Seduced by My Daughters – Part 5

Hi, this story is about a father who is seduced by his two daughters’ beauty. I always compare the women in the story to actresses, so think of someone when reading the story.

Read the previous parts to understand the story.

Janvi gave her name and mine for a camping trip in Hill Station without my permission. I was angry, but I didn’t scold her because she only wanted some quality time with me.

We went shopping to buy things for camping, then came back home, and Khushi jumped over me.

Khushi: Papa, you are leaving me alone and going to have fun with Janvi, so I want you to give me as many kisses as I want.

Me: OK, baby, I will give you all the kisses you want.

Khushi: Promise?

Me: I promise.

She jumped off me and went to her room. I changed my dress. I wore only a lungi. After a while, Khushi came back in her baby doll dress, showing off her body.

Seeing her like that made a tent in my lungi. She jumped on the bed, lying flat, spreading her hands inviting.

Khushi: Come here, Papa.

I came above her. I tried my best not to touch her body with mine. But I couldn’t control my dick. It was already straight.

Khushi: Papa, kiss me here

She showed her lips. I kissed her lips. Then she showed me her neck. I kissed her neck. Khushi slid the baby doll dress, showing off her boobs. “Kiss here, Papa.” I kissed her boobs, even sucked her boobs, pretending to kiss.

Khushi moaned a lot while sucking. After sucking her boobs for a while, Khushi showed her navel. I kissed her navel region. I didn’t expect the next place she showed.

Khushi: Now kiss me here, Papa.

She showed her pussy, Khushi slid her panty with her finger. Fatherly instinct kicked in.

Me: No, I can’t do that, Khushi sweety.

Khushi: Papa, you promised.

I thought for a while. It’s nothing wrong. It’s just kissing, right? I spoke to myself in my mind. I closed my eyes and kissed on the pussy. That smell of her tight pussy was intoxicating my senses.

Khushi: Come on, Papa, give me more kisses there.

I started giving more kisses to her pussy. But after some kisses, I started licking her pussy. My kissing turned into licking. Khushi started to moan.

Khushi: Papa, kiss me, give me more.

I pushed my tongue even more inside her pussy. She was so wet her pussy was overflowing with juices. As I licked her pussy I couldn’t control myself. I felt like my dick was going to burst.

After a while, Khushi called me.

Khushi: Papa.

I looked at her face.

Khushi: Papa, kiss my lips.

I went to kiss her lips again. I kissed her lip along with her pussy juice, and Khushi immediately hugged me. I fell over her, and my dick was pressing above her pussy. I tried to get up, but she didn’t let me go. She liplocked my lips and wrapped her legs around me.

Khushi has rubbed her pussy on my dick many times before. But she was always the one at the top. But this time, it’s different. I am on top of her. In the heat of the moment, I also started rubbing my bare dick over pussy.

I started dry-humping her pussy. I couldn’t control myself. My mind was playing games with me. I thought of pushing my dick deep inside her pussy. When I was about to make the great sin, Janvi opened the door and came in.

I stopped moving, controlled myself, and got out of Khushi’s grip. My dick was still hard as a rock. Khushi got up and came near the edge of the bed and grabbed my dick. She started stroking my dick, and within a few minutes, I cum all over her face.

I couldn’t sleep. I was cursing myself for what the hell you were planning to do with your daughter. I calmed myself, saying think like a father not as a man.

The next day, we got up early and got ready to drop Khushi at my mother in law’s house. Janvi and I went to her school. From there we travelled on the bus, all of them sang songs and enjoyed the way to camp.

After 6 hours of travel, we reached the site, which was a hill station. The camp instructor gave us many instructions and showed us how to make a tent. They gave us a tent for me and Janvi. They told us we had to set up our camping tent ourselves. They even checked all our bags for any alcohol.

The instructions were that we had to get our food by fishing, collecting berries and mushrooms, and stuff like that. They gave us all the equipment we needed for camping. There were the same rules for every parent and child. If help is needed, they will help in case of an emergency.

Janvi and I picked a nice spot to make a tent. We both did a perfect job. Day one of our camping trips went smoothly. We caught some fish and collected wood for a fire like that.

I have a few friends as well as parents of other students. We all made a campfire, started telling some ghost stories and made our childrens scared. After that, we all went to sleep.

Janvi: I am so happy, Papa.

Me: I am also happy, Sweety.

Janvi: Can we sit out for a while?

Me: Sure, sweety.

We both placed camping chairs outside the tent, sat there and started star gazing. There was no moon. It was fully dark. Nobody can see us unless they come very close. It was cold outside. Janvi brought a blanket, wrapped it around her body, and sat beside me.

