Neighbour Priti and her Desires – Part 5

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Chapter 5:

Our debauchery carried on for weeks. I made sure to keep my mother naked the entire time we both were at home. I fucked and used her body to my heart’s extent, and she loved it all.

Priti and Vincent visited us daily. We made sure to have 1 session every alternate day together. We fucked our whores the way they deserved.

After a few weeks, Vincent came up to me after a long day at work. We enjoyed a glass of whiskey, and Vincent told me about a business idea.

Vincent: You see, son, this world operates on money and sex. We both are lucky motherfuckers to have these whores at our disposal. So I want you to think about a business idea that I am about to tell you.

Me: Sure, I’m all ears.

Vincent: So, as you already know, I use my wife, Priti, to close some of my business deals.

Me: Yes, I’m aware of that.

Vincent: So, why don’t you start lending me your mother to do the same and take 90% of the cut from the profits? I already make enough from my business. I want this whore to experience what my wife experiences from time to time.

As soon as Vincent said this, my mum started looking at us with an expression of lust in her eyes.

Me: How do you plan to do that?

Vincent: Well, to start with, I can introduce her as Priti’s companion for her projects. For every deal that your slut mother helps me to close, I’ll offer you 10% of it. These meetings take place once a month or 2, so we will have enough time to use these sluts for ourselves as well.

Me: That’s a good deal. Give me some time to think about it.

Vincent: Definitely. If you want, you can join me for Priti’s next session, which is planned for this weekend. You can see how my clients use my whore wife at their disposal and how she works her way to close the deal. Also, some clients tip her as well, which are always in 5 digit minimum.

Me: Wow, let me join you for the next session. Will I get to use this whore?

I cupped Priti’s face as I completed my question.

Vincent: Why not? All dicks are welcome. We also have the presence of some female members from the client side. They either dominate the sluts or submit to the men in the room. It is a total fuck-fest. I’m sure you will love it.

Me: Whoa, I only saw these things in the movies. I never thought these things happen in real life, too.

Vincent and I laughed at this and finished our beer. I opened a new pint of beer and stuffed its neck in my mother’s asshole. I shook the bottle so that it sprayed all the beer into my mother’s rectum.

Amy loved the chilled beer getting sprayed in her shit-hole and moaned as I emptied the pint in her asshole. I pulled Priti and lined her mouth on my mother’s ass. As soon as I pulled out the bottle, she sprayed the beer right on Priti’s face, who tried to collect it all in her mouth.

Amy squirted out the beer from her asshole and burped out the remaining few drops. It was a sight to watch. Vincent did the same with her wife and made Amy drink it all.

That night, I and mum had a steamy session where I fucked her in her ass and dumped my cum all over her face. After cleaning up, we both lay naked on the bed when my mum struck up a conversation with me.

Amy: So, you want your mum to get fucked like a whore?

Me: Wouldn’t you like that?

Amy: I will love that but I will do it only if you are comfortable with it. You and the Dias family have awakened this sexual energy inside of me, and for some reason, I am unable to control it.

Me: Don’t worry, my slut, I am here to control that energy. I will make sure you get enough dicks in your holes from time to time.

Amy: Thanks a lot, son. I love you so much.

Saying this, my mum and I hugged each other, and we slept in each other’s arms.

The week continued with our debauchery. Vincent was in love with my mother’s body, and I was in love with his wife’s body. We fucked each other’s woman and made sure their holes were satisfied.

Finally, the weekend arrived, and Vincent, Priti and I travelled to a hotel where the event was going to take place. Priti was wearing a see-through netted dress without any undergarments, and one could easily see her nipples through her dress.

Everything was well planned. The client’s driver came to pick us up at Vincent’s place in a limousine. He dropped us in the basement of the hotel, where 8 bouncers provided by the client accompanied us.

The entire top floor of the hotel was booked, and we got into the elevator which directly got us to the top. It was a big hall with more than 50 people waiting to feast on Priti’s body.

All were seated on their respective chairs, and everyone was well-dressed. As soon as we stepped out of the elevator, a guy who looked like he was in his 40s walked towards us and greeted Vincent. He then introduced me to him.

He was Paul, the VP of the company that Priti was going to close today. We shook hands and talked for a while. Paul then moved his attention towards Priti and pulled out a collar from his coat.

He tied it around her neck, and the collar read WHORE in big words. The collar was diamond studded, and the letters of WHORE were gold plated.

Paul: This one is a gift for you, WHORE

Priti: Thank You, Sir!

Priti thanked him and went down on her fours like a bitch. Paul was handed a leash from one of his colleagues that he attached to Priti’s collar and then walked her into the hall.

As we entered the hall, I looked around and saw all the eyes staring at Priti’s milky white body, crawling into the room. There were easily 50 people, and I could spot 10-15 ladies who were made to sit naked between all the males. I didn’t understand this, but decided to go with the flow.

Paul climbed up on the stage where the microphone setup was made for him to give a speech. I guided Priti to the table specially placed for her. She was made to sit on her fours with her holes facing the crowd.

“Good Morning,” Paul greeted the crowd, and everyone greeted back.

“I welcome you all here, where we have gathered to feast on the body of Mrs Priti Dias. As you all are aware, we have signed a confidentiality clause with Mr Vincent Dias and no one is allowed to speak of this outside of this room. Also, photography is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught with a camera or a mobile phone will be fined $1 million and will be terminated immediately.

I request you all use this whore to her limits and humiliate her as per your wish. This whore has given us full freedom to use her body as per our wish except for any permanent damage. I urge you all to do the same.” Everyone cheered in the room, and I could see a smile on Priti’s face.

“We also have 14 ladies in the room who have volunteered to be part of this fuck-fest. They have submitted their bodies to us for today and have agreed to get used by as many dicks as possible. So let’s cheer for the ladies,” as soon as he said that, all the ladies crawled on their fours and came up on the stage.

They knelt next to each other on their knees with their boobs on full display for the crowd. “So to begin with the event, this whore will now take this 10 inches of silicon dick in her asshole,” saying, one woman got up and brought the dildo from behind the table.

I could see that it was sufficiently lubed. She aligned the dildo to Priti’s asshole and pierced it in. As soon as he did that, Priti let out a moan. There was a microphone placed near her face, and her moan echoed throughout the room. I could see bulges in the pants of all the gentlemen.

The woman pushed it in, and slowly, the dildo disappeared in Priti’s shit-hole. Priti was moaning the entire time. Paul then came in front and undressed himself. He had a 8 inches long and a thick dick. He pushed his dick into one of the woman’s mouths and fucked her mouth roughly for a few minutes.

Once he was satisfied with the lubrication, he pulled it out, slapped that woman’s face and aligned himself behind Priti. In one go, he stuffed his dick inside the whore’s cunt. Priti screamed in pain, but I knew she must’ve loved this feeling.

Paul spanked on Priti’s ass and started to fuck her. Vincent and I were watching the show with tents in our pants. He fucked Priti for 10 minutes and then popped out the 10 inches dildo. He threw that towards the ladies, who picked it up and started to suck on it. Paul continued with deep strokes, and Priti started to near her orgasm. I counted till, and just then, Paul pulled out his dick. A long stream of squirt flew out of Priti’s pussy.

Priti squirted for 2 minutes straight with a loud moan that lasted for the same time. As soon as her orgasm subsided, the crowd got up and gave a big round of applause.

Paul moved towards the mic and announced, “Let the fucking begin.”

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