Rahul And A Lady From Vizag

Hello everyone, I’m Rahul 25 years of age and I’m from Bangalore. This incident took place 2 weeks ago. I was in search of some naughty ladies. So I had contacted some people if they knew any girls/ladies who are looking for some fun.

One guy told that he can help me but I have to work for him as a call boy for at least a year. Later, he asked me to send my pics and details. I had to attend an audition with a worker from his agency to work for him. He asked me to pay 2k for the registration and 5k for attending the audition.

As I was really horny I paid him 7k in total and asked him about the date, place and time. He called me to some random place took my government ID and told me to sign on an agreement. I asked what is it all about. He said that you are ready to go to any place to fulfill women’s needs and pay 50% of the amount to us.

I said fine and signed it. He took me to a hotel and it’s the condition was horrible. He paid the hotel room charges of Rs 500 for 2 hours. He told me to go inside and get ready and she will come in some time. I went inside. The room was on the 1st floor and facing the entrance of the hotel.

I washed my face and came back to the room and stood near the window. I saw this guy smoking a cigar and drinking tea. After 5 minutes a fair, cute fluffy lady in saree approached him and spoke with him for 2 minutes. Then both came inside the hotel and knocked the room door.

He called me outside and told her to settle down for a while. I went out and he told me that only if she says you are good you can get some foreign chicks else I will have to settle for Indian pussies. He told us guys to finish our work within 1 and a half hour and leave.

I told fine and went inside the room. She was facing the window and looking at the sunset. Her tilted hips made me go crazy. I went and hugged her from the back and she responded really well. She closed the window and turned towards me. She started to kiss me and she pushed me on the bed.

She came on top of me and we exchanged our saliva for quite some time. I started undressing her saree. I removed her pallu and the blouse and then her pink bra. Those milk boobs were so soft and juicy and I started sucking her boobs wildly. I pushed her on the bed as I could not control myself.

I stripped myself and told her to do the same. Her pussy was covered with some hairs and that made me even hornier. She lay down on her tummy on the bed to give me an amazing blowjob. I sucked fingered her pussy from the back and spanked her ass as several times.

Then I told her to turn the other way and put her head below the bed. I started to mouth fuck her wildly and she was scratching my ass for some air to breathe. But I did not care and continued this and came in her mouth. She got up and started to cough really bad.

She went to the bathroom and vomited. I followed her and gave her some water to drink and made her sit on the bed for a while. She was soon ready for some more action and gave me a nice blowjob. I did not repeat the same thing this time. My cock was stiff and ready for some action.

I made her sleep on the bed and started to suck and finger her pussy. It seemed quite tight. She started vibrating and stopped after some time. I started teasing her pussy with my 5.5-inch cock. She was waiting for the penetration. After a while, I started penetrating her pussy inch by inch.

She was moaning louder and louder for every millimeter of penetration. Finally, my cock was completely inside her. I rested my cock in there for some time and started my movement slowly. She started to scream loudly and said do it slowly it really hurts.

Then we changed the position to doggy style and I romped her quite hard. I spanked her ass till it became red. The sound of my thighs hitting her ass mixed with her moans was really melodious to hear. I lifted her from her thighs and started humping her real hard and fast. She came all over my legs.

I was on cloud 9. She made me sleep on the bed and started grinding and riding my cock. This was the highlight of the day and made me reach my climax. I told her I’m cumming. She told me to cum on her boobs and I did so. I started sucking my cum on her boobs and transferred it to her mouth.

We were fully exhausted and went to take bath as only 15 minutes were left. I just cleaned my cock while she took a bath and came out dressed.
Me: (kissed her) It was fun.
She: You are really good. You are an expert as it is your profession right?

Me: Now it all depends on your feedback
She: Mine?
Me: Yup.
She: What are you talking about?

Me: You work for him, right?
She: Mind your tongue, I’m not a slut.
Me: Then?
She: I was here for some paid fun.

I thought something is wrong here.
She: BTW it was fun.
Me: So where do you live? Coz we can have more sessions.
She: I’m leaving to Vizag as I was here on some work.

Me: Did you give him some money?
She: Ya, he showed me some pics. I chose you as you looked cute and handsome and he told 20k an hour. I paid 30k in total.
Me: (thinking)  What’s happening?

She: So how much % do you get?
Me: Never mind.
She gave her number and left.

I call that guy and it comes as not reachable. I kept trying and finally, it said the number does not exist. This was such a big scam. I did not notice it (good looking lady, well dressed, tight pussy, well mannered, vomiting) as lust took over my brains. I did not notice all these hints that I was being scammed.

So people how was the story? You can mail me your feedback to [email protected]. Bangaloreans, I can help you guys connect with people with similar interests. People who demand money can stay away else they will be blocked.

I’m not charging anything for this. I’m doing this because I don’t want others to get scammed like this in the name of hook-ups.