Shraddha – My Love, My Passion – Part 4 (Anniversary Gift)

Folks, if you are about to read this story, it might be a good idea to start from the first part. All these stories are a narration of our ongoing love affair. We have tried to maintain the continuity from one episode to another.

While most of it is true, we have taken some liberty to spice it up a bit. And as a bonus, it makes Shraddha horny when we read these stories together. So much so that we re-enacted the previous story, ‘Our Roomy Affair.’

We also have this habit of going into details about the settings before getting to the point. We believe it creates an ambience for the readers and helps them visualise.

It’s been quite some time since I posted the last story. So a lot of developments have taken place. More about those at the end of this story. But before I begin, we recently celebrated the 7th anniversary of our relationship. 23rd May 2016, to be precise.

This was the day our bodies gelled into each other for the first time. If you haven’t, you can read Part 2 – Our First Sex In A Hotel.

Now to the main story. This episode is during the early days of our affair. Yes, you guessed correctly. I am taking you nearly 7 years back. It so happened that out of the blue, Shraddha’s husband decided to come along with their two-year-old daughter. This threw a spanner in our routine.

By now, we had spent most of our lunchtime at her place. We used to have a quick round of sex followed by lunch. On most of the Thursdays, I would stay back under the pretext of work. We spent hours in her room naked and in each other’s arms.

During these times, either my tongue or my fingers or my cock would be inside her cunt. By the time we had our dinner, and I left her to catch my last train home, Shraddha would have come multiple times. I would have had at least two satisfying and long sessions of sex.

So rather than getting excited to see her husband, Shraddha was crestfallen. It would hardly come as a surprise to our readers that I, too, was disappointed. By now, we were addicted to each other.

Bhavesh, Shraddha’s husband, had recently quit his job and was looking for a new one. They had a two-year-old daughter who was being looked after by his parents when Shraddha was sent abroad by her company. We never talked much about Bhavesh, as she preferred not to be reminded about him.

However, she was quite fond of their daughter, and she missed her all the time. So, his decision to suddenly visit Shraddha was not well received by her. But then she had no choice. We embarked upon searching for a new place as the current room would have been too small for the three of them.

It took us a week to find a suitable accommodation. I helped her move her stuff from ‘our’ room to this new place. I had told my wife that all my colleagues were going to have a party and hence I would stay overnight at their place.

I was going to spend the last night with Shraddha before Bhavesh and her daughter (let’s call her Tanya) landed. We quickly unpacked her stuff and arranged it. We had ordered food from a restaurant, which we ate. Without wasting time, we had all our clothes off and embraced under the shower.

We kissed each other, and then Shraddha knelt and sucked my cock. I was trying hard to absorb and store in my memory every stroke of her tongue over the flesh of my cock. While trying to withstand the electric currents passing through my body.

She took me to new heights when she poked the hole of my cock. When I cum inside her mouth, she didn’t let go of my cock till she had sucked the last drop of my cum. We decided to make the most of the time we had together for now. She got back on her feet.

We stood in a tight embrace under the hot water from the shower. We must have planted hundreds of kisses on each other. We allowed our lips to stick to each other while the tongues exchanged our saliva. My limp cock had nestled comfortably between the ‘V’ of her legs.

As we were in a tight embrace, my left hand caressed her bare neck, back and boob. It was crushed between our chests. The fingers of my right hand massaged her soft ass and the crack between them, finding its way up her anus but not too deep. We finally parted, finished our shower and dried each other.

We went and lay down in the bed and pounced on each other. Our hands and tongues were over each other. We had become oblivious to everything, and the only thing that mattered was that our bodies were tightly glued to each other.

When my cock wasn’t hard enough, either my tongue or my fingers would be in her wet pussy. Every time I felt I was ready, I would either climb over her or pull her over me. From time to time, she would offer her boobs, and I would suck her nipples hungrily.

That night, we were in a state of frenzy. We had each other in every position we could think of. We even went to the bathroom together whenever we had to piss. We didn’t sleep the whole night. As the first rays of the sun shone through the windows, I got up, showered and went to the office.

