Loosing Myself To My College Senior

To all those reading this is my real life story. I wanted to write this as a confession. I was the perfect girl. I did well in school and in college. Everyone admired me as the purest and brightest girl in class. Everything changed after this senior laid eyes on me and changed my whole life.

To tell about myself. I’m very fair and reasonably tall. Being born in a brahmin family, I’ve got every quality of my parents and their good looks. I’m well shaped, and dress accordingly, both traditional and modern.

This college senior who has been stalking me for a while in college finally came and talk to me. His name was Zayn (name changed) Yes. A Muslim and being a brahmin girl it scared the shit out of me. He was as handsome as a movie actor. Tall and can see spends a lot of time in the gym.

I was so scared he was going to propose me and had avoided him for a long time. But once when I was sitting in my class alone after college. He came and told he wanted to talk. I thought this was it. He came and said. “I want to tell you something.”

I said, “I know. Please don’t. I don’t want to be in a relationship and all.” He said, “Relationship? I don’t want what that shit, I wanted to say that I want to fuck you.” I was shocked. He was looking into my eyes as if he was already doing it. In the shock, I didn’t say anything and just sat there.

He slowly started describing to me how he wanted to fuck me, the ways he wanted to do it. He said everything about how he wanted to slap my ass and push his cock inside my ‘cute face’. After 15 minutes of detailed explanation, he stopped. I was sweating and lost my voice. I didn’t know what to do.

He got up and said nothing. He asked for my number. After a few seconds, I just said it. I gave him my number. For months we just had chats. Whenever he wanted me he messaged me what all he wanted to do to me. I would just listen. Then we started calling. His sexual talks made me lose myself.

He convinced me to masturbate and I did that. I knew I was changing. Months went and he never made a real move physically other than chats. Our phone sex sessions made me crazy. His approach was getting clearer. He once called me his slut. I fought over it but after a few days I gave up.

I once asked why he didn’t want to do anything. He replied he wanted me to beg for it. I knew I wouldn’t do that. But after a few months, I changed. He changed me. I started staring at hot guys, got horny very easily. I was getting hungrier every second. From a typical shy studious girl, I changed into this horny classy modern girl.

And then it happened. I was at a wedding of my family friend, wearing a hot ass saree. And there he was. He was a friend of the groom. We started talking and talked a lot. He forced me to ask him. After a lot of extreme flirting and sexual behavior, I finally gave up and said, “Ok we’ll have sex.”

He didn’t say anything. After a few seconds, he came to my ears and said “No. I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna fuck your egoistic pussy and mouth until it’s dripping with my cum.” I remained silent. I said one minute and went to my mom. I got some money and said, “I’m going home cause I don’t feel well.”

My parents had to go somewhere else after the wedding and I knew it. I took an auto and went to my house. He came on his bike. I opened the door and went inside and he followed. He closed the door and came to my bedroom where I was standing staring at him.

He came to me and held my face with his hands, very tight. Pushed me in my own bed. He came on top of me and kissed all over my neck as he removed my saree pallu quickly. He didn’t unhook my blouse and bra. He just took out my breasts and just slapped it.

I gave a big moan. Before I know it, he took his cock out, took my hands and made me stroke it. By this time I had completely changed. After a few minutes of stroking and kissing. He came on top of me. His ass was on my face and put his dick in front of my lips. That was the first time I saw his penis.

I was judging myself for being this girl who has a dick in front of her. Moreover, he was a Muslim and that made me scared for the second because of everything my parents warned about. I was reluctant but he just pushed his cock in my lips and started fucking my face.

He was fucking my face so hard I forgot about everything and just gave up. I was crying. The force was really hard and his balls were touching my neck. His strong hands were on my head. He fucked my face for a while and cummed inside my mouth.

I was feeling weird, hot, horny and at the same time scared and disgusted. I thought I was done. He took my hand and got up. I asked him where he was going. He guided me to my parent’s bedroom. I asked him what the fuck he was doing. He said this is where I’m getting fucked.

And that happened. He fucked me tirelessly for 2 hours on my parent’s bed, that too without a condom. Thank god I was not on my week that day. He was brutal and fucked me all way possible with all abuses. He even called me his slut and I couldn’t say anything cause there wasn’t a second I was not crying out loud.

He was that brutal. Like he said he cummed on my face and pussy that day. I was lying on my bed with my saree all over. He took his camera and snapped a lot of my pictures naked with cum and sweat on my reddish body and ass.

Even after two years, he stays in touch with me.  Every time he is in town he comes and fucks me to the core. Now I’ve changed completely. He hooked me up with another friend of his. He and I are now dating and I’m enjoying it. Zayn changed my life.

Now I’m even having an affair with a neighbor of mine who is married. He fucks me regularly, so does my boyfriend and Zayn. Now that I’m going to get married. I’m trying to break up with them but I can’t. I’m trying my best.
Only these three people in my life know the kind of girl I am. Rest have no idea.