While star gazing, all of a sudden, Janvi got up and came between my legs. She opened my pant sip and took my dick out she started sucking. It was an exhilarating experience, my daughter sucking my dick in the open.

As I was enjoying the moment, I saw someone coming, so I covered Janvi with the bedsheet. It was the instructor who came to check whether everything was OK.

Instructor: Hello, sir.

Me: Hello.

Instructor: Is everything alright?

Me: Yes, yes.

Instructor: I am just making sure everything is OK. Go to sleep, sir. It will become misty. You will catch a cold.

Me: OK, I will go to sleep after a while.

Instructor: OK, sir.

While we were speaking, Janvi was sucking my dick under the bedsheet. He didn’t see it because it was so dark. Immediately after he left, I got up, pushed my dick inside Janvi’s throat. I started fucking her mouth. After a few minutes, I cum inside her mouth.

Then we both went inside the tent and slept hugging. The next day, everyone woke up early in the morning. That day also went smoothly until evening. At about 5:30, we were preparing for the campfire. The climate changed all of a sudden. It rained heavily, and all of us got drenched, so we ran to our tents.

We both were dripping wet, and we didn’t have dresses to change into. All our dresses were on the bus, which the instructors told us to use for dress and other stuff. There are separate buses for males and females, so we didn’t have any dresses to change into.

Me: Janvi, remove your clothes.

We removed all our clothes because it was dripping wet. Only one towel was there, which was not wet. We used that to dry ourselves, but we both were still naked. Rain was pouring non stop, it started to get chill inside the tent, Janvi started to shiver.

I hugged her fully, her boobs crushed on my chest. My dick started to rise immediately. It was touching her pussy. She was shivering due to chilliness.

Janvi: Papa, lay over me.

I came on top of Janvi. She wrapped her legs around my waist. Even hugging didn’t help. She was still shivering. On top of that, My dick was touching her pussy. To stop her shivering, I started rubbing my whole body over hers. Due to that, my dick was rubbing over her pussy.

Foreskin of my dick rubbing over her pussy lips made me feel so good. Janvi’s shivering reduced. She also started enjoying it.

Janvi: Is this what you were doing with Kushi that day?

Me: Yes, do you want me to stop?

Janvi: No, don’t stop, Papa, I want it more.

I started to rub on her even more. We were warming each other with our bodies. All of a sudden, the tent’s zip opened a little, causing a gust of cold air to come inside. I immediately got up and closed the zip tight.

Janvi: Papa, I still feel very cold.

Me: There is nothing else we can do right now, baby.

Janvi: Hug me, Papa.

I hugged her and got on top of her again.

Janvi: Papa, I read somewhere if you have sex during low temperatures, it will help raise body temperature.

Me: No, baby, we can’t do that.

Janvi: It’s already night. It’s going to get even more cold. It’s the only way, Papa.

Before I could say anything, she grabbed my dick and positioned it over her pussy opening. I was also horny as hell.

Janvi: Come on, Papa, push.

Me: No, baby, it’s wrong. I can’t cross that line.

Janvi: Papa, I can’t handle the cold anymore. Please push your dick inside me.

Those words made me do the crazy thing. I pushed deep inside her pussy, and half of my dick went inside. She didn’t scream. She controlled her pain. Janvi accepted my dick.

I pulled my dick out a little and pushed it inside again and again. I started fucking my daughter with her permission. We started to feel the body heat rising, and the shivering was reduced.

After a few normal strokes, I pushed my dick as deep as I could. My entire dick was inside her. I can’t believe I took my daughter’s virginity! Blood was flowing. I started cursing myself in my mind. On the other side, I was feeling good. I started moving again. It’s been so long since I fucked a woman.

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I started fucking fully as much as I could. Janvi also started enjoying it. We both forgot about rain and everything, just enjoying the incest sex.

Janvi: Ah, Papa, fuck me fuck me, don’t stop.

After almost 30 minutes of continuous fucking I cum inside her pussy and lay beside her. I was half conscious. Before I could regain my senses, Janvi came in between my legs and took my dick and started sucking it.

I never knew I got hard again. Janvi came over to me and inserted my dick inside her pussy, started fucking in a cowgirl position. I was in a trance. It was amazing.

Janvi: I love you, Papa.

Hearing her voice made me come back to my senses. I grabbed her waist and started moving my hip, pushing my dick upwards, making Janvi go crazy. After 15 minutes, I cum again inside her pussy. When she got up, my cum and her pussy juice was flowing out.

I never thought fucking my daughter would give me immense pleasure. My mind was fixed. I can’t control myself anymore. I fucked Janvi many times that night till the rain stopped at 3 am.

Here, I stop the story. I will continue only if I get comments for the next part.