Married Govt-employee Madhumita’s monotonous days

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The lead of this story is Madhumita.

The questions asked by a young, handsome boy fetched back memories of past lost days. Madhumita never got a hint of her running away days, running away youth, and the running away thrill. She could hardly remember her last time exploration of exciting new things.

Madhumita – a 39-year-old married woman settled in Bangalore. She came from a well-educated family. She made all her youth struggle hard making her prepare to crack a government job. She lost all her teenage days buried in books.

Her efforts gave fruit as she got selected for a government job in Bangalore. But the struggle never seems to leave her.

As of today, her daily routine includes: Waking up too early and preparing breakfast and lunch for kids/husband/family. Getting ready for the office in a hurry, running to the nearby metro. Hang on a crowded metro with a heavy bag for almost an hour in the morning.

She used to work in an old govt building near Vidhana Soudha. Then, lunch from her box. Buy vegetables, and climb the metro again with clumsy crowded people/ Reach home sweaty/tired/strained. A little talk with her parents on the ground floor, her in-laws, and her kids.

Eat dinner and sleep. Repeat. It was a roller coaster ride. Sundays were dedicated to more work like washing clothes and cleaning the house. Even festival holidays never brought her the rest like all Indian women.

She could hardly remember a day of outing/a day idling, sitting and watching TV/a day roaming with her friends/a day eating her favorite foods and drinks/a day having pani puri. She even doesn’t remember a day when her husband took care of her. She looks old.

At the age of 39, why did she suddenly have the above realization?

The first time she saw the young boy on the metro train who rekindled her youth days. He was with what looked like his girlfriend. He wasn’t bothered about the public as he was touching and playing with his girlfriend’s body.

At this moment, Madhumita doesn’t know that this same man will be banging her brains out. And make her sleep with a sore pussy to rest for one complete day. The fuck of her lifetime.

Her first brief eye contact with this smart, handsome boy happened during the second meeting. This time, she found him near the panipuri counter in front of her office with a different girl who was prettier than the first one.

The boy was dashing as he looked straight into her eyes deeply ignoring the prettiest girl who was with him at that moment. Fuck, Madhumita felt excited and impressed by this boy. He dared to look into her, awakening her dead desires for sex.

During the third meeting in a few days, Madhumita could not control and gave away a smile to this smart young boy. He read something in her smile and chased behind her, opening up the first conversation.

The young boy said, “Hi.” Alarmed by his audacity she walks faster, ignoring him. The handsome young boy persisted again and said, “Hi,” this time louder than the first time.

She stops, puts on a serious face, and asks, “Hi. What?”

“You saw me, right? That day.” His confidence, smile, and the straight question caught her. A smile crossed her face without her control as she asked, “Which day?”

He ignores her question and praises her, “You look very pretty.” She covers her blush with a poker face asking, “Hey, What Pretty? What’s your age?” He seems to have no effect by her serious, angry face as he continues to flirt, “Come on Aunty. You do know you are very hot.”

He scanned her from head to toe as he finished his last statement. She felt like he undressed her with his alluring, deep eyes. He continued to speak, “Shall we have panipuri? Please.” She doesn’t know why she responded so. But her reply was, “I am married.”

He quickly responded, “I know you are married. That’s why I liked you. What is wrong with having panipuri with me?” Her mind told her, “Fuck I do not want to eat panipuri with him.” She replied sternly, “No.” He pleaded, “Please, just once.” She strongly repeated, “No,” and walked out.

After a week, they run into each other at a fourth meet. The young boy was with his first girlfriend. Seeing Madhumita, he speaks something in the ear of his girlfriend and rushes towards her. Madhumita was enjoying his attention towards her.

His girlfriend, who was younger, prettier, and beautiful, drove her activa out of the scene. This handsome boy ran into her again. With his alluring and charming smile, he wishes, “Hi, Aunty.” She hates it when she is referred to as an Aunty.

“Oop Hi”, he corrected, deleting the word Aunty as if he could read her hatred for the word. She glances all around, “Someone will see us. Please go.” He wasn’t ready to hear a No as he persisted, “Let them see.”

She replied just a “No.” He watches around and says, “OK. Here is the deal. Tomorrow at 5:30 near Vidhana Soudha metro station, panipuri stall. I will be waiting for you.” He informs her and leaves without hearing her response.

Madhumita was happier than ever before. She was floating on the cloud that evening. She was not irritated by the jam-crowded metro train while on her journey back home. She made a special dinner for her family, most importantly with love.

She takes a shower in the evening. For the first time in years, she wore jasmine and her favourite hottest saree. She wanted to tempt her husband for sex. She provoked her husband to bed for romance, foreplay, and damn fuck. Her hubby did not express any appreciation for her seduction efforts.

But he did fuck her, but her body was left craving for more and unfulfilled. The memories of the young boy were fresh in her head. His looks gave her a sleepless night with a delight fresh in her head.

The next morning, she awakes lousy and sleepy. She heads to shower early. Her bare body felt raw, hot, and soft. She wears a revealing yellow saree and a long strand of jasmine flowers in her hair.

