Incest Saga – Part 28 (Promising My Daughter)

Hello everyone. How are you all? I hope everyone is super horny and doing great fucking with the pussies. Girls should be looking at the huge dicks sliding in and out of their wet pussies.

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In the previous part, Ravi, the auto driver, blackmailed me and fucked me. After getting fucked by Abhay and his friends. I was still lying on the bed with cum filled face and body sweating like a pig. That’s when my daughter was back from college and asked, “What happened, Mom?”

I told her, “Nothing serious.” She climbed over me and locked my lips with hers. She licked all the cum from my face and smiled. She pushed me on the bed and licked my whole body clean. Once she was done, she sat over my face with her hands in my hair.

She was making me lick her dripping pussy till she filled my mouth with her juices. We both lay beside each other, and then she said, “It seems to be a new dick? the cum is so tasty.” She winked and left the room nude. I was in shock, not knowing how to respond to her.

The next day, when she was back from college, she came directly to me and smelled me. She immediately said, “So he didn’t come today, I miss the tasty cum.” She left saying those words. I didn’t understand what she was up to.

After three days, I was alone arranging the kitchen at night, and my daughter came to me. I was in a nightgown which had buttons and ended up below the knees. She hugged me from behind and slid her hand into my dress. She caught my boobs and started to press them.

She was kissing my neck and licking my ears. She asked me in a husky tone, “Who is that man, Mom? How was his dick? He should be so manly and a hunk as the cum has a strong odour and taste.” I closed my eyes as the pleasure started to build in me for the kissing and licking.

I was moving my neck in a way that she could lick it more. She again asked me, “Tell me, who is that lucky bastard who got the chance to fuck your yummy pussy and cum all over your slutty face.” I turned to her and kissed her lips. I slowly moved towards her neck and whispered, “It’s Ravi, the auto driver.”

Priya was in shock, and she asked me, “Did he do it rough and hard?” I nodded my head and confirmed, “Yes.” Immediately, she locked my lips with hers, and we kissed like there was nothing around us. She opened my nightgown and began to suck my boobs.

She said, “Mom, I, too, want his dick. Let’s suck his dick together. While you suck his dick, I will suck his balls. We will change after some time. Then suck his dick from each side together.” I was so aroused that I took her hand and placed it on my wet pussy.

My daughter caught my pussy lips, pulled them together and left at once. I moaned and caught her lips and kissed her. I squeezed her tender boobs. She immediately pulled her t-shirt and pushed her right boob into my mouth. I sucked her boob and pulled her hard nipple with my teeth.

I bite her boob in some places as well. I reached for her pussy by placing my hand into her shorts. It was neatly shaved and leaking. I rubbed my fingers on her pussy and placed them in her mouth by pulling my hand back. She licked my fingers and bit them, too.

I took the fingers from her mouth and licked them as well. She sat on the kitchen slab and asked me to eat her. I looked at my daughter’s wet pussy, which was reddish and shining with all the wetness. I knelt on the floor, went closer to her pussy.

I rubbed my nose over it, smelling my own daughter’s pussy. I then brought my tongue out and licked just the pussy line from top to bottom. My daughter caught my head and pushed me towards her pussy. I immediately turned my face to the side, and my cheek hit her pussy.

Her juices got spread all over my right cheek, which she licked by bending forward. As she was still bending, her boobs were hanging down. I sucked them again, one after the other. I pushed my forefinger into her pussy while I was still sucking her boobs.

She moaned, and I continued fingering her. I pulled her nipples with my teeth, and she was loving it all. Now I had two fingers in her pussy and was eating her boobs. They are so soft, and I wondered if mine was the same as hers. I caught my left boob with my hand to check.

I felt they were a little harder when compared to hers. She came down and stood in front of me. Now she started to suck my boobs and inserted one finger into my pussy which was not shaved and rough. I moaned while she fingered me at a good pace. I moaned, “Insert another finger.”

She did, and we were fingering each other with two fingers each in both pussies. We were kissing, sucking our boobs and slapping each other’s ass while doing. We could no longer control ourselves. So we lay down on the floor and came to the 69 position.

My daughter was on top of me. I was licking her pussy while she hit my pussy quite a few times and licked it while fingering. I spread her ass cheeks and tried to reach for her ass hole. But I couldn’t, so my daughter gave me an idea. She, while licking, took out her finger from my pussy and inserted it into my ass.

I felt a little pain at the start, but as she did her work, I enjoyed it. Meanwhile, she took my hand and placed it over her ass hole, asking me to do the same. I did the same when I inserted my finger into her ass hole. It was so warm. I waited for some time with my finger in her ass, licking and biting her pussy.

Then started to finger her ass hole. This went on for quite some time, and both of us were on the edge of getting an amazing orgasm. That’s when Priya got up from me, and we came into a scissors position where our wet pussies were rubbing each other.

As our bodies moved with force and lust, they screeched over the floor and made sounds. But we ignored everything and continued to grind our pussies. We could not hold anymore. We pulled each other together and kissed hard. We came together. It left a pool of juices beneath our ass.

We smiled and then laughed, looking at each other. I promised her that I would fulfil her wish of sucking a dick together. Will let you know how I asked Ravi to fuck us together and how he punished us both by tying and fucking us like cheap sluts.

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