Sex With College Classmate Jahnavi – Part 8

Hey everyone. I am Diganth with the continuation of my previous part. Readers, please read the previous parts for my details and my classmate cum girlfriend Jahnavi’s details and continuation of the story.

Gently, I placed my body on my virgin girlfriend. Then I slowly began rubbing my dick on her pussy lips. With help of my left-hand thumb and fourth finger, I stretched Jahnavi’s pussy lips wide and pushed my dick inside her pussy. Only one-third of my dick went inside her pussy.

Jahnavi had closed her eyes and held the tarpaulin sheets tightly. And with another small thrust, another one-third of my dick entered her pussy. Jahnavi moaned loudly, “Ouch ah ah ha ha.. ” I lip-locked her lips with mine. And with help of her shoulder support, I gave a hard thrust and my entire dick was inside my girlfriend’s pussy.

Jahnavi’s eyes were filled with tears and a few tiny droplets of tears were rolling down from her eyes. I kept my dick inside her pussy for a few more minutes. Jahnavi opened her eyes with a smile on her face and gave a thumbs-up sign with her left hand.

So, I began taking out my dick from her pussy. And then I started to enter my dick in and take it out from her pussy slowly a few times. After a few times as my dick was easily entering and coming out of her pussy, I began thrusting her pussy at a medium pace.

Jahnavi was enjoying the pain and pleasure that her body was taking. After a few minutes, I began to ram her pussy as fast and hard as possible. Jahnavi was trying to control her moaning sounds and was pleading with me to be gentle.

As I was ramming Jahnavi’s pussy harder, the clapping sounds (thap thap) increased. Jahnavi was anxious as she thought someone was watching and clapping at us and Informed me. So, I replied, “Don’t worry Jahn, it’s due to my hard thrusts ramming your pelvic region deeper.”

But Jahnavi slid her body slightly up and observed the surroundings. And she said, “No one is here.”

I immediately pushed my college girlfriend back to the floor and began to suck her boobs over her red velvet color crystal sleeveless wrap attire. I liked the crystals in her attire and began squeezing her boobs hard.

Jahnavi closed her eyes and moaned loudly asking me to take my dick out as she was nearing another orgasm. But I informed her to cum on my dick. As she cummed on my dick, I waited for a few seconds for her to relax. Later, again I kept thrusting my dick deep inside my GF’s pussy.

I continued to increase the ramming speed of my dick inside her pussy. And with my hands, I slowly slid her attire and lifted her slightly up to remove her attire. I informed her, “See babe, we are naked now and till this time, this attire made you comfortable.”

Now as we were naked due to the cold breeze we might get cold tomorrow. So, we both had to ignite heat from our bodies. And I began ramming her pussy at full pace and began squeezing her right boob with my left hand and sucking her other boobs with my mouth.

Jahnavi was moaning loudly, “Ha ah aha ahh hahah hmm ha ahhh..” and was fondling my hair with one hand. With the other hand, she was digging her nails into my back. I completely sucked her boobs and was trying to gulp her entire boobs.

With my left-hand fingers, I twisted her nipples in all possible directions. I pinched, squeezed and mashed her right boob. Then I informed Jahnavi that I was about to cum and Jahnavi asked me to flood my cum inside her pussy as she was in her safe days.

Then I flooded my cum inside my girlfriend’s pussy and relaxed on her boobs.

Jahnavi: Babe, finally you fulfilled your desire to fuck me. Are you happy now?

Me (I was breathing fastly): Jahn, to be honest, you are the only girl that I waited for so long to fuck.

Jahnavi: Aww, I know babe. Now, let’s get dressed and enjoy the DJ Music.

Me: No way I am allowing you to wear your dress back. Let’s have another round of sex.

Jahnavi: Babe, I want to enjoy my first DJ event. And we can have sex some other day.

Me: Jahn please, I will take you to a crazy DJ event this weekend. Now, let’s have another round of sex. Jahn, please, I haven’t still fucked you properly last round, please.

Jahnavi: Pakka you will take me to the DJ event this weekend? And are you sure this will be the last round of sex?

Me: Pakka I’ll take you to the DJ event. I wanted to fuck you for many rounds but due to lack of time, this will be the last round of sex for today.

Jahnavi: Babe, how many rounds of sex could you do?

Me: Jahn, it depends on the girl and her assets. With you, Jahnavi I could fuck the whole day with breaks in between.

Jahnavi: Aww, my babe answering safely.

Then I rolled my back on tarpaulin sheets and asked my college girlfriend to make my dick hard. Jahnavi began rubbing my dick skin in to and fro motion. And she began pulling my dick upwards and squeezing my dick harder. Jahnavi was about to suck my dick and give me a blowjob.

But I asked her to stop and pulled her to the floor and made her lie on her stomach. I then began licking her fair back from her shoulders to the anal region. And again I was licking from the thigh region up to her legs. I hadn’t licked her ass or asshole region.

Then I sat in between her thighs and began rubbing my dick on her ass cheeks and anal region. And with my dick, I rubbed her entire back to make her hornier. Then I asked Jahnavi to place her elbow on the tarpaulin sheets and raise her hips high.

As she lifted her body, I got complete exposure to her pussy and informed her that this posture is known as doggy position or doggy style. And I began rubbing my dick on her pussy and slowly I started fucking her back doggy style. And I began pushing my dick deeper as I had gotten complete exposure to her pussy.

Jahnavi was moaning loudly. So with one hand, I closed her mouth and with the other hand, I began squeezing and mauling her boobs. Jahnavi’s boobs were so soft and bouncing and were easy for me to squeeze them hard.

After a few minutes, Jahnavi informed me she was having cramps in her thigh region and can’t take my dick anymore in that position. So I reversed her and made her lie on her back and pulled her closer to my thighs. Slowly, I lifted her knees and made her legs cross on my back and began rubbing her cramped thigh region part to ease her pain.

Then Jahnavi said she was feeling better. So I began penetrating my dick into her pussy with medium speed. And then I continued to ram her pussy hard and faster. And with my hands, I was squeezing and pinching both her boobs.

After a few minutes of vigorous fucking in that position, I again flooded my cum inside my girlfriend’s pussy. I collapsed my body on hers and kept my face beside her.

I was breathing rapidly and began to speak with Jahnavi.

Me: Jahn, this is the best sex that I had ever till that day. And thank you for your full cooperation, darling.

Jahnavi: Aww, it’s ok babe. And this is my first sex and you made it memorable and wonderful.

Me: Jahn, did you have an orgasm again, or else, should I make you cum?

Jahnavi: No babe, I had an orgasm when I got my thighs cramped.

Me: Jahn, you should have informed me, nah? I would have given you rest for a few minutes.

Jahnavi: I thought to say you but because of your hard thrust I enjoyed it and couldn’t inform you.

Me: Jahn, I love you and please allow me to fuck you every day.

Jahnavi: Babe, sex is too much for every day and I might allow you some days. I love you too.

I asked Jahnavi to wear the same dance attire. But she refused and said, “No, my mom will kill me if I wear that attire.”

And I quickly wore my dress back and helped her to wear other pairs of clothes that she had kept in her bag.

Later we both went near the main stage and the DJ songs ended. Jahnavi could not walk properly due to pain and cramps. So, I left her at home as usual but Jahnavi was complaining that her pussy and her entire body were paining. I informed her it will be okay if we give some rest and asked her to have her dinner.

In the morning, Jahnavi called me and informed me that her pain got eased once she urinated.

Me: My back is hurting more as you have dug your nails on my entire back.

(The story to be continued)

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