Sex with my Newly Married Niece – Part 4

I got up and went to the common bathroom, pissed and, taking the faucet, showered my cock to cool it down. I looked in the bathroom’s small cabinet and found my old briefs. Wearing briefs, confining my cock I came to the dining hall. I saw Saanvi sitting on the sofa and called her.

Saanvi giggled and whispered, “Do you want to do it again, Uncle?”

Glaring at her, I said, “Go and wear your undergarments. Your Aunty has a sharp eye. Go get dressed properly.”

Saanvi inserted her hand into my lungi, finding me wearing underwear said,” You have locked up your weapon already. I know how to get it ready for war with mine.” She lifted my T-shirt, baring my chest, took my right nipple between her lips and sucked it hard.

Trying to push her head away from my chest, I said, “What are you doing, Saanvi? Behave yourself. Your mom is right behind that door.” But Saanvi took my left nipple in her mouth and chewed it. While her fingers were toying with my right nipple, which was wet with her saliva.

My cock was getting hard in my briefs. She licked, sucked and bit my tiny nipple. I saw her breasts hanging inside her loose shirt. I inserted both my hands under her shirt and held her melons. I pressed them hard, tweaking her nipples with my thumb.

This breasts sucking and pressing went on for a few minutes. Hearing the ladies talking and footsteps. I pushed her away. Saanvi controlling herself from falling, looking at me, said, “I don’t mind forcing you tonight, Mama. Get ready for the long night duel with your horny niece, naughty Uncle.”

Seeing my wife coming with vessels, Saanvi went to the guestroom. My wife and my sister served the food. I saw Saanvi coming and was looking fresh. I hoped she took a quick shower and wore her undergarments. We all had dinner watching TV. Ladies were chatting about the serial.

Saanvi had food, just looking down at her plate. I knew she was angry at me for not dancing to her tunes. It is short-lived. She will come running to me like a puppy.

After dinner, I asked Nandini to mix a drink. She went to our room and came back with a large peg. Taking the glass from her, I took a sip and enjoyed the whiskey going down my throat. Saanvi, sitting on the other side of the sofa, came near me and slept on my lap.

Looking at the TV, Saanvi’s right hand went between my thighs and was trying to grope my cock on the lungi. I saw my wife and sister sitting in the two-seater and keenly watching the damn serial. So I let Saanvi play as she wanted and began enjoying my drink.

I was a bit drunk and looked at Saanvi’s lying before me. Her shirt had moved a bit up, showing her tummy and navel. Caressing her tummy flesh with my palm, dipped my finger in her navel. I could feel the heat emitting from her body. Saanvi looked at me confused but didn’t say anything.

Her skirt had ridden up, revealing her well-toned thighs. Leaving the stomach, I caressed her thighs, moved my hand between her thighs and felt both her thighs. Saanvi pressed her legs together, trapping my hand. My finger was grazing her panties.

I scratched her pussy bottom with my finger. Saanvi got scared and opened her legs. I pulled my hand from the confines of her warm thighs. All this happened in front of her mom and my wife, who were just a few feet away.

Finishing my drink, I got up and gently placed Saanvi’s head n the sofa. I told my wife, “I am going to sleep, Nandu. Are you coming or going to sleep with Mamta?”

Nandini said, “I will sleep with Akka tonight, Rajesh,” Turning to Saanvi asked, “Will you sleep with us, Saanvi?”

Saanvi said, “I will sleep here on the sofa, Aunty. Amit has the habit of calling in the middle of the night. I don’t want to spoil your sleep when the mobile rings.”

Nandini looking at Mamta, said, “Look how our girl has grown up. She wants to speak romantically with her husband at night and doesn’t want us to hear.”

Saanvi blushing, said, “No, Aunty. Amit is not that romantic. He will ask me what I did and what I ate. That’s it. I hope my romantic lover comes in my dream, or else I will go in his dream.” I knew that was meant for me, so I went upstairs to my room without looking back.

Removed my shirt, switched off the lights, got on the bed and slept. Because of the drinks and the sexual activity with Saanvi, I dozed off quickly. I was in deep sleep when I sensed my briefs pulled from my legs. It took a few moments to recover from my sleep, my hands moving down and touching my hair.