In the evening, we both went to the airport to get Bhavesh and Tanya home. Throughout the journey, my hands were massaged on her thighs and the mound between her legs while her hand softly massaged my cock. By the time we reached the airport, Shraddha cum twice.

My left hand was wet with her juices. In the airport car park, we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. I kept kneading her breasts through her dress. Finally, we decided to let go of each other and went to the terminal to ‘welcome’ Bhavesh.

I asked Shraddha to act very naturally. She took the cue and waved at them enthusiastically. She gave a quick kiss to Bhavesh and immediately turned her attention to her daughter. She was super excited to see her mom. I shook hands with Bhavesh, and we all proceeded towards the car park.

On our journey home, Bhavesh sat next to me, and Shraddha sat in the rear with her daughter. Whenever our eyes met in the rearview mirror, she pouted her lips to throw kisses at me. We finally reached their home. As soon as we unloaded their luggage, Shraddha came to the door and longingly looked at me.

We briefly entwined our fingers. I made a hasty exit, not knowing when I would be able to be with my darling again. For the next few weeks, we were deprived of each other’s company, but we were still able to see each other in the office. We had made it a point to maintain a healthy distance at work.

We hardly spoke to each other apart from work. But since the day Bhavesh arrived, we allowed ourselves to meet in the office cafeteria for coffee. While it seemed all normal on the top, beneath the table, our legs rubbed against each other.

On a few occasions, Shraddha placed my legs between her thighs, allowing my toes to press against her pussy. But such occasions were rare, and our frustration was getting stronger with each passing day. On one such day, while we sat in the cafeteria, Shraddha said that it was their wedding anniversary after 2 days.

She would like to have me for dinner. Initially, I was a bit reluctant and thought it was not perhaps the best occasion to be around her. But Shraddha was insistent, and as soon as I relented, her face brightened up.

On the day of their anniversary, I told my wife that I would be late. This time, I told her the real reason. I bought a bottle of wine and a few gifts for the three of them. In the evening, Shraddha and I left for her home together. But unlike other times, this time around, there wasn’t much enthusiasm.

I felt that I was doing a task just for her sake. As we reached home, Bhavesh opened the door and welcomed me heartily. I wished him for the occasion and handed over the bottle of wine and his gift to him. When I gave the toy to little Tanya, she was so happy, and I became her best friend.

Shraddha freshened up and asked me to do likewise. By the time I came out of the bathroom, the wine glasses were set, along with some snacks. Both husband and wife became busy preparing for our little get-together. Then, I got busy chatting with Bhavesh and, at the same time, entertaining Tanya.

Shraddha joined in our conversation and shared a few laughs with us. But she kept herself busy with the food preparation. When the food was ready, she decided to feed Tanya first, as it was her bedtime soon. But Tanya was having nothing of it and was not willing to let go off me.

Finally, I fed her while sipping my wine and chatting with Bhavesh. One thing which I came to know was that he had no intention to stay here for long. He was in talks with a company. As soon as he was offered a job, he would leave for India with Tanya.

I was so happy to learn that. I wished him good luck, and we both raised our glasses. Shraddha, who was standing behind Bhavesh, also raised her glass and winked at me seductively. Suddenly, I was looking forward to our meetings again, and this cheered me up.

After I fed Tanya her meal, Shraddha took her off me, changed her clothes and prepared her bed. Soon, she started feeling sleepy. The wine which I had brought was nearly over. Shraddha asked Bhavesh whether he could go to the nearby store and get one more bottle of wine and a few other items.

He got up and got ready to leave. In the meantime, Tanya had fallen asleep in my arms. Shraddha asked me to place her in her bed. I got up and placed her on the bed Shraddha had made for her. While I was busy laying down the sleeping baby carefully in her bed, my back was to the main door.

