Fucked shy NRI bhabhi Smita

Hello everyone, I am a 35-year-old man living in London for the past 6 years. My family lives in Delhi, so I visit Delhi once a year. As you read in my last story, “Shy NRI Bhabhi’s Massage in Front of cuck husband“, myself, Nitin, and the shy NRI bhabhi Smita had a great massage session.

In the next few weeks, there was no contact with them. I was also having a good time with Soumya. It was kind of biding my time to see if we would meet again.

One day, I got a message on WhatsApp from a new number saying, “Hello”. I checked the DP on WhatsApp and it was the NRI bhabhi Smita. I conversed with her. It was a short brief conversation. She was asking me if I could meet her, near her work in a coffee shop for 15 minutes. We decided to meet the next morning at 10:00. She asked if we could keep this conversation between myself and her only.

I made my way to Chigwell again the next day and met her in Starbucks, not far from there. She came looking beautiful and dressed up for the occasion, with boots up to the knees, blue jeans, and a black jacket. Her ass was looking amazing and the makeup on her face made her look even better. I got coffee for both of us and our conversation was like this:-

Me: How are you?

Smita: Fine, and you?

Me: Fine, still remember the good time we had.

Smita: Yes, it was good, never done before, you made me a “Paapi” (started laughing).

Me: Sometimes ‘sinful’ can be more fun, right?

Smita: I need to discuss something with you.

Me: Go ahead.

Smita: Nitin wants me to have sex with you.

Me: Sounds good to me.

Smita: Me too, but there is a problem.

Me: What is the problem?

Smita: He wants to be cuckolded by you. Basically, he wants you to have sex with me in front of him like last time. But maybe add a bit more abuse in that.

Me: Ok, I am listening. Generally, I am not someone to abuse unless you bring that side out of me.

Smita: I know, even I don’t want him to get abused or even cuckolded.

Me: Ok.

Smita: Nitin is a good man, very intelligent, but always the butt of the jokes from his colleagues and friends. Because they know he is a bit weak, they make him look stupid sometimes, which I don’t like.

Me: That’s not very nice.

Smita: Exactly, hence I make him feel respected at home.

Me: So, where are we going with this?

Smita: Even I am not sure if I want to have sex with you in front of him.

Me: What about ‘not in front of him’?

Smita: I guess I want to try that since your magical touch from massage.

Me: What about Nitin?

Smita: You might think it’s weird as I am supposed to be faithful to my husband. But I want to have sex with you without his knowledge.

Me: I have no problem if you have no problems.

Smita: I want to see how it will go. Is it worth doing it in front of him? Also, how will I react after that?

Me: When should we do it?

Smita: I can make an excuse at work if you are free for the next few hours.

Me: I can take half a day off as well.

Smita: Can you book a hotel, as I don’t want to do it in my house without Nitin?

Then I booked a hotel for us via an app. The NRI bhabhi asked me to get condoms as I couldn’t cum inside her. Guess it was a safe option, so I got it from the local supermarket. Then we got the cab to the hotel, which was no more than 10 minutes away.

In the cab, I put my hand around her and rested on her shoulder. She looked at me and we had a small kiss on the lips. She winked at me and said, “You must not have thought today will be your lucky day”. I just smiled and thought, “Let me rip your pussy apart, and see who will feel lucky”.

The hotel check-in was easy, and we proceeded to the 2nd-floor room. I opened the windows and we had a view of the motorway (highway in India). She asked me to keep it closed, but I insisted, “At 60-70 miles per hour, who can see what is happening inside the 2nd floor window?” She was convinced with the idea and went to the toilet to freshen herself up. I took my clothes off apart from the underwear.

Smita came out, laughed, and said, “Someone is eager.”

I went close to her took her in my arms and started kissing the bhabhi’s luscious lips. Then I took her jacket off, put it on the side table, made her sit in bed, and started taking her shoes off, then her socks. While looking at her, I started licking her feet and gave a little suck to her thumb. She started feeling the heat, pulled me to bed, and started kissing again. Our lips were glued and tongues were in each other’s mouths, I could taste the chewing gum that she was chewing to get rid of the coffee taste.

My hands were rolling on her back and squeezing her big butts. Then I took her top off and in the next second, her bra was on the floor as well. I remembered from the last time I had a good time with these lovely boobs. So I started sucking them and squeezing them. My one hand was rubbing her thighs. Her fingers were all over my head/hair. Her armpits were clean with no hairs, even though I was not into armpits. But I did lick there for a few minutes which she loved, and said, “Nitin loves this.”

Hearing that, I got a bit more excited and started licking both armpits and carried on pinching the NRI bhabhi’s nipples. Then we had another passionate kiss while I started unbuckling her jeans. She was wearing tight jeans to display her curvy figure to the full extent. I complimented her, “Love the way these jeans were showing your bums.”

