Sex with MIL & SIL Story Series – Part 3

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About Characters:

MIL: Sangeetha (36DD-28-38)

SIL: Pallavi is a very gorgeous woman who turned 21 (in 2013). 34D-24-38. She is very cute, sexy and has an amazing hourglass figure with a sexy ass.

Arun: Pallavi’s husband and a cuckold.

Me: I am Vira.

Quick Recap:

I accidentally told Pallavi that her mom had the same mole below her breast like her. I was caught red-handed. Pallavi was furious and was using cuss words against her mom (as she hated her). I told the truth. I made both mom and daughter reconcile.

After the emotional happiness, I fucked her for a good long time and then slept till 11:30 AM.

Continuation of the story:

After some time, Pallavi woke up due to a phone call.

Pallavi: Bava, wake up. Arun is calling. It’s a video call.

Me: Feeling sleepy, darling. Just say Hi from my side.

She rejected the call and woke me up.

Pallavi: Bava, wake up. He will call again. Let’s have fun.

As I didn’t wake up, she started giving me a blowjob. I finally woke up. She asked me to get inside the bedsheet. She just popped her head out of the bedsheet and video-called (Facetime) her husband.

Pallavi: Hi Pati Dev. What’s up?

Arun: Hi Srimati Devi. Nothing. I was going to the pub with friends. Just wanted to talk to you before I got drunk. What’s your plan?

Pallavi: Yes. I’ve some plans. Or should I say only one plan?

Arun: Hey, are you still in bed? It’s almost 11:30. Rosy didn’t wake you up? Did you have breakfast or not?

Pallavi: No, dear. I asked her to come late today, but it’s almost time. She may come at any moment.

Arun: Go and eat something.

Pallavi: OK. I’ll go after some time.

Arun: Hey! I don’t see any straps. What are you wearing? Show me?

Pallavi: Do you want to see it?

Arun: Just a minute, let me go somewhere private.

I was actually fondling her boobs and thighs inside the bedsheet while she was on a call with her husband. I was completely under the bedsheet. Arun didn’t know I had come to Chennai.

Arun: Now show me. Are you wearing anything inside or naked?

Pallavi just opened the right side of the bedsheet to show her boob, but I was actually pressing and playing with her nipple. I was also rubbing my hard dick on her thighs inside the bedsheet.

Arun: Hey, whose hand is that on your boob? It doesn’t look like yours!

Pallavi: No. It’s my hand only. I was covering my nipple.

It was, in fact, my hand. Pallavi started to laugh and tease Arun.

Arun: No. I know it’s not your hand. It is slightly dark compared to yours.

Pallavi: No, dear. It’s due to the shadow. It’s my hand only…

Arun: Show me again.

This time Pallavi covered her boob with her hand. I went down and started kissing her navel and further down to lick her pussy. The call went on. For almost a minute, she was able to manage. Pallavi started to enjoy this hide-and-seek game.

She was unable to control her words as I was licking her pussy. She was jiggling and jerking her body as I was licking her pussy. She was biting her lips and moaning slightly.

Arun: What happened? You are acting strangely today.

Pallavi: No.

Arun: You are talking as if you are masturbating and talking. Are you using the vibrator?

Pallavi: No.

She tried pushing my head away from her pussy. But I kept licking and fingering her pussy.

Arun: Then?

Pallavi: Hmmm, nothing.

Pallavi stayed silent and enjoyed my tongue working on her clitoris. When I inserted my finger in her pussy, she moaned loudly.

Arun: Are you fingering, dear?

She didn’t respond. She just closed her eyes and was enjoying herself as she was about to have an orgasm. She lost complete control. She held the bed headboard, and unknowingly, she switched to the back camera. He could see the bump on the bedsheet near her pussy area.

Arun: Hey. What is happening? Wait. Now I know whose hand it was. Is it Viru? When did he come? Is he naked, too? Is he licking your pussy right now? You two had sex?

Arun was asking too many questions. Pallavi was near climax as I was licking and fingering fast. In a minute, she had an orgasm. She finally recovered her control and took the mobile.

Pallavi: Wait, wait, pati dear. There are too many questions. Relax. I wanted to surprise you.

She then removed the bedsheet completely and showed my face, which was still licking her pussy. I sheepishly smiled and said ‘Hi’ to Arun while pinching her nipple.

Arun: Wow. What is happening? Bro, when did you come? Why didn’t any of you tell me?

Yes, Arun is aware of our affair. In fact, he was the one who planned and made me fuck her during their honeymoon. He took me with them as a photographer. Pallavi seduced me and made me fuck her. It was as if Pallavi and my honeymoon.

Me: Hi Bro, how are you?

With my face near her tits and slightly pressing her boob as Pallavi is supporting my head. Arun was enjoying this scene. I think he took a screenshot.

Arun: I’m fine. Looks like you two had lots of fun without informing me.

Me: Yes, we had fun last night. And also this morning. And now, too.

Arun: Pallavi, do you want to continue? Should I wait?

Pallavi: It’s OK, darling. I just had an orgasm. We fucked very wildly in the morning.

I started sucking her nipple and pinching her other nipple. Pallavi started to moan loudly.

Arun: Oh! I missed seeing your fucking session.