“Shh, It’s me, Saanvi Mama. Don’t make noise. They may wake up,” I heard Saanvi’s voice in the pitch darkness. She had by now removed briefs from my legs, making me naked. I sensed her getting on the bed and got laid on top of me. She was also totally nude.

Her breasts were crushed on my hairy chest. I could feel her body heat as our bodies were pressed against each other. Saanvi kissed me all over my face, dipping her tongue in my mouth, not allowing me to speak. She took my hands and placed them on her ass cheeks.

Pressing her round ass, I sucked her tongue, savouring her saliva. All I could see were her eyes shining even in the pitch darkness. My right hand was moving in between her ass cheeks. Fingers moved from her anus down to her slit, which was moist even now.

I tried to insert my finger in her cunt, but couldn’t. Anyway, my fingers were lubed with her juices. I brought my fingers up and tried to push my finger in her wrinkled ass hole.

Saanvi pulled out her tongue and said,” Is my cunt not tight enough for you, dirty Mama. You can fuck me there, too, but not now. Quench my pussy thirst first, my naughty Uncle.”

Trying to finger her anus, I said, “I will take that too. Let me see how tight you are there. I will make all your holes wide when your husband returns. What will you say to him if he finds your pussy loose.”

Biting my chin, she said, “I will say that I was horny, so I got fucked by a big bull.”

“What will happen if he finds out I was the bull?” I asked.

“He is not that smart. I know how to fool that nerd. Even if I get pregnant by you, he can’t blame you as you are the same blood as my mother. Forget about my hubby and mom. Tell me, ‘Is your weapon ready to fire’ Mama.” Saanvi said.

Holding her hips and lifting her, I said, “How can he ‘FIRE’ when you are crushing him? How do you want to get fucked, on top or below me?”

Saanvi getting off me, and lying beside me, said,” I will just lie down. Fuck me as much you want to, but go deep inside this me. I want to feel your cock entering my womb and spraying your semen deep inside me.”

I could see her legs spread wide in the dark, got on top of her in the 69 position. My face was between her thighs junction, inhaled her pussy aroma. Lifting my hips up and my cock hovering over her lips, I said, “Let me see how deep you can take in your mouth first, sweetie.”

Licking my head and swallowing my pre-cum Saanvi said,” I don’t mind if you push your dick down my throat, Uncle. I promise I won’t scream, but I want you to push your tongue deep into my pussy as much as possible. I want you to feel how much my pussy yearns for you, Mama.”

“Then take it, baby,” saying I lowered my cock into her mouth. The first four inches were ok, but I pushed further down her throat until my balls hit her nose. Saanvi was gagging and struggling to breathe, but I showed no mercy. She asked for it and was getting it.

Clutching her buttocks, I dived my tongue into her pussy, savouring her juices and began tongue fucking her. I pulled my cock a bit out and pushed down again. I couldn’t see her struggling as it was dark, and my balls frequently hit her nose.

Saanvi hands were under my abdomen and trying to push me up. But I fucked her mouth hard. My cock was coated with her saliva, and I knew her face would be a mess now. I heard her struggling to breathe. She was hitting on my ass with a closed fist.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth, and she began coughing. Quickly getting off her, lying beside her, hugging her, trying to console her.

Saanvi pounded my chest, saying,” What got into you, bastard? You almost killed me.”

“Sorry, Sweetie. I got carried away,” I said, wiping the tears and saliva from her face.

“If you abuse me again like this, I won’t come to you,” Saanvi said, still sobbing.

“Good, then leave. Let me sleep in peace now,” I said, smiling, knowing she won’t go.

“What? You did it purposefully to avoid me. I am not going to leave you. Come fuck me now, Mama,” Saanvi said.

Looking at her getting ready in missionary position, I said,” Few seconds before, you called me a bastard, and now you are asking me to fuck you. I can’t understand women.”

Pulling me on top of her, Saanvi said, “Stop talking and fuck my cunt like you fucked my mouth. I want your weapon deep in me.”

Without wasting any time, I got between her legs. Holding my cock at her entrance, pushed inside her inch by inch. Saanvi gracefully accepted my intruding member in her tight burning furnace. My cock penetrated her fully, and our pubic hair touched each other, and my balls were resting against her ass.

“OMG, I can’t believe my cunt has taken full of you, Mama. One mission accomplished. Now start pounding my pussy as hard as you can and tear my pussy,” Saanvi said in a different tone.

