Shraddha – My Love, My Passion – Part 6 (The 1st day of hot sex)

Shraddha and I would like to thank all our readers who wrote to us and appreciated the stories. They encouraged us to publish the next episodes at the earliest. Shraddha is on cloud nine.

Folks, and now the usual request. If you have been reading our earlier stories in this series, then welcome back! If you haven’t read the previous ones, then I humbly request that you do before reading this one. While most of it is true, we have taken some liberty to spice it up a bit.

Shraddha and I said our Good Nights and retired to our bedrooms. For a long time, I was not able to sleep. I was thinking of the next day and the different ways I would fuck Shraddha. Eventually, at some point, my eyes shut, and I fell asleep.

When my eyes opened, it was 7:30 am. Anju was already out of bed and getting ready for work. When I got out of the bedroom, Shraddha was stepping out of hers. She, too must have got up early as she had taken her shower and was looking fresh.

As I proceeded towards her to hug her, she pushed me inside the bathroom and closed the door. By the time I came down, the girls were giggling over something. Shraddha was cooking some breakfast and Anju was sitting on the bar stool having tea.

While she had her shower, Shraddha was still in the same night dress as before. Like last night, she wasn’t wearing any undergarments. The thin fabric of the pyjama stuck to her body and formed a nice contour around her curves. My eyes were devouring that sight.

But not before making sure that Anju was not looking at me. She was busy having her tea and chatting with Shraddha. Her job started at 9:00 am on Saturday. So, she had to leave home at around 8:45 am. By the time I came down after taking a shower, it was already 8:15 am.

But the next 30 minutes seemed like an eternity. During all this time, Shraddha hardly took notice of me. Instead she discussed the menu for the evening with Anju. She was making sure she knew where all the required stuff was. Finally that moment, which I was looking forward to, came.

It was time for Anju to leave. She got up and collected her purse and the lunch box. She hugged Shraddha. She then came towards me, and as usual, we hugged and kissed. As I hugged Anju, I looked towards Shraddha. She was standing behind Anju.

As our eyes met, she, too, pouted her lips and blew a seductive kiss. Anju stepped out and sat in the car. Shraddha stood in the open door to wave her goodbye. I stood behind her. I raised my hand to wave Anju goodbye. I slipped my other hand into Shraddha’s pyjama bottoms and started fondling her ass.

As Anju started the car, Shraddha subtly rested her ass against my cock, which was protruding through my shorts. I had to shift my hand, which was caressing her mounds and place them on the side of her thighs. By now, we were so close to each other that I could hear her heaving breath.

She was braving a smile for Anju’s benefit. I had stopped caring whether Anju would notice us in such a state. My nose was inhaling the heavenly smell of Shraddha’s body. As Anju was ready to leave we both somehow managed to wave her goodbye.

The moment the car disappeared round the corner, we slammed the door shut. Shraddha swirled around and came in my arms. We started planting small kisses frenetically on each other’s lips. Our hands groped each other tightly and roughly.

Between the kisses, we were muttering all kinds of things ranging from romantic to as dirty as imaginable. By now, there was not a single spot on her face that I had not kissed. My next target was her neck, shoulder and upper chest. She, too, was trying to kiss me wherever she could.

I was turning her roughly and kissing her on the back of her neck. While holding her tightly around her tummy we also tried to lock lips. My hands roamed all over her chest and mauled her breasts. From time to time, they grabbed her pussy and pushed her ass in my groin.

As she bent, I rubbed my erection against her ass and simulated the fucking action. Under normal circumstances, with so much frenzy, I would have been inside her by now. But today, we were not in a hurry to fuck. We wanted to enjoy each other in every possible way.

Shraddha was petite and lightweight. So, I used to love to carry her in my arms whenever I could. I lifted her, she curled up like a baby and I brought her face closer to mine. As our lips met, I started climbing the stairs and entered our bedroom. While it wasn’t necessary, I shut the bedroom door behind us.

Our mouths were still glued to each other. So, while holding her firmly with my left hand under her back, with the right one, I quickly pulled off her pyjama bottoms, exposing her glistening pussy. My right hand went back right under her ass and lifted it.

I could plant a quick kiss on the smooth, hairless triangle between her legs. So far, she was snuggled up in arms. With a bit of an effort, but without placing her on the floor, I managed to straighten her. My arms went under her armpits to hold her. She put her bare legs around my hips and her arms around my neck.

We exchanged our tongues, and while doing so, I slowly slid my hands from her armpits down her back. I cupped her bare buttocks. She sat comfortably on my palms by transferring her weight. When she was sure that I had held her securely, she lifted her arms and got rid of the top pyjama.

Now, she was completely naked in my arms. As her arms went around my neck once again, I lifted her slightly and chewed on her nipples. I could feel their hardness between my teeth. This drove her crazy, and she started screaming aloud, asking to do all the ‘dirty things’ possible to her.

“Sonu, yes, darling. Eat my nipples. Eat every part of my body. Cover my entire body with your lovebites. And yes, I want your tongue in my arsehole,” she was hoarsely screaming in my ears. “Yes, sweetheart,” was all I could say repeatedly for her every demand.

