it up, hoping he didn’t see. My heart was beating fast from the fear and excitement simultaneously.

He then asked for a washroom key which I gladly gave him. Thanking my stars that he did not react and probably did not see. But then he called me to help as he could not open the door. But as I opened the door for him, he pushed me in and then against a wall and looked into my eyes.

I could not say anything as my brain scrambled to figure out what was happening. He pulled my t-shirt up, said to me, “I saw your little stunt out there,” and started stroking my dick. He got down on his knees, kissed my dick, and started sucking it. I was in shock and seventh heaven at the same time.

As I recovered, I decided to take matters into my hand. I held his head by his curly hair and looked into his eyes back. He got slightly scared, thinking he had offended me. But I made him stand and kissed him passionately.

We locked our lips and undid each other’s pants, and stroked each other’s dicks. I was happy that this fantasy of mine was coming true. He inserted his finger in my ass and started finger fucking me.

I was taken aback but didn’t stop him. I’d have done anything for the cutie that night. I turned and pinned him against the wall, got down, and swallowed his long dick. He started skull fucking me, but I didn’t mind being his little slut.

My throat started hurting after some time. But I decided to keep going as it made him happy. He made me stand, turned me around and started tapping his dick on my now-loosened butthole.

I couldn’t control and wanted his long throbbing dick inside me. I gently said to him, “Please fuck me. Let me feel you inside my thirsty ass,” and he obeyed. He slapped my ass hard and slid it in, in one thrust.

I gave out a loud moan, “Aah.” But it was a moan of pleasure with a side of pain. I felt his dick move in and out, rearranging me from inside. This was the first time. Anal sex was this pleasurable, maybe because he lit a small fire of passion inside me.

The sound of his body slapping on my ass echoed in the small washroom ‘Fappp! Fappp! Fappp!’ He fucked me while standing for a while. We both got tired, so I made him sit. I was on his dick facing him and rocked on his dick.

Our lips locked again. I wrapped my legs around him, and he fucked me slowly while hitting the right spots. I felt like I was in love and never wanted that to stop. But then I felt like I was going to cum from his dick rubbing over my prostate.

I had only heard about them but never had one. I said to him, “I’m going to cum. Go harder.” He understood and increased his pace, but that was not enough. I clenched his throat and said, “Harder, baby, harder.”

He then fucked me real fast. I screamed like a bitch, “Aah.” I felt my orgasm developing. And then he came inside me, and I came on his chest. That was the longest and most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

It took me a minute to recover from it. When I did, his dick was still inside me. He was patient like a lover waiting for me to come to my senses. And I was feeling his warm love inside my ass. I slowly got up and kissed him one last time.

Then I realized the store was open and there might be customers outside. I quickly wore my clothes but let his cum stay there and ran outside. Luckily no one was out there, and a customer walked in just as I came out.

After some time, he walked out and left the store, giving me his cute smile and melting me again. After the customer left, I realized I should have taken his phone number. My only hope of ever seeing him again was if he decided to return when I was working.

I will let you guys know with a part two if that happens. Thank you for reading about my experience. If you liked it, you could let me know at [email protected]