How I got used by a shopkeeper

Some background for the story. I am Kushal, a slim guy, 20 years of age, and I like being slutty sometimes. I also have a fetish for Desi men in a vest (baniyan). It could be the gym baniyan in two colours, the plain white ones, or with lines. It just gets me feeling hot for them if they look nice.

This is a story back in March. The day was a bit hot. I was wearing shorts and a jacket like a hoodie. I was in the mood for doing something naughty. So I decided to shop for some baniyan and see what I could do.

I knew a shop close to my house. It is a small shop selling sarees and some men’s innerwear. Sarees are displayed near the door, so it partially blocks the view inside. I wanted to do something naughty. So the only thing I was wearing under my jacket was a baniyan.

I went to the shop and entered. There was only about space for me and the shopkeeper there. He looked 15 years older than me, but he was still handsome. He asked, “Welcome. What would you like to buy?”

I decided to start then itself. I said, “Show me some baniyan.” I started removing my jacket while I said that. He turned and was looking for some box of baniyan. By the time he turned to me, I was only in a baniyan and shirt, with my jacket on the counter.

He looked at me in a bit different way and asked if I wanted a baniyan similar to the one I was wearing. I replied yes. I was wearing a white-lined baniyan, and he started pulling out a box. He mentioned that he and his friends in that shop also wear the same type of baniyan.

I felt a bit hot thinking of all those desi men sweating and working in all those baniyan. If I were there, they would remove and give me the baniyan to smell their sweat and jerk off. But that’s another story.

I chatted with him a bit and checked out some stuff. He asked then, “These pieces are size 80. Will they fit you, or do you need 85?”

I replied, “I don’t exactly know the size of the baniyan I am wearing now.”

“No problem, just give me a second, and I’ll check it for you.”

He said that and came near me. He lifted my baniyan a bit to be able to see the information that was written on the inside back. He was close enough that I was already getting hard.

He said, “It’s 85. Let me show you something in that size.”

We talked a bit, and I decided on a baniyan that was light blue. It would look so hot on a desi guy, I thought in my mind. I kept the money on the counter and asked if he could show me some underwear.

“Sure, brother (in a colloquial way), size 85 again?” he asked.

“Oh, sorry, I can’t remember the size of my underwear either. But I can check. Just give me a second.”

I asked him to move from behind the counter, just in case someone were to walk in or be able to see inside. I went behind the counter while he stood a bit farther from it. He had a clear view of both sides of the counter.

So I went behind the counter and removed my slippers. I pulled down my shorts and put them on the counter as well. He watched like he was curious to see what I would do next. I was feeling naughty, so I turned my back to him. I turned my face a bit so I could see him looking at me.

I bent down and pulled down my underwear, letting him see my ass and hole. He let out a short whistle at that. I rose back up and turned around, and pretended to be trying to read the size tag. He decided to help me by coming forward, taking it from me, and checking it.

He was also feeling naughty. He took the underwear, pulled it apart to see the size tag and then pulled it more so it tore. He smiled and said, “Oh, sorry, I guess the quality wasn’t good.”

Now I was standing facing him while I had no underwear. Just baniyan and my shorts and jacket on the counter were thrown to the other corner of the store. “Why don’t you show me some good underwear, then?”

He just smiled at me, unbuttoned his pants and said, “Maybe you will like this one.” I got on my knees and said, “Don’t mind if I take a closer look.” We were both behind the counter now, with my head hidden under it.

I pulled down his pants so I could see his underwear well. Since I was already this far, I thought I should do a bit more. I put my mouth to his dick over his underwear. He gave out a sigh as I licked his dick through the fabric.

Just then, a man entered the shop and said, “Hey brother (colloquial), are you going to come shopping with the others?” The shopkeeper just replied, “No, no, I actually have two items that you might like. There’s some shorts and a jacket I kept in the corner.”

I panicked a bit as I heard this. How would I go home without proper clothing, I thought. I looked up at him and hoped he would tell the other man to stop. But instead, he just put his hand behind my head and pulled me back on his dick.

The other man checked the clothes and said, “These might be a bit small, but my brother can wear shorts. Any of us can wear this jacket. Where did you get these?”

The shopkeeper replied, “My nephew bought some extra and kept these here.”

“Tell him thanks for it then,” said the man and left.

Mr shopkeeper sighed and asked, “So do you want to buy the underwear?”

Find out later what happened in the story and what the shopkeeper did.