Pallavi: Yes, dear. I didn’t expect him to come until he landed in Chennai. He had previously told me many times that he would come here but hadn’t. I thought he wouldn’t come this time either. That’s why I didn’t inform you, Arun.

I kissed her lips while she was talking to Arun. Teasing her husband gave me a big hard-on. She started to rub my dick. Pallavi’s boob was pressing on my chest. She gave a live show to Arun. We continued kissing. Kissed almost for a minute in front of her husband.

Pallavi suddenly broke the kiss and said.

Pallavi: Arun, Bava called me a whore.

Arun: Oh Woah! Why bro? Why did you call her that? Is it for fun or serious?

Me: Hey, I didn’t call you a whore. I asked you, “Are you a whore?”

I was about to explain, but Pallavi interrupted me.

Pallavi: No, Arun. It was just casual talk. Nothing serious. I was kidding.

Arun: Then fine. Have fun, then. Go and suck Bro’s dick. I want to see it.

Pallavi: You know what! We just finished a session before you called me. But see here. Bava’s dick is hard again. Do you mind if I take care of it?

Arun: Yes, Yes. Love to see you do that. It’s your fav dick, right?

Pallavi started to suck in front of Arun on the phone. I was holding her hair to give her good access to my dick. She held the mobile with one hand and another hand on my dick. Arun was enjoying the show. I guess he was shagging while Pallavi was sucking my dick.

Pallavi started to have a deep throat. It was too much. My nerves are pulling me and giving me a high. I just closed my eyes and started enjoying that feeling. Pallavi has become an expert in giving blowjobs. I was moaning. After a good few minutes of sucking my dick, she said, “Bava, my pussy needs this dick.”

She then positioned the mobile to give a good view to Arun. She came and sat on me. She gently positioned herself, and she inserted my dick in her wet pussy. Gave a big gasp and started to ride in the cowgirl position. I started to pinch her nipples.

She was riding smoothly and started to increase the pace. She started to feel my dick deep inside her pussy. I started to pinch her nipples and press her boobs.

Then we heard the doorbell. It was Rosy at the door. She rang the bell a few times. But Pallavi didn’t mind and continued riding my dick. Finally, Rosy called Pallavi’s phone.

Pallavi: Darlings, wait. Rosy is at the door. She is calling me now. Arun, be online or else disconnect, I’ll call you again.

She disconnected Arun’s call and called Rosy’s mobile. All this while riding my dick. It took almost a minute to connect the call and re-dial again. Pallavi was riding my dick. She gave the mobile to me and put it on speaker. She then kept her hands on my chest and started to ride properly.

My dick was hitting her deep inside her pussy. Finally, the call connected after a few re-dial attempts. Pallavi was moaning while talking to Rosy. While short of breath, Pallavi told Rosy, “Ah, Rosy, wait for 5 minutes. Wait at the door”. Rosy understood and laughed. Rosy replied, “OK, madam. Take your time. No problem.”

After disconnecting the call, She asked me to video call Arun. She kept the mobile near the pillow and continued riding my dick in the cowgirl position. She couldn’t hold the pleasure. She kept moving her hips fast. Arun and I watched her.

I pressed her boobs and gave her more pleasure. I just inserted my finger where her clitoris was rubbing my skin. This gave her extra pleasure due to the rubbing of outside and inside pussy. Her wet juices were flowing and lubricated the pussy region well. She was gliding.

After a minute or so, she arched back as she reached her peak. She then pulled me up and hugged me while sitting on my dick. She then fed me her nipples. I sucked them while she continued moving her hips on my dick. I pressed the butt and slapped them. She continued her movement without any breaks.

I was holding her slim waist with one hand. With my left hand, I was holding her right breast and pressed hard. I supported her movement by holding her butt and pushing my dick deeper into that position. I continued sucking and biting her nipples. She shortened her hip movement and increased her pace.

She closed her eyes and positioned better. Now her hip movement is only about 4 to 5 inches, like moving her pussy till the end of the dick and then back in again. I guess it was hitting the G-spot while she was letting my dick in and out. She vibrated and had an orgasm.

She collapsed on me. We both lay down on the bed like that. It was already 15 minutes since Rosy’s call. Pallavi realised the time and said.

Pallavi: I’ll open the door and freshen up.

Me: Hey, you can’t leave my dick hard like this. Let’s finish.

Arun: Yes. I agree, Pallavi. Take care of that hard dick.

Pallavi: Sorry for the break, Bava. Bye, Arun. We will continue after breakfast.

Me: It’s not fair to leave my dick so hard. I’m yet to cum.

She got down and gave a kiss and licked the top of the dick’s head which was completely drenched with her juices. She licked my dick entirely and gave my dick some strokes with her hand. Then kissed me again on my lips, giving me a taste of her juices. She was about to get down from the bed. Then Arun shouted!

Arun: Hey, wait. Both of you go naked to open the door and capture her reaction.

Me: No way.

Arun: Please, bro.

Pallavi: Don’t worry, Arun. Bava has to listen to whatever I tell him to do today. I won the bet, Bava. You have to listen.

That’s it for now, folks. In the next part, I will explain about the sex with Rosy and Pallavi. Keep masturbating. Keep fucking. Be Happy and Enjoy the day.

With Love, Vira.