Smita said she had to change 4 times to get the right jeans which display her figure nicely to me. Then I removed her jeans. That day, she was wearing a thong. I was like, “Wow, you are completely differently dressed to how you were at home”.

She said she liked to be a good lady generally, but as she knew we were going to do a “Paap”, she was dressed up to make “Paap” more exciting.

As I was about to go down on her, she held my underwear and said, “Let’s remove this”, took my cock out, and gave it a nice kiss. I gave her a challenge which was, if she could suck my cock to full depth inside her throat, I would abuse Nitin in front of her if she would like that. I wasn’t sure how it would go, but she took it nicely and started giving me a blowjob.

I was sitting on my knees. Smita was sitting in a doggy pose and sucking my dick. My hands were trying to go spread her bums so that I could see in the mirror how that ass/pussy was looking today. After sucking my cock for a few minutes, I took my cock out of her mouth, went behind her, moved her thong string out of the way, and started licking. It was a new position for her.

The sexy NRI bhabhi was in a doggy pose in bed and I was licking her pussy/ass from behind. Her pussy/ass was tasting sweet, guess she applied some sexy lotion to make it more yummy. After licking her crack for a few minutes, it was time to do some good work. So made her lay down on the bed, took her thong off, and told her I was going to take this thong back as a memento. Hearing this, she started laughing.

I was rubbing my dick on her clit. Then she reminded me, “Honey, don’t forget the condom.”

I gave her a sealed condom, went close to her face, and asked her to cover it before I fucked her. As she was about to put it on, I quickly pushed inside her mouth for another quick blowjob. Then she put a condom on my dick and spat on my dick. I went between her legs and rubbed her pussy which was lovely and clean.

Then I started pushing my dick inside her. It was a beautiful feeling to fuck another married pussy. I started fucking her between her legs. After some time, she asked me to take it out. As soon as I took it out, she started rubbing her pussy.

I knew Smita was about to cum, so I started licking her pussy. Suddenly, the bhabhi cummed over my face. I wiped cum off my face. It was good. I carried on licking it and licked her ass once again as well. Then I sat on a chair near the window. She came and sat around my legs with her pussy over my dick. Then she started jumping up and down again. My hands were also pushing her bums up and down. We both could see cars passing on the highway while fucking each other at the same speed.

Smita asked me, “Do you think anyone can see us at that speed?”

I replied, “Not that I care, but if someone does, they will be jealous that I am fucking this fine married Indian pussy.”

Guess she liked my answer and said I was a real fucker, and started kissing me. I got a bit brutal and started spanking her bums as well. I think she had never seen outside in sex like today and started cumming again.

Then I took her to bed, asked her to turn into a doggy position, started licking her pussy again from behind (which helps me in prolonging sex), and rubbed her ass. Then I spat on her asshole and pushed a finger inside her ass. She was not prepared for that and looked behind. I started fingering her ass, while my thumb was rubbing her clit.

She said, “You fucker! Is that pussy not enough for you?!”

I said, “It is, I am testing your ass because I am going to fuck that in front of Nitin”, and pushed the second finger inside her ass.

She was in a bit of pain now and said, “He has never fucked my ass and never asked me either.”

I said, “It’s okay, this is an untouched part of your body and I will show him how it gets done.”

After fingering the NRI bhabhi’s ass for a good few minutes, her pussy was dripping wet. Then I brought my cock from behind and started fucking her front behind once again. Her bums were matching the rhythm of my cock going inside her pussy. I carried on playing with her asshole with one thumb and we both were getting on limits.

Smita cummed once again and could sense I was about to cum. Then she said, “Lick my cum first..”

I quickly bent down and started licking her cum and as soon her pussy was wiped off, she jumped back and removed the condom, and asked me to cum in her mouth. I held her hair, pushed my cock inside her mouth, and started fucking her mouth. It was too much and I cummed inside her mouth.

The she went to the bathroom, not sure if she she spat out or drank the cum. Then she came back and said, “That’s enough for me.”

I asked for one more round, she promised “soon” and started getting ready. Then I cleaned myself up and dressed up. She made 2 cups of coffee from the coffee-making facilities inside the room. I sat on the bed, she sat between my legs, and we both started sipping coffee. My hands were inside her top on her bra. She was enjoying the touch. Our small conversation to finish this meeting was like-

Smita: I am glad I made the right choice to come here with you.

Me: I am happy that you enjoyed it again with me.

Smita: You can be wild, but careful, my ass is still hurting a bit.

Me: What will happen when I will fuck your ass in the future?

Smita: I will be dead then lol or more like Nitin.

Me: Nitin will love it.

Smita: I am sure he will, he is so weak, but still I want you to respect our family.

Me: Yes, no problems with that.

Smita: I cannot make this a regular occurrence, so it will be a once-in-a-while kind of thing.

Me: As you wish, you got my number so just contact me.

We finished our coffee and before opening the door, kissed once again with me slapping her big ass.

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