Pulling my cock almost 6 inches out, I went inside her again with full force, and the bed shook a bit along with Saanvi.

Ponding her, I said,” What will you tell your husband if he finds your cunt torn.”

“Argh, mmmmm, first he has to get his tunne (Cock) hard to fuck. Faster Mama. HIT…HIT…HIT….yes…yes…I like it now. Your Tunne (cock) is grinding my Tullu (Cunt) nicely. My curd is coming out, fuck me more, hard fucking bastard,” Saanvi was shouting now as she had another orgasm.

Not bothering about her shouting, I fucked her hard, and she was lifting her ass and trying to fuck me back. The cot was squeaking and making a noise as I fucked her relentlessly. Saanvi’s body was drenched in sweat despite the cold A/C weather.

We were fucking for almost 15 minutes, and Saanvi received my blows without any complaints.

“Mama, can we take a break, please? My cunt is sore, and I need to relieve it,” Saanvi said, pinching my nipples.

I needed a break, too, so I pulled my cock out of her slushy pussy, which came out with a plop sound. I got off her, and Saanvi getting up, ran to the washroom, wriggling her ass.

After a few minutes, I heard the flush, and Saanvi came out, switching off the bathroom light. The whole house was silent, and I switched on the bedroom night lamp and the room was illuminated a bit now. Saanvi climbed onto the bed, seeing my cock shrunken, lying on my thighs.

She said,” My hero is sleeping, Mama. Do you want me to wake him up?”

“Why do you want to do that? He is tired and angry at you for abusing him from the morning,” I said, laughing.

Holding my cock in her fist and jerking it softly, Saanvi said, “I know that he can drill pussy all night long. He just fucked me twice for fifteen minutes. I want him to fuck me till I fall unconscious, no matter how much I scream.”

“What if your mom and my wife come up? What will you tell them?” I asked her.

“I will tell them that a MAN is fucking me, not my nerdy husband that they choose for me. Do you want to keep talking all night, or do you want to FUCK Uncle,” Saanvi said, pulling my cock hard, which was erect once again.

“You are talking like a slut and behaving like one. I think it’s time to treat you like a bitch, not as my Sweetie niece,” saying. I pushed her on the bed. Saanvi fell flat with her face down and ass up. Holding her hips, I lifted her buttocks off the bed.

Saanvi understanding my intentions, kneeling raised her ass further up, supporting herself with her hands on the bed and face on the pillow. Now my horny niece was ready to be taken into a doggy position. I saw her upturned wet pussy and wrinkled ass hole winking at me.

Getting behind her, holding my cock I slid it all along her slit, getting it well lubed. Placing my cockhead at her anus, I said, “Shall I drill in your back hole, Sweetie?”

Saanvi turning back, said, “You can fuck that hole anytime you want. Now fuck my burning cunt and cool it with your cum, Mama.”

Not wanting to torment her, placing my cock in her love hole. Thrust my cock hard into her and entered her fully in one stroke. Saanvi, who was not ready for my brutal entry, screamed mildly and fell on the bed with her legs straightened. My cock slipped out a bit but was lodged in her burning furnace.

Holding her hips, I pulled her lower body up and pushed my cock fully inside her again. Saanvi, moaning, said, “Can’t you penetrate slowly like a gentleman bastard.”

“You asked me to treat you like a slut, which is how sluts are fucked. Now stay still, I am going to ram you hard and cum in your pussy which I have stored in my balls from the morning,” I said, rotating my hips and my cock moving all around her pussy interiors, feeling her wetness.

Saanvi was quiet and was pushing her buttocks towards me, trying to fuck me back. I admired this girl’s courage. Pulling my cock out and rammed in her again. “Yes, yes, Mama, I want you to fuck me like that. “Hit me. Hard. Still harder, “Saanvi was screaming.

Bringing my right hand to her mouth closed it. I started pounding her pussy like a man possessed. After 15 minutes, I was tired, and without asking her permission, I started shooting my semen in her womb. I had no protection and thought of asking her to take a pill in the morning.

Saanvi slumped on the bed, and my cock was released from the confines of her warm pussy, and I rolled off her and slept beside her.

“Thank you, Mama, for showing me heaven tonight. I will always be yours,” said Saanvi kissing me on my lips.