She notices her reflection and cherishes her beauty and hotness. She even imagines how the boy will stare at her in this saree. She never liked men’s lusty stares. But today was different. She enjoyed men’s special attention on her body in the metro.

There was no doubt in her head. She had decided to visit the panipuri stall at the designated time. Her day ran slower as she eagerly waited for the clock to hit 05:20. She hurriedly rushed and reached the panipuri stall at 5:30.

She expected the boy to be waiting for her arrival. But he was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she stood waiting for the boy, scanning all the people passing by. As the clock continued to tick, every minute she grew angrier and angrier on him.

She started to scold herself for having come expecting this young boy. The time ticked past 06 PM with no hint of the boy. She could not leave as she was very desperate to see him. Her legs were not ready to leave this place without seeing him.

At last, very sadly and angrily, she started to step towards the metro station. That is when a bike sped into her. She was excited as well as thrilled by seeing the young man. She continues to walk past his bike.

The young boy shouts, “Aunty. . . Aunty.” The crowd around her looked at this loudly shouting boy. She rushes to his bike to make his shouting stop. With no hint of sorry for making her wait, he signals her to climb onto his bike. She questions him, “What?”

“If you don’t sit. I won’t see you again,” he orders. She looks all around and continues to walk away from him. The boy screams again, “Oye. Aunty.” She climbs onto his bike, sitting one-sided. The boy speeds up his bike. She sat with a gap between them.

She was a little scared, thinking, “Where the hell was he taking?” He drove his bike through multiple small lanes of Chikpete. Bangalore’s pothole roads made her hefty huge boobs graze his back. Madhumita’s horniness returned while sitting behind the handsome boy on his bike.

Her pussy was active, with juices forming from the moment she saw him on his bike. She held his shoulder tightly as he drove faster. The young boy finally stops in front of an old-looking multi-storied building. He drives into the underground parking lot.

With no questions asked she follows him climbing the stairs. She was sweating with a pumped-up heartbeat as she climbed narrow stairs reaching the penultimate fourth floor. The fourth floor had a small room in one corner.

She stopped watching while the handsome guy walked past her and unlocked the door of that small room. Her heart suddenly yearned to get fucked by this handsome young bull. Like all women, she thought, “Will she surrender her yummy body so easily to this daring boy?”

But what other option did she have? She did climb all those stairs only to get drilled by this boy. The room looked dirty. Even with cool breezes, Madhumita’s underarms were wet and sticky with sweat. She stopped dead, thinking, what the hell was happening?

She decided not to surrender so easily and show some resistance. She waits on the stairs, but the boy doesn’t return to convince her to enter the small room. She takes measured, slow steps towards the room. If she didn’t have any plans of getting her pussy pounded, she could have walked out.

Madhumita instead progresses to the small room to hear her moans. Her pussy gets torn apart by the hard thrusts of the hungry boy. As she nears the door, she hears the sound of a flush. She then notices the boy appearing at the door entrance.

“Hey, What are you waiting for? Come inside.”

Standing in front of him, she says, “I am getting late. Why you brought me here? I want to go.”

He smiles broadly, and his reply astonishes her, “Baby, Don’t you know? Why I brought you here. Do you want to go?”

He suddenly yanks open his T-shirt, unveiling his sexy, hairless, sculpted chest. “Where do you want to go? Come now.” She shakes her head, “No, Please. I want to go home.” His reply was, “OK. Go home”

He shuts the door and latches from inside, leaving her stranded alone on the roof. “How can he close the door on me?”, she thinks. Angrily she walks towards the stairs with her leg anklet making noises.

A low noise hits her ear, “Ah, please don’t stop.” She stops and returns to the door of the small room. As she stepped closer to the room, the sound of the moans grew louder. She keeps her ear on the door, hearing the loud moans of a woman emanating from a speaker. Fuck!

Suddenly, the door was unlocked, and she was dragged inside. The young man hurriedly and hungrily showers kisses all around her sweat-drenched face. His lips hungrily kisses and sucks every bit of her face. She tries to push him away by his bare chest.

But his kisses had already made her pussy give away, leaking juices drenching her panty. The boy’s hands freely scanned over the saree, touching every soft corner of her body.

His hands land on her thick ass cheeks. He grabs the flesh of her ass cheeks firmly. Her ass cheeks were huge and juggling. He squeezed them hard painfully, “Ah, Kyaa Gaand hai.” (Ah, what an ass!)

His lips, after kissing every part of her face, were back to her lips. She was so horny that she allowed his lips to taste and enter her lips. Oh god, he tastes so nice. Madhumita seemed to have taken control as she was kissing him wildly now.

The boy tries to poke his fingers into the tightly wrapped ass crack. She moaned into his mouth. He continued kissing, sucking her lower and upper lips and taking her tongue into his mouth. He was kissing her cross-mouthed.

She opened her eyes and watched his handsome face as he hungrily ate her lips. He broke the kiss for a moment and looked into her eyes, “Ah, Aunty. No girl tastes like you. Heavens.” She feels heavens by his appreciation He locks his lips again.

Her mouth was going dry, and her throat was raw as he sipped every bit of her saliva. “Aunty, kiss me.” He continued to suck, not allowing Madhu to take a breath.

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