A Sweaty Hottie In A Public Bus

Let’s start the story. It was a beautiful yet exhaustive evening. I boarded a bus which was full of rush. After my journey started, more and more people came in and boarded the bus which made it completely packed. It was really a humid and hot day.

I was feeling the smelly environment which was making me uncomfortable. But all of a sudden my eyes fell on a girl who was in a white shirt and black skirt(probably coming from her office). After observing her a bit carefully, I was dumbstruck.

She was not looking anything like an average girl. Indeed she was looking like a rich sexy and sophisticated girl who probably uses BMW, Audi for traveling. I thought a bit and started sliding towards her in the crowd. When I was getting towards her, I noticed that she was completely packed.

She was in the middle of people who were looking like a working class. She was getting very uncomfortable and sometimes smelling her own perfume from her shirt to neutralize the stink. Not only she but a lot of people were getting her seductive female aroma. They were eyeing her like anything.

I was somehow getting horny after seeing all this. After some time, I was able to tear the crowd and reach her. Whoa, then I realized why these people were looking so hungry. Oh boy! She was smelling so damn horny and seductive. My shaft was just saluting her from inside my pants. I was really in pain.

After a while, a major stop came and a lot of people were getting down. But to my surprise, even a greater number of people started boarding. It was completely packed. She had to stand on a spare wheel which was kept inside the bus. She was standing by raising her hands to hold the handle up top.

I was in a complete party because my face was directly in front of her armpit. It was drenched in her sweat as she was sweating profusely. I was just wondering how good is her choice. Because the perfume she wore was giving a very sexual aroma by mixing in her sweat.

A drop off her sweat just fell on my nose from her forehead. I wiped it with my fingers and placed them on my tongue. She was really salty and horny. While I was doing this mischievous activity, she caught me red handed. I was completely frozen in fear.

I thought that she would yell at me and people would beat the hell out of me. But to my surprise, she just gave a frustrated look and did nothing. Now, I was in a complete dilemma and was not able to figure out that if I should proceed further or it was a red signal for me.

I chose to proceed further because I knew that an average guy like me might never get this opportunity again. So I went ahead and started smelling her underarms which were right in front of me. I was smelling it and by the time she was completely drenched in sweat.

She was smelling so horny that I started leaking precum. After a while, I touched the tip of my tongue into her underarms over her shirt. She did not respond but I was in a treat. Then I looked at her and she was smiling wickedly and started a conversation with me.

She: What is your name?
Me: Devil(changed)
She: What do you do?
Me: Student.

She: So why are you in such a good mood?
Me: Because probably I am getting the best treat of my life right now.
She: It Looks like someone really likes to enjoy the salty taste blend with my perfume. (winked)

Me: Not only the taste but also the smell and I would love to do it forever.
(seductively licked my lips with my tongue)
She: Well, it’s completely weird and dirty. But you are turning me on with your efforts in spite of the fact that I don’t even know you.

Me: Doesn’t matter as long as the feeling is mutual.
She: Do you like to get dominated by a girl?
Me: No. I am a dominant one but I have some dirty fantasies that will make her feel that sometimes she is in control.
She: Let’s check it.

Next what she did was enough to completely blown away my mind. In the middle of the crowd, she stripped her shirt and was standing in a vest with exposed bra straps. Now it was my turn. Without any thoughts, I attacked in her sweaty underarms and began sucking her armpits like anything.

Her armpits had a small hairy patch and it looks like she did shave 3 to 4 days ago. I was licking her sweaty underarms so hard. I was literally drinking her sweat and perfume from her armpits. Now the crowd was forcing me more on her. The people around me were starting us like anything.

She also joined in. A guy in his 50s just poked her assholes and started rubbing her ass and smelling her hairs or maybe sweaty neck. She was completely out of control. But her hotness was too hot to handle. Because I felt like cumming just by licking her armpit.

A guy, probably in her 30s, just lifted her shirt, which she kept on her purse hanging from her shoulder. He started inhaling it and she was too horny to stop him. She just put her hands in my pants and started feeling my naked dick. I couldn’t believe that such a hottie is holding my dick on a crowded bus.

Then I grabbed her boobs and started pinching it and in return, She just squeezed her hands and choked my head in her armpits and that’s it. It was enough to handle for me in the already leaking situation. I spurted out a huge load of cum in her hand at the time when she wasn’t even stroking it.

She laughed real loud and told me that I need a lot of training to get perfect in this game (winked). And then she wiped her hand seductively in my underwear inside my pants. I had never seen this kind of teasing, not even in porn movies. As she was elder than me, I asked for help in getting me trained.

She just gave me a wicked smile with a card. She went ahead and sat on ladies seat. After some time, my stop came and I got down. I rushed to my flat and checked her card. I was completely speechless because she was the marketing head of a company, not an ordinary girl.

I called her and…let me tell you this in the next part. Meanwhile, hit the like and comment on how you find this story. For any suggestions and kinks, please contact me.