Shraddha started clawing away at my clothes. I realised that she wanted me to get rid of my clothes too. I took that cue to lower her on the floor in a standing position. She spent no time pulling my t-shirt over my head. As she pulled down my shorts, my erect cock popped out.

By now, Shraddha was breathing heavily. She did so while looking into my eyes and moistening her lips seductively with her tongue. She grabbed my hard cock and started jerking it. Her sudden touch gave me a start, and my knees went weak for a second.

I steadied myself by embracing her and resting my head on her shoulders. I allowed the pleasure of her touch to sink in while she continued to wank me. After some time, what seemed like an eternity, she loosened herself from my grip and slowly sat on her knees.

She pushed back the foreskin of my dick, and her wet tongue licked the bare pink flesh underneath. It sends waves of electric current through my body. For the first time, a loud gasp of painful delight escaped my mouth, and I was shaken to the core.

I steadied myself by holding on to her head while she licked the knob and the underskin. At this point, I would like to digress a bit. Both Shraddha and I prefer to be clean-shaven. So it has almost become a ritual for Shraddha to shave my armpits, chest and pubic hair every other Thursday.

She gets herself waxed regularly. But I take great delight in using the razor to shave the odd growth, especially under her armpits and around her pussy.
When the tip of her tongue poked the eye of my dick, I let out another loud gasp.

She kept torturing me till I felt I had no strength left. I felt vulnerable and completely under her control. So I began to plead silently by trying to force my cock between her lips. But all my pleading didn’t deter her at all. She would squeeze and bite lightly my balls if she felt I was stepping out of the line.

Eventually, I gave up and started enjoying the licking sensation. When she finally stood up, I could see my rock-solid cock glistening with her saliva.
However, she wasn’t done yet. She asked me to stay where I was. She crawled into the bed.

She gave me the view of her ass and the wet pussy jutting out between the legs. She then turned around and lay flat on her back. She inched closer towards the edge of the bed and let her head fall off the edge. So here she was, lying naked with her head very close to my erect cock.

She raised her hands gesturing me to close in on her. I realised that she wanted us to be in the 69 position. I eagerly bent my knees to bring my cock in line with her mouth and carefully slid it in as she parted her lips. When it was sufficiently in, Shraddha closed her lips around it and started sucking the cock.

I lowered my body to hers without disturbing the arrangement between my cock and her mouth. She continued with her sucking, which was only interrupted by her licking or blowing warm and cold air over the tip of the dick. My face gently rested on her hairless smooth pussy.

I enjoyed the sensations on my cock. I first took in the sight of her pussy by sampling her sticky juice between my fingers. I inhaled the sweet smell coming from her love hole before dipping my fingers once again to pick more of her juicy stuff. I licked my fingers, and her tasty juices drove me wild.

I started by kissing her pussy. I gently but firmly parted her legs to give me room. I parted her legs further. Her pussy lips opened up like petals of a flower, exposing the wetness. It was beckoning me to lick it. I lowered my face and licked lightly the outer wall of her pussy.

Shraddha jerked violently and sucked my cock with enthusiasm. I continued licking lightly. Her hands went around my buttocks and clawed and kneaded them. It took a while to realise. I was slowly fucking her mouth with my cock going back and forth.

I didn’t want to rush. I tried to keep this movement as subtle as possible. Occasionally I would lick the crack between her ass cheeks and rim her arse hole. After smothering her pussy lips with one final kiss and I clamped my lips over them. My tongue dove deep inside her hole.

While my cock fucked her mouth with gentle movements, I treated her pussy roughly with my tongue. Within a few moments, her legs started shuddering. Her back arched upwards she let out a loud, ecstatic moan while letting go of my cock. I allowed her to climax completely.

The final tremors subdued, and I resumed my voracious eating of her pussy. We were now right in the throes of passion. As soon as Shraddha regained her composure, she resumed sucking my cock with renewed energy. We were still in the 69 position.

My mouth was deeply entrenched in her pussy. Her thighs had clamped my head, ensuring non-stop servicing of her pussy. The moment the grip relaxed, I realised that the second wave of her climax was around the corner. To expedite that, my hands slid underneath her breasts and started pinching her nipples.

The second orgasm was far more violent than the first one and almost threw me off her body. I had to hold on to her ass as she rocked from one side to another. By now, my cock was shrieking to join the orgasmic frenzy. Shraddha must have sensed that.

While she was still surrendering to the tremors within, she allowed my cock inside her mouth. The moment it went in, I started fucking her mouth, and within a few seconds, I was ready to cum. The moment she sensed it, Shraddha turned around quickly on her tummy.

She put my cock back in her mouth in time to receive the huge load which I dumped. She managed to swallow most of it but kept some of it in her mouth. As soon as I was done she stood in front of me in all her glory and descended in my open arms.

I caught hold of her. As her legs went around my hips to get a grip, my lips parted. She spat in my mouth to let me taste my cum. We kept exchanging my cum between our mouths till we managed to swallow it and lick it completely. She clung to me, and we kept licking each other’s faces.