I heard it close as Shraddha shut and locked it after Bhavesh left. I was engrossed in making sure that Tanya was comfortable. Suddenly, I found Shraddha’s arms wrapped around me. I felt her entire weight over my back as she laid over me.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” she whispered in my ears while nibbling my earlobes. All this happened in a second or two. I was momentarily taken aback when she hugged me from behind. “Yes, she is as beautiful as you are!” I said, pulling her further on the top of my back.

“You haven’t yet given my anniversary gift,” she said while softly placing a kiss on my cheek. “Oh honey, I missed you!” she whispered. I managed to turn my face towards her. She still laid on my back, and our lips met awkwardly. I suddenly realised how much I had been yearning for these luscious lips.

“What do you want?” I asked in a hoarse voice, almost expecting the reply. She said, “We have 30 minutes.” And with that, she got off my back, allowing me to get up and turn towards her. When I did, it was a treat to my eyes to see her fully naked after a long time.

She had got rid of her clothes as soon as she had closed the door. The moment my eyes rested on her nude form, she came into my arms. We started kissing feverishly. She got rid of my clothes in no time. Within a few moments, we were lying in a naked embrace on the bed.

“I am safe”, she said meaning it was safe for us to have sex without a condom. “Sonu, fuck me!” she said. Her eyes closed, and her legs parted. Our lips met, and her tongue slid inside my mouth. I started sucking it. One of my hands was underneath her soft ass.

The other was squeezing her left boob and rolling her nipple between my fingers, making it hard as a rock. Her hand went underneath between our crotches and expertly guided my cock in her wet pussy. It went in without any resistance, and she let out a big sigh.

I had the feeling of contentment on getting the chance to fuck my sweetheart. I started really slowly. I was taking in the touch of the inner walls of her pussy. With every stroke, I could feel I was going deeper and deeper. As my thrusts became more and more forceful, her legs rose in the air.

I knew we didn’t have much time, but Shraddha didn’t seem too bothered. She just wanted me to keep fucking her. Our lips were still stuck to each other and the tongues were taking turns to enter our mouths while playing with each other. I brought both my hands behind her back and clasped her shoulders.

I slowly increased my speed, and as I did, Shraddha clamped on my mouth more vigorously. I could feel her moans, which she was trying to suppress by kissing me very hard. At one point, her hands went tightly around my neck and pulled me further inside her mouth.

It was a kind of sign to let me know that she was coming. Soon, I could sense the tremors in her body as she started shaking violently. Now her lips were literally chewing mine. As she cum, I started fucking her so hard that almost simultaneously, my juices flooded her cunt.

I shoved my cock as deep as it was possible and allowed her pussy to suck the very last drop from it. After we both were spent, we softly kissed each other while feeling our hot, heaving breaths. After we regained some sensation, we got up, cleaned ourselves, and put back on our clothes.

No sooner did we than Bhavesh arrived with the bottle of wine. I opened the bottle and poured all of us wine. The three of us said cheers for their anniversary! We then had our dinner.

Soon after, I invited them to our place. This was the first time Shraddha would be meeting my family. I thought this was the right time to introduce her to them and make way for her to come and stay with us on a regular basis. As expected, my wife asked Shraddha to come home whenever she felt like coming.

In the next two weeks, we got the news we both were eagerly waiting for. Bhavesh was offered the job. He and Tanya would be leaving for India in a few days. Shraddha and I started making plans in the cafeteria about our time together after the two of them left.

This happened almost seven years back when we were just a few months into our relationship. Before their next anniversary, Shraddha and Bhavesh had an amicable divorce. They both realised that their aspirations were so different. There was no point in staying together other than for Tanya.

Both have joint custody of her. Because of this, Tanya keeps visiting Shraddha during her school holidays. Shraddha, too, goes to India once a year to meet her.

But this is all present. I want to take you back in the past few more times. In the next story, Shraddha visited my house soon after Bhavesh and Tanya left for India. Need I say anything further as to what might have happened? We had the whole house for ourselves for nearly eight hours on Saturday and Sunday.

See you all soon in the next part.