I climbed into the bed on my knees. I then knelt forward and gently laid Shraddha on the bed and slumped over her. I rested my head on her heaving chest. I could hear her heart beating rapidly. Her hands were now combing my hair as we rested quietly to catch our breaths.

From time to time, I gently gave her a peck on her cheeks or brushed them with my lips. My entire weight rested on her, but she didn’t seem to be bothered. It was hard to believe that 2 hours had passed since Anju left for work. We decided to take a break and, holding hands, entered the shower cubicle.

As the hot water splashed on our exhausted bodies, we felt rejuvenated. We soaped each other caringly as we chatted and cracked jokes. We stepped out and went back to our bedroom to dry each other in front of the mirror of the wardrobe. I stood behind Shraddha.

I placed my chin on her shoulder she leaned back and placed her head on my chest. Shraddha blushed as I started admiring every part of her body, which I was drying. We both examined her body in the mirror. As soon as I was done with the front, I asked her to turn around.

She did and buried her face in my chest as I dried her back. Then it was my turn. She asked me to stand facing the wall with my hands stretched upwards. She scrubbed my back and slowly inched downwards. She slipped the towel between my spread legs.

She gently dried my balls before drying the bums and the gap between them. Before getting back on her feet, she quickly kissed both the cheeks of my bum. She asked me to turn around. She looked into my eyes with a loving smile and started drying my chest and my tummy.

She went back on her knees once again. She dabbed my cock with the towel, and it became aroused. Again, before standing up, she gently kissed it. We went downstairs naked, holding hands. We were starving by now. We decided to have brunch so that we could enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Shraddha filled up the plate with food. I held her from behind and watched her doing so over her shoulder. After warming up the food in the microwave, we headed to the dining table. We sat next to each other. Shraddha took a spoonful of food and put it in her mouth.

She chewed it for some time. She rose from her chair. As I bent my head backwards, she transferred the chewed food into my mouth. I hungrily ate it. It was now my turn to return the favour. She, too, gulped the food I slipped from my mouth to hers. We even similarly had water.

It was a slow but satisfying process. It took us nearly half an hour to finish our lunch. After we were done we went upstairs, brushed our teeth and laid next to each other. All this time, we were also chatting about anything and everything apart from sex.

But as we slept next to each other, we both went quiet. We gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes and caressed each other’s faces. While doing so our legs got entwined in each other. As time went by, my limp cock, which had snuggled between our crotches, came to life.

Shraddha sensed its hardness as it throbbed against her soft thighs. She eased her grip and slipped her hand, and her fondling made it stand to attention. As soon as she was satisfied with the hardness, she slid over and sat upright. She raised herself just enough to place her pussy over my cock and let it insert.

The tip of the cock touched her inner walls. She let a huge gasp and let her pussy squeeze tightly around it. While she was delicately balancing herself over my cock I held her thin waist and gently pushed her down over my mast. Once again, she gasped loudly.

As her crotch rested over mine, my hands slid upwards. I grabbed her small round breasts and tweaked the two cherries. In the meantime, Shraddha had started going up and down my pole. I could feel her juices dripping over it. She closed her eyes to focus on her movements.

Taking that cue, I, too, closed my eyes and very slowly increased the force with which I was pinching her nipples. Everything around us went silent. We both tuned in to the slapping sound which occurred each time her pussy hit my groin. As my pinch tightened over her nipples, she slid up and down more fervently.

In the quietness of that room, the slapping sound became more and more deafening. Suddenly Shraddha let out a loud moan and came off my cock, and arched backwards to display her glistening pussy in full glory. By now, I had to let go of her breasts and hold her.

She balanced perilously while tremor after tremor passed through her spine. As the final wave subsided, I cupped her bum and dragged her dripping pussy over my face. I licked it to my heart’s content. As her panting started to subside, I gently rolled her over on her belly.

I got up, spread her legs and knelt between her legs. Her ass was now on display in this position. I bent forwards and bit both her ass cheeks. She let out another moan as my teeth dug dip in her soft flesh. I held her ass and raised it. The pink wet pussy protruded and shone.

I licked it and rimmed her butt hole for one last time. I took my erect cock in my hand and, with the other hand, brought her pussy to its level. I brushed my cock against her pussy, Shraddha let out a gasp. I held both her buttocks for support and gave a gentle push. My cock made its way inside her.

I pushed it in till it couldn’t go further. I started fucking her with gentle movements. With every stroke, I increased the pace just a little bit. As we got into the rhythm, my hands pressed further into the soft mounds. I now started ramming her vigorously.

Shraddha’s moans grew louder as I rammed my cock in her pussy harder and harder. After a few minutes, I could not control myself any longer. I managed to withdraw my cock just before shooting my cum all over her back. As soon as I was spent, Shraddha slumped on the bed. I slumped on her back.

As I did, I spread the cum all over her back with my tummy. I rolled over my back. Shraddha slid over my body and rested her head on my chest. At some point, we both fell asleep. When the alarm went off at 3 pm, we woke up in the same position and took a shower.

Shraddha went off to focus on the evening dinner and I went about cleaning the bedroom. Folks, that’s how we spent the first day of the weekend. Shraddha is keen on sharing the next day’s events from her perspective.

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